Comparative genomics study of industrial fungus seeks to better harness potential for biofuels applications

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Aspergillus niger, shown here with its DNA lit up in green, is a fungus that can be used on an industrial scale to produce enzymes or chemicals such as citric acid. niger is thus a well understood fungal fermentation process. niger strain used in the study ( A. niger.

"Transmission Losses:" Nigeria's oil pipeline sabotaged

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Shell has shut three flow stations after its oil pipeline in the Niger Delta was sabotaged. Recent attacks have resulted in $1bn a month in lost revenue. Source:

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Tohoku researchers develop efficient hydrodynamic reactor for pretreatment of biomass

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Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have developed a new system combining hydrodynamic cavitation with sodium percarbonate (SP) (an environmentally benign oxidation reagent) for the efficient pre-treatment of biomass.

U Florida team using fungi to extract cobalt and lithium from waste batteries

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are using three strains of fungi: Aspergillus niger , Penicillium simplicissimum and Penicillium chrysogenum. A team of researchers University of South Florida is using naturally occurring fungi to drive an environmentally friendly recycling process to extract cobalt and lithium from tons of waste batteries. The researchers presented their work at the 252 nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Philadelphia.

The 5 Countries That Could Push Oil Prices Up

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But Libya’s restoration of output coincided with a similar reduction in violence in the Niger Delta. Meanwhile, peace in the Niger Delta remains fragile, and reports that militants have grown frustrated with the pace of talks with the government raises concerns about a return to violence. by Nick Cunningham for Oil prices appear to be stuck in the $50s per barrel, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t serious supply risks to the market.

The Technical Failure That Could Clear The Oil Glut In A Matter Of Weeks

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Growing political instability in Libya, as the LNA is targeting control of the country, or the re-emergence of the Niger Delta insurgency, will put a cap on increases. by Cyril Widdershoven for OPEC exports have come under pressure this week from technical threats to oil fields, with Saudi Arabia’s Manifa problems grabbing the headlines.

Water Levels Dropping in Some of the Worlds Major Rivers

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Several of the rivers channeling less water serve large populations, including the Yellow River in northern China, the Ganges in India, the Niger in West Africa and the Colorado in the southwestern United States. The change in runoff inferred from streamflow records worldwide between 1948 and 2004, with bluish colors indicating more streamflow and reddish colors less.