Audi E-Tron tows GM EV1 500 miles: Reality check about EV range

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An E-tron towed a trailer containing a General Motors EV1—the first modern electric car—from Tulsa Tech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to the Fully Charged Live electric-car event at Circuit of the The Audi E-tron is one of a handful electric cars currently rated for towing.

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Report: Tesla homing in on Austin for Cybertruck Terafactory

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Both Austin and Tulsa, Oklahoma, are considered finalists for the massive "Terafactory", which will build the Cybertruck pickup truck and Model Y crossover.

2020 78

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Latest GOP Slap At Volt: Can't Hold A Gun Rack (Hint: Bad Idea, Boys)

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Yesterday, Newt Gingrich mocked the current Administration's promotion of fuel-efficient cars in a speech at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Real Americans only drive pickup trucks (imported oil be damned). It's obvious because slaps at green cars and fuel-economy rules have become a staple of political campaigning among certain candidates.

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Magellan Midstream Partners expand E15 services

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Growth Energy reports that Magellan Midstream Partners, the Tulsa, Okla.-based based transportation, storage, and distribution company, is now offering blending services for E15—a fuel with 15 percent ethanol—throughout their midcontinent terminal system. Magellan owns the longest refined petroleum product pipeline system in the country.

2017 64

Researchers discover novel water-assisted approach to double or triple rate of furfural conversion

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Researchers at the University of Oklahoma, in collaboration with the University of Tulsa, have a novel approach for the water-assisted upgrading of the renewable chemical furfural, doubling or tripling the rate of conversion.

2019 96

IC Bus adds purpose-built propane school bus offering; PSI 8.8-liter propane engine and Allison transmission

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bus assembly plant in Tulsa, Okla. IC Bus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navistar, will offer its IC Bus CE Series school bus powered by the Power Solutions International ( PSI ) 8.8-liter LP propane engine for the 2015 school year.

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IC Bus fulfills largest propane bus order to date

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The buses are being built at the IC Bus assembly plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. IC Bus will fulfill an order by the Indianapolis Public Schools of 100 CE Series school buses, powered by the Power Solutions International (PSI) 8.8-liter LP propane engine. The buses will be delivered by the IC Bus dealer, Midwest Transit Equipment, in Whitestown, Indiana.

2016 60

USDOT announces $84.9M through Lo-No program to expand advanced bus technologies

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Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority. The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority will receive funds to purchase electric buses and charging infrastructure. The US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced $84.9 million in grant selections through the Low- or No-Emission (Low-No) Grant program, which funds the deployment of transit buses and infrastructure that use advanced propulsion technologies.

2019 65

DOE launches $20M University Coalition for Fossil Energy Research at Penn State

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Pennsylvania State University, the lead institution, will leverage expertise, facilities, and resources from the founding coalition member universities that include Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Princeton University; Texas A&M University; University of Kentucky; University of Southern California; University of Tulsa; University of Wyoming; and Virginia Polytechnic and State University.

2016 60

Summer Update

Plug In Partners

Roger Duncan gives Campaign Update The Plug-In Partners National Campaign has now been underway for six months. We would like to take this opportunity to report on our efforts to demonstrate to automakers that a market for plug-in hybrid vehicles exists in the United States today.

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Study finds 2008 recession contributed to increase in age of US LDV fleet, slowing of emission reductions

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They found large reductions in the fleet fractions of 2009 model year vehicles of 40% (Denver), 38% (Los Angeles), and 35% (Tulsa), respectively, when compared to pre-recession 2007 levels; the light-duty truck category suffered the largest percentage declines.

2014 84

Williams, Williams Partners L.P. and Access Midstream Partners, L.P. in $50B merger deal

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Williams, headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., Williams, Williams Partners L.P., and Access Midstream Partners, L.P. announced that Williams Partners and Access Midstream Partners have reached and entered into a merger agreement; total transaction value is approximately $50 billion. Williams owns controlling interests in the two master limited partnerships (MLP).

2014 76

TransCanada receives final key permit for Gulf Coast Project pipeline; construction set to begin this summer

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With the permit from the Fort Worth, Texas Army Corps district added to previously received permits from the Galveston, Texas and the Tulsa, Oklahoma districts, TransCanada is now in a position to start construction of the oil pipeline in the coming weeks. TransCanada Corporation has received the final of three key permits needed from the US Army Corps of Engineers in order to advance the 485-mile (780-kilometer) Gulf Coast Project. Earlier post.)

2012 80

Linde to Supply Hydrogen to CITGO’s Illinois Oil Refinery for ULSD Production

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The plant, which is expected to begin operating in 2010, is being engineered, built and installed by Linde Process Plants, the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based subsidiary of Linde Engineering, a division of The Linde Group and one of the world’s largest producers of hydrogen and hydrogen plants. Linde has executed a new long term contract with PdV Midwest Refining LLC to supply hydrogen to the company’s CITGO Lemont, Illinois, oil refinery.

ARPA-E awarding $30M to 12 hybrid solar projects; conversion and storage

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The University of Tulsa. Liquid Filter with Plasmonic Nanoparticles The University of Tulsa will develop a hybrid solar converter that captures non-visible wavelengths of light to heat a fluid containing light-absorbing nanoparticles that are far too small to be seen with the naked eye.

2014 99

US Air Force Office of Scientific Research Makes Two Awards for Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery Technology

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AFOSR awarded Dr. Daryoosh Vashaee at Oklahoma State University-Tulsa a five-year, $700,000 grant to perform research associated with thermoelectrics. The US Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) has recently made two awards to researchers to support multi-year projects on the development of thermoelectric (TE) waste heat recovery technologies.

2009 71

DOE awards $25M to improve natural gas operations

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University of Tulsa plans to combine active self-healing/self-repair functionality combined with digital leak detection/notification for pneumatic controllers deployed throughout the natural gas transmission system. The US. Department of Energy (DOE) selected 16 projects to receive nearly $25 million in federal funding for cost-shared projects to advance natural gas infrastructure technology development. DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy will provide federal funding for these projects.

2020 69

Team at Saudi Aramco successfully field tests downhole drilling microchip system

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A team at Saudi Aramco’s EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC), in collaboration with the University of Tulsa, recently achieved the first major field test milestone of its four-year project to develop the industry’s first downhole drilling microchip.

2012 71

INRIX analysis identifies top 10 US cities for highly autonomous vehicles; prioritizing corridors for deployment

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Tulsa. INRIX, a leading global connected car services and transportation analytics company, has created a scalable and customizable scoring system to prioritize corridors for the deployment of highly autonomous vehicles (HAVs). Leveraging aggregated INRIX trip data from millions of connected cars, parking availability and restrictions, and US Census demographic data, INRIX created a scalable and customizable scoring system to analyze and visualize priority corridors for HAV deployment.

2017 60

DOE awards more than $145M for advanced solar technologies under SunShot Initiative

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Solyndra was backed in part by capital from funds associated with George Kaiser, a Tulsa billionaire and Democratic fundraiser. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding more than $145 million to 69 projects in 24 states to help shape the next generation of solar energy technologies.

2011 111

President Obama Outlines Vision and Plan for US High-Speed Passenger Rail System; $13B to Start

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South Central Corridor (Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Little Rock). The envisioned high-speed rail corridors. Source: DOT. Click to enlarge.

2009 101

California Energy Commission awards more than $8.5M to bring natural gas- and propane-powered vehicles to California

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The approved incentives go to these companies: Crane Carrier Company (Tulsa, Oklahoma) is awarded $884,000 to help buy- down 34 natural gas vehicles in the 26,001 pounds and greater gross vehicle weight range. The California Energy Commission recently approved funding of $8,554,000 to help bring natural gas- and propane-powered shuttle buses, cars and trucks to California’s roadways. The awards are funded by the Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.

2012 68

DOE to award $11M to 20 new Clean Cities projects for alt fuel cars and trucks

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INCOG Tulsa Area. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is [link] about $11 million to 20 new projects to help states and local governments to develop the infrastructure, training, and regional planning needed to help meet the demand for alternative fuel cars and trucks, including vehicles that run on natural gas, electricity, and propane.

2012 101

Obama outlines plans for high-speed rail system

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South Central Corridor (Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Little Rock). With the promise that he will scrutinise how every dollar is spent as the US bids to stage an economic recovery, President Barack Obama has released a strategic vision for a high-speed passenger rail system in the US.

DOE Awards Up to $6.9M to Nine Projects for Shale Gas and Coalbed Methane Production

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Awards include: ALL Consulting, Tulsa, Okla. The Office of Fossil Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has selected nine new projects targeting environmental tools and technology for shale gas and coalbed methane (CBM) production. NETL’s goals for these projects are to improve management of water resources, water usage, and water disposal, and to support science that will aid the regulatory and permitting processes required for shale gas development.

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