Researchers develop effective exhaust catalyst for lower temperature exhaust

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To improve fuel efficiency, advanced combustion engines are being designed to minimize the amount of waste heat in the exhaust. As a result, future generations of exhaust after-treatment catalysts must perform at temperatures that are 100 °C lower than current catalysts. The researchers designed a catalyst that could endure engine exhaust temperatures of up to 800 ˚C encountered under high engine loads.

Not Just Turbocharging: Exhaust Gases Can Generate Electricity, Too

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The exhaust gases shooting out the tailpipes of internal-combustion cars aren''t just a form of pollution, they also represent wasted energy. One way to use some of that energy has been turbocharging: An exhaust-driven turbine runs a compressor that packs more air into the combustion chambers, allowing more gasoline to be injected, thus producing

The importance of considering non-exhaust traffic emissions; the role of EVs

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the criteria pollutants and CO 2 that emerge with the exhaust from the tailpipe. However, there is more than 15 years of research showing that the contribution of non-exhaust primary particles to the total traffic generated primary particles is significant in urban areas. Non-exhaust PM factors include tire wear, brake wear, road surface wear and resuspension of road dust. Non-exhaust emissions require active regulation.

2016 94

Study finds that babies in strollers can be exposed to up to 60% more pollution than their parents

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Babies in strollers can be exposed to up to ~60% higher average concentrations of pollution than their parents, causing potential damage to their frontal lobe and impacting on their cognitive abilities and brain development, according to a study by researchers at the University of Surrey (UK).

2018 93

Study shows two-stroke scooters dominant source of air pollution in many cities; asymmetric polluters

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A study by European researchers has found that two-stroke (2S) scooters, although constituting a small fraction of the fleet, can dominate urban vehicular pollution through organic aerosol and aromatic emission factors up to thousands of times higher than from other vehicle classes.

2014 150

Researchers show mechanism by which diesel exhaust particles trigger respiratory “flare-ups”

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Researchers at Imperial College London, working with colleagues from King’s College London and University of British Columbia, have demonstrated a mechanism by which diesel exhaust particles directly affect the lungs to initiate symptoms such as a tightening of the airways and cough. Previous research has shown a strong association between urban air pollution and respiratory symptoms such as coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, but the underlying mechanism has been unclear.

2017 64

UC Riverside team wins EPA design contest with lawnmower exhaust aftertreatment device

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A team of University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering students have won an EPA student design contest for developing an exhaust aftertreatment device that cuts CO, NO x and PM emissions from lawnmowers. A filter captures harmful pollutants.

2014 114

Two-year study in Canada finds large trucks disproportionately contribute to higher levels of black carbon pollution

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Researchers found that air pollution levels right beside a major trucking route within a city were close to levels seen beside Highway 401, despite the road carrying less than one-tenth of the vehicle traffic. Black carbon—commonly called soot—is a marker for exposure to diesel exhaust which is known to have negative health effects.

2018 80

Electric-Car Batteries, Graphite, And Pollution In China

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The whole industry, pushed hard by legislation, has drastically reduced exhaust pollutants. The modern car is just about unrecognizable against its counterpart of a few decades ago. Not in terms of shape or performance, but emissions.

2014 110

Corning expands light-duty vehicle exhaust filter capacity in Germany

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These engines produce a high number of fine particulates that pollute the air. Corning Incorporated has boosted its light-duty vehicle filter capacity at its manufacturing facility in Kaiserslautern, Germany for both gasoline and diesel engined vehicles. Diesel vehicle manufacturers are striving for greater engine performance and fuel economy while meeting Euro 6 emissions standards under a myriad of driving conditions.

UBC study associates exposure to diesel exhaust with changes in DNA methylation

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While changes in DNA methylation have been associated with traffic-related air pollution in observational studies, the specific mechanisms have not been explored in a controlled study of asthmatics. In an open access study published in the journal Particle and Fibre Toxicology , a team from the University of British Columbia investigated the short-term effects of diesel exhaust inhalation on DNA methylation levels at CpG sites across the genome in circulating blood in asthmatics.

2015 94

U. Houston-led project looking for new exhaust treatment catalysts for low-temperature lean-burn combustion engines

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A chemical engineer from the University of Houston is leading a $2.1-million project to find new catalytic materials that work at lower exhaust temperatures, allowing automakers to build vehicles that operate more efficiently while retaining the ability to clean emissions before they leave the tailpipe. Catalytic converters clean vehicle exhaust into nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide.

2017 64

Study estimates 6% of lung cancer deaths in US and UK attributable to diesel exhaust

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In 2012, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified diesel engine exhaust (DEE) as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1). However, their attributable fraction AF estimates for occupational and environmental DEE exposure is generally consistent with some previous estimates for traffic-related air pollution and lung cancer mortality and incidence.

2013 113

Researchers find isolated Pd atoms efficient low-temperature catalysts to convert CO in automotive exhaust

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alumina supports along with a small amount of lanthanum oxide can efficiently turn the carbon monoxide in automotive exhaust into carbon dioxide at temperatures as low as 40 ?Celsius, C as a target for achieving removal of pollutants from exhaust.

2014 99

Lancet Commission report estimates pollution responsible for 9 million premature deaths globally in 2015; 16% of deaths

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Pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and premature death in the world today, according to the newly released report detailing the adverse effects of pollution on global health by the The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health. Pollution is costly.

2017 88

IARC: Outdoor air pollution carcinogenic to humans

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The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), has classified outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1). 161, Air Pollution and Cancer. After thoroughly reviewing the latest available scientific literature, the experts convened by the IARC Monographs Programme concluded that there is sufficient evidence that exposure to outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer (Group 1).

Study finds “markedly” high levels of diesel exhaust present in commuter trains powered by locomotives in pull-mode

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Exposure to these pollutants was most elevated in the coach located closest to the locomotive: geometric means were 126,000# cm -3 for UFP, 249 μm 2 cm −3 for LDSA, and 17,800 ng m −3 of BC; these concentrations are much higher than those previously reported for other modes of public transportation.

2017 81

Imaging study: air pollution impairs function of blood vessels in lungs

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Air pollution impairs the function of blood vessels in the lungs, according to a study of more than 16,000 patients presented at EuroEcho-Imaging 2016. The study examined the effect of air pollution on pulmonary haemodynamics (blood flow) in a population and in individuals. The authors examined whether any patient subgroups were more susceptible to the effects of air pollution. (A The volunteers were exposed to ambient air or dilute diesel exhaust with a PM 2.5

2016 88

Harleys with no emission controls: a much bigger problem than you know?

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Like cars, new motorcycles leave the factory with emissions-control equipment that radically reduce the volume of various pollutants released through their exhaust. emissions motorcycles Harley-Davidson ExhaustThose emission-control systems are only effective if they remain unmolested. However, a subset of both car and motorcycle owners sometimes interfere with that equipment when modifying.

2016 63

New mixed-oxide catalysts shown as viable substitute for platinum catalysts for diesel exhaust aftertreatment

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Under laboratory-simulated diesel exhaust conditions, this mixed-phase oxide material was superior to Pt in terms of cost, thermal durability, and catalytic activity for NO oxidation. Mullite is not only easier to produce than platinum, but also better at reducing pollution in diesel engines.

U Toronto studies find traffic emissions spread farther than thought; 25% of cars causing 90% of pollution

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A trio of recently published studies from a team of University of Toronto engineers has found that air pollution could be spreading up to three times farther than thought, contributing to varying levels of air quality across cities. 25% of cars causing 90% of pollution.

2015 150

New ORNL non-precious metal catalyst shows promise as low-cost component for low-temperature exhaust aftertreatment

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Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a ternary mixed oxide catalyst composed of copper oxide, cobalt oxide, and ceria (dubbed “CCC”) that outperforms synthesized and commercial platinum group metal (PGM) catalysts for CO oxidation in simulated exhaust streams while showing no signs of inhibition—i.e., PGM catalysts are the current standard for emissions aftertreatment in automotive exhaust streams.

2015 72

China study connects ozone pollution to cardiovascular health

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Ozone is formed through a chemical reaction that occurs when sunlight interacts with nitrogen oxides and other organic compounds that are generated by coal-burning, vehicle exhaust and some natural sources. They monitored indoor and outdoor ozone levels, along with other pollutants. In contrast, only 31 million Americans live in counties where other pollutants exceed EPA standards. Ozone is a difficult pollutant to control because its creation in the atmosphere is complex.

Ozone 64

HEI ACES study of lifetime animal exposure to New Technology Diesel Engine exhaust finds no lung cancer

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The first study to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of lifetime exposure to new technology diesel exhaust (NTDE)—i.e., exhaust from heavy-duty diesel engines meeting EPA 2007 and later emissions requirements—has found no evidence of carcinogenic lung tumors. In their extensive analysis of the physical and chemical composition of the emissions, McDonald and colleagues found that the most abundant pollutants were carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, NO, and NO 2.

2015 97

US study of miners links heavy exposure to diesel exhaust to increased risk of lung cancer death; researchers suggest implications for urban areas with high exhaust concentrations

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In a study of non-metal miners in the US, federal government scientists report that heavy exposure to diesel exhaust increased risk of death from lung cancer. According to the investigators, this is the first study based on estimates of quantitative historical exposure to diesel exhaust to yield a statistically significant, positive increase in lung cancer risk with increasing diesel exposure with adjustment for potential confounding from cigarette smoking.

California settles with cargo terminals over diesel engine exhaust

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Harris announced a settlement with cargo terminals at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles over diesel emissions from exhaust that requires the terminals to complete projects to reduce their diesel emissions and better notify the public of emissions. Attorney General Harris filed suit in June alleging the terminals violated Proposition 65 by exposing thousands of neighboring residents to high levels of diesel exhaust without giving the required warning.

Shipboard Technology for Scrubbing CO2 and Criteria Pollutants from Exhaust Gas

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It then sprays the treated sea-water into the exhaust funnel, where CO 2 is converted into bicarbonates, SO 2 into sulfates and NO x into nitrates through natural chemical processes. Singapore-based Ecospec Global Technology Pte Ltd, earlier this year unveiled CSNOx, a single system it claims can reduce NO x , SO 2 , CO 2 and PM emissions from ships.

2009 60

Study identifies combustion-derived nanoparticles in diesel exhaust as the predominant mediator for adverse cardiovascular events

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A large body of work shows that exposure to road traffic and air pollution may be a trigger of adverse cardiovascular events such as angina, myocardial infarction, and heart failure, with long-term exposure increasing the lifetime risk of death from coronary heart disease. However, the individual pollutants responsible for this effect have not been fully established. Newby (2011) Combustion-derived nanoparticulate induces the adverse vascular effects of diesel exhaust inhalation.

DOE awards $17M to FY 2014 SBIR Phase II projects; includes Si/graphene anodes, motor windings, exhaust treatments

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Hybrid Electric Turbocharger for Exhaust Energy Recovery and Transient Lag Reduction. NexTech Materials of Lewis Center, Ohio, has developed a new diesel engine exhaust NO x sensing technology that is able to rapidly and selectively measure nitrogen oxides in diesel engine exhaust streams. A Novel Exhaust after Treatment Catalyst. of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, will develop a new exhaust after-treatment system using new low temperature catalysts.

2014 87

Study finds gasoline exhaust contributes more to formation of secondary organic aerosols than diesel

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Contrary to expectations, exhaust from gasoline vehicles contributes more to the production of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) than exhaust from diesel vehicles, according to a new study by scientists from the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) and other colleagues. This is important because fine-particle pollution can cause human health effects, such as heart or respiratory problems.

T&E: VW sells least polluting Euro 6 diesels in Europe; no brand meets Euro 6 in real-world driving; loopholes & defeat strategies

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A new study by Transport & Environment (T&E) shows that Volkswagen is currently selling the least polluting (Euro 6) diesel vehicles. also found that no brand in Europe complies with the latest Euro 6 air pollution limits for diesel cars and vans in real-world driving.

2016 126

Rice University study of lung cells suggests anthropogenic carbon nanotubes are common pollutants

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These nanostructures are similar to those present in dusts and vehicle exhausts collected in Paris, as well as to those previously observed in ambient air in the USA, in spider webs in India, and in ice cores, the researchers found.

2015 103

Electric cars could save $13 billion in health costs by 2030 in 10 states: study

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Exhaust from gasoline and diesel cars contributes to air pollution that can lead to deleterious health effects after long exposure. emissions health Study plug-in cars air pollutionIt's entirely obvious that internal-combustion cars pose a threat not only to the environment, but also to human health. Now a new study from the American Lung Association in California aims to quantify the health.

2016 88

Risø DTU Developing Electrochemical Method for Diesel Exhaust Treatment

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Risø, the National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), is developing an electrochemical method for purifying exhaust, especially exhaust gases from diesel engines.

Study finds in-car rush-hour exposure to some particulate pollution twice as high as previously thought

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A new study, part of the Atlanta Commuter Exposures (ACE) Study, has assessed on-roadway in-cabin particulate pollution (PM 2.5 ) collected from scripted rush hour commutes on highways and on non-highway side streets.

2017 78

IHS: continued legislative focus on pollutants to drive sensor market for internal combustion engines

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The global market for sensors used in internal combustion engines (ICE) is on the road of steady growth for the next few years, propelled by increasing utilization in engine management and exhaust aftertreatment, according to a new report from IHS Technology.

2014 96

Does The Tesla Model S Electric Car Pollute More Than An SUV?

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Does the supposedly clean, green Tesla Model S really pollute more than a gas-guzzling Jeep Grand Cherokee sport-utility vehicle? In an exhaustive 6,500-word article on the financial website Seeking Alpha, analyst Nathan Weiss lays out a case that the Model S actually has higher effective emissions than most That''s what one analyst has claimed.

Jeep 87

Two new studies of road air pollution in London find detrimental effects on over-60s and unborn babies

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Exposure to air pollution on city streets is enough to counter the beneficial health effects of exercise in adults over 60, according to new research led by Imperial College London and Duke University. These findings, published in as open-access paper in The Lancet , show that short term exposure to air pollution in built-up areas such as London’s busy Oxford Street can prevent the positive effects on the heart and lungs that can be gained from walking.

2017 60

Shanghai aims to tackle air pollution

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Beijing isn’t the only major Chinese city determined to tackle its air pollution issues – the city of Shanghai has now revealed its plans to do the same. It will spend 10.3billion yuan on 53 projects that will target air pollution – with a particular focus on PM2.5. Currently, exhaust from motor vehicles and boats [.]. Green cars Latest news air pollution China green cars Shanghai

New statistical method to detect ozone pollution hot spots and monitor instrument failure; combining PCA and MEWMA

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The method could be used as an automatic tool, and could act as an early warning system for dangerous pollution levels and potential technical problems, said Assistant Professor Ying Sun from the University’s Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division. Ground-level ozone is created by chemical reactions between other pollutants, especially oxides of nitrogen and carbon-based compounds released in vehicle exhausts and by many industrial processes.

2016 78

Mayor of London floats action plan to reduce city’s air pollution

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The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has outlined plans to crackdown on the most polluting vehicles, including an additional £10 (US$13) per day charge for the most polluting vehicles and an extended Ultra-Low Emission Zone. Key proposals include: Implementing a £10 Emissions Surcharge (dubbed the ‘T-charge’) on the most polluting vehicles entering central London from 2017.

2016 60

California ARB releases three studies showing fine particle pollution a threat to cardiovascular health

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or fine-particulate matter, is exhaust from vehicles, especially from diesel engines. The California Air Resources Board commissioned the studies to further investigate the connection between fine particulate pollution and public health impacts in California.

2011 133

Federal-Mogul marine piston ring technology reduces oil consumption and pollution from two-stroke diesels

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Federal-Mogul Powertrain, a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation, has developed a new piston ring for two-stroke diesel engines that reduces oil consumption and marine pollution by allowing the quantity of lubricant used to be greatly reduced.

2015 78