Foxconn and Fisker confirm talks about making $30,000 EV in Wisconsin

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Foxconn and Fisker are in talks to build a $30,000 electric car in Wisconsin, local newspaper The Journal Times confirmed Thursday. Known as a contract manufacturer for the Apple iPhone, Foxconn announced plans for a Wisconsin factory in 2017, originally for large LCD screens.

EGEB: Wisconsin 150 MW solar farm approved despite pushback


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Wisconsin approves Alliant Energy’s Onion River solar farm, which will be one of the state’s largest. more… The post EGEB: Wisconsin 150 MW solar farm approved despite pushback appeared first on Electrek.


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Lithia Motors enters Wisconsin with buy of 5 dealerships

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widened its Midwest footprint and entered a brand new state with the acquisition of 5 dealerships from Wisconsin’s Wilde Automotive Group. The post Lithia Motors enters Wisconsin with buy of 5 dealerships appeared first on Bauaelectric Auto News. Lithia Motors Inc.

iPhone maker Foxconn mulling EV factory in Wisconsin

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Apple iPhone contract manufacturer Foxconn is considering an electric-car factory in Wisconsin, The Guardian reported Tuesday.

BMW’s 300-mile EVs, Hyundai Tucson plug-in range and mpg, Foxconn in Wisconsin: Today’s Car News

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And what EV might Foxconn build in Wisconsin? BMW provided splashy product news for two upcoming electric vehicles, both expected to get the German brand to hit a higher driving-range peg. Hyundai released better numbers for its Tucson Plug-In Hybrid SUV.

50-mpg new cars, Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV, Fisker in Wisconsin, Nio battery swapping: Today’s Car News

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Fisker and Foxconn have confirmed that they’re in talks with Wisconsin as the potential manufacturing location for Fisker’s $30,000 electric vehicle—although a series of broken promises from Foxconn could get in the way.

Enbridge to undertake $7B pipeline replacement program; from Alberta to Wisconsin

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and Enbridge Energy Partners have received shipper support for a $7-billion investment in their Canadian and US mainline system running from Edmonton, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin. will undertake an approximately US$2.6-billion replacement program for its Line 3 pipeline running between Neche, North Dakota, and Enbridge’s existing Superior Station and Terminal Facility in Superior, Wisconsin. Enbridge Inc.

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U Wisconsin team investigates RCCI and GCI in single engine using adaptive dual-fuel injector

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have investigated blending the benefits of reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) and gasoline compression ignition (GCI) using QuantLogic’s novel adaptive dual-fuel injector which is capable of direct injecting both gasoline and diesel fuel in a single cycle. To perform the optimizations, the team used the University of Wisconsin Engine Research Center KIVA code coupled with a multiobjective genetic algorithm.

2015 150

Wisconsin, GLBRC researchers use chemical genomics to engineer IL-resistant yeast to improve biofuel production

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) and colleagues have engineered a new strain of the yeast S. cerevisiae that is more resistant to the toxic effects of ionic liquids (ILs) used to generate sugars from lignocellulose. As a result, their xylose-converting strain consumed glucose and xylose faster and produced more ethanol than the wild type strain.

2016 150

Odyne Systems delivers 7 plug-in hybrid work trucks through the Wisconsin Clean Transportation Program

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Odyne Systems, LLC has delivered seven trucks featuring the Odyne plug-in hybrid propulsion system to utilities and municipalities throughout Wisconsin. Communities and utilities receiving the new technology were partially funded under the Wisconsin Clean Transportation Program jointly administered through the Wisconsin State Energy Office and the US Department of Energy Wisconsin Clean Cities Program. The Richland Center unit of Wisconsin Public Power, Inc.

Johnson Controls endowing University of Wisconsin System for energy storage research

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is endowing a professorship, research labs and graduate studies in energy storage at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The lab will be housed in the new Wisconsin Energy Institute under construction on the UW-Madison campus. Johnson Controls, Inc. Between our scientists and the talented UW students, we expect groundbreaking projects to develop.

Hydrogen Engine Center and Wisconsin Motors Form JV for Wet-Sleeve Version of Oxx Engine

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HEC) and Wisconsin Motors (WM) have signed an agreement to form Oxx Power Continental, a joint venture, to produce a wet-sleeve version of the Oxx Power 4.9L Wisconsin Motors intends to certify these engines on traditional fuels (gasoline, natural gas and propane) while HEC intends to use alternative fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, syngas, ethanol and methanol. To get started WM picked up 206 engine blocks from HEC and took them to Wisconsin for machining.

Webchat with Wisconsin and NC State EcoCAR Challenge Teams; 25 Feb at 3pm ET

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Members from two of the EcoCAR Challenge teams —NC State and the University of Wisconsin—will participate in a webchat today at 3pm ET. EcoCAR webchat with Wisconsin and North Carolina State Universities. The EcoCAR Challenge is a college engineering competition sponsored by GM and the US Department of Energy.

Johnson Controls funds two research projects with U Wisconsin to enhance fuel efficiency of start-stop vehicles and next-gen EVs

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Johnson Controls will fund two multi-year research projects at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW–Madison) aimed at enhancing the fuel efficiency of start-stop and next-generation battery-electric vehicles. Dr. Thomas Jahns, Grainger Professor of Power Electronics and Electrical Machines at UW–Madison, and Dr. Deyang Qu, Johnson Controls endowed professor at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UW–Milwaukee), will supervise the project.

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Univ. of Wisconsin offering online Master of Engineering in Engine Systems (MEES)

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The University of Wisconsin is offering an Internet-delivered Master of Engineering in Engine Systems (MEES). The MEES program incorporates the latest in research from the UW Engine Research Center. Courses provide skills including: Understanding how legislative drivers for emissions, safety, noise, and more directly impact engine design. Comparatively assessing alternative fuels and engines. Integrating engine design with various manufacturing processes.

GM and University of Wisconsin investigate diesel engines

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A partnership has been formed between General Motors and the University of Wisconsin looking into high-speed petrol direct injection compression ignition operation in low temperature combustion of a light duty diesel engine. general motors Green cars Latest news compression ignition diesel engines direct injection GM University of Wisconsin

New Univ. of Wisconsin model shows polar ice caps can recover from warmer climate-induced melting

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New University of Washington research indicates that even if Earth warmed enough to melt all polar sea ice, the ice could recover if the planet cooled again. A paper on the work is to be published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Wisconsin: Higher Taxes For Hybrids, Electrics For Not Burning Enough Gas To Fund Road Repairs?

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It''s not news that the roads and bridges in many states are falling into disrepair. Much of the money to fund maintenance of this infrastructure comes from taxes on fuel, but that''s something that doesn''t apply to drivers of electric cars--and hybrid drivers pay less than others. RELATED: Why Electric-Car Owners Should Be Happy For New Colorado

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University of Wisconsin and GM team investigating Gasoline Direct Injection Compression Ignition in light-duty diesel engines

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A team from the University of Wisconsin and General Motors has found that high-speed gasoline direct injection compression ignition (GDICI) operation in the low temperature combustion (LTC) regime in a light-duty diesel engine is feasible. GDICI is one of the approaches under investigation further to reduce NO x and PM emissions from diesel engines.

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University of Wisconsin seeking commercial partners for alkylphenol solvent-based method to convert biomass into furan derivatives for fuels and chemicals

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The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is seeking commercial partners for a novel, cost-effective method developed by University of Wisconsin, Madison researchers for producing furan derivatives such as hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), furfural, levulinic acid (LA) or γ-valerolactone (GVL) from biomass using alkylphenols as solvents.

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U. of Wisconsin RCCI combustion work progressing; modeled 53% gross indicated efficiency in a light-duty engine could result in 2x fuel savings compared to SI gasoline

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin Engine Research Center ( ERC ) led by Dr. Rolf Reitz are developing a dual-fuel compression-ignition engine low-temperature combustion (LTC) strategy called reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) ( Earlier post.) (Part 2 of a series on low-temperature combustion). In contrast to conventional diesel combustion, the highest temperature for RCCI combustion in center of chamber (adiabatic core).

2011 207

Univ. of Wisconsin team reports on new process for converting hemicellulose to furfural and levulinic acid as renewable fuel precursors and chemicals

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin led by Dr. Jim Dumesic report the conversion of the hemicellulose fraction of lignocellulosic biomass to furfural and levulinic acid using biphasic reactors with alkylphenol solvents in a new paper in the journal ChemSusChem.

2012 167

University of Wisconsin Team Develops High-Yielding Chemical Hydrolysis Process to Release Sugars from Biomass for Cellulosic Fuels and Chemicals

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A University of Wisconsin-Madison research team has developed a chemical process for the hydrolysis of biomass into sugars for subsequent processing into fuels and chemicals that delivers sugar yields approaching those of enzymatic hydrolysis. In an open-access paper published in the 9 March issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , they report that the process leads to a nearly 90% yield of glucose from cellulose and 70-80% yield of sugars from untreated corn stover.

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University of Wisconsin Researchers Investigating Dual-Fuel (Gasoline and Diesel) Partially Premixed Combustion for High-Efficiency, Ultra-Low Emission Combustion; 53% Thermal Efficiency

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, led by Dr. Rolf Reitz, are investigating a blended dual-fuel (gasoline and diesel) concept to extend the operating range of partially premixed charge compression ignition combustion by using the varying fuel reactivity of the charge blend, which is determined in real time. The dual-fuel PCCI strategy showed thermal efficiency of 53%. Source: Rolf Reitz. Click to enlarge.

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Wisconsin Researchers Devise Process to Convert Biomass Intermediate Product into Drop-in Transportation Fuels Without Use of External Hydrogen or Precious Metal Catalysts

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, led by Dr. James Dumesic, have developed a process to convert aqueous solutions of ?-valerolactone Reaction pathways for conversion of GVL to butenes and CO 2 , and the integrated conversion of GVL to both a liquid stream of alkenes for use in transportation fuels and a gaseous stream rich in CO 2 that is appropriate for further processing options. Credit: Bond et al., Science. Click to enlarge.

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Midwest states ally to produce hydrogen, potentially for fuel-cell semis

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Dubbed the Midwest Hydrogen Coalition, the group of participating states includes Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, according to a release.

Midwest governors agree on EV charging-network plan

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First reported by NPR, the Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition—REV Midwest—plans to set up charging stations across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Ringbrothers’ 1964.5 Ford Mustang convertible “Caged” has coronary heart of a Coyote

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Wisconsin-based scorching rod builders Ringbrothers are again with one other traditional muscle automotive restomod. This time it is a 1964.5 Ford Mustang convertible with the guts of a contemporary Mustang. Read more. The post Ringbrothers’ 1964.5

DOE awards $5M to Achates Power to develop next-generation medium-duty opposed-piston engine for commercial vehicles

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Achates Power will work with Isuzu Technical Center of America (ITCA), Clemson University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison as project members. The University of Wisconsin will contribute closed-cycle CFD to optimize clean, efficient combustion. . Working with the world-class teams at Clemson, Wisconsin, and Isuzu, the project helps lead us towards more sustainable transportation.

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EPA issues fuel waiver for four states impacted by bp Whiting Refinery shutdown

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EPA has waived the federal regulations and federally enforceable State Implementation Plan requirements for fuel volatility on gasoline sold in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, to facilitate the supply of fuel in these areas. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) declared a regional emergency for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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Ringbrothers’ 1972 Chevrolet K5 Blazer “Bully” brawls with 1,200 hp

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Wisconsin scorching rod builders Ringbrothers introduced 4 new builds to the 2022 SEMA present, together with this 1972 Chevrolet K5 Blazer. Dubbed Bully, the Blazer boasts 1,200 hp courtesy of. Read more.

Major department store to offer plug-in vehicle charging

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The store will offer 36 new stations across 18 new locations before the end of the year – including an expansion across the states of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin for the first [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric cars green cars Indiana Kohl's plug-in vehicles Texas USA WisconsinOne of the leading department stores in the USA – Kohl’s (logo, pictured) – is to extend its plug-in vehicle charging station initiative.

Ringbrothers reveals 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 construct at 2022 SEMA present

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Ringbrothers has produced some spectacular Ford Mustang builds through the years, however the Wisconsin sizzling rod store has provide you with one more new spin on Ford’s pony automotive.

Bakken Energy, Cummins and Schneider partner on design of the Heartland Hydrogen Hub for long-haul trucking

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In conjunction with the States of North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana, Bakken Energy is working on the design of the Heartland Hydrogen Hub, a regional clean hydrogen hub recently announced by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

Exploring the potential of advanced nuclear system coolants

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Professor Mark Anderson from the University of Wisconsin-Madison discusses some of the interesting experimental science questions associated with advanced nuclear system coolants and how reactors based on these technologies can help to reduce the environmental impact of power and heat production, as well as stabilising energy costs.

Researchers make emissions breakthrough

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The masterminds at the University of Wisconsin believe they could be on the verge of a significant engine technology breakthrough that could reduce fuel consumption and regulate emissions of both nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Tags: Green cars Latest news emissions engine technology fuel consumption reactivity controlled compression ignition University of Wisconsin

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UW Madison chemists discover new way to harness energy from ammonia

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A research team at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has identified a new way to convert ammonia to nitrogen gas through a process that could be a step toward ammonia replacing carbon-based fuels.

Gas prices continue to drop with demand, amid uncertainty over oil supply

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Wisconsin has the As the COVID-19 pandemic flared in some U.S. cities and stay-at-home orders applied to the vast majority of the nation last week, it’s not surprising that a lack of demand and a glut of supply continued to drive gas prices downward.

2020 90

Canadian oil sands still needed by the US

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Tags: Green credentials Latest news Alberta to Wisconsin pipeline Canadian oil sands David Jacobsen environmental concerns Green cars Whole Foods

Raven SR waste-to-hydrogen plant in California to be powered by INNIO Jenbacher’s Ready-for-H2 engines

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INNIO is headquartered in Jenbach (Austria), with other primary operations in Waukesha (Wisconsin) and Welland (Ontario, Canada). Raven SR plans to use INNIO’s Jenbacher engines [60 Hz] with a “Ready for H2” option to produce renewable energy.

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EnTech Solutions, Peterbilt, Maki Trucking Partner to transport renewable natural gas with electric truck

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US Gain, a division of Wisconsin-based US Venture, Inc.,

USDA providing $700M to provide economic relief to more than 100 biofuel producers and 195 facilities

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The USDA funding will support biofuel producers in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has provided $700 million to help lower costs and support biofuel producers who faced unexpected market losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As states continue to use less coal for electricity, driving electric vehicles becomes even cleaner

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Wisconsin. Wisconsin. by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research. Battery electric vehicles are only as clean as the energy source used to generate the electricity that powers them. The calculated relative amounts of well-to-wheels emissions of greenhouse gases from eight different energy sources are shown in the table below. The calculations were based on the data developed by the Union of Concerned Scientists.)

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