At 25 mpg, the 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid is the efficiency leader of big gasoline trucks

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Ford says that 4x2 versions of the F-150 hybrid come in at 25 mpg city, 26 highway, and 25 combined—with a range of 750 miles on a tank of gasoline.

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Achates showcases 2.7L, 3-cylinder opposed piston gasoline compression ignition engine in F-150; estimated 37 mpg combined

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At the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Achates Power and new development parter Aramco Services ( earlier post ) showcased a Ford F-150 fitted with a 3-cylinder, 2.7-liter Opposed-Piston Gasoline Compression Ignition (OPGCI) engine. Fabien Redon, Vice President, Technology Development at Achates, said they estimate that the OPGCI pickup will achieve 37 mpg (6.35

2018 251

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Volkswagen introduces new 1L, 3-cylinder gasoline Golf; 54.7 mpg

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mpg US) (99 g/km CO 2 )—more efficient than any previous Golf with a gasoline engine. The new TSI engine also offers the highest specific torque of any large-scale production series gasoline engines: 200 N·m per liter displacement. l/100 km (52 mpg). l/100 km (51 mpg). EA211 refers to a family of advanced gasoline engines and incorporates both three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines. The turbocharged gasoline engine with its 10.5:1

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DOE: Average annual gasoline taxes paid per vehicle, by state, 2019

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miles per gallon (mpg) and the average annual miles driven is 11,484 miles. The Federal tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon, and each state has a gasoline tax, ranging from 8.95 mpg driven 11,484 miles in 2019.

2019 295

Road Test: 2021 Hyundai Venue

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To maximize fuel economy, selecting the Normal drive mode is key to equaling or besting the EPA rating of 30 mpg city/34 highway/32 combined. Our results show that in typical driving around town and on the open road, the Venue is a gasoline sipper, not a gulper.

First VW Polo BlueMotion to have gasoline-fueled TSI technology; new 3-cylinder engine, 57 mpg

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Volkswagen is introducing its first fuel-saving BlueMotion vehicle with a gasoline-fueled TSI engine with the Polo TSI BlueMotion. l/100 km (57 mpg US) and emissions to 94 g/km CO 2. As a result, the TSI BlueMotion is the first gasoline-fueled Polo to receive a class A label for energy efficiency and achieve top ratings for fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions in its class.

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2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid offers up to 52 mpg combined; Solar Roof System

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At the Chicago Auto Show, Hyundai introduced its new 2020 Sonata Hybrid, featuring up to 686 miles of driving range and an EPA-estimated 52 mpg combined fuel economy rating on the Blue trim.

2020 328

Mercedes-Benz launches new S-Class with hybrid, diesel, gasoline models; 59 mpg PHEV model to come

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On a larger efficiency scale, the new S-Class in its first year will offer two hybrid versions, a gasoline model and a diesel variant: the S 400 HYBRID, S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID, S 500, and S 350 BlueTEC. These soon will be followed by the S 500 Plug-In HYBRID—the first S-Class with a fuel consumption lower than 4l/100 km (59 mpg US). mpg US) (CO 2 : 115 g/km). mpg US)—a reduction of 20% compared to the preceding model. mpg US)—0.7

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Ford Engine Power, MPG Figures Tested Using Different Fuels

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For at least one carmaker--Ford--and possibly others as well, that turns out not to be the case: Different gasoline formulations are used to test gas mileage than are used for engine. Green E10 EPA Ratings Fuel Economy Gasoline horsepower octaneIt's all about the asterisk, it turns out. Most buyers likely assume that the conditions for rating a new car's fuel economy and engine performance are identical.

2015 114

Mitsubishi Motors to launch new Mirage global compact in Japan; 1.0L gasoline engine with 64 mpg US

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km/liter (64 mpg US, 3.7 L/100km) on the JC08 cycle, making the Mirage the most fuel efficient registered gasoline car in Japan. mpg US, 4.3 The new Mirage. Click to enlarge. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will launch the all-new Mirage global compact car at dealerships throughout Japan on 31 August at an MSRP ranging from ¥998,000 to ¥1,288,000 (US$12,800 to $16,500). Earlier post.).

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Volvo Drive-E engines delivering NEDC fuel consumption in S60 sedan as low as 62 mpg US for diesel, 40 mpg for gasoline

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Volvo is introducing the first engines—two gasoline and 1 diesel—in its new 2.0-liter, four-cylinder Drive-E powertrain family ( earlier post ) and has received official European NEDC certification on fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions when applied in the S60 sedan. l/100 km (62 mpg US ). mpg US ), the car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.9 Using the supercharger to fill in the bottom end torque gives the gasoline engine a big, naturally aspirated feel.

2013 170

Toyota introducing Corolla Hybrid to US at LA Auto Show; at least 50 mpg

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The new hybrid version of Toyota’s all-time best-selling car series achieves at least 50 mpg (4.7 The model adapts the latest Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive from the new-generation Prius, already proven as an MPG winner. The new hybrid system combines a 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with two motor/generators through an electronically controlled planetary-type continuously variable transmission (CVT) transaxle.

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Toyota anticipates 2016 Prius at 52 mpg combined, 56 mpg with Eco grade

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Toyota anticipates that the 2016 Prius ( earlier post ) will deliver fuel economy ratings of 54 MPG city / 50 MPG highway / 52 MPG combined. A new Eco grade model is expecting ratings of 58 MPG city / 53 MPG highway / 56 MPG combined thanks to lighter weight and further optimized aerodynamics. Final EPA figures pending.)

2015 203

Chevrolet 2017 Cruze Diesel EPA-rated at 52 mpg highway, 37 mpg combined; Tier 3 Bin 125

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The 2017 Cruze Diesel Sedan ( earlier post ) fitted with the six-speed manual transmission offers an EPA-estimated highway mileage of 52 mpg (4.52 The six-speed manual model returns an EPA-estimated city mileage of 30 mpg (7.83 l/100 km), resulting in 37 mpg (6.35 Cruze Diesel with the nine-speed automatic achieves an EPA-estimated highway economy of up to 47 mpg and 31 city mpg, which results in 37 mpg combined.

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New Volkswagen Polo BlueGT with cylinder deactivation offers gasoline engine fuel economy of up to 52 mpg US

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The system was realized with the new 1.4-liter gasoline-fueled TSI of the Polo BlueGT. l/100 km/h (50 mpg US), equivalent to 108 g/km CO 2. l/100 km (52 mpg US), equivalent to 105 g/km CO 2. These gasoline engines and the EA288 series diesel engines, which are also new, are technological pillars of the future Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB). Polo BlueGT. Click to enlarge. Volkswagen introduced the new Polo BlueGT at the Geneva Motor Show.

2012 218

65 MPG Split-Cycle The Next Direction For Gasoline Engines?

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Like it or not, the humble gasoline engine still has a lot to give to the automobile world. Yes, they use fossil fuels that could be better used elsewhere, but while pure electric vehicles and even hybrids remain relatively expensive, improving the efficiency of regular internal combustion engines is a good way of reducing pollution and dependency

2012 109

Fisker Karma EPA-rated at 65 kWh/100 miles on electricity, with 32-mile electric range and 20 mpg US on gasoline

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gallons US/100 miles (~20 mpg) when running the gasoline range-extending engine in hybrid mode. As a comparison, the 2011 Chevy Volt (also an extended range electric vehicle), is EPA-rated with consumption of 36 kWh/100 miles (93 MPGe), a 35-mile electric range, and gasoline consumption of 2.7 gallons/100 miles (37 mpg) when running in range-extending hybrid mode with its gasoline engine.

2011 184

Volt receives EPA ratings and label: 93 mpg-e all-electric, 37 mpg gas-only, 60 mpg-e combined

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The dual-fuel vehicle (electricity and gasoline) is rated at 93 miles per gallon-equivalent (combined city/highway) in all-electric mode (36 kWh/100 miles) and 37 mpg US in gas-only mode (2.7 The two modes are combined into an illustrative 60 mpg-e combined rating for the vehicle. I.e., more electric driving pushes it closer to the 93 mpg-e figure; less pushes it closer to the 37.

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2015 Mitsubishi Mirage w/ 3-cylinder engine the most fuel efficient non-hybrid gasoline car in US; up to 40 mpg combined

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The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage is currently the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid gasoline car in the US, with combined EPA rating of 40 mpg (5.88 l/100 km), consisting of 37 mpg (6.36 l/100 km) city and 44 mpg (5.35 Fuel economy with the 5-speed is 37 mpg (6.36 l/100 km) combined/34 mpg (6.92 l/100 km) city/42 mpg (5.6 2015 Mirage ES. Click to enlarge.

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Mercedes-Benz introducing diesel E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID with fuel economy of 56 mpg US; gasoline-engined E 400 HYBRID model to follow

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L of diesel/100 km (56 mpg US), with CO 2 emissions of 109 g/km. Daimler will introduce the Mercedes-Benz E 400 HYBRID—equipped with a V6 gasoline engine—into in the US market, and later in other countries such as Japan and China. The modular hybrid concept requires no modifications to the bodyshell; the hybrid module can be used flexibly in other model series and there will be right-hand drive versions apart from the diesel and gasoline models.

2012 261

2020 Hyundai Accent improves by 4 mpg on most models with switch to dual port injection engine and IVT

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These changes increase Accent’s EPA estimated fuel economy to 33 mpg city, 41 highway, 36 combined, up considerably from the 28 city, 38 highway, 32 combined mpg rating with last year’s 1.6-liter Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. The 2020 Hyundai Accent features a new Smartstream G1.6 Dual Port Injection (DPI) engine and a Smartstream Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT).

2019 194

Transonic demonstrates supercritical gasoline operation under low load, medium load, and high speed low load conditions; simulated vehicle fuel economy of 48.8 mpg

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Engineers at Transonic Combustion, a start-up developing a fuel efficient supercritical (SC) fuel injection and combustion system—Transonic Combustion, or TSCi ( earlier post )—have demonstrated the TSCi process using gasoline fuel at low load without EGR, medium load with EGR, and high speed low load with EGR. mpg US (4.8 mpg US/5.05 mpg US/6.0 We inject gasoline under supercritical conditions to provide potential for improved efficiency.

2012 221

New Top-End Audi A1 Features 1.4 TFSI Dual Charged Gasoline Engine; 40 MPG US

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liters of fuel per 100 km (40 mpg US), which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 139 g/km (223 g/mile) (provisional figures). Audi will present the new top engine version for the Audi A1 at the Paris Motor Show, a dual-charged 1.4 TFSI engine with 136 kW (185 hp) and 250 N·m (185 lb-ft). The A1 1.4 TFSI consumes on average 5.9 The compact and lightweight 1.4 TFSI accelerates the A1 from zero to 100 km/h in 6.9

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2012 Fisker Karma: 20 MPG On Gasoline, 32-Mi Electric Range

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It's been a long and painful year for Fisker Automotive, with deliveries of its 2012 Karma extended-range electric sport sedan repeatedly delayed from the original target of May. Now, with certification earlier this week from the Environmental Protection Agency that the car complies with emissions standards, Fisker can legally start to deliver its

Karma 114

UMTRI: Average new-vehicle fuel economy in US in May up 0.3 mpg from April

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mpg (9.22 mpg from April—according to the latest monthly report from Dr. Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). They suggested the improvement likely reflects the increased price of gasoline in May. mpg from the peak reached in August 2014. mpg since October 2007 (the first month of their monitoring). mpg (9.29

2015 210

UMTRI: average fuel-economy of new vehicles in the US in October rose to 24.8 mpg

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mpg (9.49 mpg from September, according to the monthly analysis from Michael Sivak and Brendan Schoettle from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). mpg since October 2007 (the first month of their monitoring). The average fuel-economy (window-sticker) value of new vehicles sold in the US in October was 24.8 l/100km), up 0.2

2013 283

Road Test: 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Duramax 4WD Crew Cab AT4 CarbonPro

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Fuel economy for the 3.0-liter Duramax turbodiesel is EPA rated at 22 mpg city/26 highway/24 combined. mpg, but on a 100-mile all-freeway run with the adaptive cruise control set at 65 mph, we got an impressive 29.8 News: Pickup Trucks Make Big Power/MPG Moves.

New BMW 218i Coupe to offer new 3-cylinder gasoline engine

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New BMW 3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine for the 218i. With the market launch of the new BMW 218i Coupe, BMW will offer a new a three-cylinder gasoline engine from the BMW Group’s latest engine family ( earlier post ) for the first time in the compact model. liters per 100 km (42 to 46 mpg US), with CO 2 emission levels of 130 to 118 grams per km. liters (43 to 46 mpg US) and 129 and 118 grams respectively (figures as per EU test cycle, depending on selected tire size).

2014 192

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid EPA-rated at 50 mpg city

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Honda has begun US production of the 2014 Accord Hybrid ( earlier post ), which will carry an EPA fuel economy rating of 50 mpg (4.7 The EPA rating is 1 mpg higher than Honda had originally anticipated for the hybrid (49 mpg). The new Accord Hybrid also carries an EPA-rated highway fuel economy of 45 mpg (5.2 l/100 km) and combined cycle fuel economy of 47 mpg (5.0 The Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid holds the top highway fuel economy rating at 48 mpg (4.9

2013 199

UMTRI: Average US new vehicle fuel economy in October drops to 25 mpg

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mpg (9.4 mpg from September, according to the latest monthly report from Dr. Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). They suggested the decline likely reflects the decreased price of gasoline in October, and the consequent increased sales of pickup trucks and SUVs. mpg from the peak reached in August 2014, but still up 4.9 mpg since October 2007 (the first month of their monitoring).

2015 203

GM to introduce strong hybrid version of Malibu; combined fuel economy above 45 mpg; leverages Volt

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Using technology from the 2016 Chevrolet Volt propulsion system ( earlier post ), Malibu Hybrid will offer an estimated combined fuel economy rating exceeding 45 mpg (5.22 l/100 km), higher than the combined cycle mileage ratings of the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata hybrid variants and a significant boost over the 29 mpg combined of the MY 2015 Malibu with 2.5L GM will introduce a strong hybrid version of the next-generation Malibu.

2015 242

100 MPG, Hand-Built, Gasoline-Powered Aptera Set For U.S?

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A great many people were disappointed--though perhaps not surprised--when green automaker Aptera closed its doors in late 2011. Its project, the Aptera 2e, promised to be one of the most efficient vehicles on the road, but the company suffered the usual startup automaker pitfalls and disappeared with a bang. We were skeptical when a Chinese

UMTRI: new vehicle average fuel economy in March up 0.2 mpg from February

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mpg (9.25 mpg from February, according to the latest monthly analysis br. They sugested that this change likely reflects the increased gasoline prices from February to March. mpg from the peak reached in August 2014. mpg since October 2007 (the first month of the monitoring). mpg (9.29 The average fuel economy (window-sticker value) of new vehicles sold in the US in March was 25.4 l/100 km)—up 0.2

2015 199

Mazda6 diesel sedan offers up to 60 mpg US

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l/100 km (60 mpg US) and CO 2 emissions of 104 g/km (European combined cycle with standard diesel SKYACTIV-D 2.2 Mazda is offering the choice of five SKYACTIV engines (two diesels and three gasoline powerplants) coupled with six-speed manual or automatic transmissions in the Mazda6. Gasoline. The gasoline engined models achieve Euro 5 emissions standards, while the diesel models are Euro 6 compliant. Mazda6 Sedan & Wagon (European Specification). Click to enlarge.

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2014 BMW i3 REx Window Sticker Revealed, 39 MPG On Gasoline: BREAKING

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Yesterday we reported on the delay getting range-extended versions of BMW''s 2014 i3 electric car to the market, pending the confirmation and fitment of their EPA-approved window stickers. That wait may not be much longer--and now we know the car''s official EPA-rated mileage. The 2014 BMW i3 REx is rated at 117 MPGe on electric power (29 kWh/100

2014 114

UMTRI: average fuel economy of new vehicles sold in US in January up 0.3 mpg

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mpg (9.25 mpg from December, but still down 0.4 mpg from the peak reached in August of 2014, according to the monthly report from Dr. Michael Sivak and Brandon Schoettle at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). They said the improvement in January likely reflects the leveling off since mid-January in the price of gasoline. mpg since October 2007 (the first month of their monitoring).

2015 199

EPA rates 2013 Altima at 38 mpg highway; production underway

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engine and Xtronic CVT as the most fuel-efficient gasoline mid-size car currently in the US, with ratings of 27 mpg city, 38 mpg highway and 31 mpg combined (8.7, The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just certified the 2013 Nissan Altima ( earlier post ) featuring the 2.5L and 7.6 L/100km, respectively.). The 4-cylinder Altima, with a standard 18-gallon fuel tank, is capable of going up to 684 miles on a single tank of fuel.

2012 216

Toyota announces expected fuel economy and pricing for RAV4 Hybrid: 33 mpg combined, entry at $28,370

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Toyota anticipates that the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid—unveiled earlier this year at the New York International Auto Show ( earlier post ) and the eighth hybrid in Toyota’s line-up—will receive EPA ratings of 34 mpg city / 31 mpg highway / 33 mpg combined (6.9, The RAV4 gasoline version comes in four grades: LE, XLE, Limited and the new SE. MSRP for the 2016 RAV4 gasoline models will range from $24,350 for the LE 2WD to $32,910 for the AWD Limited.

2015 205

T&E concludes that diesel cars emit more CO2 on a full lifecycle basis than gasoline cars

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tonnes more CO 2 than an equivalent gasoline car over its lifetime due to a more energy-intensive refining of the diesel fuel; more materials required in the production of heavier and more complex engines; higher emissions from biodiesel blended in the diesel fuel; and longer mileage because fuel is cheaper. T&E used the latest real-world fuel consumption figures for diesel and gasoline: 6.3 mpg US) and 7.1 mpg US), respectively.

2017 194

2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel earns 28 mpg highway; best in segment

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The combined city/highway rating is 23 mpg (10.2 On the gasoline side, the 2013 Ram 1500 equipped with a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 gasoline engine earned 25 mpg (9.4 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. Click to enlarge. The 3.6-liter V6 EcoDiesel-powered 2014 Ram 1500 pickup ( earlier post ) has earned a 28-mpg (8.4 l/100 km) rating from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—the best highway-cycle test result achieved yet by a full-size, half-ton pickup.

2014 263

Volkswagen Millerized 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion gasoline engine offers diesel-like fuel economy; derivatives may be applied in hybrid systems

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Volkswagen has developed and deployed a gasoline engine that offers diesel-like fuel economy but is significantly cheaper to buy. l/100 km (49 mpg US). l/100 km/h (59 mpg US). The 1.5-liter engine ( earlier post ) is 10% more efficient than comparable gasoline engines; Volkswagen achieves this through the new TSI Miller combustion process and the use of a high-tech turbocharger with variable turbine geometry (VTG).

2018 218

New 2019 Toyota Avalon hybrid boosts fuel economy 10% to 44 mpg combined

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Toyota estimates that the 2019 Avalon Hybrid will boost fuel economy by up to 10% over its MY 2018 predecessor, from 40 mpg (5.88 l/100 km) combined to 44 mpg (5.34 The engine leverages the spectrum of Toyota’s advanced engine technologies: Dual VVT-i with VVT-iE (Variable Valve Timing intelligent system by Electric motor); D-4S (Direct injection 4-stroke gasoline engine Superior version) direct injection and laser-clad valve seats; longer stroke (4.07

2018 174

New C3 debuting at Geneva; two PureTech 3-cylinder gasoline engines

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Among a range of more efficient engines with CO 2 emissions as low as 87 g/km, the new C3 will also offer the new PureTech gasoline engines ( earlier post ) bringing 15% more power and a 25% cut in fuel consumption. mpg US and 52.3 mpg US), and CO 2 emissions between 99 and 104 g/km. The VTi 120 engine, available with a manual or automatic gearbox, rounds out the gasoline engine offerings.

2013 196