New battery-electric vehicles take 5.7% share in Europe in Q1; hybrids 18.4%, gasoline 42.2% , diesel 23.2%

Green Car Congress

Sales of traditional fossil-fuel cars continued to decrease in the European Union, although gasoline and diesel still made up 65.4% Gasoline and diesel cars. From January to March 2021, diesel volumes fell 20.1%

Europe 254

New Volkswagen Golf GTI, GTD and GTE; gasoline, diesel and PHEV

Green Car Congress

The Golf GTD features a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder TDI diesel power unit (EA288 evo series) with an output of 147 kW (200 PS). Diesel Engines Hybrids Plug-ins

2020 309

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Bosch, Shell, and Volkswagen develop renewable gasoline with 20% lower CO2; rollout of Blue Gasoline this year

Green Car Congress

Following on the introduction of R33 Blue Diesel ( earlier post ), Bosch, Shell, and Volkswagen have now developed a low-carbon gasoline. The new fuel, called Blue Gasoline, similarly contains up to 33% renewables, ensuring a well-to-wheel reduction in carbon emissions of at least 20% per kilometer driven. Shell will offset the remaining carbon emissions from the use of Blue Gasoline through certified offset arrangements.

Audi models in Europe now Euro 6d compliant; twin-dosing for diesel, GPFs for gasoline

Green Car Congress

TDI diesel with a seven-gear S tronic and quattro drive. mg/mi) has applied for cars with a diesel engine. For cars with a gasoline engine, it is 60 milligrams per kilometer (96.9 The technology: twin dosing for diesel and particularly voluminous gasoline particulate filters. Twin-dosing technology is a key factor for the diesel models for both inline four-cylinder and V6 engines. Diesel Emissions Engines Europe Fuels Regulations

Europe 170

Diesel and gasoline prices drop in early 2020, but diesel drops substantially less

Green Car Congress

Although both diesel and gasoline are made from oil, the trends in their prices do not always go in parallel. While personal driving (which uses primarily gasoline) is down greatly because of various stay-at-home mandates, commercial truck transport (which uses primarily diesel) has been substantially less affected. 2 diesel and regular gasoline) came from the U.S. of 1.052), while the gasoline prices decreased by 46.7% (0.688 is 53.3%

2020 163

ORNL team achieves diesel-like efficiency with SI engine

Green Car Congress

A team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has achieved diesel-like efficiency in a single-cylinder spark-ignition (SI) research engine while maintaining compatibility with stoichiometric 3-way catalyst (TWC) systems. higher H/C ratio) than gasoline.

Engine 321

SEAT launches all-new Leon; gasoline, diesel, CNG, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid; €1.1B investment

Green Car Congress

The new-generation compact car benefits from gasoline (TSI); diesel (TDI); compressed natural gas (TGI); mild-hybrid (eTSI) and plug-in hybrid (eHybrid) units. Gasoline. Diesel. Diesel Engines Hybrids Natural Gas Plug-ins

2020 222

Sweden launches inquiry on how to ban sales of new gasoline and diesel cars and phase-out fossil fuels

Green Car Congress

The Government of Sweden has launched a study to offer proposals on how to implement a ban on sales of new gasoline and diesel cars, and the timeline for the phase-out of fossil fuels. Diesel Emissions Engines Fuels Market Background RegulationsThe final report is to be presented by 1 February 2021. Sven Hunhammar will chair the inquiry. Hunhammar holds a Master’s degree in engineering and a doctorate in natural resource management.

2019 248

4Q 2019: EU diesel demand continues to drop while gasoline gains; plug-ins up 80.5% y-o-y

Green Car Congress

In the last quarter of 2019, EU demand for diesel cars further decreased , dropping to 29.5% Gasoline cars accounted for 57.3% Overall in 2019, almost 60% of all new cars registered in the European Union ran on gasoline (58.9%, compared to 56.6%

2020 232

New SEAT Leon first model of the brand to offer five different powertrain technologies: gasoline, diesel, MHEV, PHEV and CNG

Green Car Congress

The all-new SEAT Leon offers five different powertrain technologies: gasoline (TSI); diesel (TDI); mild-hybrid (eTSI); plug-in hybrid (eHybrid); and compressed natural gas (TGI). The result is a range of diesel engines that meet the strict requirement of the latest emissions standards.

2020 227

BMW invests in company aiming to produce zero net carbon gasoline

Green Car Reports

BMW is investing in Prometheus Fuels, a company that plans to remove carbon-dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and convert it into gasoline. Prometheus also plans to make diesel and jet. Gasoline

2020 127

Two new V6 engines with 48V mild hybrid system for Audi Q8; gasoline and diesel

Green Car Congress

With the turbocharged gasoline engine, the Audi Q8 sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 The second new engine is an additional version of the three-liter diesel. 48V Diesel Engines HybridsAudi is expanding the engine line-up for its luxury SUV, the Q8—as well as its roll-out of its 48V mild hybrid system ( earlier post )—by adding two V6 engine versions. Beginning now, customers can also order the Q family’s top model with a 3.0

2019 211

NJ boosts gasoline tax 22.5% to $0.507/gallon effective 1 October, diesel to $0.577

Green Car Congress

The increase brings the gasoline tax from $0.414 to $0.507 per gallon (22.5%). Treasury noted that consumption of gasoline declined by a total of 38.7% from March to May, while diesel fuel consumption declined by 16.5%. Consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel continues to be depressed as many people continue to work from home and limit extracurricular activity.

2020 170

UK to ban diesel, gasoline car sales by 2040; follows France, Norway, Holland bans

Green Car Reports

The United Kingdom will follow in the footsteps of some European countries as it announced plans to ban the sale of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars by the year 2040. Gasoline Europe Diesels emissions zero emissions UK fossil fuelsThe initiative closely follows a similar announcement from France, which also declared 2040 as the year it will phase out fossil-fuel vehicles Norway and the Netherlands have also.

2017 106

Study finds modern diesel cars emit fewer carbonaceous particulates than gasoline cars

Green Car Congress

A new study by an international team led by researchers from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland has found that modern diesel passenger cars equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) emit fewer carbonaceous particulates than gasoline-powered vehicles. They measured gasoline car SOA formation at low temperatures (−7 °C), in addition to measurements at 22 °C. They found that emissions from new gasoline cars (both EU and US) produce up to 6.5

2017 195

JATO: European new car CO2 emissions highest average since 2014; shift from diesel to gasoline and SUVs rise

Green Car Congress

The analysis covered 23 markets in Europe and found a direct correlation between diesel car registrations and average CO2 emissions. With increased negative public perception towards diesels, combined with new government regulations such as WLTP and scrutiny of the fuel type, demand for diesel fell by 18% in 2018. At the same time, the sales growth of diesel cars fell from +7% to +1%. g/km, and an 8% drop in demand for diesel cars. Diesel Emissions Europe

2019 203

France plans to ban all gasoline, diesel vehicles by 2040

Green Car Reports

Filling up with gasoline (or diesel) is as American as are dispersed low-density suburbs without mass transit, bike paths, or even sidewalks. Gasoline emissions government France Engines transportation policyTo most North Americans, the idea of banning all vehicles with internal-combustion engines seems unthinkable. Europeans, more of whom live in cities and most of whom have access to a more balanced set of.

T&E concludes that diesel cars emit more CO2 on a full lifecycle basis than gasoline cars

Green Car Congress

A new analysis by the NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) concludes that diesel cars emit more CO 2 than equivalent cars on a full lifecycle basis—i.e., According to the T&E analysis, an average diesel car produces emits 3.65 To derive the emissions figure, T&E said that it made a number of assumptions for their calculations: The average gasoline lifetime driving distance of 175,000 km (108,740 miles) is taken as the starting point.

2017 194

British Columbia bans most gasoline and diesel cars after 2040

Green Car Reports

British Columbia has followed through on a plan to ban sales of new gasoline and diesel cars starting in 2040. On Wednesday, the province passed the Zero Emissions Vehicles Act, which requires that all cars sold in the province by 2040 be "zero emissions vehicles." That includes electric cars, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles—so many. Canada

2019 124

Cummins and Tula study of Diesel Dynamic Skip Fire (dDSF) shows 74% reduction in NOx, 5% in CO2 on low load cycle

Green Car Congress

a leader in propulsion efficiency, announced at SAE International’s WCX the results of their collaborative study on the effectiveness of Tula’s diesel Dynamic Skip Fire (dDSF) in reducing nitrogen oxides (NO x ) and carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions on a Cummins X15 HD Efficiency Series diesel engine.

Diesel 227

UMTRI study finds total cost of ownership of diesels in US often much less than gasoline counterparts

Green Car Congress

A comprehensive study of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of light- and medium-duty diesel passenger vehicles in the US has found that the total cost of ownership—depreciation, fuel costs, repairs, maintenance, insurance, and fees and taxes—is often much less for diesel vehicles as compared to gasoline versions of the same vehicles, mostly ranging from $2,000 to $7,000 over three to five years. Average diesel take rates. Diesel Engines Fuel Efficiency

2015 229

Researchers explore catalytic partial oxidation reformation of diesel, gasoline, and natural gas for “single-fuel RCCI”

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Stony Brook University, with colleagues from The City College of New Tyork, Alloy Surfaces and Innoveering, explored the catalytic partial oxidation (CPOX) reforming of three potential transportation-relevant fuels—gasoline, diesel, and natural gas—for use in low-temperature combustion (LTC) engines. In RCCI, gasoline and diesel are the most commonly used low and high reactivity fuels, respectively.

2019 175

JATO: new car CO2 emissions rise for the first time in a decade in Europe; diesel down, gasoline up, SUVs up

Green Car Congress

This rise in average CO 2 emissions correlates with a decrease in demand for diesel cars across Europe—which produce lower CO 2 emissions than gasoline cars—and the rising popularity of SUVs, which emit higher average CO 2 emissions of 133.0 g/km in 2017—far higher than the average CO 2 emissions of diesel and gasoline vehicles across all segments. Despite the fall in market share for diesel vehicles, BEVs have been unable to fill the gap.

2018 212

Tula presenting diesel Dynamic Skip Fire technology at Future Diesel Powertrain Summit in Shanghai

Green Car Congress

Tula Technology is presenting its diesel Dynamic Skip Fire (dDSF) technology ( earlier post ) at the 4 th Future Diesel Powertrain Summit China 2020 on 24-25 September 2020 in Shanghai, China. Diesel Emissions Engines Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Systems

2020 209

Mercedes-Benz Vans introduces 2.0L diesel Cargo Sprinter for US

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz Vans is introducing a new 2.0-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine for the Sprinter Cargo Van. The new 2.0-liter 4-cylinder diesel Cargo Van will be arriving in dealerships late 2020. Diesel Emissions Market Background

2020 222

Mercedes-Benz bringing series of 3rd-generation plug-in hybrids to market; EQ Power, gasoline or diesel; C-, E- and S-Class

Green Car Congress

kWh battery in the hybrid vehicles is paired with either a gasoline engine or, for the first time, a diesel engine. It is combined with the OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine for the first time in the C-Class. The combination of diesel engine and electric motor offers outstanding motoring comfort, exceptional pulling power and high efficiency thanks to the 9G-TRONIC 9-speed hybrid transmission. Diesel Engines Hybrids Plug-ins

2018 250

ExxonMobil: diesel will surpass gasoline as the number one global transportation fuel by 2020

Green Car Congress

Diesel will surpass gasoline as the number one transportation fuel worldwide by 2020 and continue to increase its share through 2040, according to ExxonMobil’s recently published Outlook For Energy: A View To 2040. The relative shift away from motor gasoline to diesel is driven by improving light-duty vehicle fuel economy and the growth in commercial transportation activity. Transportation fuel mix in millions of oil-equivalent barrels through 2020.

2013 305

New Mercedes C-Class Estate offers new 1.6L diesel, diesel hybrid options; gasoline plug-in hybrid model coming

Green Car Congress

The powertrain range for the Estate, which includes diesel, gasoline and hybrid options, features a new 1.6-liter 4-cylinder diesel (OM 626) produced by Renault. The new Estate’s gasoline and diesel engines with ECO start/stop function comply with the Euro 6 emissions standards. All diesel BlueTEC models are equipped with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology, and cover an output range from 85 kW (116 hp) to 150 kW (204 hp). The gasoline engines.

2014 248

Jaguar Land Rover produces more than 1.5M Ingenium engines; adds new straight-six diesel MHEV to family; fuel cell concept coming

Green Car Congress

The UK manufacturer is now adding a new straight-six diesel to the family. The latest addition to the Ingenium range is the six-cylinder diesel engine, which offers enhanced performance, smoothness and efficiency, powering the new Range Rover and new Range Rover Sport.

2020 337

Ford unveils new Focus; 10% better fuel economy; focus on tech; gasoline and diesel

Green Car Congress

The new Focus features a broad suite of Ford advanced driver assistance technologies and advanced EcoBoost gasoline and EcoBlue diesel engines offering a 10% fuel-efficiency improvement across the range. Ford’s advanced new turbocharged EcoBlue diesel engines are designed to deliver higher power, more torque at low rpm, and enhanced fuel-efficiency and refinement for higher-mileage drivers. Diesel Driver Assistance Systems Engines Fuel Efficiency

2018 174

BMW i Ventures invests in Prometheus Fuels; CO2 air-capture and conversion to carbon-neutral gasoline

Green Car Congress

BMW i Ventures has invested in Prometheus Fuels ( earlier post ), a company removing CO 2 from the air and turning it into zero-net carbon gasoline that it will sell at gas stations, at a price that competes with fossil fuels, starting as early as this year. The ability to create gasoline from air, cost competitively with fossil fuels, is a game changer. The effective upgrading of alcohols to gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels.

2020 260

U Wisc. study explores effects of biodiesel-gasoline blend in diesel engine

Green Car Congress

One high-efficiency combustion concept under investigation is gasoline compression ignition (GCI)—the use of gasoline-like fuels to deliver very low NO x and PM emissions as well as high efficiency in a diesel compression ignition engine. A challenge to be overcome with this approach is the higher resistance to autoignition of gasoline fuels. direct-injection light-duty diesel engine. The commercially available gasoline base had an octane number of 87.

2013 259

Bosch and Weichai Power boost efficiency of Weichai truck diesel engines from 46% to 50%

Green Car Congress

Bosch and Weichai Power have increased the efficiency of Weichai truck diesel engines from their current level of roughly 46% to 50%. Even though the diesel engine is nearly 130 years old, its development continues. China Diesel Engines Heavy-duty Market Background

2020 300

New Mo-doped Ni catalyst for SOFCs enhances use of fuels such as gasoline

Green Car Congress

Researchers led by a team at Washington State University (WSU) have developed a unique and inexpensive nanoparticle catalyst that allows a solid-oxide fuel cell to convert logistic liquid fuels such as gasoline to electricity without stalling out during the electrochemical process.

2020 287

Tsinghua study compares two diesel-gasoline combustion modes; both deliver high efficiencies and low emissions

Green Car Congress

The effects of gasoline ratio on indicated thermal efficiency of HCII and GDBF modes. Researchers at Tsinghua University have compared the combustion and emissions characteristics of two dual-fuel (diesel-gasoline) modes intended to integrate the advantages of both fuels to achieve high thermal efficiency and low emission targets. Gasoline/Diesel Blend Fuels (GDBFs) use a premixed blend of diesel and gasoline which is directly injected into the cylinder for combustion.

2013 234

Hyundai Motor America to release 8 new crossovers by 2020; gasoline, diesel, hydrogen and electricity

Green Car Congress

Hyundai said it will showcase its latest gasoline engine, diesel engine, hydrogen fuel cell ( earlier post ) and battery electric technologies in these vehicles. Hyundai currently offers gasoline, diesel, hydrogen and battery-electric vehicles—but not a diesel—in the US. diesel engine for select markets. Diesel Electric (Battery) Fuel Cells Hydrogen

2017 150

BMW unveils latest Efficient Dynamics 3- and 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines

Green Car Congress

At its Innovation Days 2016 event in Munich, BMW unveiled new versions of its three and four- cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. In addition to this, the full line-up of gasoline and diesel engines feature BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. BMW TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder gasoline engine. The new gasoline and diesel units are suitable for both longitudinal and transverse installation, meaning that they can be fitted in a wide variety of BMW and MINI models.

2016 183

Cummins progressing with lightweight downsized T2B2 diesel for pickup; 40% improvement in fuel economy over gasoline V8

Green Car Congress

Cummins reports that it, along with partners Johnson Matthey and Nissan, is on plan in a 4-year, $30-million ($15 million from the US Department of Energy) research project to deliver a light-duty diesel engine with fuel economy 40% improved over that of baseline gasoline V8 engine for a half-ton pickup truck while also meeting the requirements of US Tier2 Bin2 tailpipe emissions. Cost of the new engine relative to gasoline baseline. Diesel Emissions Engines Fuel Efficiency

2014 286

Aramco, KAUST team finds hybrid gasoline compression-ignition architecture can reduce GHG 26-55% vs. conventional SI

Green Car Congress

At a high level, they found that: Gasoline Compression-Ignition (GCI) hybrids reduce WTW GHG emissions by 7–43% versus unhybridized GCI. Four reference vehicles were equipped with: gasoline spark-ignition (SI) engine. diesel compression ignition (CI) engine.

2020 253

PSA Group outlines powertrain production strategy: gasoline PHEVs, EVs and next-gen diesel and gasoline engines

Green Car Congress

As part of the energy transition process and in line with the technological offensive spelled out in its Push to Pass strategic plan ( earlier post ), PSA Group will focus on diversifying its offerings with plug-in hybrid gasoline systems and next-generation electric powertrains. At the same time, the Group will continue to develop next-generation internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel.

2016 150

New ICCT study finds CO2, NOx emissions of Euro 6 diesel and gasoline cars under real-world settings exceeding limits

Green Car Congress

A new study commissioned by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) investigates the real-world emissions of four Euro 6 passenger cars—one gasoline and three diesel vehicles with different aftertreatment technologies—tested under variable conditions. Two of the three diesel vehicles exceeded the NO x limit by 19% and 66% while tested under the laboratory type-approval test. Diesel Emissions Engines

2017 174

UK government launches new clean air strategy; ending sales of conventional diesel and gasoline LDVs by 2040

Green Car Congress

These proposals are in addition to the government’s £3.5-billion (US$4.7-billion) plan to reduce air pollution from road transport and diesel vehicles, set out in July last year. Ending the sale of new conventional diesel and gasoline cars and vans by 2040. A coming plan to phase out diesel-only trains by 2040. Diesel Emissions Europe Policy Ports and Marine Rail Regulations

2018 174

UMTRI study finds US diesel vehicles generally have lower total cost of ownership than gasoline vehicles

Green Car Congress

TCO for selected gas and diesel vehicles over a 3 year timeframe. Diesel vehicles generally saved owners between $2,000 to $6,000 in total ownership costs during a three to five year period when compared to similar gasoline vehicles, according to data compiled by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). Highlights from the diesel-gasoline comparisons include: Total Cost of Ownership. Diesel Market Background

2013 221