Glencore orders full fleet of Epiroc battery-electric mining equipment for Onaping Depth nickel and copper mine in Canada

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Glencore’s Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (INO) has ordered a full fleet of Epiroc battery-electric equipment for use at the Onaping Depth Project in Ontario, Canada.

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Moscow aiming for all-electric bus fleet by 2032

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The transport running on electricity is safer for the city ecology than cars using an internal combustion engine. The e-transport does not use fuel while running and does not emit the polluting substances and harmful emissions during operation.

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DB Schenker expands its electric fleet with 36 new FUSO eCanter vehicles

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International logistics service provider DB Schenker will bring a total of 36 additional FUSO eCanter vehicles into operation in eleven European countries. The global FUSO eCanter fleet has now surpassed more than 2.5 Electric (Battery) Fleets

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Swiss Post, Austrian Post to move to fully electric fleets by 2030

Green Car Congress

National postal companies Swiss Post and Austrian Post have committed to electrify their delivery fleets by 2030. EV100 is led by The Climate Group, the international non-profit focused on accelerating climate action. The company already operates the largest electric vehicle fleet in the country and will switch more than 9,000 vehicles to electric as part of EV100. EDP has committed to switch a fleet of more than 3000 vehicles to electric. Electric (Battery) Fleets

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SCE fleet electrification goals for 2030: 100% LDV, 30% MDV, 8% HDV, 60% of forklifts

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Southern California Edison has set fleet electrification goals for 2030: 100% of its light-duty vehicles, 30% of medium-duty vehicles, 8% of heavy-duty vehicles, and 60% of forklifts. As we encourage our customers to consider fleet electrification, it is critical for our company and our industry to continue to show leadership in this area. —Drew Murphy, senior vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development for Edison International, SCE’s parent company.

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CARB approves ICT regulation; 100% zero-emission bus fleets by 2040; ZEB tech symposium in Feb 2019

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The California Air Resources Board on Friday approved the Innovative Clean Transit regulation (ICT) ( earlier post )—a first-of-its-kind regulation in the US that sets a statewide goal for public transit agencies to gradually transition to 100% zero-emission bus (ZEB) fleets by 2040. The ICT is part of a statewide effort to reduce emissions from the transportation sector, which accounts for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions and 80-90% of smog-forming pollutants.

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Charging EV Fleets: What are the best chargers to use?

Blink Charging

If you are a business, organization, commercial, government, or municipality that is making the switch from a polluting internal combustion engine (ICE) fleet to clean running electric vehicle (EV) fleet, welcome to the future!

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EPA releases national assessment of strategies to reduce air pollution at ports

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A new report from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finds that air pollution at US ports can be reduced significantly at all port types and sizes through a variety of strategies and cleaner technologies. US ports are set to expand significantly as international trade continues to grow, and the size of ships coming to ports increases. In 2030, adding plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to these fleets could yield even more NO x and PM 2.5

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Study suggests high-mileage light-duty fleets contribute higher emissions and emissions share than expected

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A study by researchers from the University of Denver and the University of Puget Sound indicates that high-mileage light-duty fleets contribute higher emissions and emissions share than expected based on their actual numbers in the fleet. In their paper, published in the ACS Journal Environmental Science & Technology , they estimate that these small fleets, which represent less than 1% of the total, may be overlooked as a significant emission source (>2−5% of fleet emissions).

2016 150

First international commercial flight completed with direct sugar to hydrocarbon (DSHC) fuel

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Earlier this month, GOL committed to fly its Boeing 737 fleet with up to a 10% blend of the renewable farnesane fuel starting with this initial flight. When blended with Jet A/A1 fuel at 10%, farnesane can also reduce particulate matter emissions, decreasing pollution near airports and major metropolitan areas. Amyris has partnered with Brazilian airline GOL to fly the industry’s first commercial flight with sugarcane-derived farnesane, the recently approved renewable jet fuel.

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Study: conventional traffic pollution modeling may underestimate emissions in congested areas by up to 60%

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Traditional methods of modeling traffic pollution could be under-estimating emissions by as much as 60%, particularly in areas where congestion occurs for a large part of the day, according to a study by a team at Newcastle University (UK). The Newcastle team devised an improved way to model traffic pollution.

2014 183

Electreon to supply Israel’s 4th largest bus operator with wireless charging infrastructure; simultaneous charging of 30 buses

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million; it will cover the fleet’s activity, and includes 30 buses. The deal was done in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation's decision to change the face of public transportation in Israel, as part of its ban on the introduction of polluting buses from 2025.

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BYD reports plug-in fleet test results; rapid charging not diminishing capacity

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In conjunction with the one-year anniversary of its all-electric vehicle Taxi fleet test, BYD announced high-level results of several pilots of its plug-in electric vehicles—the F3DM, e6 and eBUS-12—in fleet testing across the world. The Shenzhen e6 Taxi fleet has now accumulated ~1,730,000 all-electric miles (2.77 The distance traveled for single fleet vehicles has reached ~63,000 miles each (>100,000 km). The fleet is achieving an equivalent of 88 mpg (2.67

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For our own security it’s time to ditch oil dependency

My Electric Car

With this backdrop to our current world situation wouldn’t it make sense for Australia to be energy independent with a change from an oil based transport fleet to one that can be powered by local energy sources?

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EEA: Traffic pollution still harmful to health in many parts of Europe

Green Car Congress

Trend in emissions of air pollutants from transport in EEA-32: PM 2.5 , CO, SO x , NMVOC, NO x. Transport in Europe is still responsible for damaging levels of air pollutants and a quarter of EU greenhouse gas emissions, despite some progress in reducing the impacts from transport. road fleet in 2010. Although air pollution has decreased over the last two decades, it is still a major problem in many areas.

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Con Edison, Lion and Posi-Plus developing all-electric bucket truck

Green Car Congress

While initially small in scope, this represents an important step in Con Edison’s journey toward fleet electrification. We are all in on electric vehicles, and that means transitioning our own fleet while making it easier for our customers to charge up their own vehicles.

Trane bringing electric E-200 refrigeration unit for small trucks to US

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The E-200 is already in use with US customers such as Gatik, which is moving groceries for Walmart, and UK-based Tesco, one of the world’s leading international retailers. F, an can be used for both engine-powered or all-electric fleets. Electric (Battery) Fleets Vehicle Systems

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ACEEE report recommends steps toward international alignment of heavy-duty vehicle efficiency standards

Green Car Congress

A new report published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recommends the international harmonization of fuel efficiency and/or greenhouse gas emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks and buses. —“International Alignment of Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles”. —“International Alignment of Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles”.

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CCFA counters Paris mayor’s proposed total diesel ban with suggestion to focus on legacy fleet

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The Comité des Constructeurs Français d’Automobiles (CCFA) (the French automobile manufacturers association) characterized the recent declaration by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, that she wished to eliminate diesel vehicles in the city by 2020 as lacking realism, and suggested that the best solution to improve urban air quality requires taking action on the more heavily polluting legacy fleet.

2014 214

Brazilian airline GOL to make first international commercial flights with newly approved Amyris-Total drop-in biofuel

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Amyris has partnered with Brazilian airline GOL to begin the first international commercial route with a drop-in renewable jet fuel (farnesane) blend developed by Amyris and Total ( earlier post ). GOL has committed to fly its Boeing 737 fleet with up to a 10% blend of the renewable fuel on its US to Brazil routes starting with initial flights later this month.

2014 195

SkyNRG and AEG Fuels deliver sustainable aviation biofuels for Bombardier Business Aircraft demo fleet

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SkyNRG and AEG Fuels completed the delivery of sustainable aviation biofuels for the Bombardier Business Aircraft demonstration fleet flying from KLM Jet Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands to the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland. Bombardier’s demonstration fleet, consisting of a Learjet 75, Challenger 350, Challenger 650, and Global 6000 aircraft, completed the successful biofuel-powered flights.

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Maryland school board approves purchase of 326 electric school buses; Thomas Built e-buses powered by Proterra

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The MCPS Department of Transportation is one of the largest in the country, with an over 1,400 school bus fleet. Highland takes on the obligation of internalizing these values, which shift the cost of ownership for the electrified fleets, helping to deliver budget neutrality to MCPS.

Efficient Drivetrains and First Priority Greenfleet partner to produce commercial plug-in vehicles for fleets

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EDI) and First Priority GreenFleet, Ltd (FP GreenFleet), a division of First Priority Global, Ltd (FPG) are collaborating to provide public and private commercial fleet operators access to a suite of plug-in vehicle solutions, spanning Class 2 through Class 8. Efficient Drivetrains, Inc.

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Flipkart partners Mahindra EDEL to deploy electric vehicles in its fleet 

Electric Vehicles India

Flipkart partners Mahindra EDEL to deploy electric vehicles in its fleet . India’s leading and pioneer brand Mahindra’s Logistics Limited has partnered with a leading e-commerce marketplace to deploy electric vehicles all over its logistics fleet in India.

moEVing – Bringing out a change in logistics vehicles

Electric Vehicles India

Before getting into the article, let’s get to know about the pollution caused by the logistics sector alone in India. Their aim is to bring out more than 1 lakh electric fleet by 2024. Also Read: Know India’s EV adoption, sales & Air pollution.

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CMU study concludes alt fuel vehicle incentives for OEMs result in increased fleet gasoline consumption and emissions

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A study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has concluded that regulatory incentives for OEMs for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) intended to encourage a technology transition in the transportation fleet result in increased fleet-wide gasoline consumption and emissions. EPA/NHTSA policy includes incentives that encourage automakers to produce AFVs by allowing automakers that sell AFVs to meet less-stringent fleet standards.

2016 150

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses entering service in London; planned fleet of 8

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The first of a planned fleet of eight hydrogen fuel cell buses in London will start operating on 18 December. The buses will form the only hydrogen bus fleet in the UK and the largest currently in Europe. The RV1 route passes through some of London’s most polluted areas, so its conversion to hydrogen power will help to improve London’s air quality. The buses are joining a fleet which also includes 100 hybrid buses.

2010 200

UK-based EV-tire-maker ENSO in talks to supply multiple global OEMS

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London-based EV tire manufacturer ENSO said it is in discussions with multiple international car makers and has begun trials with major fleet operators. Zeti uses telematics to lease EVs from Jaguar, LEVC and Tesla to fleets on a cost-per-mile basis.

Navigant expects global share of electric buses to grow to nearly 33% by 2030

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The global medium- and heavy-duty bus market has been dominated by internal combustion engine vehicles. However, Navigant says, the adoption of electric buses (e-buses) will continue to rise as battery prices decline and a greater importance is placed on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. Fleets can take advantage of increasing government support to help surmount the high upfront costs associated with e-buses.

2019 174

Small-displacement two-stroke H2 engine could address performance and emissions cost-effectively for recreational market; potential for Asian motor vehicle fleet

Green Car Congress

It, or a scaled-up version, could also provide a solution for the Asian motor vehicle fleet, in which two-stroke engine vehicles constitute a major share—and contribute significantly to air pollution. Oh presented a paper on the work, which was the result of two years of research activity in conjunction with Bombardier Recreational Projects, at the ASME 2012 Internal Combustion Engine Division Fall Technical Conference.

2012 269

ITF study finds limited environmental and safety impacts of car fleet renewal schemes in US, France and Germany

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Cost-effectiveness of the fleet renewal schemes analysed from the perspective of CO 2 and. Car fleet renewal schemes introduced in the US, France and Germany to stimulate consumer spending on cars in the wake of the 2008. potential to deliver on environmental and safety objectives, according to a new report prepared by Dutch research and consultancy organization TNO and published by the International Transport Forum. Car Fleet Renewal.

2011 216

EV Policy Vacuum continues in Australia

My Electric Car

The advent of the internal combustion engine eliminated the ‘horse manure crisis’ of the eighteen hundreds but replaced it with something more sinister. Air Pollution EV Politics Health Opinion SecurityWhere to now for EVs in Australia.

2019 82

A just transition

Clean Car

However, to this auspicious list, we must now add (at least) one more category; the end of the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. For many people (including us at CleanCar) the removal of highly polluting vehicles from our roads is a matter of celebration. Particularly if they can be replaced by more active travel and public transport, alongside much cleaner forms of private and fleet vehicles.

2020 63

Feature: Top 6 Reasons Why an EV Is the Right Choice

Clean Fleet Report

An electric car has no internal combustion engine burning fossil fuels. Hence, your vehicle does not produce greenhouse gases or pollutants that destroy the atmosphere when you’re driving. It’s Getting Easier To Go Electric. The entire world is becoming environmentally conscious.

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Tesco launching UK’s first commercial electric heavy-duty tractor-trailer trucks

Green Car Congress

Two new 37 tonne DAF CF Electric trucks will transport food and other products from Wentloog rail terminal outside Cardiff to Tesco’s distribution center in Magor, Wales, in partnership with logistics and international freight forwarding company FSEW.

Obama sets goal of reducing US oil imports by 1/3 by 2025; domestic and Western Hemisphere production, natural gas, biofuels, electric vehicles, fleet purchases

Green Car Congress

We have to discover and produce cleaner, renewable sources of energy with less of the carbon pollution that threatens our climate. The fleet of cars and trucks we use in the federal government is one of the largest in the country. That’s why we’ve already doubled the number of alternative vehicles in the federal fleet, and that’s why, today, I am directing agencies to purchase 100% alternative fuel, hybrid, or electric vehicles by 2015.

2011 228

Tech: Don’t Believe These 5 Plug-In Hybrid Myths!

Clean Fleet Report

ICE refers to “internal combustion engine.” PHEVs Are 100% Guilty Of Causing Pollution. Finally, this is the big topic: pollution. Some PHEVs Clean Fleet Report has tested. first appeared on Clean Fleet Report. Diffusing Disinformation on PHEVs.

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CARB targets heavy-duty diesel vehicle noncompliance in the Imperial Valley

Green Car Congress

The Truck and Bus Regulation protects public health by reducing emissions of diesel particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, and other pollutants from diesel-fueled vehicles. This regulation requires companies that hire or direct the operation of vehicles to verify that each hired fleet is compliant. Companies that hire non-compliant fleets undermine the regulation, and subject communities to unhealthy air quality conditions. Casas International Brokerage, Inc.

2020 188

Tips: Maximizing Your Hybrid’s Fuel Economy

Clean Fleet Report

This is not only a good thing for you and your pocketbook, but it will also help to lower pollution levels on the highway, which is a really big problem in a lot of places. Internalizing new habits can net more mpg. Ways To Boost MPG & Save Money.

Why personalisation matters for electric vehicle transition

Clean Car

In a society focused on reducing air pollution and emissions, one of the most prominent up-and-coming solutions is the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Cost : EVs have higher ticket prices compared to similar internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs).

2020 83

Volkswagen’s MOIA introduces electric ridesharing car for up to 6 passengers; 300km range

Green Car Congress

The goal is to launch the service in Hamburg with 200 electric shuttle vehicles in 2018 and extend the fleet in 2019. MOIA is currently testing the service in Hannover using a fleet of Volkswagen Multivan T6 vehicles. A driver app and comprehensive fleet management complete the system. The “MOIA co-creation process” is an integral part of this test, which consists of a fleet of 20 Volkswagen T6 Multivans. Electric (Battery) Fleets Ridesharing

2017 163

Renault Trucks and Groupe Delanchy develop electric medium-duty distribution truck with refrigerated box

Green Car Congress

The electric truck is currently on display at SOLUTRANS , the international show for road and transport solutions, being held in Lyon. Because it produces no polluting emissions, this vehicle also helps maintain the area in which the operatives are working, the unloading dock at the Halles de Lyon, which is a confined space in the basement. Electric (Battery) Fleets

2017 150

CMU study finds taxes on emissions would result in more rapid electrification by ridesharing companies

Green Car Congress

We optimize fleet composition (mix of conventional vehicles (CVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and battery electric vehicles (BEVs)) and operations to satisfy demand at minimum cost and compare findings across a wide range of present-day and future scenarios for three cities. In nearly all cases, the optimal fleet includes a mix of technologies, HEVs and BEVs make up the majority of distance traveled, and CVs are used primarily for periods of peak demand (if at all).

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