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Air Liquide’s technology chosen for Daxing hydrogen station in Beijing, the world’s largest by refueling capacity

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Air Liquide Houpu Hydrogen Equipment Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Air Liquide Group, supplied and installed 8 hydrogen dispenser units (each with two fueling nozzles) for the Daxing hydrogen station, owned and operated by Beijing Hypower Energy Technology Ltd. With a capacity of 4.8

Solid-state batteries are already being installed in city buses: Update

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As each automaker adds urgency to its electric-vehicle business plan and mentions solid-state battery technology as the future, remember this: Solid-state cells are already in use in vehicles, just about every day. Where are they used? No, not a skunkworks in Sweden, or a closed loop in Japan.


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Tesla Model Y Standard Range inspires exodus of aspiring legacy EV buyers in China


Tesla has launched the entry-level, single-motor RWD Model Y Standard Range in China to much fanfare among the country’s electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Tesla patent reveals Elon Musk’s ‘table salt’ lithium extraction process that could slash costs


Tesla has applied for a new patent that is revealing the lithium extraction process that Elon Musk vaguely described as “using table salt to basically extract lithium from ore” during Tesla’s Battery Day last year. It could cut costs by more than 30%, according to the automaker.

Hamburg project testing use of liquid hydrogen in aviation maintenance and ground processes

Green Car Congress

In Hamburg, a new development platform is being launched to test hydrogen technology in aviation from as early as 2022.

Lightyear One solar EV: 440 miles, with less battery than any Long Range Tesla

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The Lightyear One solar-supplemented EV was driven 440 miles on a test track on a single charge of a 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack, Lightyear claims. The test was conducted using a "validation prototype" at the Aldenhoven Testing Center in Germany, last month, Lightyear said in a press release.

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SpaceX Cargo Dragon spacecraft heads home after a month in orbit


After more than a month in orbit, SpaceX’s second upgraded Cargo Dragon spacecraft has undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) on its way back to Earth.

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Shell starts up Europe’s largest PEM green hydrogen electrolyzer; 10MW, expansion to 100 MW

Green Car Congress

Europe’s largest PEM hydrogen electrolyzer, has begun operations at Shell’s Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland, producing green hydrogen.

Volta's free chargers update EV drivers on local air quality

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Anywhere you are in the U.S., you’re reducing the amount of localized air pollution by driving an electric car—yes, even if your local power source is a coal plant.

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Tesla Model Y orders open in Europe with Q3 delivery estimate


Tesla Model Y deliveries for Europe are expected to start in Q3. Tesla has already sent out emails to reservation holders, estimating an August delivery date.

Tesla increases Model S and Model X prices by $5,000


Tesla has just released a $5,000 price increase for the base versions (Long Range) of both Model S and Model X electric vehicles. It comes just as the automaker started delivering the new Model S and hasn’t even started delivering the new Model X.

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SK Innovation expects to produce 500 GWh of batteries in 2030

Green Car Congress

At the “SK Innovation Story Day” briefing session in Seoul last week, Dong-Seob Jee, President of SK Innovation’s Battery Business, said from its current 40 GWh battery production level, the company expects to reach 85 GWh in 2023, 200 GWh in 2025 and more than 500 GWh in 2030.

Dodge and Jeep parent is targeting 500-mile range, 2.0-second 0-60 mph for future EVs

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Less than six months after the merger of Fiat Chrysler and France’s PSA, the combined automaker called Stellantis presented on Thursday what could set it up for success in the decade of the electric vehicle: a comprehensive EV strategy, the bandwidth to scale it up, and a big investment.

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Tesla China’s Model Y Standard Range rollout brings upside to suppliers: JP Morgan


Tesla’s recent rollout of the Model Y Standard Range variant in China is bringing on critiques of positivity from some investment firms, including JP Morgan, who believes the introduction of the new crossover configuration will lead to upside for not only the automaker but its suppliers as well.

Elon Musk: Tesla will launch its ‘mind-blowing’ Full Self-Driving Beta v9 on Saturday


Elon Musk has now put an official date on Tesla launching its ‘mind-blowing’ Full Self-Driving Beta v9 software update. It should come on Saturday if it’s not again delayed.

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Stellantis investing £100 million to transform Ellesmere Port for BEV production

Green Car Congress

Stellantis is investing £100 million (US$139 million) in Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port manufacturing plant in the UK to transform the site for a new era in electric vehicle manufacturing.

Fully electric Ram 1500 pickup and Dodge muscle car both due by 2024, part of $35B EV push

Green Car Reports

Dodge won’t make muscle cars. Instead it will sell “American eMuscle,” and promises to “tear up the street, not the planet.”

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Tesla Giga Berlin investigated by State Environment Agency for refrigerant tank


Tesla’s German production facility, known as Giga Berlin, is reportedly under investigation for the illegal presence of a refrigerant tank on site.

Tesla opens orders across Europe for made-in-China Model Y with Sept. delivery


Tesla has started taking orders for Model Y throughout Europe. For current orders, estimated delivery is listed as September for Long Range models. In contrast to original plans, the first Model Ys delivered to Europe will reportedly be produced in Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory.

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Volkswagen launches over-the-air updates for the ID. EV family

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen is taking its next step towards becoming a software-oriented mobility provider; starting this summer, the brand will regularly send over-the-air (OTA) software updates to models in the ID. electric vehicle family. The first model to benefit is the ID.3.

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Mack electric garbage trucks headed to NYC, could pick up remains of Nikola deal

Green Car Reports

The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) will purchase seven Mack LR Electric garbage trucks, Mack announced at the recent WasteExpo 2021 trade show. However, it's only a small step toward eliminating carbon emissions from DSNY's 6,000-vehicle fleet.

Tesla dashcam assists police in arrest of man behind viral TikTok shooting video


A Tesla Model Y’s built-in dashcam recorded the face and license plate of a man who fired a projectile at the all-electric crossover along a Sacramento-area freeway. The video of the incident went viral on TikTok.

NYPD buys Tesla Model 3 and turns it into an electric patrol vehicle


Tesla vehicles are gaining momentum with police departments worldwide that are looking to save money and reduce emissions. Now the New York Police Department (NYPD), arguably the world’s most famous police department, bought a Tesla Model 3 and turned it into an electric patrol vehicle.

Kia introduces 5th-generation Sportage SUV; gasoline, diesel, HEV, PHEV

Green Car Congress

Kia has presented the fifth-generation Kia Sportage SUV. Developed on a new architecture, the all-new Sportage will offer gasoline and diesel powertrains at market launch later this year, followed by hybrid-electric (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) models.

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London cab maker claims world's first electric camper van—but there's still a tailpipe

Green Car Reports

London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has turned its range-extended electric London taxi into a camper van. European deliveries are scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of this year.

London 157

Tesla Model Y Standard Range lives on in China — and it’s priced to kill


Tesla appears to be making a play for China’s mainstream crossover market, with the company launching the Model Y Standard Range at a price of RMB291,840 before incentives.

Lightyear One prototype delivers 441 miles of range in latest track test


The latest prototype of the Lightyear One solar electric vehicle (SEV) has recently delivered tremendous range, all packed into a ~60 kWh battery pack.

UK consortium developing biogas and hydrogen dual-fuel Class 66 locomotive

Green Car Congress

A consortium of Clean Air Power and Freightliner has secured almost £0.4 million (US$0.55 million) of government funding to develop a biogas and hydrogen dual-fuel solution for the Class 66 locomotive.

Rivian patents another maneuverability trick enabled by quad-motor layout

Green Car Reports

The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck hasn't reached customers yet, but yet another potential new feature has leaked out. Rivian has filed a patent application for a "K-Turn Mode" that could make turning around in tight spaces a lot easier.

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company linked to 73-acre purchase in East Texas


Elon Musk’s Boring Company has been linked to a 73-acre land purchase in Bastrop County, Texas. The Boring Company (TBC) already established an office building in Pflugerville. According to Bastrop County property records , Gapped Bass LLC purchased 73 acres of land in May.

Hacker shows what Tesla Full Self-Driving’s vision depth perception neural net can see


A hacker managed to pull Tesla’s vision depth perception neural net from his car with “Full Self-Driving” package. You can see how the vehicle detects depth with a point-cloud view powered by computer vision.

Power 114

ORNL team develops modeling tool to help plan timing and location of EV chargers along interstates

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a nationwide modeling tool to help infrastructure planners decide where and when to locate electric vehicle charging stations along interstate highways. The goal is to encourage the adoption of EVs for cross-country travel.

Jeep reveals 2022 Grand Cherokee plug-in hybrid, teases future tech for off-road brand

Green Car Reports

Jeep plans electrified versions of its entire lineup by 2025, and on Thursday the brand revealed an important part of that: a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe.

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Tesla Model X refresh with new interior and steering yoke spotted in the wild


A new Tesla Model X, complete with the company’s new flagship interior and steering yoke, has been spotted road testing in the wild. The vehicle was sighted near Sunnyvale, CA, as it was driving on the 101.

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Elon Musk: Tesla to release new UI with ‘mind of car’ view coming to cars with FSD computer


Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla will release a new user interface with its upcoming FSD v9 Beta software update. The updated UI will have something that the CEO referred to as “mind of car” view.

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BMW begins series production of electric iX

Green Car Congress

BMW has begun series production of the fully-electric BMW iX in Dingolfing. The plant now produces vehicles with all drivetrain variants—i.e. combustion-engine vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fully-electric models—on a single line.

BMW 350

Biden right-to-repair action could benefit Tesla owners, EV economy

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It doesn't take long at all on the social media platform of your choice to find someone who's happy with Tesla's cars but upset about their service experience. Yet Tesla's policies can prevent neighborhood garages from doing diagnostics or standard repairs.