Wed.Jun 16, 2021

Study finds direct seawater splitting has substantial drawbacks to conventional water splitting, offers almost no advantage

Green Car Congress

A study by a team of researchers from Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) and Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft has found that direct seawater splitting for hydrogen production has substantial drawbacks compared to conventional water splitting and offers almost no advantage.

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Lincoln will launch first EV model in 2022, at least three more for the US by 2030

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Ford’s Lincoln luxury brand confirmed Wednesday that its first battery electric model will arrive in 2022—and that it’s one of four EVs that will be part of “a full portfolio of connected and electrified vehicles” by 2030.

Ford 150

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Leclanché introduces new generation of Li-ion modules for e-transport; high-volume production line

Green Car Congress

Leclanché SA has developed a new generation of lithium-ion battery modules for energy-intensive e-transport applications, such as marine, commercial vehicle and railway, and simultaneously inaugurated a dedicated new production line for high volume manufacture in Europe.

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Tesla is in talks to open its Supercharger network to other automakers in Germany


Tesla is in talks to open up its Supercharger network to other automakers in Germany, according to the country’s minister of transport. more… The post Tesla is in talks to open its Supercharger network to other automakers in Germany appeared first on Electrek.

Rio Tinto and ARENA to study hydrogen calcination to reduce carbon emissions in alumina refining

Green Car Congress

Rio Tinto has partnered with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to study whether hydrogen can replace natural gas in alumina refineries to reduce emissions.

GM accelerates electric car investments, announces 2 new battery cell factories in the US


GM announced today an acceleration of its planned investments in electric vehicles, which is going to include two new battery cell factories in the US. more… The post GM accelerates electric car investments, announces 2 new battery cell factories in the US appeared first on Electrek.

GM 114

EIA forecasts rising global oil production will limit price increases

Green Car Congress

In the June Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO), the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that rising global production of petroleum and other liquid fuels (driven by OPEC, Russia, and the United States) will limit price increases for global crude oil benchmarks Brent and West Texas Intermediate (WTI).

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Unifrax to build large-scale silicon fiber anode manufacturing line

Green Car Congress

Unifrax, a global manufacturer of high-performance specialty materials, plans to build its first large-scale SiFAB (silicon fiber anode material) manufacturing line at its north central Indiana facility.

Rivian sends its R1T, R1S, and electric van to New Zealand for cold-weather tests


Rivian has sent the R1T pickup, the R1S SUV, and its electric delivery van to New Zealand. The reasons are unknown, but it seems that the vehicles could have been sent there for cold-weather testing as the climate in North America heats up for the Summer months.

Wabtec and GM to develop advanced Ultium Battery and HYDROTEC hydrogen fuel cell solutions for rail industry

Green Car Congress

Wabtec Corporation and General Motors will collaborate to develop and commercialize GM’s Ultium battery technology and HYDROTEC hydrogen fuel cell systems for Wabtec locomotives.

SpaceX retires brand new Starship to focus on orbital launch buildup


SpaceX has moved its newest finished Starship straight from its Boca Chica, Texas factory to a nearby ‘rocket garden,’ all but guaranteeing an early retirement.

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NAWA Technologies begins production of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube material for energy storage systems

Green Car Congress

NAWA Technologies has begun manufacturing its Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube (VACNT) material at its Aix-en-Provence facility in southern France. NAWA is showing that, for the first time, VACNT can be grown simultaneously on both sides of a substrate in a process that is fully scaleable.

Elon Musk confirms New Tesla Model S HVAC update for extra-quiet cabin


The Tesla Model S Plaid is filled to the brim with a ton of new features, from a rear display that streams media content to a steering yoke that brings a racecar-like experience to driving.

Tesla 114

LDRA and OpenSynergy partner to promote defense-in-depth strategy for embedded automotive applications

Green Car Congress

LDRA, a provider of automated software verification, source code analysis and test tools, and OpenSynergy, specialist in embedded automotive software, are partnering to support and promote a defense-in-depth strategy combining hypervisor technology with secure coding techniques.

Harley-Davidson’s next new electric motorcycle name and power details just slipped out


In a few weeks Harley-Davidson plans to unveil its latest electric motorcycle model. Now some newly revealed details indicate that the bike being unveiled on July 8th will be known as the LiveWire One and we’re already getting to see some early power specs.

DOE releases Request for Information on EV-grid integration

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), and DOE’s Office of Electricity (OE), issued a request for information (RFI) ( DE-FOA-0002528 ) seeking feedback from industry, academia, research laboratories, government agencies, and other stakeholders on issues related to integrating electric vehicles (EVs) with the grid. This RFI is being jointly issued by EERE’s Vehicle Technologies Office and OE’s Advanced Grid Research and Development Division.

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Elon Musk ponders using ‘informational’ Tesla advertisements for public awareness


For those who have closely followed the electric vehicle story over the years, Elon Musk’s recent posts about advertising may practically be the equivalent to a time when pigs fly.

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Toyota delusionally claims hybrids and fuel cells will stay competitive with electric cars for next 30 years


Toyota is sticking to its delusional belief that battery-electric vehicles aren’t necessarily the future as they claim hybrids and fuel cell hydrogen will stay competitive for the next 30 years.

Tesla urged by German Minister to unlock Supercharging for all EVs


Tesla is being urged by German Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer to unlock the company’s Superchargers for all electric vehicles, regardless of manufacturer.

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2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid rated at 31 electric miles, 33 mpg

Green Car Reports

Official EPA fuel-economy and electric-range ratings for the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid are in, with solid numbers for this mid-size crossover SUV, which is due in United States showrooms later this year.

EPA 109

General Motors increases EV investment by 75% through 2025


General Motors has increased its electric vehicle investment by 75%, from $20 billion to $35 billion through 2025, the company announced on Wednesday.

Polestar 3 electric SUV due in 2022: Mach-E, Model Y rival will be US-built

Green Car Reports

Polestar has announced that its first all-electric SUV, called Polestar 3, is due in 2022 and will be built in the U.S. The company won’t be building a new factory, however; it plans to build the Polestar 3 for U.S. customers alongside Volvo Cars vehicles at Ridgeville, South Carolina.

Polestar 3 electric SUV to be built and sold in the US


Swedish automaker Polestar has announced that its upcoming performance SUV, the Polestar 3, will be built in the US and targeted at American consumers.

Audi E-Tron GT connects to Electrify America for home chargers, 3 years of fast-charging

Green Car Reports

The 2022 Audi E-Tron GT will include three years of free DC fast charging on the Electrify America network, the automaker announced Tuesday in a press release. The automaker is also leaning on Electrify America for home-charging support for the new EV.

DC 92

I bought an inexpensive electric pickup truck from China (and you can too)


If you’re anything like me, you watched the unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck and the electric Ford F-150 Lightning truck and thought, “Damn, those are pretty cool, but I probably shouldn’t drop $40,000-$50,000 on an electric truck that I don’t really need.”

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Top five electric minibuses

Discover EV

We look at the best electric MPVs you can buy today

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Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV, US-made Polestar 3 SUV, Lincoln EV plans, Audi charging: Today’s Car News

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Polestar plans to build its first electric SUV in the U.S. Lincoln confirms its first all-electric model due in 2022. The Hyundai Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid is rated for range and mpg. And Audi is changing up its charging offerings with the E-Tron GT—including three years of free fast-charging.

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UFC Fighter Beneil Dariush gets his Tesla Model X, and the reason he ordered it


UFC lightweight contender Beneil Dariush finally has a Tesla Model X in his possession, and he also has the reason he ordered the vehicle: his newborn daughter.

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EGEB: GM and Wabtec will develop electric freight locomotives


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): GM and Wabtec will work together to develop and commercialize electric locomotives. The US consumed a record amount of clean energy in 2020, reports the EIA.

Solar 79

SpaceX sends Starship heat shield “bakery” to Boca Chica


At the same time as SpaceX is assembling hardware and manufacturing dozens of Raptor engines for Starship’s inaugural orbital test flight, it’s also preparing for what will follow.

The supply chain is disrupted. Automatic electric yard trucks would help fix that


Roughly 10 billion tons of freight move through supply chains in the US each year, almost all of which pass through distribution yards – the area of the supply chain between the warehouse and the open road.

Unplugged Tesla Model S Plaid Passes McLaren P1 & Senna


The Plaid sedan modified by Unplugged Performance tore it up at Laguna Seca against world-class supercars

Tesla 111

Waymo announces another $2.5 billion in funding from latest investment round


Autonomous rideshare startup Waymo has announced an additional $2.5 billion investment round of funding. Waymo plans to use the additional funding, led by parent company Alphabet Inc., to hire more staff and advance its self-driving technology toward more paid rides.

Engineering Analysis Of New Tesla Model S Plaid Supercar


We take what Tesla told us about the Plaid and feed it through our performance and thermo-electric models for some interesting results

Polestar 3 Electric Performance SUV to be Manufactured in the USA

EV Obssesion

Polestar, the premium electric car brand from Sweden, announces today its first all-electric SUV will be manufactured in the United States.

Prepare Yourself For A Tesla-Induced Paradigm Shift For Autos


The dream of an electric car future began to crystallize in 2010

2010 91

5-Minute Charging: Another Milestone For The EV Industry

Get Electric Vehicle

With 5-Minute charging, now you can charge your electric vehicle just like refuelling your gasoline car. The wait is finally over !!! Range anxiety is one of the biggest hurdles that electric vehicles had to overcome to achieve parity. The recent developments in the field are exciting in this regard.