Fri.May 27, 2022

EIA: California drought will decrease hydropower, increase natural gas use and CO2 emissions

Green Car Congress

The extended drought in California could cut the state’s summer electricity generation from hydropower nearly in half compared with normal precipitation conditions, according to an analysis by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

CO2 351

Tell your friends about EVs: Study suggests automakers still aren’t getting the word out

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Electric vehicles make a lot of sense for the pragmatic aspects: their ownership costs and environmental advantages. But once you’re in one, everything changes. As results from J.D. Power’s U.S.


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BMW Group creates closed recycling loop for high-voltage batteries in China

Green Car Congress

The BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture (BBA) has established a closed loop for reuse of the raw materials nickel, lithium and cobalt from high-voltage batteries that are no longer suitable for use in electric vehicles.

China 269

Wait, weight: DC to charge heavy-duty trucks more to drive, with an EV kicker

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A proposal to curb the use of heavy-duty pickup trucks on city streets could also impact EVs.

J.D. Power: EV consideration in US is up but skepticism still exists

Green Car Congress

Auto shoppers in America are more likely than ever before to consider buying a fully electric vehicle (EV), and new EV entries are responsible for much of the added consideration. These new entries, many from long-established vehicle manufacturers, are turning EV skeptics into likely EV considerers, according to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Electric Vehicle Consideration (EVC) Study.

Power 264

Report: VW seeking separate US factory site for Scout EVs, could include commercial vehicles

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Volkswagen is planning a separate United States factory for its planned Scout EV brand, Reuters reported Wednesday. And VW is considering further expanding its U.S. lineup to potentially include more EVs.

dynaCERT sells 7 on-board electrolysis units for open-pit equipment, including haul trucks

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Canada-based dynaCERT Inc. has sold seven of its HydraGEN on-board electrolysis units ( the HG1R, 4C and 6C units) which are to be installed in Peru, Argentina and Brazil in open-pit mines on various equipment, including Caterpillar 793 and 777 Haul Trucks and a large 4.5

Peru 234

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ENC (ElDorado National) Axess Battery Electric Bus passes Altoona BRTC testing

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ElDorado National (California) or ENC, a subsidiary of REV Group, announced that its Axess Battery Electric Bus (BEB) successfully passed testing conducted by the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center (BRTC).

In a global tipping point, 52% of car buyers now want to purchase an EV – here’s why


The number of consumers looking to buy electric vehicles has hit 52%, according to the latest EY Mobility Consumer Index (MCI). This is the first time the number has exceeded 50%, and it represents a rise of 22 percentage points in just two years. more….

Rice flash Joule heating process recycles plastic from end-of-life F-150 trucks into high-value graphene for new vehicles

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Rice University chemists working with researchers at the Ford Motor Company are turning plastic parts from end-of-life vehicles into graphene via the university’s flash Joule heating process ( earlier post ).

F-150 217

SpaceX rolls out first new Starship prototype in nine months


For the first time in more than nine months, SpaceX has rolled a new Starship prototype to its Starbase, Texas launch facilities in the hopes of kicking off qualification testing in the near future.

Parkopedia and Uproad partner to enable in-car tolling payments for US drivers

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Parkopedia , a leading connected vehicles services provider, and Uproad , a leading mobile tolling payment system, announced the integration of their platforms, automating the toll payment process for millions of drivers in the US.

Tesla, other EV makers, and envt’l groups are lobbying for heavy-duty EV charging


Tesla, together with other EV makers and environmental groups, is asking the Biden administration to invest in the buildout of charging infrastructure for electric buses, trucks, and other medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Glencore to pay >$1.1B to resolve government’s investigation into bribery and commodity and price manipulation

Green Car Congress

Glencore International pled guilty in the Southern District of New York to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). In addition, as part of a separate resolution, Glencore Ltd., pled guilty in the District of Connecticut to a commodity price manipulation conspiracy. Together, Glencore and Glencore Ltd., both part of the multi-national commodity trading and mining firm headquartered in Switzerland, agreed to pay more than $1.1

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet gets approval in the Philippines


Elon Musk’s Starlink has been approved in the Philippines. The satellite internet service is expected to provide high-speed, reliable internet to areas of the Southeast Asian country that remain underserved.

LanzaTech, Danone develop method to convert carbon emissions directly into MEG, a key building block for PET

Green Car Congress

A consortium, including LanzaTech and Danone, has developed a new route to monoethylene glycol, (MEG), which is a key building block for polyethylene terephthalate, (PET), resin, fibers and bottles. The technology converts carbon emissions from steel mills or gasified waste biomass directly into MEG.

Carbon 167

Tesla owners are 50% less likely to crash their EV than their other cars


Tesla owners who also drive another vehicle are 50% less likely to have an accident in their Tesla compared to in their other vehicles, according to an interesting new study looking at EV drivers who drive multiple vehicles. more….

CATL to supply BMW with cylindrical cells for EVs starting in 2025


Contemporary Amperex Technology Co (CATL) said it would begin supplying German automaker BMW with cylindrical battery cells for its next generation of electric vehicles beginning in 2025.

US, UK, other G7 countries to ‘predominantly decarbonize electricity sectors by 2035’


The G7, made up of the world’s largest economies, today agreed to “predominantly decarbonized electricity sectors by 2035.” The G7 also agreed to end government financing for international coal-fired power generation and speed up the phase-out of unabated coal plants by 2035. more….

Coal 114

Lucid Motors reassigns executive in charge of vehicle build quality


Lucid Motors is in the middle of ramping the production of its Air sedan, but things are getting challenging. Amidst these difficulties, sources close to the matter have stated that Lucid has reportedly reassigned two top executives amidst the company’s ongoing quality issues.

NIO reportedly recruiting positions to build a US manufacturing plant


According to a report out of China, EV automaker NIO is hiring a number of positions related to manufacturing vehicles in the US.

Rivian makes executive changes to overcome ‘extremely challenging’ production ramp


Rivian is making changes to its leadership team, parting ways with its Vice President of Manufacturing engineering as it continues to try and overcome an “extremely challenging” production ramp due to current industry conditions.

Rivian loses head of manufacturing engineering, reorganizes leadership


Rivian is losing its head of manufacturing engineering at a critical time. The company is trying to sustainably ramp up the production of its R1T electric pickup truck as it reorganizes its leadership. more….

Tesla’s Elon Musk predicts how long recession may last, says some “bankruptcies need to happen”


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has gained more notoriety recently, thanks in part to his political comments and his efforts to acquire social media platform Twitter.

Tesla delays deliveries due to missing charge port part


Tesla appears to have a serious supply issue when it comes to its charging port electronic control unit (ECU) since many owners are reporting delays in deliveries due to the missing part. more…. The post Tesla delays deliveries due to missing charge port part appeared first on Electrek.

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7 FAQs about EV charging

EV Box

Only a few years ago, electric mobility seemed like a futuristic idea or a hypothetical concept, nowadays, electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming the new norm. Drivers around the world are choosing to drive electric, with the global EV fleet being set to surpass 20 million this year.


Review: Luna Eclipse full-suspension fat tire foldable BMX e-bike, somehow priced under $1400


….that pedals smoother than most acoustic bikes up to 25mph. I’ve spent the last few weeks with Luna’s new $1395 Eclipse folding fat tire e-bike. It is unlike any other e-bike on the market, and yet I can recommend it enthusiastically for a big swath of the foldable fat tire e-bike market.

Price 111

Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine Turns 200

Cars That Think

It was an idea born of frustration, or at least that’s how Charles Babbage would later recall the events of the summer of 1821. That fateful summer, Babbage and his friend and fellow mathematician John Herschel were in England editing astronomical tables.

Engine 114

Hover-1 Alpha refurb. electric scooter can climb hills at $200, more in New Green Deals


If you’re tired of sitting in traffic on the way to or from work, leave that all behind when you opt instead for an electric scooter. Hover-1’s Alpha model can travel up to 18 MPH and can even climb hills up to 15-degrees too.

MPH 107

Rivian Waypoint EV Chargers Now Operational On Lake Michigan Shore


This is a collaborative effort by Rivian, the state of Michigan and nonprofit Adopt a Charger

Here’s every electric vehicle that currently qualifies for the US federal tax credit


As sales of electric vehicles continue to surge, many new and prospective customers have questions about qualifying for federal tax credit on electric vehicles.

New Fisker Pear Teaser Shows $29,900 EV's Entire Front End Design


The design language is similar to the Fisker Ocean, but the Pear looks like a lower, sportier vehicle

Fisker 114

Podcast: Tesla 100-year battery, software update, first Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries, and more


This week on the Electrek Podcast , we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy. This week, we discussed the newly published research on Tesla’s 100-year battery, a new Tesla software update, the first Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries, and more. more….

First Ford F-150 Lightning Retail Customer Takes Delivery In Michigan


Ford dealers have started to hand over F-150 Lightning pickups to retail customers one year after the model was unveiled

Weekend Project: Build your own DIY electric bike for under $500


If you know anything about me or the topics I cover, you’ll know two of my biggest hobbies revolve around electric bicycles and DIY projects. So combining them has always been a natural conclusion for me – to the point that I even on the subject.

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BMW Design Boss Explains Why The i7 EV And 7 Series Look Alike


We don't quite get Adrian van Hooydonk's point, though

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DRDO report finds serious battery defects in EVs that caught fire.

Electric Vehicles India

On a recent day, most Ev batteries and E-bikes were getting burst and Center Government took serious action towards the incident and requested DRDO to investigate. And DRDO recently shared a shocking report with the central government. Battery defects in EVs.

India 70