Wed.Jun 09, 2021

Mercedes-Benz to deliver 100 Citaro hybrid buses to Atac in Rome

Green Car Congress

Rome-based transport company, Atac, will receive 100 Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid buses. The city buses are to be delivered in three lots between June and the autumn of this year. They are part of an ambitious investment program to modernize the bus fleet of the transport company in Italy’s capital.

Electrify America taps into connected home charging

Green Car Reports

Electrify America is expanding its focus from public charging to the place most EV drivers charge the most—at home.


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Ford unveils Maverick compact hybrid pickup truck starting at less than $20K

Green Car Congress

Ford unveiled the 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup truck. Maverick comes as a standard five-passenger, four-door pickup, with a full-hybrid powertrain and a projected EPA-estimated rating of 40 mpg city fuel economy and 500 miles of range on a single tank of gas.

DIY 249

Report: Apple electric car project considering US-made batteries from BYD, CATL

Green Car Reports

Apple is reportedly in private discussions over a potential electric-car battery sourcing agreement with two Chinese companies, CATL and BYD, according to a report from Reuters published Tuesday, citing multiple sources with knowledge of the matter.

BYD 164

IAV unveils new battery assembly concept that is easier to recycle, with better CO2 balance

Green Car Congress

IAV has developed a battery assembly concept that is much easier to recycle than existing battery systems and also has a much better CO 2 balance. The concept is not only interesting for future vehicles—it can be integrated into existing e-models as well.

CO2 241

Tesla is about to raise the bar with new Model S Plaid, expect a few surprises


Tesla is about to unveil the new Model S Plaid, arguably the biggest update to the vehicle program, which is already almost a decade old. We expect that the automaker is going to unveil a few surprises that will raise the bar.

Tesla 114

Enevate announces new production license agreement for silicon-dominant battery technology

Green Car Congress

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Electrify Home announces availability of HomeStation EV charger

Green Car Congress

Electrify Home announced that its fastest to-date Level 2 home charger, HomeStation, is now on sale at the webstore for $649 with free shipping and returns within the 48 contiguous states.

Massive Tesla fleet sighted in Port of Zeebrugge for Europe’s apparent quarter-end push


A recent video from the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium has provided a hint at Tesla’s plans to deliver as many vehicles as it can to customers in the European region this month.

Gaussin partners with Microvast for batteries in next-gen skateboard road truck platform

Green Car Congress

Gaussin will partner with Microvast for batteries for Gaussin’s next-generation skateboard road truck platform. Gaussin designs and assembles electric ( earlier post ) and fuel cell vehicles ( earlier post ) in transport and logistics industry.

Tesla (TSLA) could dominate $1.2 trillion market with autonomous, Uber-like vehicle fleet


Tesla (TSLA) is looking at a more-than-decent chunk of a market valued at $1.2 trillion with its upcoming Tesla Network, a new Uber-like ride-hailing service with autonomous electric cars, according to Ark Invest. more… The post Tesla (TSLA) could dominate $1.2

Fleet 114

FCAB releases US blueprint for lithium batteries

Green Car Congress

The Federal Consortium for Advanced Batteries (FCAB) ( earlier post ) has released the National Blueprint for Lithium Batteries 2021–2030 to guide investments in the urgent development of a domestic lithium-battery manufacturing value chain. The worldwide lithium-battery market is expected to grow by a factor of 5 to 10 in the next decade.

Battery manufacturer Northvolt raises $2.75B to add 60 GWh of capacity, VW adds $620M


Battery manufacturer Northvolt announced a new $2.75 billion round of investments to help add 60 GWh of production capacity. Volkswagen is contributing another $620 million in the round.

Woven Alpha, Isuzu and Hino begin exploring the use of automated mapping platform

Green Car Congress

Woven Alpha, Inc., a group company of Woven Planet Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, Isuzu Motors Limited, and Hino Motors, Ltd. are proceeding with talks to utilize the Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) developed by Woven Alpha. AMP is a connected crowdsourced software platform that supports the creation, development and distribution of high definition (HD) maps—a key enabler for smart and safe automated mobility.

Isuzu 170

The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop gets positive reviews from first public passengers


The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop has received reviews from its first round of public passengers, and they are quite positive. Based on comments from attendees of the ongoing World of Concrete 2021 convention, Elon Musk’s underground transport tunnels are very useful and well appreciated. .

Delta-EE: Europe tracking to 2.7 GW of operational hydrogen electrolyzer capacity by 2025; well short of EU target

Green Car Congress

A new study by Delta-EE , a specialist new energy research & consulting company, has found that the total announced project capacity of the rapidly growing European hydrogen electrolyzer market would take the green hydrogen sector to 2.7 GW by 2025—a nearly 50-fold increase on capacity built over the last ten years. However, time is running out to establish the many projects on the 100s of MW scale required to achieve an EU target of 6 GW by 2024.

Europe 161

Tesla’s Model S Plaid delivery event is fully booked


Tesla’s Model S Plaid delivery event at the Fremont factory is completely booked, as the company has started contacting some invitees to tell them the event has reached capacity.

Tesla 111

Biden Administration reports highlight supply chain vulnerabilities for batteries, critical materials

Green Car Congress

The Biden Administration has released reports assessing the vulnerabilities of four critical supply chains: semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging; large capacity batteries, such as those for electric vehicles; critical minerals and materials; and pharmaceuticals and advanced pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

That $1,700 Alibaba electric Jeep? Someone bought it, and here’s what showed up


If you haven’t already had the pleasure of discovering it, I write a fun column called the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week.

Jeep 110

Tesla Model 3 maintains #1 spot in France after strong May performance


The Tesla Model 3 maintained its spot as the best-selling electric vehicle in France in 2021 so far.

France 106

Aptera shows off its ultra-futuristic solar-powered Sol electric vehicle with 1,000-mile range


Electric vehicle startup Aptera has just released a new video with perhaps the best look yet at the company’s futuristic electric three-wheeler. more… The post Aptera shows off its ultra-futuristic solar-powered Sol electric vehicle with 1,000-mile range appeared first on Electrek.

Aptera 110

Tesla’s Elon Musk responds to claims that he doesn’t pay income taxes


Tesla’s Elon Musk responded to claims that he doesn’t pay income taxes, along with several other wealthy CEOs, in a report from ProPublica earlier this week.

Tax 101

Largest US solar manufacturer to double its production with a new factory


First Solar, the largest US-owned solar panel manufacturer, today announced that it’s opening a third manufacturing plant in Ohio in the first half of 2023. more… The post Largest US solar manufacturer to double its production with a new factory appeared first on Electrek.

Ohio 109

Tesla Model Y starts outselling the Model 3 in China


Even before it was released, Elon Musk predicted that the Model Y would be Tesla’s best-selling car, so much so that it would likely outsell the Model S, Model 3, and Model X combined. Tesla’s sales in China his May suggests that this may indeed be the case. .

Tesla 99

Lordstown crunch, Apple car batteries, ride-hailing and charging deserts: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Apple reportedly shops around for batteries for an EV. Charging deserts might keep electric ride-hailing from some urban communities. Electrify America enters home charging. And is Lordstown Motors viable? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Tesla hikes Model S Plaid price by $10k ahead of world debut


Tesla has rolled out a $10,000 price increase for the Model S Plaid, the company’s highly-anticipated flagship sedan, scheduled for its first customer deliveries tomorrow, June 10, at the Fremont Factory.

MPH 83

Could urban charging deserts hinder ride-hailing EV adoption—and cleaner air?

Green Car Reports

As a lack of Level 2 AC charging infrastructure gets in the way of EV ownership in some urban areas, the lack of fast-charging could slow electric ride-hailing adoption, according to new analysis from the clean-energy advocacy group Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).

Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop with Tesla cars goes into operation, and it is about to expand to the Strip and beyond


The Boring Company’s Las Vegas Loop with Tesla vehicles has officially gone into operations this week, and it is already preparing to expand to the Strip and beyond.

SpaceX rolls Starship launch tower section, giant water tank to orbital pad


After a brief pause, SpaceX is once again shipping pad hardware from its Boca Chica, Texas rocket factory to Starship’s rapidly growing orbital launch site (OLS).

Water 82

Tesla's Q2 Push Underway In Europe: Huge Fleet Sighted In Belgium


Video from the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium reveals an immense assortment of Tesla vehicles ready for delivery

Elon Musk shares details on his current primary home in Texas


Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided some details about his current living situation, following his comments about allegations that he does not pay income taxes. Musk shared some particular insights about his primary home in Texas and his remaining property in California.

Texas 81

The US explores offshore wind energy potential in the Gulf of Mexico


The US Department of the Interior said yesterday that it will explore offshore wind energy potential on the Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

SpaceX on track to launch 20 Falcon 9 rockets in the first half of 2021


The second half of SpaceX’s June 2021 flight schedule has begun to firm up, raising the odds of another four-launch month as the end of the first half of 2021 fast approaches.

2020 77

Elon Musk Approves of this Commercial

EV Obssesion

An earlier version of this article was originally published on Tesla Oracle. And EVANNEX. Tesla spends $0 on traditional advertising. Tesla also decided to, recently, disband its corporate Public Relations department. So how does the company promote its cars?

Tesla starts making preparations for an exciting Model S Plaid delivery event


The Tesla Model S Plaid’s delivery event is almost here, and the EV maker is already fully committed to its preparations for the occasion.

Ford Confirms It’s Considering Second Smaller Electric Pickup


Could it be an all-electric version of the current Maverick, or is it going to be another model

Lordstown Motors, short on cash, warns of possible closure


Lordstown Motors says it is running out of cash for its future development of electric vehicles and might be forced to close its doors for good within the next year.

F-150 66