Wed.May 05, 2021

Frankfurt buys 13 Solaris hydrogen buses

Green Car Congress

The company In-der-City-Bus, which is in charge of public transport in Frankfurt, Germany, has awarded a tender for 13 hydrogen buses to Solaris. The Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen buses are to be deployed on target routes in 2022. The Urbino hydrogen buses are powered by a 70 kW fuel cell stack.

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Used EV prices surge in the US and vary widely by model, region

Green Car Reports

The market for used electric vehicles was an ailing buyers' market early on in 2021. Over the past 60 days, however, the tide has turned and the average price of used electric cars has skyrocketed.

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Adamas: Tesla consumed more lithium than next four EV makers combined in 2020

Green Car Congress

In 2020, Tesla deployed 18,700 tonnes of LCE onto roads globally in the batteries of its newly sold passenger EVs, more than the next four EV makers (BYD, VW, Renault and Audi) combined, according to data from Adamas Intelligence’s EV Battery Capacity and Battery Metals Tracker.

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2022 Ford E-Transit electric van gets $43,295 base price, build configuration details

Green Car Reports

The 2022 Ford E-Transit electric van will start at $43,295 when order books open in July, Ford confirmed Tuesday in a press release that also included more details about build configurations and the ordering process.

Cummins B6.7 Performance Series engine now features stop-start capability

Green Car Congress

Cummins Inc. announced that the latest B6.7

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Arrival intends to build electric car specifically for Uber ride-hailing

Green Car Reports

The startup Arrival plans to work with Uber to develop an electric car specifically for ride-hailing, but it's unclear if any version of the vehicle might make it to the United States.

Motor Coach Industries unveils its first battery-electric luxury coach in the N American market: J4500 CHARGE

Green Car Congress

NFI Group subsidiary Motor Coach Industries (MCI) has unveiled the new zero-emission, battery-electric J4500 CHARGE coach.

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Electrify America announces $200M additional investment for ZEV infrastructure and education in California

Green Car Congress

Electrify America plans to invest $200 million in California Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure and education programs over the next 30 months. This represents the third of four investment phases as part of its 10-year commitment of $800 million in the state.

Tesla is looking for mobile service technicians for its electric trucks


Tesla heavy trucking president, Jerome Guillen, revealed that the automaker will use its mobile service approach to its Tesla Semi electric truck program. more… The post Tesla is looking for mobile service technicians for its electric trucks appeared first on Electrek.

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Germany providing another €100M to subsidize private charging stations; €500M total

Green Car Congress

Germany is adding another €100 million to its successful promotion of private charging stations for electric cars in residential buildings, bringing the total to €500 million. Purchase and installation of the wallboxes are supported with a grant of €900. So far, around 385,000 applications for around 470,000 charging points have been received. We want more climate protection, more clean electric cars on our roads and more use of green electricity.

Tesla Powerwall owner shows how the battery system can withstand 48-hour outage with solar power


A Tesla Powerwall owner demonstrated what it looks like when you go through a 48-hour power outage with the battery system and solar power. more… The post Tesla Powerwall owner shows how the battery system can withstand 48-hour outage with solar power appeared first on Electrek.

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IDTechEx: Shift to EVs and autonomy to drive printed electronics automotive market to $12.7B by 2031

Green Car Congress

A new report from IDTechEx forecasts that the shift to electric vehicles and autonomy will drive the printed electronics automotive market to $12.7 billion by 2031.

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Tesla is completely revamping referral program after spending $23 million on free Supercharging


Tesla is completely revamping its referral program after already spending $23 million on free Supercharging miles this year alone. more… The post Tesla is completely revamping referral program after spending $23 million on free Supercharging appeared first on Electrek.

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BASF and Umicore enter into a patent cross-license agreement covering cathode materials and precursors

Green Car Congress

BASF and Umicore have entered into a non-exclusive patent cross-license agreement covering a broad range of cathode active materials (CAM) and their precursors (PCAM), including chemistries such as nickel cobalt manganese (NCM), nickel cobalt aluminum (NCA), nickel cobalt manganese aluminum (NCMA) and lithium rich, high manganese high energy NCM (HE NCM). CAMs are critical for the performance, safety and cost of lithium-ion batteries used in modern electromobility and other applications.

Tesla driver repeatedly spotted in backseat on Autopilot is begging to be arrested


A Tesla driver has been spotted several times over the past week sitting in the backseat while his Tesla Model 3 drives on Autopilot. He appears to get a kick out of people filming him while engaging in this dangerous and illegal driving behavior.

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Arrival and Uber to collaborate on EV for ride-hailing industry; based on Small Vehicle Platform

Green Car Congress

Commercial electric vehicle company Arrival is partnering with Uber to develop an affordable, purpose-built electric vehicle (EV) for ride-hailing drivers. The Arrival Car is expected to enter production in Q3 2023. Arrival went public in March; the Arrival Car is the realization of the Small Vehicle Platform (SVP) referenced in the company’s Investor Deck. As described, the SVP will support ranges between 100-300 km depending upon the configuration, and support a payload of 450-800 kg.2023.

Tesla doesn’t need to worry about losing EV credits from Stellantis: report


The end of Tesla’s EV credits agreement with Fiat-Chrysler doesn’t seem to bother TSLA bulls much, and for good reason, according to Barron’s.

Nuvve announces V2G charging hubs and TaaS for future EVs


Transportation electrification and vehicle to grid (V2G) specialist Nuvve recently announced plans to implement charging hubs and offer Transportation as a Service (TaaS) to commercial fleets. This V2G hub model will utilize renewable energy and bi-directional charging to help ensure grid resiliency.

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SpaceX’s next Starlink launch to cross major rocket reusability milestone


Next Spaceflight reports that SpaceX’s next Starlink launch – scheduled as few as five days after the last mission – will see Falcon 9 mark a hugely significant milestone for truly reusable rocketry.

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Toyota says electric Land Cruiser could be coming after battery-electric retrofit trial with client


Toyota says it’s considering bringing an all-electric version of its popular Land Cruiser to consumers as it’s in the middle of a trial with a Land Cruiser converted to electric propulsion for a mining company.

Tesla’s Grohmann Automation site is undergoing a Giga Berlin-esque expansion


Something very exciting seems to be happening at the Tesla Grohmann Automation site in Prüm, Germany. Based on recent images and videos taken of the area, an expansion is currently underway at the Grohmann site.

Enel launches five new US wind, solar, and hybrid projects in three states


Enel Green Power North America , headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, has started construction on five new clean energy projects in the US. The new wind, solar, and hybrid projects announced today represent more than 1.5

Tesla Model 3 kills China’s ‘brake failure’ rumors anew in rainy, multi-car collision


It may be a bit challenging for Tesla skeptics to maintain the “brake failure” narrative in China, as the company’s all-electric vehicles are proving their critics wrong in real-life incidents.

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Mercedes-Benz launches 2 new all-wheel-drive versions of the EQA electric crossover


Mercedes-Benz is launching today two new all-wheel-drive versions of the EQA electric crossover, which was one of the most requested updates to the newly unveiled vehicles.

Tesla not violating labor laws at Giga Berlin: State Parliament


Tesla has been found not to be violating labor laws at its German Gigafactory, better known as Giga Berlin, State Parliament members say.

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Arrival EV for Uber, used EV prices, E-Transit details: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Arrival and Uber see a future for an EV designed for ride-hailing. Ford is offering its E-Transit for a lower price. And the used EV market is surging. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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Ford Mustang Mach-E April sales experience effects of ongoing chip shortage


The Ford Mustang Mach-E is getting positive reviews from owners, but the ongoing chip shortage has adversely affected the all-electric crossover’s momentum in the market. This was shown in the April sales of the Mach-E, which declined to only 1,951 last month. .

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EGEB: GE makes the world’s most powerful wind turbine but doesn’t have a full net zero plan


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): 98% of GE’s shareholders yesterday demanded it take climate action, and its board said it would comply. Great Britain’s wind farms set a new clean energy record by generating 48.5% of the electricity system.

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Tesla Model S Plaid might make an appearance at China’s International Consumer Product Expo


Tesla announced that it would bring the entire S3XY line to China’s upcoming International Consumer Goods Expo in Hainan province. Over 1,300 global brands in more than 69 countries and 800 brands from China are expected to participate in the Hainan expo from May 7 to May 10, 2021.

California PHEV Owners Return to Gas Power

The Truth About Cars

Electric vehicles are one way to carbon neutrality. Yet 20 percent of California PHEV owners have gone back to gas-powered vehicles.


What Type of Brake System is Used in Electric Vehicles?

Get Electric Vehicle

The Brake system is one of the most important components of a vehicle. Different types of brakes are used in automobiles. Some examples are drum brake, disc brake, etc. The developments of electric vehicles bring another type of braking system into the picture.

NYC gets another shared electric moped option; is the US ripe for an electric scooter wave?


Lime is continuining its expansion of seated electric scooters, often referred to as electric mopeds, with NYC becoming the latest city graced by the new two-wheelers. more… The post NYC gets another shared electric moped option; is the US ripe for an electric scooter wave?

GM reports strong Q1 Earnings, prepares to navigate semiconductor shortage


General Motors ( NYSE: GM ) reported its Q1 2021 Earnings on Wednesday morning, showing a well-performing financial spreadsheet that was supported by the automaker’s ability to beat Wall Street’s expectations.

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UK scientists using drones in selecting tidal power installations


British researchers scouring shorelines for places to locate wave-generated energy installations are turning to drones as a faster and cheaper means of finding ideal spots. more… The post UK scientists using drones in selecting tidal power installations appeared first on Electrek.

Stellantis Announces It Will Not Need Tesla's CO2 Credits Anymore


Unless Tesla finds someone who does, that could be bad news for the EV maker

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Citroën Launches MY AMI CARGO: Made for Business Users

EV Obssesion

Citroën continues to innovate on behalf of its fleet and business customers with the launch of MY AMI CARGO – an LCV version of the 100% electric AMI two-seater.

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Engineering Explained: No, Model S Plaid Can't Hit 60 MPH In Under 2 Seconds


And he's got a whiteboard full of figures to prove it

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