Study Finds Strong Synergy Between Spark Ignition Engine Downsizing and Low-to-Moderate Alcohol Blend Fuels

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A study by engineers from Mahle Powertrain Ltd and BP found strong synergy between spark ignition (SI) engine downsizing and fuel containing low-to-moderate amounts of alcohol, including ethanol and butanol. Among their findings was that for gasoline fuels, aggressively downsizing the engine and adopting homogeneous direct fuel injection enabled an improvement in fuel consumption of ~17% over the New European Drive Cycle compared to a naturally aspirated PFI unit.

Co-Optima releases capstone report on first 4 years of work

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compression ratio, extent of downsizing, etc.). The 10 blendstocks include a variety of alcohols, an olefin, a furan mixture, and a ketone, with the alcohols and olefin exhibiting the fewest barriers to commercial adoption.

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Team from GM, Ford, FCA reviews how to calculate engine efficiency benefits of high octane fuels

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The preflame reactions are a strong function of temperature, so evaporative cooling from the fuel can also play a significant role, which is particularly important for fuels containing alcohol. Knock and fuel octane rating are becoming increasingly important due to many powertrain design trends including downsizing, downspeeding, cylinder deactivation, and hybridization. … Alcohol and gasoline-alcohol blends also offer efficiency benefits independent of their octane value.

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