Concept Engine: Ilmor Engineering to Show Cutaway of 5-Stroke Engine at Engine EXPO

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Rendering of the Ilmor 5-stroke concept engine. Ilmor Engineering will present a new cutaway version of the Ilmor 5-stroke concept engine at the upcoming Engine EXPO 2009, 16-18 June, in Stuttgart, Germany. Ilmor is a UK-based independent engine design, development, testing and manufacturing company, founded in 1984 by Mario Illien, Paul Morgan and Roger Penske. The 5-stroke concept engine is a self-funded proof of concept.

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ECONAMIQ: Flexible over-expansion with cylinder deactivation can reduce ICE fuel consumption by up to 20%

Green Car Congress

Dutch start-up ECONAMIQ is developing a novel engine technology which saves up to 20% in fuel consumption. The “ECONAMIQ principle” uses flexible over-expansion in combination with cylinder deactivation technology to increase performance and efficiency without significantly changing the engine layout or architecture. The company presented its first results at the annual ASME ICEF (Internal Combustion Engine Fall) conference in Chicago. US20190153912A1 : Combustion engine.

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Concept: Downsized and Supercharged Hybrid Pneumatic Engine for 30%+ Reduction in Fuel Consumption

Green Car Congress

Schematic of downsized and supercharged four-stroke hybrid pneumatic spark injection engine. Researchers at ETH Zürich, with partners Robert Bosch GmbH, Wenko Swissauto and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy are developing a downsized and supercharged hybrid pneumatic engine that they say can deliver a fuel consumption reduction of more than 30% compared to a standard engine with the same rated power. The hardware concept. Tags: Engines Hybrids

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Concept: Honda RD Developing Variable Compression Ratio Engine with Dual Piston Mechanism

Green Car Congress

Engineers from Honda R&D Co., presented a pair of papers at the SAE 2009 World Congress describing the development of a variable compression ratio (VCR) engine enabled by a dual piston mechanism. In testing in an otherwise conventional production 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine, the dual piston mechanism was able to adjust the engine from a CR of 9.6 Combining the high compression ratio with the Atkinson cycle, the engineering team demonstrated a 7.4%

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Bosch showcasing wide range of future commercial vehicle technologies at NACV; automated, connected and electric

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Powertrain concepts. At NACV 2017, Bosch is also showcasing several future-focused powertrain concepts engineered to save fuel and money while extending the lives of fleets. Whether a traditional internal combustion engine, hybrid-electric or electric vehicle, thermal management has emerged as a key topic for managing vehicle efficiency.

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Another engine concept to make EXPO debut

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Earlier this week we told you about a “ revolutionary engine to make its debut &# at the upcoming Engine EXPO in Stuttgart. Now we have details of another exciting concept to be showcased at the event. Ilmor Engineering will present a new cutaway version of the Ilmor five-stroke concept engine at the show. Tags: Green cars Latest news Engine EXPO five-stroke engine Ilmor Engineering Stuttgart

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Groups join forces on fuel efficient engine

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China’s fourth largest car manufacturer Chongqing Changan Automobile Co and Orbital Corporation Limited have formed a joint development to work on a concept engine. The development will be carried out in Changan’s petrol engine platform and has the objective of achieving a significant fuel economy benefit using Orbital’s FlexDI technology. If it proves successful, Changan hopes to take the FlexDI concept to mass production.

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