Congressman Himes to Speak to EV Club

EV Club of CT

Join the EV Club for our next Zoom meeting on April 15th at 6:45 when U.S. Blog Policy Biden Administration EV Policy EV Club of CT Infrastructure plan Jim Himes

Drako GTE joins the 1000bhp-plus EV club

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Drako GTE joins the 1000bhp-plus EV club

2019 52

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“I Bring You Greetings From The Lucky Sperm Club…

Creative Greenius

You can find out at the 41:00 mark in the video of the event: Filed under: environment Tagged: 100% renewable energy , carbon budget , climate justice , fossil free , frontline communities , Joe Galliani , Lucky Sperm Club , South Bay 350 Climate Action Group , South Bay Clean Power. environment 100% renewable energy carbon budget climate justice fossil free frontline communities Joe Galliani Lucky Sperm Club South Bay 350 Climate Action Group South Bay Clean Power

2015 163

The Hummer Club

Plugs and Cars

Tags: steven colbert the hummer club energy

2008 100

Lynk & Co. launches in Europe with hybrids and PHEVs: Not just a car, a club

Green Car Reports

ask: “Is it a car, a club, or a community? European marketing taglines for Geely’s Lynk & Co. ” Since its 2016 announcement, Lynk & Co.—if

2020 85

Greenius Calls For Nationalizing Oil & Gas Industry & Seizing Their Assets As Sierra Club Applauds

Creative Greenius

On Sunday, May 5, 2019 the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club held their annual Awards Banquet and presented a special conservation award to Joe Galliani, declaring-. Godfather of Community Choice In LA County Says Just Transition Means Repairing Damage To Frontline Communities First. Through his extraordinary leadership and vision, has brought 100% clean energy to Southern California.

2019 150

Sierra Club to sue EPA over failure to report on ethanol

Green Car Reports

emissions EPA ethanol lawsuit Renewable Fuel Standard Sierra ClubThe confirmation of Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency administrator was expected to rankle environmental groups. Pruitt is a climate-science denier who, in his previous position as Oklahoma attorney general, sued the agency he is now charged with many multiple times over its efforts to enforce environmental regulations. But what may.

@LATimes Let’s Tell It Like It Is About The Boys Club That Hates Women

Creative Greenius

campaign election News News Media politics Truth & Reality GOP Republicans

2018 177

EV Freedom Bill Unshackled

EV Club of CT

Advocacy Blog Electric Vehicles Legislation News EV Club of CT EV Freedom Bill SB 127 Sen HaskellTransportation Committee Vote Moves Bill to Full Chamber The Transportation Committee, by a vote of 26 to 10, moved SB 127 to the full chamber.

Car2go smart car club heads to London

Green Cars News

London has become the latest city to benefit from the rising phenomenon which is the car2go car club. The city becomes the first place in the UK where the club will operate, at first running from just three boroughs in the capital. Green credentials car club Car2go London UKThe service offers motorists on demand, by-the-minute car rental of smart fortwo cars, [.].

San Diego electric car club social invites public to drive the Tesla Model S

Green Car Congress

Drives hosted by the EV Quorum car club. an invitation, available through advance registration on the club’s web. The Tesla Model S will be featured in a series of Electric Car Guest. The San Diego event will be held on Saturday, 9 November from 11 am-5pm in Balboa Park. In a single afternoon, participants can drive six different electric. cars including the Tesla Model S. Participants who become members of EV Quorum are eligible to drive any. of the electric cars on display.

Vauxhall Ampera joins the club

Green Cars News

Vauxhall’s newly launched Ampera joins Zipcar’s self-service fleet in London, where the car club’s members will be able, from today, to reserve an Ampera online through the club’s website or using their smart phones [.]. Vauxhall car club London UK Vauxhall Ampera ZipCarThe range-extended Vauxhall Ampera is to join the world’s biggest car sharing network as part of a six month pilot partnership.

2012 50

Car2go car club heads to Miami

Green Cars News

Yet another US city is to benefit from the rising phenomenon that is the car2go car club-this time it’s Miami. On Saturday (July 28), the East Coast city welcomed 240 smart fortwo vehicles which make up its new car club service-a flexible car hire system where customers can pay by the minute for the use [.]. smart car club smart fortwo USA

Miami 56

Car clubs keep cutting transport emissions

Green Cars News

Car clubs are continuing to reduce car ownership levels and are helping to cut emissions and congestion-that’s the findings from the fifth annual survey of the nation’s car club members from the charity Carplus. Consistent with previous years, the latest report compiled by the environmental transport NGO promoting car clubs and car sharing, found that [.]. Carplus car clubs car share UK

2012 51

Stop tinkering: Sierra Club Chief touts vehicle electrification

Plugs and Cars

After spending time in the Gulf, the Sierra Club's new executive director, Michael Brune, ponders getting off oil in "Create," his Sierra Magazine commentary. coal Sierra Club After extolling biking and transit, he concludes: "The single most effective thing we can do as a country to get off oil, however, is to electrify transportation. The days of tinkering around with tiny increases in fuel economy should be long gone.

Sierra 100

Car clubs remove 200 cars off Scotland’s roads

Green Cars News

Car clubs have been successfully cutting congestion and reducing carbon emissions in Scotland, a new report from environmental transport charity, Carplus Trust reveals. The report outlines the progress of the Developing Car Clubs in Scotland (DCCS) programme in its aims to reduce air pollution and improve transport solutions through the implementation of car clubs. Green credentials car club Scotland

2012 58

Electric-Car Guide, State-By-State Specifics From Sierra Club

Green Car Reports

Today, the conservation group Sierra Club has launched its own Electric Vehicle Guide--and one of its key features is the ability to learn about state and local incentives by entering your What''s your first resource for electric-car information? We''re hoping you answer Green Car Reports (of course!), but in reality there are quite a few by now.

Sierra 117

Car2go car club coming to the UK

Green Cars News

Birmingham is to become home to the first Car2go scheme in the UK, after the Daimler-owned car club subsidiary won a tender from the city’s council to launch a car hire scheme. Car2go is one of the largest car club operators, with more than 70,000 people already using its services across in Europe, USA and [.]. Cars Green credentials car clubs Car2go smart fortwo UK

2012 57

Car2go car club conquers another US city

Green Cars News

One of the world’s largest car club operators has launched in a new city; Portland, Oregon in the United States. People who sign up for membership of the car club [.]. smart car club Car2go Daimler USThe Daimler-owned subsidiary will begin to deploy some 250 smart fortwo cars in Portland, distributing them throughout the 32 square miles around the city centre.

EVs by Make by City

EV Club of CT

Blog Data Electric Vehicles EV Club CT EV make by city Interactive EV DashboardPost by Barry Kresch Estimates of EV Fleet Composition by Make Within City This is something we haven’t published in a while. Not that we don’t find it interesting, but the DMV broke apart the.

Fleet 77

Well-Attended Press Conference Shows Support For EV Direct Sales

EV Club of CT

Advocacy Blog Legislation News Policy EV Club CT EV Direct Sales EV Freedom Bill Representative Steinberg SB 127 Senator Duff Senator Haskell

Sale 71

Norwegian Electric-Car Club's Scenic Driving Video: Surprise Hit

Green Car Reports

Thanks to aggressive government incentives and substantial charging infrastructure, Norway has the highest number of electric cars per capita of any country in the world. Now, some of that enthusiasm for electric cars is going viral. A video of a rally held by the Norsk elbilforening (Norwegian EV Association) last month has already garnered more. Videos Norway plug-in cars

2015 131

Car2go car club heads to Birmingham

Green Cars News

The car2go car club is about to conquer its second British city with the launch of a 250 strong fleet in Birmingham. Latest news smart Birmingham car club car sharing Car2go UKIt follows the launch of the Daimler-owned service in London last December (see story). Offering short-term, pay-as-you-go rental of smart fortwo coupe cars, the new car-sharing service will launch in the Birmingham during [.].

2013 51

New Program Rules Adopted by CHEAPR Board

EV Club of CT

Blog CHEAPR Electric Vehicles EV Coalition EV Club of CT EV purchase incentive revisions for 2021 income-limited EV purchase incentives.

Report acknowledges carbon-cutting car clubs

Green Cars News

Car Clubs can play a big part in helping London clean up its air, according to a new study. Research conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory on behalf of Carplus and Transport for London reiterates how Car Clubs are gaining popularity amongst London commuters which in turn decreases the capital’s CO2 output and improves air [.]. Latest news car clubs London UK

CO2 49

London car clubs need Boris Bike inspiration

Green Cars News

As London’s congestion gets even worse with the arrival of the Olympic Games, new research suggests that a free-floating car clubs, that operate like the Boris Bikes scheme, could play a major role in the in solving the Capital’s transport woes. One way car clubs like the car2go or Autolib clubs could be the key [.]. Green credentials autolib car clubs Car2go RAC Foundation rental

EV Club

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

Fellow EVers, Join me in tracking your EV at [link]. This is a handy sight a friend of mine put together to track your EV miles, fuel saved, money saved, carbon reduction, etc. You can now follow my EV statistics on right side of this blog. Check it out

2012 40

EV Freedom Bill Press Conference

EV Club of CT

Advocacy Blog Electric Vehicles Policy EV Club CT EV Freedome Bill SB 127 Senator Will HaskellPress Conference on March 22 for SB 127 The office of CT Senator Will Haskell is organizing a press conference for Monday, March 22. It will be held outdoors at the Westport Train Station (New.

Zipcar launches new one-way club service

Green Cars News

Zipcar is to take on the rising might of Car2Go in a new battle of the car clubs, with the launch of a new ‘one way’ point-to-point service using models of the Honda Fit (known as the Jazz over here). The world’s largest car club has witnessed in recent years by the spread of Daimler’s rival Car2G[.].

2014 56

How can automakers sell more electric cars? Sierra Club report has suggestions

Green Car Reports

The Sierra Club recently released what it says is the "first-ever multi-state study on electric vehicle shopping experience," and the results weren't encouraging. A report surveying 308 volunteers who inquired about electric cars in calls or visits to dealerships in 10 states showed that shopping for an electric car is generally more difficult. sales dealers plug-in cars dealerships

Easyjet founder to launch car club

Green Cars News

The new service simply called ‘Car Club’ will be run as a subsidiary of Stelio’s easyCar online car rental firm and will launch in London in 2012. Green credentials Brent Hoberman car club EasyCar EasyJet rental short term Sire SteliosEasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou is launching a new car sharing service which will see customers able to rent out their cars for an agreed rate.

2011 52

Car club secures 10,000 members

Green Cars News

The residents of Austin, Texas, have taken to the concept of a car club in their droves with 10,000 drivers signing up for the car2go mobility programme. Tags: Green cars Latest news Austin car clubs car share clubs Car2go LIVESTRONG Texas Just four months after its launch on May 21, 2010, more than 80,000 rentals have been completed throughout the greater downtown Austin area with average use lasting between [.].

2010 40

Jaguar XJ vs Tesla, next BMW i3 in 2022, billions for electric cars, Ford vs Sierra Club: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, Ford gets slammed by the Sierra Club, the next BMW i3 electric car will likely be very different, the Jaguar XJ will reportedly go head-to-head with the Tesla Model S, and we're not big fans of some possible Volkswagen ID electric-car model names.

2018 94

Car2go car club expands to Toronto

Green Cars News

The car2go car club service is to conquer another Canadian following its successful launch in Vancouver. smart Canada car club smart fortwoThe Daimler-owned car2go subsidiary now expands to the city of Toronto, bringing with it a fleet of smart fortwo cars, for which the short-term, flexible car hire firm is renowned. Launched last Saturday (June 30, 2012), 250 car2go edition [.].

2012 45

Car2go car club doubles membership

Green Cars News

In the last six months, the world’s fastest growing car club has doubled its customer numbers. Owned and operated by car giant, Daimler, the car2go service now operates in 12 cities through Europe and North America and now has over 100,000 registered members. In total, its fleet of 3,375 smart fortwo and 625 smart fortwo [.]. smart cars2go smart fortwo smart fortwo electric drive

2012 59

Brighton to launch first EV car club

Green Cars News

Britain’s seaside town of Brighton is to get its own electric car club, starting with a Mercedes Vito E-CELL van. Set to be run by City Car Club, the electric van will be available for members to use for local collections and deliveries. Electric cars Brighton City Car Club Elektrobay Elektromotive Mercedes van VitoAs part of the electrification of the town, charging point firm Elektromotive [.].

2011 46

Feb. CHEAPR Data And A Delay For The New Incentives?

EV Club of CT

Blog CHEAPR Data News DEEP EV Club CT Feb 2021 RebatesFleeting Model Y Rebate February rebate data show 72 rebates awarded, totaling $59,000. January was restated and increased from 68 to 77 rebates with a total spend of $82,500. The leading vehicle in terms of. Read more.

Fleet 55

Paris launches own electric car club scheme

Green Cars News

The new Autolib scheme is a car club designed specifically for the hire of electric cars and although just 66 models are in service today; a full rollout of 5,000 cars is planned by 2013. Electric cars car club December hire Paris schemeParis’ new electric car hire scheme opened to the public for the first time yesterday.

2011 46

Car clubs start to conquer business sector too

Green Cars News

Using car club services is becoming increasingly attractive alternative to car ownership; not just for private individuals but for businesses too, according to Zipcar. Latest news business car club fleet ZipCarOperating the UK’s largest pay-as-you-drive network, Zipcar points to evidence from the RAC -that company car ownership has dropped by 20% in recent years- to help account for its rising success [.].

2013 51

January 2021 CHEAPR Data Released

EV Club of CT

Blog CHEAPR Data CHEAPR Jan 2021 EV Club CT EV purchase incentivesCHEAPR Rebates Continue at Low Rate January has generally been a slow month in our tracking of EV purchase incentives, and it continues in the same vein with 68 rebates, per the latest data release. Read more.

2020 – Turnover And Internal Dynamics of EVs in CT

EV Club of CT

Blog CHEAPR Data Electric Vehicles EV Club CT EV fleet turnoverThe Equivalent Of 52% of EVs Added To The File in 2020 Turned Over EV registrations in Connecticut increase 18.2% in 2020, a not great number in a very difficult year. However, as difficult as. Read more.

Nissan LEAF at the heart of new UK electric car club

Green Cars News

The answer could be the new E-Car Club: a nationwide electric car club. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Nissan E-Car Club electric cars Milton Keynes Nissan LEAF Oxford UKNeed to get from “A” to “B” but want to do so without pumping exhaust emissions into the atmosphere? Or perhaps you simply want to trial electric car technology before you consider buying one of the vehicles for yourself? Based in Wolverton, [.].

2012 58

Car2Go car club withdraws from the UK

Green Cars News

Daimler is to withdraw its car2go car club scheme in the UK, blaming the country’s tradition of private vehicle ownership for a lack of interest in the scheme. Car2go has been a rising success across mainland Europe and North America, but since arriving in the UK in 2012, has failed to take off in[.]. smart

2014 52