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The surprising rise of electric golf carts as ‘second cars’ in the US


These compact, efficient, and versatile vehicles are increasingly being seen far beyond the confines of the country clubs, zipping around neighborhoods and making regular appearances in local commutes. Believe it or not, electric golf carts are becoming a popular choice as “second cars” for many American families.

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Rivian R1T owner gets targeted by HOA over electric pickup truck


When Weston Hills Country Club resident Glenn Gordon took delivery of his Rivian R1T, he did not expect the all-electric truck to become a pain point between himself and his HOA. The Rivian R1T is the first of its kind in Gordon’s neighborhood, and the HOA does not seem to be happy about the fact that the premium EV is a pickup truck.

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The Tesla Community Helped Feed Over 150 Baton Rouge Families Affected By Hurricane Ida

CleanTechnica EVs

We were sitting in the shade by her home across from her store, Owens Deli, which has been a fixture in our neighborhood for over 80 years. It was day 2 without power when I was sitting with Mrs. Green, who is my landlady. During the days of segregation, her parents served the Black community […].

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It’s all about connection

Electric Auto Association

Route of IEEVA and Inland Empire Tesla Club DEED event caravan. In fact, the chapter has taken connection to a new level in that Andy Huynh, the president of the Inland Empire Tesla Club , helped launch the EAA chapter and is now serving as the president of both organizations. We draw on their roster of over 600 members.

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Creative Greenius Loves Hermosa Beach Sharrows & You Should Too

Creative Greenius

I think most of my friends in the South Bay Bicycle Coalition and the Beach Cities Cycling Club agree with me. Their green painted sharrow lane on 2nd Street in the Belmont Shore neighborhood produced 30% more cyclists with fewer crashes, 20% fewer cyclists riding on the sidewalk and a 50% reduction in car/bike crashes.

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UCL study suggests reducing car use is the key to better health; the role of car sharing and other approaches

Green Car Congress

Everyone knows that walking and cycling can provide valuable physical activity, but how we actually get people out of their cars is not so obvious.

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Students Use Their Tech Know-How to Protect the Environment

Cars That Think

Seven Ohlone College students who are part of the IEEE STEAM (STEM plus arts) Club in Fremont are working with two community volunteers to design a solution. When asked about the difference between school courses and Project DIANA, Preyasi Shah , vice president of the IEEE STEAM Club, said the schoolwork is far less interactive.