Rejoice My Tongan Brothers and Sisters! You Will Soon Be Rid of Your Ridiculous Royal Family & You Can Now Save Yourselves

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While inspirational leaders like President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives islands: And President Anote Tong of the island nation of Kiribati -. - Unless of course, the people decide that the days of island time are already over and that they deserve at least the same chance at a future as the people of the Maldives and Kiribati’s leaders envision for their children.

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Wakeup! The Sea Level is Rising & Another Island Nation’s People Are About To Become Climate Change Refugees

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A group of 33 coral atolls straddling the equator in the Pacific Ocean, the Kiribati islands rise only a few metres above sea level.

Devil In The Details: Is Copenhagens 2 ºC Guardrail Obsolete?

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Such issues have already been rendered acute in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, which lost two uninhabited islets, Tebua Tarawa and Abanuea, to sea-level rise in 1999. Some of Kiribati’s water wells have become brackish with seawater, and one village has already been abandoned, delegation chief Betarim Rimon recently told the Associated Press. by Jack Rosebro. Global 2ºC maximal warming limit as compared to past and.

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