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Amprius’ silicon nanowire Li-ion batteries power Airbus Zephyr S HAPS solar aircraft

Green Car Congress

a manufacturer and developer of high energy and high capacity lithium-ion batteries, announced that the company is supplying advanced lithium-ion cells to the Airbus Defence and Space Zephyr Program. Combining solar power and lithium ion batteries, the Zephyr aircraft holds world records for endurance as well as altitude, flying at 70,000 feet or higher. However, in particle or film structures silicon is not stable and lasts only a few recharge cycles. Amprius, Inc.,

2018 261

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Rechargeable membrane-less hydrogen bromine flow battery shows high power density

Green Car Congress

MIT researchers have engineered a new rechargeable, membrane-less hydrogen bromine laminar flow battery with high power density. The membrane-less design enables power densities of 0.795?W?cm 2 at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, with a round-trip voltage efficiency of 92% at 25% of peak power. For applications that require the storage of large quantities of energy economically and efficiently, flow batteries have received renewed attention.

2013 244

Bosch starting volume production of silicon carbide power semiconductors

Green Car Congress

After several years of development, Bosch is now starting volume production of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors to supply automotive manufacturers worldwide. The chips are also important for 800-volt systems, where they enable faster recharging and better performance.

Power 353

World’s First Hybrid Battery-powered Electric Motorcycle to Be Revealed

Get Electric Vehicle

At the EICMA event, a fully electric motorcycle showing a revolutionary power train technology concept that makes use of ultracapacitors will be unveiled to the public. They efficiently complement a primary energy source in today’s applications because they discharge and recharge quickly.

PNNL team develops sodium-manganese oxide electrodes for sodium-ion rechargeable batteries

Green Car Congress

A team of scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and visiting researchers from Wuhan University in Wuhan, China have developed single crystalline sodium-manganese oxide (Na 4 Mn 9 O 18 ) nanowires that show a high, reversible sodium ion insertion/extraction capacity, excellent cycling ability, and promising rate capability for sodium-ion battery applications. low-cost Na-ion battery system for upcoming power and energy.

Sodium 195

DOE announces $26.6M SBIR/STTR FY15 Phase 1 Release 2 awards; fuel cells, batteries, power electronics and efficient combustion engines

Green Car Congress

Of these, 16 are vehicle-related, encompassing projects developing batteries, power electronics and improved combustion engine technology including on-board reformers, and two are specifically hydrogen fuel cell-related. Fuel Cell-Battery Electric Hybrid for Utility or Municipal MD or HD Bucket Trucks (H2BT) The fuel cell bucket truck has no emission and saves 1,400 gallons of diesel fuel per year. Batteries Engines Fuel Cells Hydrogen Li-Sulfur Power Electronics

2015 195

UK’s Network Rail developing a prototype battery-powered train; trying Li-ion and sodium-nickel batteries

Green Car Congress

The UK’s Network Rail, the company that runs, maintains and develops Britain’s rail tracks, signaling, bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts and 17 key stations, is part of an industry study into the feasibility of using battery electric trains on parts of the railway which have not been electrified. A battery-powered train could use non-electrified and diesel lines, and recharge their batteries at terminal stations—i.e.,

2013 174

Ford unveils C-MAX Solar Energi concept; “plug-in” hybrid not dependent on electric grid can fully recharge from sun

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company announced the C-MAX Solar Energi Concept, a sun-powered hybrid vehicle that can deliver the efficiency of a plug-in hybrid without depending on the electric grid for recharging. Instead of recharging its battery from an electrical outlet, Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept uses a special Fresnel lens-based solar concentrator as a stationary canopy working with solar panels on the vehicle roof to recharge directly from the sun.

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Volvo teams with Starbucks to install EV charging network at U.S. locations


The charging stations, powered by ChargePoint, will be installed at up to 15 stores along a 1,350-miles corridor from Seattle to Denver. ChargePoint’s DC fast chargers would supply Volvo’s C40 Recharge from 20 percent state of charge to 90 percent in just 40 minutes.

Volvo 113

Mercedes-Benz Introduces the Battery-Powered A-Class E-CELL; Production Run of 500

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz is introducing the A-Class E-CELL, a compact five-seat battery-electric car with a range of more than 200 km (124 miles) (NEDC), targeted as a family EV for urban areas. In line with the strategy used for hybrid development, Mercedes engineers have developed a modular system for electric vehicles with battery and fuel-cell. Both energy storage units in the electric A-Class are the same as the battery in the smart fortwo electric drive. The A-Class E-CELL.

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Researchers Demonstrate Autonomous Underwater Vehicle With Novel Thermal Recharging Engine

Green Car Congress

NASA, US Navy and university researchers have successfully demonstrated the first robotic underwater vehicle to be powered entirely by ocean thermal energy. The Sounding Oceanographic Lagrangrian Observer Thermal RECharging ( SOLO-TREC ) autonomous underwater vehicle uses a novel thermal recharging engine powered by the natural temperature differences found at different ocean depths. Its thermal recharging engine produced about 1.7

2010 163

The Volvo Recharge

Plug In Partners

Volvo Cars is introducing the Volvo ReCharge Concept , a plug-in hybrid with individual electric wheel motors and batteries that can be recharged via a regular electrical outlet for maximum environmental benefit. Recharging allows the car to be driven about 100 kilometres on battery power alone before the car's four-cylinder Flexifuel engine is needed to power the car and recharge the battery.

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Porsche’s 800V electric sports car Taycan makes world debut

Green Car Congress

The event locations also symbolized three forms of sustainable energy: the Niagara Falls at the border between the US state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario representing hydropower; a solar farm in Neuhardenberg near Berlin representing solar power; and a wind farm on Pingtan Island around 150 kilometers from the Chinese city of Fuzhou in the province of Fujian representing wind power. Less powerful variants of these all-wheel drive vehicles will follow this year.

2019 216

Lux: future use of wide bandgap materials in power electronics will reduce EV cost

Green Car Congress

Power savings in plug-in vehicles versus total savings per car. Using wide bandgap (WBG) materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN)s for power electronics can improve efficiency and thereby reduce the high cost of battery packs, according to a new report from Lux Research. As silicon struggles to meet higher performance standards, WBG materials are benefiting critically from evolving battery economics. Electric (Battery) Power Electronics

2014 195

King County Metro to begin testing electric buses that can travel more than 140 miles on a single charge

Green Car Congress

King County Metro, the public transit authority of King County, Washington, which includes the city of Seattle, will soon begin testing long-range battery-powered buses that can travel more than 140 miles on a single charge, the latest milestone toward a zero-emission fleet. At that distance, the battery-powered buses could satisfy about 70% of Metro’s bus routes, reducing air and noise pollution throughout the region. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty

2018 298

Rolls-Royce developing turbogenerator technology for hybrid-electric aviation applications

Green Car Congress

The system will be an on-board power source with scalable power offerings and will complement the Rolls-Royce Electrical propulsion portfolio, enabling extended range on sustainable aviation fuels and later as it comes available through hydrogen combustion.

Hybrid 364

French Gendarmerie takes delivery of first 395 screen-printed PEUGEOT 3008 PHEVs

Green Car Congress

The rechargeable hybrid systemÚ will now be used in screen-printed intervention vehicles, in addition to a rollout of unmarked versions in 2020. Battery power: 90 kW. Battery capacity: 13.2

PHEV 298

Equipmake-powered electric bus heads for Argentina

Green Car Congress

This modular and scaleable battery drivetrain, developed at Equipmake’s HQ in Snetterton, is the same technology also used in Equipmake’s new London-specification bus, the double decker Jewel E. Bus Conversions Electric (Battery

BHP orders two Wabtec FLXdrive battery-electric locomotives

Green Car Congress

Wabtec Corporation announced an order from BHP Western Australia Iron Ore (WAIO) for two FLXdrive battery locomotives ( earlier post ). The deal builds momentum in the market for the world’s first 100%, battery-powered locomotive and supports the Australia-based natural resource company’s plan to decarbonize its rail network. The FLXdrive battery-electric locomotive represents the future of sustainable rail operations. Electric (Battery) Mining Rail

Solaris receives first order for 10 electric buses under a tender for 530 e-buses for Hamburg

Green Car Congress

The carrier opted for Solaris High Energy+ batteries that will be conventionally charged by plugging them in. In addition, the vehicles will feature thermal pre-conditioning to ensure optimal vehicle temperature during battery recharge. Bus Electric (Battery) Sales

2020 355

Yesterday's hybrid car is tomorrow's Energizer battery

Green Car Reports

That battery-powered alarm clock or flashlight in your house could very well contain a piece of an old hybrid car. Energizer now makes rechargeable AA and AAA batteries with four-percent recycled content, by weight. This new Recharge line includes some material from retired hybrid-car battery packs. DON'T MISS: Nickel-Metal-Hydride Batteries For. Manufacturing Batteries Recycling

ABB partners with Vigor selects ABB as propulsion and energy storage partner for hybrid-electric ferries

Green Car Congress

The new vessels will be able to fully operate on battery power and will have the capability to revert to hybrid mode, if required. The battery power can also extend zero-emissions capability along the supply chain by using renewables and hydroelectric power.

2020 212

Citroën introducing its electric MPV: ë-SpaceTourer

Green Car Congress

Like its PEUGEOT cousin, the Citroën ë-SpaceTourer is based on the EMP2 platform, seats up to 9 people and offers a choice of two range levels depending on battery power (50 kWh/230 km or 75 kWh/330 km in WLTP cycle). Electric (Battery) Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 297

Penn State team investigates battery requirements for eVTOL applications vs EVs

Green Car Congress

The unique operating profiles and requirements of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft—also known as flying cars—present formidable challenges to batteries. EVTOL requirements on battery specific power and energy.

Solaris to deliver another 6 electric buses to Szczecin

Green Car Congress

The company also placed the best offer in another tender, for the supply of six 12-meter battery-powered buses. The Solaris Urbino electric buses for Szczecin will be equipped with Solaris High Power batteries with a capacity of more than 120 kWh.

Toyota launches new RAV4 PHEV in Japan

Green Car Congress

The front motor and inverter achieve more powerful output than the RAV4 hybrid system, and the combination with the new model, high-capacity, high-output lithium-ion battery achieves maximum system output of 225 kW, facilitating sporty, powerful driving.

2020 256

DOE sets technical targets for hydrogen fuel-cell long-haul Class 8 trucks

Green Car Congress

Targets for battery electric tractor-trailer trucks will also be added to the Electrified Powertrain Roadmap. Hydrogen can offer high gravimetric energy storage density and fast refueling/recharging times, enabling longer driving range and higher vehicle utilization factors.

2020 364

Sanyo outlines plans for lithium-ion battery market

Green Cars News

Having already outlined its plans to become a key player in the lithium-ion battery market, the Nikkei now reports that Sanyo Electric will launch mass production of the batteries for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles by fiscal 2012. The company is pouring $2.126billion into rechargeable batteries and solar cells over the next three years which will [.].

Bosch developing cloud-based swarm intelligence services to augment EV battery management systems

Green Car Congress

To help electric vehicle batteries last longer, Bosch is developing new cloud services that supplement the individual vehicles’ battery-management systems. Bosch is connecting electric-vehicle batteries with the cloud. Its data-based services mean we can substantially improve batteries’ performance and extend their service life. Smart software functions in the cloud continually analyze the battery status and take appropriate action to prevent or slow down cell aging.

2019 218

Green Deals: GOTRAX Shift S1 electric bike takes you around town this spring at $499, more


With a range as long as it has, you can easily trek to and from work or the store before it’s time to recharge. Head below for more deals on battery-powered lawn tools, solar-powered LED lights, and of course Electrek’s best EV buying and leasing deals.

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AKASOL to supply battery systems for Alstom’s hydrogen trains

Green Car Congress

AKASOL will supply battery systems for more than 40 Coradia iLint hydrogen trains ( earlier post ), which have been ordered from Alstom by the Lower Saxony Transit Authority and the Rhine/Main Regional Transport Association. Batteries Fuel Cells Hydrogen Rail

2020 279

EIA AEO2012 projects potential impacts of significant breakthroughs in battery technology

Green Car Congress

The US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Annual Energy Outlook 2012 (AEO2012) includes a High Technology Battery case that examines the potential impacts of significant breakthroughs in battery electric vehicle technology on the cost and price of all types of battery powered electric vehicles. Cost to consumers of battery storage in two AEO cases. Recharging times. Recharging times differ dramatically depending on the voltage of the outlet.

2012 210

BMW unveils new 7 Series; battery-electric i7

Green Car Congress

The 2023 BMW 740i is powered by a thoroughly upgraded version of the iconic B58 3-liter TwinPower Turbo inline six-cylinder engine. The 760i xDrive combines the power of the 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V8 with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive.

BMW 353

New electrode material for solid-state batteries improves performance

Green Car Congress

A research team from Japan has recently developed a novel electrode material for all-solid-state batteries (ASSBs) by combining lithium sulfate and lithium ruthenate, which results in improved performance. However, they have never been applied to all-solid-state batteries.

Prototype electric New Flyer transit bus powered by 120 kWh MHI MLiX Li-ion pack in operational testing in Manitoba, Canada

Green Car Congress

An all-electric, battery-powered prototype demonstration bus under joint development by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. The 40-foot “E-Bus” is based on New Flyer’s 40-foot Xcelsior heavy-duty transit bus and is powered by a 120 kWh lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack developed by MHI. 2012) Development of Large High-performance Lithium-ion Batteries for Power Storage and Industrial Use. Batteries Canada Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty

2012 246

Toyota launches C+pod ultra-compact battery electric vehicle in Japan

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation announced a limited launch of the C+pod ultra-compact battery electric vehicle (BEV) to corporate users, local governments and other organizations that have been exploring new options to drive the popularization of BEVs. Electric (Battery) Japan

2020 401

Green Deals: Tackle yardwork with Greenworks’ 40V cordless lawn mower at a low of $194, more


While you could use your old gas-powered mower, but truthfully, it’s time to upgrade to a battery-powered alternative. Today’s deal ditches gas and oil for a 4.0Ah battery that can run up to 45 minutes at a time between charges.

Volvo Cars introducing production S60L T6 Twin Engine PHEV at the Shanghai Motor Show; on sale next week

Green Car Congress

The car is powered by a Drive-E four-cylinder 2–liter gasoline engine, linked to rear-axle drive 50 kW electric motor, powered by an energy-optimized 11.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Twin Engine variants come with three drive modes: Pure, Hybrid or Power. In Pure mode, the car is powered solely by its electric motor as much as possible. In Power mode, the technology is optimized to give the car the maximum possible power.

2015 233

Daimler Trucks unveils Mercedes-Benz fuel-cell concept truck, previews long-haul battery-electric truck; electrification strategy

Green Car Congress

Daimler Trucks also presented for the first time a preview of a purely battery-powered long-haul truck, the Mercedes-Benz eActros LongHaul, which is designed to cover regular journeys on routes that can be planned in an energy-efficient manner.

2020 344

AR?V eBikes from GM are available for preorder; two models on

Green Car Congress

V eBikes are launching first in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, due to the popularity of lithium-ion battery-powered eBikes in those markets. The motor delivers top-of-segment power and torque for its size. It also enables speeds up to 25 km/h with four levels of pedal-assisted power. The battery was validated to rigorous safety standards similar to GM’s EV batteries. V eBike’s battery in approximately 3.5 Electric (Battery) Personal Transi

2019 224

How Long Until EV Fleets Take Over the Supply Chain?

Clean Fleet Report

UPS has ordered 10,000 electric vehicles and FedEx plans to make its entire pickup and delivery fleet battery-powered by 2040. Modern EVs have enough range for last-mile deliveries, but cross-country journeys are another story, especially considering how long it takes to recharge.

Si-dominant Li-ion company Enevate targeting power tool market

Green Car Congress

Enevate, a pioneer in advanced silicon-dominant lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology capable of high energy density and fast charging for electric vehicles (EV), is applying its battery solutions to advanced power cells for the power tool market and other high power applications.

2020 256