OER Had Its Breakthrough in 2017. Next Year, It Will Become an Essential Teaching Tool

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Until recently, the use of OER—digital educational materials that are both more easily adaptable by instructors and more affordable than traditional textbooks—was being led by early-adopter professors driven by a desire to improve teaching and an interest in new technology. Again, OER has technological advantages it can exploit to achieve this. And not all OER materials are supported by all technologies, so not every platform allows students to use whatever device they own.

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Mobilizing the Health Call Center Workforce (& Why It’s Needed)

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As an increasing number of consumers turn to their smartphones instead of their laptops, industries such as healthcare must also consider how their employees use technology on-the-go , including mobilizing the health call center workforce in a way that best fits their unique needs.

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Verizon replaces 234 vans in New York City with hybrid vans using XL Hybrids technology

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The 234 new Verizon vans feature technology installed by XL Hybrids, Inc., XL3 hybrid-electric technology leaves the Chevy engine, transmission, fuel system and exhaust system, as well as the complete Chevy warranty, completely intact.

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Fisker files patents on solid-state battery technology; anticipating automotive-ready from 2023

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Fisker claims that this technology will enable ranges of more than 500 miles on a single charge and charging times as low as one minute—faster than filling up a gas tank. Fisker anticipates the technology to be automotive production grade ready from 2023 onwards.

Ricardo licenses Qualcomm wireless EV charging technology for commercialization

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Ricardo has licensed Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology to commercialize WEVC systems for Plug-In Hybrid (PHEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Dana presenting VariGlide beltless transmission technology at International VDI Conference

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Dana’s VariGlide technology features a unique planetary, coaxial configuration, which eliminates belts and pulleys used in conventional CVTs. In 2012, Dana formed a strategic relationship with Fallbrook Technologies Inc.

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Daimler and LBBW successfully utilize blockchain technology for launch of corporate Schuldschein

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Daimler AG and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) for the first time have jointly used blockchain technology to execute a financial transaction. Blockchain technology makes it possible to conduct direct and secure financial transactions worldwide within seconds.

DAIHEN to supply wireless EV charging stations with WiTricity technology

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>DAIHEN Corporation, a global leader in electric power transmission, distribution products and industrial robotics, has secured a license to commercialize wireless charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) utilizing WiTricity’s patented technology. DAIHEN began shipments of wireless charging systems for industrial materials handling in 2016 after entering into a licensing and technology transfer agreement with WiTricity.

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Rolls-Royce signs collaboration agreement with Jordan for small modular reactor technology

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Rolls-Royce signed a Memorandum of Understanding with state-owned Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) to conduct a technical feasibility study for the construction of a Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor (SMR) in Jordan, highlighting the growing international interest in small modular nuclear technology.

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New thermally durable solid-state Li-ion battery technology from Hitachi and Tohoku University

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and Tohoku University’s Advanced Institute for Material Research (AIMR) have demonstrated technology reducing the internal resistance of all-solid-state lithium ion batteries (Li-ion battery) through the use of LiBH 4 -based complex hydrides as novel solid electrolytes. Hitachi, Ltd.

Berkeley Lab awarded $4.6M for transformational agriculture technologies

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million to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for two transformational agriculture technology projects. Development of the Tomographic Electrical Rhizosphere Imaging (TERI) technology, which was awarded $2.3 million, Berkeley Lab physicists led by Arun Persaud of the Accelerator Technology & Applied Physics (ATAP) Division will build an instrument to analyze soil chemistry, without disturbing it, by means of inelastic neutron scattering. “

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Volvo Cars and Geely to establish JV to boost synergies, accelerate next-gen electrified vehicle technology

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Volvo Cars plans to set up a new joint venture technology company with Geely Holding, the Chinese car group, to share existing and future technology, to deepen industrial synergies and to provide the economies of scale that will allow them to develop next generation electrified vehicle technology more rapidly. Partnerships to share know-how and technologies are common practice in the automotive industry.

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Efacec licenses Qualcomm’s wireless EV charging technology

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Efacec Electric Mobility, a global supplier of energy, engineering, environment and transportation solutions, has licensed Qualcomm Halo wireless electric vehicle charging technology to commercialise WEVC systems for Plug-In Hybrid (PHEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs). We believe Qualcomm Halo technology delivers the most advanced and comprehensive WEVC technology available today.

Volvo tests Flybrid KERS technology

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Volvo Car Group''s engineering company, Flybrid Automotive, has been testing a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) on passenger cars in the UK. Volvo says that the system is capable of cutting fuel consumption by 25% while offering 80 extra horsepower.

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DARPA invests $2.7M in QinetiQ electric wheel-hub drive technology; moving to build-and-test phase

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investment in UK-based QinetiQ’s electric hub-drive technology. In addition to creating possibilities for pioneering future designs, the technology has the potential to enhance present-day military vehicles. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced a $2.7m

Graphene ultracapacitor company Skeleton Technologies secures €4M from KIC InnoEnergy; targeting 20 Wh/kg by 2020

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European ultracapacitor manufacturer Skeleton Technologies received a €4-million (US$4.4-million) investment from KIC InnoEnergy, an investment company dedicated to promoting sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe’s energy industry.

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Battelle/Concurrent Technologies Corporation technology positioning paper: Improving Li-ion battery safety without decreasing energy density

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introduction: The following technology positioning paper is a joint effort by a team from Battelle and Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC). The paper outlines the technology landscape and the opportunities that exist in the area of improved Li-ion battery safety. Energy is a common technology area on which both research organizations focus in different ways, noted Dr. Vicki Barbur, CTC Senior Vice President and CTO.

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China R&D company introduces micro-turbine range extender technology at Geneva

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Techrules said that its newly developed battery management technologies enable superior charging efficiency. Where charging points are unavailable TREV technology can recharge batteries anywhere, either while underway or when parked.

CSIRO licenses technology to Amfora for production of oil in leaves and stems of plants; participates in Series A

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Innovation Leader with CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Allan Green, said that this was the first of many applications of the technology, which can be used to produce energy-rich feed for livestock as well as for human food, biofuels and industrial uses.

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AAM develops new axle technology; lighter, more efficient for up to 1.5% better fuel economy

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American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) has developed completely new, significantly improved axle technology. of vehicle weight savings, said Phil Guys, AAM vice president and chief technology officer. “

Maxwell Technologies to acquire Nesscap Energy for $23M; strengthens position in automotive, industrial, wind

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Maxwell Technologies and Nesscap Energy Inc., With a strengthened sales channel, increased R&D capabilities, and improved manufacturing efficiencies, Maxwell will be able to deliver more products, faster into target markets thereby benefitting customers and other technology adopters.

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Finnish electric powertrain company Visedo raises €20M to support global expansion; SRPM technology

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The equity investment round was led by Emerald Technology Ventures, with Ilmarinen, LähiTapiola, Suffice International, Sinituote, Finnish Industry Investment, VNT Management, Green Campus Innovations and Visedo’s employees participating in the funding. —Charles Vaslet, Partner at Emerald Technology Ventures.

Volvo Cars and Geely agree on technology sharing and the formation of LYNK & CO; next-gen electrified vehicle tech

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Volvo Cars and Geely Holding have completed the formation of two new entities to share existing and future technology and provide the economies of scale that will allow them to more rapidly develop next generation electrified vehicle technology. A new technology joint venture will be formed called GV Automobile Technology (Ningbo) Co.

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Toyota pops the hood on the technology of the fuel cell Mirai at SAE World Congress

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At SAE 2015 World Congress last week, Toyota presented a set of four technical papers describing some of the technology innovations used in its production fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle Mirai ( earlier post ). The new fuel cell stack in Mirai increases the current density by a factor of 2.4

Audi ups A3 Sportback e-tron PHEV technology offerings for US MY2017; virtual cockpit

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For MY 2017, Audi has updated its A3 Sportback e-tron plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for the US with improved technology offerings such as the available Audi virtual cockpit and standard driver assistance systems including Audi pre sense front.

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CDP Technologies offering new gaseous fuels aftermarket cylinder head package for GM 6.0L engines

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CDP Technologies, the OEM sales division of Crazy Diamond Performance Inc., will offer a new aftermarket gaseous fuels-prepped cylinder head package for GM 6.0L engines.

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FEV, Lightspeed Technologies to demo fiber optic-based optical and electronic architecture for automotive applications

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FEV) and Lightspeed Technologies have jointly created an automotive O/E (Optical and Electronic) system architecture technology that transmits photons over plastic optical fiber in lieu of E/E (Electricity and Electronics) technologies that typically conduct electrons over copper. The technology has already been proven in aircraft and military applications. The partners will demonstrate the technology at CES 2018 next month in Las Vegas. FEV North America, Inc.

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Daimler Trucks invests in Israeli nanotechnology materials pioneer StoreDot; FlashBattery technology

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StoreDot’s FlashBattery technology enables charging any electric vehicle within minutes, as quickly as filling a tank of gas. Both partners will jointly work on tailor-made, integrated technologies, with the future-generation FUSO eCanter ( earlier post ) as a possible example of application.

DOE: 11% of motor vehicles jobs focus on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles

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million jobs supported by the motor vehicles and component parts industry for the first quarter of 2016 were related to alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. According to figures gathered by the US Department of Energy (DOE), 11% of the 2.3

Porsche presents new 919 Hybrid LMP1 racer; 800V battery technology

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VTG technology used here—the variable adaptation of the turbine geometry to the level of exhaust pressure drives the turbines, even at low engine revs and low pressure.

First product at ENVIA Energy’s small-scale GTL plant in Oklahoma City; Velocys technology

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The ENVIA plant uses Velocys technology for small-scale GTL. This is a landmark event for Velocys’ technology and its commercial reference plant. The first Fischer-Tropsch product has been successfully produced at ENVIA Energy’s GTL plant in Oklahoma City. These products are fractionated on site to produce premium wax, diesel and naphtha.

Cummins acquiring Brammo for energy storage technology

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Cummins Inc. is acquiring the assets of Brammo, Inc., which designs and develops battery packs for mobile and stationary applications. Adding Brammo’s battery pack expertise and resources is an important step for Cummins in its efforts to become a global electrified power leader. Brammo began developing and building electric motorcycles in 2007; the company originally developed custom battery modules for electric racing motorcycles that could compete and win against gas equivalents.

Video explains how electric cars work, battery and motor technology included

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While many drivers generally understand the concept of an electric car, understanding generally stops there. It's a car, and you plug it in to get power to run it. That's fine as far as it goes. Beyond that, things get hazy pretty quickly, we've found.

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Toyota changes course, offers to share hybrid technology with rivals

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Over the past six months, Toyota has made some remarkable decisions about its present and future car technologies. Now, the company has decided to offer its proprietary hybrid technology in volume to other automakers. After years of staunch opposition to battery-electric vehicles, it committed to launching one by 2020. DON'T MISS: Toyota battery. parts suppliers Future Cars hybrid sales

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SAE International and @GM announce new collegiate competition for autonomous technology; Chevy #Bolt as platform

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During the AutoDrive Challenge, students will focus on autonomous technologies and allow for modification and testing throughout the three-year competition. The focus will be on real-world applications of sensing technologies, computing platforms, software design implementation and advanced computation methods such as: computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, sensor fusion and autonomous vehicle controls.

Onboard Dynamics receives $3M from ARPA-E, others for innovative CNG refueling technology

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Onboard Dynamics is currently pursuing two compressed natural gas refueling solutions, based on novel technology for both on- and off-vehicle applications: A fully integrated onboard engine-compressor system. Onboard Dynamics, Inc.

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Exxon backs carbon-capture technology to feed fuel cells

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The oil giant announced Thursday that it is expanding a partnership with Connecticut-based FuelCell Energy to develop the smaller company's fuel-cell technology. ExxonMobil is backing a new process that would capture carbon dioxide form power plants, and use it to feed fuel cells. FuelCell hopes to combine carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). oil Carbon carbon dioxide clean energy Exxon

Chronocam raises $15M in Series B; high-performance bio-inspired vision technology for autos and other machines

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Chronocam will use the investment to accelerate product development and commercialize its computer vision sensing and processing technology.

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Bosch and SBB Cargo working on connected rail freight wagon; leveraging automotive technology

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Bosch Engineering is leveraging its automotive connectivity technology and working with Swiss rail freight operator SBB Cargo to develop rail logistics into a connected transport system.

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Researcher makes suggestions for battery technology

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