Cummins fuel cell technology powers Coradia iLint fleet in Germany

Green Car Congress

The facility opened earlier this year, enabling accelerated adoption of hydrogen technologies across Europe and globally. Cummins is powering the world’s first fleet of hydrogen trains in Bremervörde, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Rolls-Royce developing turbogenerator technology for hybrid-electric aviation applications

Green Car Congress

Current battery technology means all-electric propulsion will enable eVTOL and fixed wing commuter aircraft for short flights in and between cities and island-hopping in locations such as Norway and the Scottish Isles.

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FreeWire Technologies to make available ultrafast, battery-integrated EV charging for Chevron and Texaco stations

Green Car Congress

FreeWire Technologies, a global electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy solutions provider and a manufacturer of ultrafast, battery-integrated EV charging stations and power solutions ( earlier post ), announced a program to make available battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and solutions for Chevron-branded stations.

Airbus opening UK Zero Emission Development Center for hydrogen technologies

Green Car Congress

Airbus is sterngthening its presence in the UK with the launch of a Zero Emission Development Center (ZEDC) for hydrogen technologies.

SwRI successfully demonstrates drone autonomy technology

Green Car Congress

SwRI’s UAS, or drone, technology can potentially assist in life-saving search-and-rescue missions and hazardous inspections at industrial facilities and infrastructure following natural disasters and other incidents.

Lightning Motorcycles reveals electric Bonneville Superbike with Niobium technology

Green Car Congress

Tachyon Nb is developed using Niobium technology and combines extreme high performance and innovations to target breaking the world Land Speed Record and exceeding the 250 mph (400 km/h) mark. Lightning Motorcycles has revealed its new electric Bonneville Superbike: Tachyon Nb.

Purem by Eberspaecher introduces efficient exhaust technology for hydrogen engines

Green Car Congress

Purem by Eberspaecher is introducing efficient exhaust technology for hydrogen engines. The applied technology is based on the well-established expertise of Purem by Eberspaecher in the development and production of exhaust-emission conversion systems for applications with fossil fuels.

Next-generation atomic clocks: Advancing quantum technology

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A research team from Birmingham University, a part of the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, has developed next-generation atomic clocks. The post Next-generation atomic clocks: Advancing quantum technology appeared first on Innovation News Network.

FREYR Battery establishes technology center in Boston

Green Car Congress

FREYR Battery, a Nordic developer of clean, next-generation battery cell production capacity, has opened its first US-based technology center in Boston in accordance with the company’s expansion strategy. In addition to the JV with KSP, which is intended to position the partners among the largest battery manufacturers in the US, FREYR has already established a long-term partnership with 24M Technologies, also based in the Boston area.

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BASF introduces X3D catalyst shaping technology for optimized catalyst performance; 3D printing

Green Car Congress

BASF has introduced the novel X3D technology, a new additive manufacturing technology for catalysts based on 3D printing. The technology offers a greater freedom of catalyst design compared to conventional production technologies.

Hyliion acquires KARNO fuel-agnostic generator technology from GE for range-extended electric truck

Green Car Congress

The technology is expected to achieve a 20%+ efficiency improvement over today’s conventional generators and could be more efficient than most available fuel cells. The technology uses heat to drive a sealed linear generator to produce electricity.

Range 356

Ionic Mineral Technologies debuts halloysite-derived nano-silicon anode material Ionisil

Green Car Congress

Ionic Mineral Technologies ( Ionic MT ), a US-based advanced battery materials technology company, emerged from stealth mode to debut its halloysite-derived nano-silicon, Ionisil, which can be used as a drop-in replacement for graphite in lithium-based batteries.

ExxonMobil developing methanol-to-jet SAF technology

Green Car Congress

ExxonMobil has developed a unique process technology to enable the manufacture of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from renewable methanol. This expands upon ExxonMobil’s suite of technology solutions that are engineered to manufacture SAF from other biofeeds. Reaching that goal by 2050 will require a multi-faceted approach, including advancements in aircraft-related technology, changes to infrastructure and operations, and a dramatic increase in SAF supply.

Adden Energy launches with technology license from Harvard to scale solid-state battery technology for EVs

Green Car Congress

a startup developing innovative solid-state battery systems for use in future electric vehicles (EVs) that would fully charge in minutes, announced the grant of an exclusive technology license by Harvard University’s Office of Technology Development (OTD) and a seed round financing of $5.15 We set out to commercialize this technology because we do see our technology as unique compared to other solid-state batteries. Adden Energy, Inc.,

Boundary Layer Technologies reveals ELECTRA all-electric hydrofoiling ferry concept

Green Car Congress

Boundary Layer Technologies, a California-based marine technology startup, revealed its concept design for a fully electric hydrofoiling ferry: ELECTRA. Hydrofoil technology is the key to enabling electrification of passenger ferries.

Breakthrough technology discovers the origin of cosmic rays

Innovation News Network

The post Breakthrough technology discovers the origin of cosmic rays appeared first on Innovation News Network. Space Space TechnologyResearchers have developed a new simulation programme which is able to source the unknown origins of cosmic rays.


Understanding the Fuel Cell Technology and the chemistry behind it

Bikli Waligaadi

The Fuel Cell Technology : Hydrogen and oxygen in, water out, perfectly clean fuel-cell technology, but this whole thing is. The post Understanding the Fuel Cell Technology and the chemistry behind it appeared first on Electric Vehicles_(India).

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GKN Automotive launches next-generation inverter, compatible with 800V technology

Green Car Congress

GKN Automotive has launched its next-generation inverter,v ompatible with advanced 800V electric vehicle technology. A key development is the integration of 800V technology, which will mean faster charging times, increased battery size, and improved performance for future electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz acquires electric motor technology company YASA

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz has acquired YASA, a pioneer in next-generation electric drive technology. Founded in 2009, YASA’s proprietary axial-flux electric motor is a step-change from the legacy radial electric motor technology.

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Gatik and Cummins integrate Gatik’s autonomous driving technology with Cummins’ advanced powertrain

Green Car Congress

The integration of Gatik’s commercial-grade autonomous technology with Cummins’ powertrain increases functional safety and enhances reliability of the autonomous system, while improving fuel efficiency and offering superior vehicle performance on Gatik’s short-haul, B2B delivery routes.

Isuzu 332

GM and OneD Battery Sciences collaborate on joint R&D of silicon anode technology for Ultium cells

Green Car Congress

GM Ventures and Volta Energy Technologies also participated in OneD’s Series C funding round, which the company recently closed at $25 million. SINANODE technology allows wet or dry electrode coating, offering further cost reductions.

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Lilium’s eVTOL jet technology demonstrator achieves main wing transition

Green Car Congress

Lilium, developer of an all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet, recently announced that its technology demonstrator Phoenix 2 achieved main wing transition. An image of the Lilium Jet Technology demonstrator showing main wing transition.

Nissan, Tohoku U develop new technology using catalyst active species to inactivate viruses

Green Car Congress

Nissan Motor has jointly developed a technology with Tohoku University’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences that inactivates viruses using catalyst active species for aerobic oxidation. This technology utilizes organic nitroxyl radical oxidation catalysts (radical catalysts).

Nissan 239

Meta Materials acquires assets and IP of Optodot; battery separators and coating technology

Green Car Congress

Optodot is a developer and licensor of nano-composite battery separators and infrared optical coating technologies, based in Devens, Massachusetts. Additional potential applications for NANOPORE nanoporous membrane technology include ultrafiltration and medical metamaterial devices.

Advancing lidar systems with chip-based beam steering technology

Innovation News Network

Scientists at the Technical University of Denmark have achieved a groundbreaking advancement for lidar systems, developing a new chip-based beam steering technology that significantly optimises lidar. Technology Disruptive Technology

@eriqgardner: Spotify Hit With $1.6 Billion Copyright Lawsuit Over Tom Petty, Weezer, Neil Young Songs [Music Modernization Act Fallout]

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In a curious twist, Eriq Gardner reports that the controversial Music Modernization Act has already prompted the inevitible litigation from a publisher seeking to beat the bill’s new safe harbor deadline applicable to lawsuits filed after January 1, 2018. Wixen Pubilshing filed the new lawsuit on December 29, 2017, two years to the day after David Lowery filed the first class action against Spotify, but before the Music Modernization Act legislation is even available on

2018 214

ClearFlame Engine Technologies hits multiple manufacturing, customer pilot, and fueling milestones

Green Car Congress

ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a company developing net-zero engine technology ( earlier post ), has hit a number of key milestones through multiple partnerships with customers, manufacturers, and fuel providers.

FREYR Battery in strategic partnership with Hana Technology for battery automation production equipment

Green Car Congress

FREYR Battery has awarded a strategic alliance frame agreement to South Korea-based Hana Technology. Hana Technology develops precision automation solutions for battery facilities and other industrial operations. We selected Hana Technology due to their proven track record with major Korean battery manufacturers. Hana Technology will also collaborate with FREYR to review, develop, and improve its technical documentation.

Toyota introduces home storage battery system based on EV battery technology

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor is introducing the O-Uchi Kyuden System, a home storage battery system based on its electrified vehicle battery technology. The O-Uchi Kyuden System uses electrified vehicle battery technology such as Toyota’s battery control to provide a rated capacity of 8.7

£273m funding to revolutionise UK’s aerospace innovation technologies

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The UK government has announced today – 18 July 2022 – a £273m investment into revolutionising the UK’s aerospace innovation technologies. The post £273m funding to revolutionise UK’s aerospace innovation technologies appeared first on Innovation News Network.

Sensata Technologies develops passive inceptor for eVTOL aircraft

Green Car Congress

Sensata Technologies has developed a new fly-by-wire inceptor (sidesticks or centersticks used to direct and maneuver aircraft) for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and has provided prototypes to several advanced air mobility manufacturers.

Toyota developing hydrogen combustion engine technologies through motorsports

Green Car Congress

Toyota has long engaged in the innovation of engine technology. It is also applying the technologies that it has continued to refine through its participation in motorsports to production vehicles, with the GR Yaris launched last September being one example.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures backs methanol fuel cell company Blue World Technologies

Green Car Congress

As a flexible power solution, the Blue World Technologies methanol fuel cell system can be used for auxiliary power, for smaller gensets or larger power units in the megawatt range, or for propulsion depending on ship type and customer needs.

Raven SR and Emerging Fuels Technology to collaborate on syngas upgrading for SAF and renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

Raven SR, a renewable fuels company, and Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to integrate their respective technologies into an advanced system for producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel. The resulting production platform will include Raven SR’s patented Steam/CO 2 Reformer process ( earlier post ) and EFT’s patented Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and Maxx Jet/ Maxx Diesel upgrading technology.

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Electro-hydraulic system wins Volvo Technology Award

Green Car Congress

significant improvements in energy-efficiency, has received the Volvo Technology Award 2021. The company anticipates the new technology to be available in the excavator market in a near future.

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ZF presents advanced steer-by-wire technology for the front axle

Green Car Congress

During an annual global technology event, ZF presented its advanced steer-by-wire technology for the front axle and announced that this technology will be launched with industrial scale by a major global automaker within the next year.

UK government invests £54m in carbon removal technologies

Innovation News Network

The UK government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy recently announced a £54m investment into carbon removal technologies. The post UK government invests £54m in carbon removal technologies appeared first on Innovation News Network.

GTI launching a hydrogen technology center

Green Car Congress

GTI, a research, development and training organization focused on natural gas and energy markets, is launching a hydrogen technology center. GTI has expertise in new storage and conversion technologies with materials development and testing.

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American Battery Technology Company receives $2M USABC award to demo integrated Li-ion battery recycling technologies

Green Car Congress

This is American Battery Technology Company’s first contract with USABC. —project Principal Investigator and American Battery Technology Company CEO Ryan Melsert. USCAR is the collaborative technology company of Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Stellantis.

Li-ion 228

QuantumScape releases performance data for its solid-state battery technology

Green Car Congress

In addition, the data shows QuantumScape battery technology is capable of lasting hundreds of thousands of miles, and is designed to operate at a wide range of temperatures, including results that show operation at -30 degrees Celsius.

2020 383

Zhejiang Methanol Hydrogen and Element 1 partner to deliver hydrogen generation technology to Greater China

Green Car Congress

Element 1 Corporation (e1NA), Zhejiang Methanol Hydrogen Technology (ZMHT) and Zhejiang Element 1 (e1China) have formed a joint venture company—Zhejiang Hydrogen One Energy Technology Co.,

European Innovation Agenda: Making Europe a global leader in technology

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The post European Innovation Agenda: Making Europe a global leader in technology appeared first on Innovation News Network. Technology Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Disruptive Technology

Chemours plans $200M investment to expand capacity and advanced technology for Nafion ion-exchange materials

Green Car Congress

The Chemours Company is planning a $200-million investment to increase capacity and advance technology for its Nafion ion exchange materials to support the hydrogen economy. Accelerated climate ambitions and energy challenges have fast-tracked demand for hydrogen power and fuel cell technology. The investment will focus on the Nafion ion exchange materials technology platform.