Purem by Eberspaecher introduces efficient exhaust technology for hydrogen engines

Green Car Congress

Purem by Eberspaecher is introducing efficient exhaust technology for hydrogen engines. The applied technology is based on the well-established expertise of Purem by Eberspaecher in the development and production of exhaust-emission conversion systems for applications with fossil fuels.

SwRI successfully demonstrates drone autonomy technology

Green Car Congress

SwRI’s UAS, or drone, technology can potentially assist in life-saving search-and-rescue missions and hazardous inspections at industrial facilities and infrastructure following natural disasters and other incidents.


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Zhejiang Methanol Hydrogen and Element 1 partner to deliver hydrogen generation technology to Greater China

Green Car Congress

Element 1 Corporation (e1NA), Zhejiang Methanol Hydrogen Technology (ZMHT) and Zhejiang Element 1 (e1China) have formed a joint venture company—Zhejiang Hydrogen One Energy Technology Co.,

Germany to invest up to €290M to launch the Innovation and Technology Center for Hydrogen (ITZ H2)

Green Car Congress

Germany will invest up to €290 million to launch the Innovation and Technology Center for Hydrogen (Innovations- und Technologiezentrum für Wasserstoff, ITZ H 2 ), following the positive conclusion of a feasibility study (German only).

Boundary Layer Technologies reveals ELECTRA all-electric hydrofoiling ferry concept

Green Car Congress

Boundary Layer Technologies, a California-based marine technology startup, revealed its concept design for a fully electric hydrofoiling ferry: ELECTRA. Hydrofoil technology is the key to enabling electrification of passenger ferries.

Independent study confirms cost savings & emissions advantages for heavy-duty trucks running ClearFlame’s engine technology

Green Car Congress

ClearFlame has developed a technology that allows a heavy-duty engine to continue to operate using MCCI-based combustion when fueled on a wider range of fuels, including ethanol. ClearFlame-based engine technology uses MCCI to maintain diesel engine cycle efficiency and torque.

Mercedes-Benz acquires electric motor technology company YASA

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz has acquired YASA, a pioneer in next-generation electric drive technology. Founded in 2009, YASA’s proprietary axial-flux electric motor is a step-change from the legacy radial electric motor technology.

Motor 359

Eaton’s eMobility business introduces battery disconnect unit featuring updated Breaktor circuit protection technology

Green Car Congress

Power management company Eaton’s eMobility business has introduced a battery disconnect unit (BDU) that can be combined with upgraded Breaktor circuit protection technology to provide circuit protection in electrified vehicles (EVs) while reducing overall complexity and cost.

Eaton 206

@eriqgardner: Spotify Hit With $1.6 Billion Copyright Lawsuit Over Tom Petty, Weezer, Neil Young Songs [Music Modernization Act Fallout]

Green Car Congress

In a curious twist, Eriq Gardner reports that the controversial Music Modernization Act has already prompted the inevitible litigation from a publisher seeking to beat the bill’s new safe harbor deadline applicable to lawsuits filed after January 1, 2018. Wixen Pubilshing filed the new lawsuit on December 29, 2017, two years to the day after David Lowery filed the first class action against Spotify, but before the Music Modernization Act legislation is even available on thomas.gov.

2018 209

Aston Martin to develop high performance battery technology with Britishvolt

Green Car Congress

Aston Martin will develop bespoke high-performance battery cell technology alongside Britishvolt. The collaboration with Britishvolt is complementary to Aston Martin’s strategic technology agreement with Mercedes-Benz AG.

American Battery Technology Company receives $2M USABC award to demo integrated Li-ion battery recycling technologies

Green Car Congress

This is American Battery Technology Company’s first contract with USABC. —project Principal Investigator and American Battery Technology Company CEO Ryan Melsert. USCAR is the collaborative technology company of Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Stellantis.

Li-ion 217

Electro-hydraulic system wins Volvo Technology Award

Green Car Congress

significant improvements in energy-efficiency, has received the Volvo Technology Award 2021. The company anticipates the new technology to be available in the excavator market in a near future.

Volvo 217

HT-PEM fuel cell company Advent Technologies, Hyundai enter technology assessment, sales & development agreement

Green Car Congress

Advent Technologies Holdings, a developer of highly efficient high-temperature PEM fuel cells, and Hyundai Motor Company have signed a technology assessment, sales, and development agreement. Advent and Hyundai aim to deliver green energy solutions to current high carbon applications, using fuel cell technology. The Hyundai Motor Group launched IFAT in 2019 to focus on innovative technologies for future cars.).

Toyota developing hydrogen combustion engine technologies through motorsports

Green Car Congress

Toyota has long engaged in the innovation of engine technology. It is also applying the technologies that it has continued to refine through its participation in motorsports to production vehicles, with the GR Yaris launched last September being one example.

GILLIG and RR.AI to partner on next generation automated vehicle technology for transit buses

Green Car Congress

GILLIG and RR.AI, a developer of autonomous mobility solutions, have entered into a development agreement for next-generation advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and SAE Level 4 autonomous vehicle (AV) technology for GILLIG transit buses in North America.

BMW i Ventures announces lead investment in Mangrove Lithium Series A; green lithium refining technology

Green Car Congress

Mangrove’s patent-pending, proprietary technology uses electrochemical processes to convert lithium chloride and lithium sulfate directly into lithium hydroxide. The technology also produces fungible byproducts, boosting investment rate of return and solidifying project bankability.

Green 217

Amprius Technologies ships first commercially available 450 Wh/kg, 1150 Wh/L batteries

Green Car Congress

Amprius Technologies, Inc., Amprius Technologies’ high-energy-density battery cells have enabled groundbreaking capabilities in long endurance, communications, and high-resolution imaging for cutting-edge stratospheric platforms since 2018.

Vaekstfonden and DEUTZ AG invest €15M in methanol fuel cell company Blue World Technologies

Green Car Congress

Vaekstfonden, the Danish Growth Fund, and the German engine manufacturer DEUTZ AG, are investing €15 million in methanol fuel cell company Blue World Technologies. The Blue World Technologies fuel cells are based on high-temperature PEM-technology combined with methanol reforming.

QuantumScape releases performance data for its solid-state battery technology

Green Car Congress

In addition, the data shows QuantumScape battery technology is capable of lasting hundreds of thousands of miles, and is designed to operate at a wide range of temperatures, including results that show operation at -30 degrees Celsius.

2020 371

DHL installing TRAILAR solar technology on 67 trucks in US

Green Car Congress

Equipping 67 of DHL Express’ medium- and heavy-duty trucks with the TRAILAR solar technology is expected to reduce CO 2 emissions by 1,000 kg per year for each vehicle, also lowering both fuel and maintenance costs.

GTI launching a hydrogen technology center

Green Car Congress

GTI, a research, development and training organization focused on natural gas and energy markets, is launching a hydrogen technology center. GTI has expertise in new storage and conversion technologies with materials development and testing.

2020 301

CoFlow Jet signs JOA with NASA to commercialize deflected slip-stream technology for eV/STOL

Green Car Congress

the technology would allow aircraft to take-off vertically, hover, smoothly transition to cruise and land vertically without using tiltrotors, tiltwings, or lift plus configuration.

ClearFlame Engine Technologies secures $17M in Series A financing

Green Car Congress

ClearFlame Engine Technologies , a startup developing net-zero engine technology ( earlier post ), has secured $17 million in Series A financing, which will enable commercialization of the company’s innovative engine technology for the long-haul trucking, agriculture and power generation sectors.

Lucid Motors releases details about its electric drivetrain technology

Green Car Congress

Lucid has been able to closely match its own computer-modeled predictions in real world testing by carefully engineering its proprietary technology with a focus on optimizing every aspect of the Air’s performance and efficiency.

2020 395

Nissan’s in-development driver-assistance technology aims to dramatically enhance collision avoidance

Green Car Congress

Nissan announced a new driver-assistance technology, which is currently in-development, that utilizes highly accurate, real-time information about the vehicle’s surrounding environment to enhance collision avoidance significantly.

Nissan 217

Blue World Technologies starting production of methanol fuel cells

Green Car Congress

Methanol fuel cell developer and manufacturer Blue World Technologies ( earlier post ) is starting limited production—the first step in commercializing its methanol fuel cell technology. —Anders Korsgaard, CEO and Co-founder of Blue World Technologies.

2020 334

StoreDot develops technology that enables consistent driving range for life of EV batteries

Green Car Congress

StoreDot, the developer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs) ( earlier post ), has developed a now-patented technology that gives EV batteries fixed capacity and driving range throughout their lifespan.

Range 339

StoreDot says it has developed technology extending the life of batteries for first and second life

Green Car Congress

StoreDot, the developer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), says that it has developed advanced technology that extends the lifespan of batteries, making them highly effective not only during the vehicle lifespan, but also for second-life applications.

Boeing’s Insitu advances its fuel cell technology; LH2 fueling

Green Car Congress

The defense industry is growing increasingly interested in the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology, which range from environmental to operational.

Fuel 334

Rolls-Royce makes Duisburg container terminal climate-neutral with mtu hydrogen technology

Green Car Congress

A similar solution is being created in the near future for the Port of Duisburg’s new container terminal with mtu hydrogen technology from Rolls-Royce.

Amprius Technologies announces extreme fast charge capability of 80% charge in 6 minutes

Green Car Congress

Amprius Technologies, a developer of silicon anode Li-ion battery cells, announced a charging rate of six minutes to 80% from 0% state of charge. Additionally, a Fortune 100 company is sampling the technology. —Jon Bornstein, Chief Operating Officer of Amprius Technologies.

Schlumberger, TechMet invest in EnergySource Minerals to scale lithium extraction technology

Green Car Congress

EnergySource Minerals developed the ILiAD technology for its lithium extraction operation at the John L. EnergySource Minerals has already engaged with multiple resource customers to evaluate and deploy the ILiAD technology platform worldwide.

Nevada 226

Nissan unveils lunar rover prototype jointly developed with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency; e-4ORCE control technology

Green Car Congress

The JAXA Space Exploration Innovation Hub Center is conducting research on lunar rovers—a key technology for space exploration. Nissan’s e-4ORCE technology precisely controls all four wheels independently, providing the driver with confidence in various conditions.

Japan 332

BYD introduces Type A battery-electric school bus with V2G technology

Green Car Congress

BYD introduced its Type A battery-electric school bus that also offers innovative vehicle-to-grid technology, allowing the vehicle to serve as a power storage resource when it’s not transporting students. —Samuel Kang, BYD’s Head of Total Technology Solutions.

BYD 323

PG&E and Ford collaborate on bidirectional electric vehicle charging technology in customers’ homes

Green Car Congress

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Ford Motor Company announced a collaboration exploring how Ford’s new F-150 Lightning electric vehicle (EV)—the first commercially available light-duty truck with bidirectional charging technology ( earlier post )—can interact with the electric grid and provide electric reliability benefits to PG&E customers.

Porsche presents 3D-printing technology for bucket seats

Green Car Congress

With the 3D-printed bodyform full-bucket seat, we’re once again giving series-production customers the opportunity to experience technology carried over from motor sports.

2020 278

Lotus reveals new lightweight chassis technology for new family of EVs

Green Car Congress

Just weeks after Lotus confirmed it will be launching a new family of EV performance cars, it has revealed the new lightweight chassis technology that will underpin the electric sports car in the range.

Fisker to establish new technology center in San Francisco

Green Car Congress

announced details surrounding its first dedicated engineering and technology center, to be located in the Mission District of San Francisco. Fisker Inc.

REE selects American Axle for electric drive technology for REEcorners

Green Car Congress

AAM’s award-winning 3-in-1 electric drive technology—which places the electric motor, gearbox and inverter into a single package—will be integrated into REEcorner technology ( earlier post ).

DOE awards $125M to bring clean energy technologies to market

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding a total of $125 million to support 110 clean energy technology projects (DE-FOA-0002381). Through DOE’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program, the phase II awards support the research and development of innovative clean energy technologies toward commercialization.

Clean 264

DOE awards $24.9M to 6 projects to advance hydrogen technologies for electricity generation

Green Car Congress

This includes improving capture of CO 2 associated with hydrogen production from carbon-based resources and technologies to use hydrogen in gas turbines more efficiently for electricity generation. The six industry-sponsored projects will fast-track the development of technologies that will improve the performance, reliability, and flexibility of existing and new hydrogen technologies. The US Department of Energy (DOE) will award $24.9

UBC thermal methane cracking technology deployed to Alberta in $7M test

Green Car Congress

New hydrogen production technology developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) will be tested in a $7-million project between UBC, the government of Alberta and Alberta utility company ATCO. UBC clean hydrogen technology deployed to Alberta in a $7-million collaboration.

Water 351

StoreDot develops technology for self-repairing cells allowing longer battery life and better EV performance

Green Car Congress

StoreDot, the developer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs) ( earlier post ), has developed new patented technology that will allow battery cells to regenerate while they are in use, through a seamless background repair mechanism.