How safe is Tesla Autopilot? Parsing the statistics (as suggested by Elon Musk)

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One of the tools Elon Musk and Tesla Motors have used to defend the safety of its Autopilot software is the dark and perplexing art of statistics. After a fatal Autopilot-related crash in May, a company blog post pointed out that the crash was “the first known fatality in just over 130 million miles where Autopilot was activated.” ” The. Elon Musk NHTSA IIHS Tesla Motors Autonomous cars self-driving cars Tesla Autopilot

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Tesla Autopilot statistics, renewable energy growth, 2017 Nissan Versa Note: Today's Car News

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A look at Tesla's own statistics shows that Autopilot has a higher crash rate than human. Today, we take a close look at Tesla Autopilot crash data, the Department of Energy indicates U.S. renewable energy use will grow in 2017, and the 2017 Nissan Versa Note appears ahead of the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

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Hybrid Search Statistics - Updated

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If you are interested in other statistics we might be able to provide, whether it’s for a research project or simply because you’re curious, leave a comment and we’ll get back to the number crunching!

New statistical method to detect ozone pollution hot spots and monitor instrument failure; combining PCA and MEWMA

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A new statistical method developed by researchers at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia) can detect abnormal ozone levels within large bodies of monitored data. The monitoring methods can quickly and accurately detect ozone anomalies—localized spikes in ozone concentration indicated by sensor data.

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Plug-In Prius Statistics Revealed

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Toyota has officially released several vital statistics pertaining to this Prius PHEV including a first look into the expected emissions and ability to operate in electric only mode Ready to make its debut next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show , the new Plug-In Prius from Toyota is sure to draw a lot of eager show goers its way.


BP Statistical Review finds global oil share down for 12th year in a row, coal share up to highest level since 1969; renewables at 2%

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seen in 2010, according to the newly released BP Statistical Review of World Energy, 2012. World primary energy consumption grew by 2.5% in 2011, close to the historical average. Oil remains the world’s leading fuel, but its 33.1% share of consumption is the lowest on record. Coal’s market share of 30.3% was the highest since 1969. Source: BP. Click to enlarge. Global energy consumption grew by 2.5% in 2011, broadly in line with the historical average but well below the 5.1%

Seventh heaven in the battle against car emissions

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According to statistics released as part of the Light Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Fuel Economy Trends: 1975-2011, advanced powertrain technologies are also starting to make a significant [.]. Green cars Green credentials Latest news car emissions CO2 emissions emission statistics fuel economy

The electricity in gasoline

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Source: Energy Statistics Database | United Nations Statistics Division ) The US is, hoorah, #1. I just ran across the latest available data, from 2005, for the electricity consumption by petroleum refineries. Almost 49,000,000,000 kWh. One electric car, roughly speaking, will use about 3000 kWh to go about 12,000 miles. That means the electricity alone we use to refine petroleum each year could drive over 16,000,o00 electric cars 12,000 miles each year.

Twelve European countries miss emissions marker

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Green cars Green credentials Latest news emission standards emission statistics emissions European Environmental Agency green cars nitrogen oxidesJust how far off is Europe from meeting tough nitrogen oxide regulations? New data from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) suggests that 12 countries in particular still have a long way to go.

Study Trump cited in Paris pullout speech can't be taken seriously

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would pull out of the Paris climate treaty it signed last fall, President Donald Trump cited a number of statistics of the dire effects that treaty would supposedly have on the U.S. In general, data, statistics, and analysis are good—if properly constructed, with assumptions that. In his speech on Thursday announcing that the U.S.

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Engine sizes are on the up

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However, new figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest that engines are only getting larger. Tags: Cars Green cars Latest news AA President Edmund King engine capacities engine news engine sizes large engines Office of National Statistics small engines You may think that with a drive to reduce fuel emissions and to save money on fuel consumption, more motorists would be opting for vehicles with smaller engines.

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Top 10 popular performance cars revealed: Ford Mustang leads the way

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It seems Ford is taking the performance market by storm with its iconic Mustang, as new registration statistics reveal demand for the sports coupe in.

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Electric cars cleaner than any gas-only car for 97 percent of U.S. drivers

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But unless they're charged entirely on renewable energy—still statistically unlikely today—there are emissions associated with generating the electricity used to charge their batteries. Electric cars have no tailpipe emissions when running. For several years now, rigorous "wells-to-wheels" analyses of the carbon-dioxide emissions. Carbon Footprint emissions carbon dioxide electric utilities plug-in cars GRID

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Will Toyota Prius Prime outsell Chevy Volt this year?

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That statistic excludes Tesla, since. Compared to the U.S. sales of, say, full-size pickup trucks, the monthly reports on deliveries of plug-in hybrid and battery-electric cars contain some fairly low numbers. The Ford F-Series routinely sells 80,000 a month or more, while the most any plug-in car has ever sold in the U.S. is about 3,000 a month. sales Plug-In Hybrids New car sales plug-in cars

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Wireless charging or plugs for electric cars? Take our Twitter poll

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Statistically, that happens most often at night, so the car is fully charged and offers maximum range by. Ask an electric-car owner how long it takes to charge the car, and you may get an answer you didn't expect. "Oh, Oh, five or 10 seconds," is a common response from experienced drivers of plug-in vehicles—meaning the time it takes to plug in. plug-in cars charging Wireless charging infrastructure Wireless charging Inductive Charging Polls

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Road fatalities reach four year high

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There has been a rise in the number of people killed on roads in Great Britain, according to new government statistics

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Renewable energy growth accelerating, says International Energy Agency

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And the latest statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA) will be good news indeed for electric-car drivers. The overall carbon emissions associated with electric cars decrease as the electricity used to recharge them gets cleaner. Last year saw record growth in renewable energy, according to the IEA, which surpassed coal to become the. China energy policy plug-in cars renewable energy solar wind energy

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Tesla Autopilot safety, 2017 Honda CR-V, Formula E relevance: Today's Car News

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Today, we take a closer look at the statistics used by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to defend the carmaker's Autopilot system, survey the upgraded 2017 Honda CR-V crossover, and look at how Formula E electric-car racing could make road cars better. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Certain 2016 and 2017 Toyota Prius hybrids are being recalled to. Today in Car News

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Electric-car sales, 2018 Nissan Leaf reality, high-mile Teslas, Frankfurt debuts: Today's Car News

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sales statistics to set the stage, as well as our August plug-in sales report, a pair of high-mileage Teslas, and a host of news from the upcoming Frankfurt auto show. Tonight, the 2018 Nissan will make its long-awaited debut. We've got some U.S. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Over the weekend, we ran down last week's top green-car. Today in Car News

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EV Club

Honda S2000 EV Conversion

You can now follow my EV statistics on right side of this blog. Fellow EVers, Join me in tracking your EV at [link]. This is a handy sight a friend of mine put together to track your EV miles, fuel saved, money saved, carbon reduction, etc. Check it out

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Electric-car MPGe as important as range, Hyundai Ioniq maker suggests

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Along with price, the top-line statistic cited for any battery-electric car is its rated range. Until last month, the only electric cars that exceeded 200 miles in that metric were made by Tesla Motors. Now, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV has a 238-mile EPA rating for range—and that's usually the leading point about the Bolt EV in discussions or. EPA Efficiency plug-in cars range anxiety EPA Ratings MPGe

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IIHS HLDI study finds Subaru crash avoidance system cuts pedestrian crashes

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A recent analysis by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) found that Subaru’s EyeSight system ( earlier post ) cut the rate of likely pedestrian-related insurance claims by a statistically significant 35%.

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Will Europe Too Write Rules To Make Quiet Electric Cars Noisier?

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Mary Glindon, Labour Party constituent in North Tyneside, cites statistics from the Guide Dogs charity that from 2010-2012, there were 237 hybrid and electric car This one just isn''t going to go away, is it?

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Car-dependent and inactive UK costs 37,000 lives a year

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Our car-dependent and physically inactive lifestyles could be causing as many as 36,815 premature deaths in England each year-nearly a third of all premature deaths- according to new statistics released by South West Public Observatory (SWPHO) and charity, Sustrans.

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UK households cut vehicle fuel use but not air travel

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UK households have cut back on spending on vehicle fuel over the last decade not on gas and air travel, new statistics released by the Office of National Statistics reveal. Brits are making greener lifestyle choices, but only with their driving habits it seems.

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Electric-Car Market Share In 2013: Understanding The Numbers Better

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While market share is a good statistic: It''s useful, and easy to track. Last year, the 96,000 plug-in electric cars sold in the U.S. represented a bit more than half a percent of the total market of 16.5 million vehicles. But to piece together the relationships between vehicle price, type, and market share, to gain a fuller sense of the

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Green-Car Buyers More Likely To Pay Cash For New Vehicles: Report

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We''re not entirely sure what it has to do with Earth Day, to be honest, but here''s an odd little statistic. Turns out that buyers of green cars--whether they''re hybrids or plug-in electric cars--are somewhat more likely to pay cash for their cars than are buyers of all vehicles on average. DON''T MISS: Who Buys Plug-In Electric Cars, And Why? sales Financing experian plug-in cars

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Study finds 1.4 Gt discrepancy between national and provincial data sets for greenhouse gas emissions in China

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The area chart shows the increase of CO 2 emissions calculated from the national energy statistics since 1997 broken down by different fuel type. The dashed line represents the aggregated CO2 emissions calculated from the provincial energy statistics 1997–2010.

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BP: 53.3 Years Of Oil Left At Current Production Rate

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That''s how BP starts its website page defining oil reserves, and it''s why we should take statistics like "53.3 "Nobody knows or can know how much oil exists under the earth''s surface or how much it will be possible to produce in the future." years of oil reserves" with a pinch of salt. But currently, that number is BP''s informed estimate of how

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Chreos Luxury Electric Car: '621-Mile Range'. Supposedly

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There's a train of thought that goes thus: If you're going to launch an electric concept car, you may as well give it outrageous performance and range statistics as it'll never see the light of day anyway, and nobody can prove you wrong. Someone at Silex Power clearly thinks along similar lines, as it announces the 640-horsepower, 621-mile range

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Ford Focus Tops Toyota Corolla As Planet's Most Popular Vehicle

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That alone is impressive, but there''s deeper meaning to the high sales statistic--for the first time, the Focus has overtaken its Japanese rival, the Toyota Corolla, at the top of the global sales charts. Ford sold over one million examples of its Focus last year. Thanks to the U.S. and Corolla-loving eastern markets, the Japanese compact is a

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Electric car sales accelerate in the UK with record grant uptake

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Over a quarter of all the UK’s plug-in vehicles purchased through the Plug-in Car and Van Grants were sold in the last three month, according to the latest statistics from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

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Gainesville and Connected Signals delivering real-time traffic signal data to reduce red-light crashes and improve fuel efficiency

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Connected Signals’ prediction engine uses advanced machine learning and statistical techniques to integrate a broad range of information, including current light state, light timing plans, time of day, vehicle and pedestrian calls, and historical behavior to determine when a light will change, and certainty about the prediction. In April 2017, the City of Gainesville, Florida began work on a pilot project with Connected Signals , Inc.,

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Chevy Volt? Old News! CleanAir Electric Car Did It 20 Years Ago

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If you answered "Chevrolet Volt", then you'd be correct--but the Volt certainly isn't the first car to tout these statistics. What car can be charged up via a plug, then offers an all-electric range of around 40 miles, before a range-extending generator kicks in to supply power and top up the batteries? Back in 1991, another car was under

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New-Car Average Gas Mileage At Highest Level Ever: 24.8 MPG

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Statistics kept by the University of Michigan''s Transport Research Institute (UMTRI) show sales-weighted MPG of 24.8 It just keeps rising: Average gas mileage for new cars has once again hit a new high in the U.S. mpg in May. That contrasts with 24.6 mpg in March, and a rise from 24.5 mpg in January. When UMTRI began taking figures in October

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2012 Toyota Prius: GreenCarReports' Best Car To Buy 2012

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The late-night arguments are over, the statistical comparisons and product specs are put away, and we've made our choice. The GreenCarReports Best Car To Buy Award for 2012 goes to a pair of cars: the 2012 Toyota Prius V wagon and the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. The two new 2012 entries together make up two-thirds of an expanded Prius hybrid

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Average Vehicle Weight, Power Fell In 2012, Performance Unchanged: EPA

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Thankfully, the EPA''s latest set of statistics proves that isn''t the case--and dispels other notions such as increasing weight and ever greater power figures, too. You might be forgiven for thinking that as cars get ever heavier, better equipped, safer, more practical, more powerful and faster, fuel economy would suffer. The U.S. Environmental

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New inventory of black carbon emissions from China finds 2007 levels higher than previously reported

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For the remaining sources, the following fuel consumption data were used: national data from the United Nations Statistics Division (1949?1970); 1979); provincial data from the China Energy Statistics Yearbook (CESY) (1980?2007); BC emission map of China at 0.1° × 0.1° for year 2007.

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How Much Oil Does America Use? Check Out This Infographic

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On a countrywide scale, the statistics are The rate at which we use fuel even on an individual basis can be pretty surprising. If you do just 10,000 miles per year at 30 mpg, you''ll use 333.3 gallons in a year. That''s around 2,800 pounds, or the weight of a small compact car--the sort of car that''d do around 30 mpg in the first place.

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German Environment Agency study finds NO2 concentrations have serious impact on health

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Statistics for 2014 indicate roughly 6,000 premature deaths due to cardiovascular diseases which are linked to background concentrations of NO2 in both rural and urban areas. Although epidemiological studies do not allow to draw conclusions about causal relationships, they do deliver a great deal of consistent results about the statistical correlations between negative health effects and NO 2 exposure. By linking relevant statistics on public health (e.g.

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