Electric cars to get wireless recharging

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US clean technology company, Evatran has developed wireless technology system to make it easier to recharge electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The Virginia-based firm has developed a product called ‘Plugless Power’ which allows electric vehicles to be re-charged using a hands-free proximity system. The dual-component charging system based on inductive charging technology utilises a base station [.].

Fraunhofer ISI/ICCT analysis of PHEV data finds real-world CO2 emissions 2-4x higher than official values

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Plug-in hybrid vehicles often are not recharged regularly, which implies driving is often performed on the combustion engine. Statistically, private users of vehicles in Germany re-charge their plug-in hybrid vehicle only on three out of four days. Company car users, on average, re-charge only every second day. Meanwhile, legal and financial barriers for installing home charging devices should be reduced.

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In-flight wireless power transfer for drones

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Theoretically, this wireless power transfer (WPT) technology could allow flying drones to stay airborne indefinitely by simply hovering over a ground support vehicle to recharge. However, the distance that a drone can travel and the duration it can stay in the air is limited by the availability of power and re-charging requirements. This would cut out humans having to reach these difficult to access places to re-charge them.

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DAIHEN leverages WiTricity wireless charging technology for solar-powered mobility demo in Japan

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Partners since 2016, DAIHEN licensed WiTricity’s technology to commercialize wireless charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) in factory and industrial settings. DAIHEN has been using WiTricity’s DRIVE 11 wireless charging system as a reference design for its own line of standards-compliant wireless chargers for battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

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New Flyer unveils Xcelsior CHARGE H2 bus; first to offer two fuel-cell-electric models eligible for federal funding

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NFI”), the largest bus manufacturer in North America, unveiled the Xcelsior CHARGE H2—ts fuel cell-electric heavy-duty transit bus—and announced that both the forty-foot and sixty-foot model have successfully completed the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Model Bus Testing Program at Altoona, Pennsylvania (Altoona Testing). It introduced its next-generation battery-electric bus, the Xcelsior CHARGE in 2017. New Flyer of America Inc.

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Nissan, New York City launch LEAF electric vehicle taxi pilot

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As part of the pilot, Nissan and partners in New York City will also install several CHAdeMO-based DC quick chargers, which will enable drivers to re-charge their electric taxis quickly during their shift. With quick charging, Nissan LEAF can be recharged to about 80% in under 30 minutes. Nissan and New York City have launched a new electric vehicle taxi pilot with the Nissan LEAF.

IUPUI-based engineering startup receives $225,000 NSF grant for solid-state H2 storage

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Schubert said the NSF grant will allow Green Fortress Engineering to achieve two goals: Performing the first gaseous recharge of a solid-state hydrogen storage media, which will serve as validation of the theoretical work leading up to the grant; and. Earlier work by Schubert, including a series of patents, used porous silicon as the storage material; strategic placement of catalyst atoms facilitate moderate-temperature and moderate-pressure re-charging of hydrogen.

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Next-gen Chevy Volt improves charging experience for users

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Chevrolet says it has made the charging system in the next-generation Volt even easier for customers to recharge the battery and to check the charge status. The new and enhanced features include: GPS location-based charging. Owners will now be able to set their charging preferences exclusively for their “home” charging location and the vehicle will automatically adjust to that setting when it is at that location.

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Nissan’s Killer EV App, the Plug-In Car That Puts the Nail in GM’s Coffin

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Everyone’s all excited that Ford just turned a profit, but they’re doing it with a fleet of uninspired crappy cars that they practically have to give away. You might as well call most of the cars they’re selling “future clunkers.&# When’s your affordable EV that gets 1oo mile range on a quick charge Ford? Keep in mind that BMW has no plans to actually make this car, they’re just testing it in Southern California to “gather data.&#.

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Green Crossover Project in Japan Showcases Li-ion Stationary Storage for EV Charging; EnerDel Providing Packs for Vehicles and Stationary Storage

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Itochu Corporation, Mazda, Family Mart, EnerDel and 11 other partners have launched a 3-year project in Tsukuba City, Japan—the “Green Crossover Project”—designed to showcase a real-world integration of the smart grid, stationary lithium-ion grid storage, electric vehicles, rapid recharging and renewable energy technologies. It also allows drivers to recharge the car without drawing power from the grid, an advantage at peak load times.

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Sion Li-S battery pack powers electric UAV on 11-day flight

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Zephyr 7 runs exclusively on solar power, which is used during the day to charge the battery that is used to power the flight through the night; this flight in shorter days and longer nights was significantly more demanding than any previous one, Airbus noted. This flight represents a further major accomplishment for Sion’s lithium sulfur technology proving the viability of our high energy, rechargeable battery system.

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PHEV3A Week Plus in Review from San Diego - Phoenix - Tucson - Bisbee - Douglas - Bisbee -.

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

But suffice to say, the "Spirit" did lots of charging around: One showing was 95.4MPG for 90 with the 5-minute blue screen having readings: 30MPG; 100; 95; 70; and 100MPG. Once recharged: 90MPG; 85; 100; 100MPG with showings of 99.9MPG for 71 Miles; 97.3 Still in running around and re-charging back up, the "Spirit" showed these readings 70.6 Some charging and recharging was ventured to hit the 101MPG in running around, yet the Mule Mountains undermined certain efforts.

GE and Berkeley Lab developing water-based high energy density flow battery for EVs

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This battery could be one-fourth the cost of current car batteries, and could nearly triple the distance electric vehicles could travel on a single charge. Discharge and re-charge of such flow batteries occur in electrochemical cells separated from energy storing tanks, which makes them safer. We’re excited about the impact this new technology could have on electric vehicles, especially as it relates to cost and the need to recharge.

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Electric-Car Fans Rally Around the Volt - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

How Real, How Soon, and What Must Happen Next,” which concludes the costs of creating an automotive market dominated by electric and hybrid cars are prohibitively high for the foreseeable future – as high as $49 billion for Europe alone (along with another $21 billion for battery-charging infrastructure). April 17, 2009 12:34 pm Link Perhaps they should turbo charge the Volt or Telsa to run more like this electric powered Datsun drag racer: [link] American’s love a hot rod.

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Ernst Young Survey Finds Roughly 60% of Chinese Consumers Would Consider Purchasing a Plug-in Vehicle

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Battery driving range was the top concern about plug-ins (73%), followed by charging stations (69%); reliability and serviceability (64%); and safety (64%). 82% of respondents consider a range per charge of less than 200 miles to be acceptable. 65% of survey participants said they would subsidize local charging stations—nearly twice the portion of other countries surveyed. Chinese consumers led in their consideration of a plug-in vehicle purchase. Click to enlarge.

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Fuji Heavy Launches Subaru Plug-in STELLA EV in Japan; Targets 170 Units in FY 2009

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The EV can be re-charged up to 80% of its capacity in 15 minutes using the quick charging system (3-phase 200VAC, 50 kW); a full recharge takes 8 hours with 100VAC household power or 5 hours with 200VAC. Components of the STELLA EV powertrain. Click to enlarge. Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, launched its Subaru Plug-in STELLA electric vehicle (EV).

2009 60

Burlington Hydro Takes Delivery of First EV in Commercial Fleet Application in Canada

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It is designed to increase understanding of the operating characteristics of an all-electric fleet vehicle, including recharging patterns and requirements; how to optimize the usage and recharging cycle in a “real life” setting; overall performance, drive-cycle, battery state-of-health; and electricity grid impacts. Charge time is 3.8 REV will also provide on-board smart-grid and wireless telemetry capabilities, integrated data management and charging infrastructure.

2010 78

THINK and AeroVironment to Pursue Projects to Promote Fast-charging Infrastructure; THINK Picks Enerdel as Sole Battery Provider for US

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AV), a leading developer and supplier of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, to pursue demonstration and commercial projects using AV’s level III fast-charge system and the THINK City electric vehicle to jump-start the development of fast-charge infrastructure in the United States. The AV level III fast-charge system employs a protocol developed by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). It can also be charged using 110-volt current on a regular household outlet.

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Daimlers car2go launches large-scale all-electric vehicle car-sharing fleet in Amsterdam

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Recharging of the electric vehicles is not mandatory after each rental, because the range of the smart fortwo electric drive is eight to ten times higher than the average operating distance of a car2go rental. Amsterdam’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure only uses energy from renewable resources. The 300 car2go vehicles and other electric cars in Amsterdam will have access to more than 250 charging stations in the city area right now, most of them with two load-points.

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Three Battery-Electric Opel Merivas to Participate in MeRegioMobil Research Project; Vehicle-to-Grid Integration

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Opel will use MeRegioMobil to study new intelligent charging technologies. The electric Meriva features electronic controls which permit high power electrical recharging using both a 230-volt single-phase household current as well as 400-volt three-phase AC. The demonstration will also explore the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capability of the car via the bi-directional charging system when the car is not in use and the driver permits it. Charging time with 230V is approximately 3.5

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Kia unveils Optima Hybrid sedan at LA Auto Show

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The electric motor switches into hybrid operation and serves as both a secondary engine (during full acceleration and hill-climbing) and a generator to recharge the battery pack as necessary. kW HSG also functions as a generator to re-charge the battery pack if the state of charge is low and when the car is stationary. Kia Optima Hybrid. Click to enlarge.

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Saab to Introduce 9-3 ePower EV Prototype at Paris Show; Fleet Tests in Sweden in 2011-2012

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A separate 12-volt battery, for the lights and cabin ancillaries, is also charged from the battery pack via a current transformer. The pack is intended to support re-charge cycles equivalent to about ten years average use. It can be fully recharged from a domestic mains supply in about three to six hours, depending on depletion status. The 9-3 ePower. Click to enlarge.

EADS demonstrating electric and hybrid aviation propulsion; innovative distributed propulsion series hybrid

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The batteries can be recharged in one hour, or they can be rapidly replaced by means of a quick-change system (available on the fully certified version). For the E-Thrust concept, distributed propulsion means that several electrically-powered fans are distributed in clusters along the wing span, with one advanced gas power unit providing the electrical power for six fans and for the re-charging of the energy storage.

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Aixam Mega welcome electric car plan

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The plan, announced on Tuesday, 19 May at the C40 Climate Change Summit in Seoul, promises a range of measures to put at least 100,000 electric vehicles on London’s roads as soon as possible, from investment in re-charging infrastructure to financial incentives for consumers. The plan also guarantees that electric vehicles will remain exempt from the Congestion Charge, a benefit that the Mayor’s office says will save the average electric vehicle user £1700 per year.

MINI E joins Government electric vehicle announcement

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Scottish and Southern Energy is the UK’s leading generator of energy from renewable sources and will be installing the private and public charging points required for the MINI E test vehicles. The rechargeable battery is made up of 5,088 cells grouped into 48 modules. Its charge time is strongly dependent on the voltage and amperage of the electricity flowing through the grid. With 240V/32A, charging time for the car will be around four hours.