SandRidge Energy and Repsol enter $1B Mississippian oil play JV in Kansas

Green Car Congress

Oklahoma-based oil and gas company SandRidge Energy, Inc. Under the agreement, SandRidge will sell an approximate 25% non-operated working interest, or 250,000 net acres, in the Extension Mississippian play located in Western Kansas and an approximate 16% non-operated working interest, or 113,636 net acres, in its Original Mississippian play. has entered into a joint venture with a subsidiary of Spain-based Repsol YPF, S.A.

Kansas 183

Study establishes feasibility of near-miscible CO2 injection to recover significant percentage of residual oil in Kansas oilfields

Green Car Congress

A study by the University of Kansas Center for Research funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) has established the feasibility of using near-miscible CO 2 injection for recovering between 250 million and 500 million additional barrels of oil from Kansas oilfields. Miscibility refers to the pressure at which the CO 2 and oil are completely soluble in one another or form a single phase. billion barrels of total Kansas oil produced over the past 100 years.

Kansas 168

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Kansas Geological Survey Receives $5M Grant to Study CO2 Storage

Green Car Congress

The Kansas Geological Survey based at the University of Kansas has received a nearly $5 million grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE) to study the feasibility of storing carbon dioxide underground. Awarded as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the grant is the largest ever received by the Kansas Geological Survey. Kansas Geological Survey geologists Lynn Watney and Saibal Bhattacharya are leading the investigation.

Kansas 168

California oil producer applies for LCFS credits for producing crude oil using solar-generated power

Green Car Congress

Under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), crude oil producers may generate credits for oil that has been produced using innovative methods and delivered to California refineries for processing. Seneca Resource Corporation (Seneca) has applied for LCFS credits for producing crude oil using solar generated electricity. In 2012, Seneca acquired a portion of assets in the east Coalinga oil field, located in the western Fresno County, Ca.,

2016 150

Transcanada restarts Keystone oil sands pipeline operations

Green Car Congress

TransCanada Corporation said that its 590,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) capacity Keystone Pipeline system resumed transporting oil sands crude on Sunday, 5 June, after a shutdown 29 May following an above-ground spill at a pump station in Kansas involving less than 10 barrels of oil. On May 7, 2011, a reportable failure incident occurred on pump station piping on the Keystone crude oil pipeline resulting in the release of approximately 400 barrels of crude oil.

Ethanol producer to integrate renewable diesel production from corn distiller oil

Green Car Congress

Ethanol producer East Kansas Agri-Energy LLC (EKAE) intends to integrate renewable diesel production at its ethanol plant in Garnett, Kansas. Renewable diesel will be made from the corn distillers oil (CDO) already produced at the plant along with other feedstocks purchased on the market. WB Services is the technology provider for the catalytic renewable diesel process. Construction on the new facility will begin soon and will be complete in about 12 to 14 months.

2014 189

ExxonMobil discovers oil and gas in Argentina shale well; expands presence in Permian shale in US

Green Car Congress

ExxonMobil Exploration Argentina, jointly with Gas y Petróleo del Neuquén, has discovered oil and gas in an unconventional shale well in Neuquén Province of Argentina. The well was completed in the Vaca Muerta formation and flowed at an average rate of 770 barrels of oil a day on a 12/64 inch choke in its first flow test. The company executed an agreement to add nearly 26,000 acres to its US oil and natural gas portfolio managed by subsidiary XTO Energy Inc.,

2014 183

DOE-Sponsored Seismic Project Helps Identify Untapped Oil in Developed Reservoirs

Green Car Congress

Using innovative seismic-based technologies developed with funding from the US Department of Energy (DOE), a Kansas drilling company has discovered an untapped, 10-foot-thick oil zone in a developed Colorado reservoir. Close examination has shown that the reservoir has excellent fluid properties and that the oil zone has not been affected by drainage from surrounding wells. discovered the oil zone near Cheyenne Wells, Colo.,

2010 189

Researchers modify camelina to produce highest levels yet in transgenic plant oil of novel lipid acetyl-TAG; biofuel and industrial use

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Kansas State University led by Professor Timothy Durrett and their colleagues at Michigan State University and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln have engineered Camelina sativa —a non-food oilseed crop—to produce high levels (up to 85 mol%) of acetyl-triacylglycerols (acetyl-TAGs, or ac-TAGs)—a novel plant oil lipid with possible biofuel or industrial uses.

2015 197

Study Questions Lifecycle Emissions Benefits of Using CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery as a Method for Carbon Sequestration

Green Car Congress

Using CO 2 injection for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)—an established commercial practice that currently annually consumes some 50 million metric tons of CO 2 (the majority from natural accumulations)—has also been identified as a method of sequestering CO 2 captured from industrial sources, such as power plants. CO 2 flooding for oil recovery. Source: Kansas Geological Survey. During primary production, natural reservoir pressure or gravity pushes oil into the wellbore.

2009 168

Exxon Mobil Acquiring XTO Energy in $41B Deal; Enhances US Position in Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil

Green Car Congress

The agreement, which is subject to XTO stockholder approval and regulatory clearance, will enhance ExxonMobil’s position in the development of unconventional natural gas and oil resources. XTO is a US producer engaged in the acquisition, exploitation and development of quality, long-lived oil and natural gas properties in the United States. XTO’s resource base is the equivalent of 45 trillion cubic feet of gas and includes shale gas, tight gas, coal bed methane and shale oil.

2009 168

Nextchem and Saola Energy partner to deliver renewable diesel technology

Green Car Congress

NextChem, an Italian renewable energy technology company, is partnering with Kansas-based Saola Energy to support the production of renewable diesel from vegetable oils and residual fats.

2020 219

Seaboard Energy selects Topsoe’s HydroFlex technology to produce renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

Seaboard Energy has chosen Haldor Topsoe’s HydroFlex hydroprocessing fuel technology to produce renewable diesel from tallow and soybean oil. The 6,500 barrels-per-day renewable diesel unit is currently under construction at Seaboard Energy’s site in Hugoton, Kansas, and is scheduled for operation at the end of 2021.

Diesel 189

Paseo Biofuels boosting biodiesel capacity by 40%

Green Car Congress

Investors in Paseo Biofuels, LLC, the Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) and Cargill announced an expansion to the Paseo biodiesel plant in Kansas City, Mo. Using soybean oil as its primary feedstock, the facility, which opened in 2008, produces 40 million gallons of biodiesel and 30 million pounds of food-grade glycerin annually. It is located near the Paseo Bridge in Kansas City, Mo.

2012 198

USDA to award $25M for R&D for next-generation biofuels

Green Car Congress

The following projects have been selected for awards: Kansas State University, $5,078,932. Once harvested and processed, camelina oil and meal will be chemically converted to a variety of adhesives, coatings and composites. Bio-hydrocarbons Biomass Fuels Lubricating Oils

2013 198

DOE awards $19M to 13 initiatives in fossil-fuel areas to produce rare earth elements and critical minerals

Green Car Congress

Uinta River Basin (Colorado and Utah): University of Utah plans to quantify, assess, and plan to enable the transformation of Uinta Basin earth resources such as coal, oil shale, resin, rare earth elements and critical materials into high value metal, mineral and carbon-based products that can be used in advanced products such as carbon fiber composites in aircraft and high powered magnets and batteries in electric vehicles. Other: University of Kansas Center for Research Inc.

HollyFrontier to build $350M renewable diesel unit at Artesia refinery; 125M gallons/year

Green Car Congress

The RDU will have a production capacity of approximately 125 million gallons a year (9,000 BPD) and allow HollyFrontier to process soybean oil and other renewable feedstocks into renewable diesel. HollyFrontier owns and operates refineries located in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah and markets its refined products principally in the Southwest US, the Rocky Mountains extending into the Pacific Northwest and in other neighboring Plains states.

2019 150

DOE awards $27.5M to 16 water infrastructure projects

Green Car Congress

The 16 projects selected by DOE will help provide sustainable water sources and affordable treatment options to industry, municipalities, agriculture, utilities, and the oil and gas sector. They are based out of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, and Virginia. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $27.5 million to 16 water infrastructure projects.

Water 168

Farmer-owned cooperative CHS investing $406M in Montana refinery to boost diesel production

Green Car Congress

Included in the $406-million investment are: A new hydrogen plant and crude unit modifications that will increase crude oil throughput and increase diesel production. including refinery ownership, production expansion and efficiencies; new and expanded terminals and storage; and an additional crude oil supply connection. CHS Inc., a leading farmer-owned cooperative in the US and a global energy, grains and foods company, will invest $406 million in its Laurel, Mont.,

Sinopec purchasing 50% of Chesapeake Energy leasehold in Mississippi Lime unconventional play for $1.02B

Green Car Congress

Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation (Sinopec) executed an agreement which provides for Sinopec to purchase a 50% undivided interest in 850,000 of Chesapeake’s net oil and natural gas leasehold acres in the Mississippi Lime play in northern Oklahoma (425,000 acres net to Sinopec). Chesapeake is the largest leaseholder in the Mississippi Lime (which is in Kansas and Oklahoma) with ~ 2 million net acres.

BP selects Tesla batteries for pilot storage project at US wind farm

Green Car Congress

BP is a global producer of oil and gas with operations in 70 countries. BP also has one of the largest operated renewable energy businesses of any major international oil and gas company. In the United States, BP directly operates 13 wind farms—in Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Texas—while holding an interest in a separate wind facility in Hawaii.

2018 150

BNSF plans 2013 capital program of $4.1B; capacity expansion to accommodate Bakken Shale products

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BNSF’s expansion and efficiency projects will be primarily focused on capacity expansion to accommodate Bakken Shale-related industrial products growth, intermodal terminal expansion, such as the completion of BNSF’s Kansas City Intermodal Facility, and other terminal improvements to enhance productivity and velocity. Earlier in January, BNSF CEO Matt Rose said the railway’s crude-oil shipments would rise by 40% this year, helping to blunt a decline in coal cargo.

2013 194

Nebraska and 6 other states file brief opposing enforcement of California LCFS

Green Car Congress

The states of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota filed an amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opposing enforcement of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

IC Bus adds purpose-built propane school bus offering; PSI 8.8-liter propane engine and Allison transmission

Green Car Congress

Minimal revving reduces engine wear, oil usage and maintenance, while increasing durability and efficiency. The CE Series will also be on display at this year’s National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) Annual Summit in Kansas City, Mo., IC Bus, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navistar, will offer its IC Bus CE Series school bus powered by the Power Solutions International ( PSI ) 8.8-liter LP propane engine for the 2015 school year.

2014 197

Nebraska provides TransCanada with map identifying Sandhills Regions to be avoided in designing alternative route for Keystone XL pipeline

Green Car Congress

This map, titled “Ecoregions of Nebraska and Kansas” was a multi-year project involving numerous state and federal agencies, including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NDEQ, the US Geological Survey (USGS), Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC), and the US Forest Service (USFS). TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL project is designed to carry oil from Canada across Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Urban Air Initiative and partners petition EPA to correct ethanol emissions models

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The Urban Air Initiative (UAI), the Energy Future Coalition and the states of Kansas and Nebraska have petitioned the US Environmental Protection Agency to correct what they call the agency’s flawed models that limit the use of higher blends of ethanol.

2017 150

DOE selects 28 hydrogen and fuel cell R&D projects for $38M in funding

Green Car Congress

Equilon Enterprises LLC (dba Shell Oil Products US): Integrated Control & Dispatch of Renewable Hydrogen Generation At Scale. University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.: The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 28 projects for awards totaling $38 million to support early-stage research and development of innovative hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. This work also supports the DOE’s H2@ Scale initiative to produce and use hydrogen across multiple energy sectors.

2018 174

Rice study shows algae monocultures for biofuel stably grown in open reactors fed by municipal wastewater

Green Car Congress

In an open access paper published in the journal Algae , the researchers reported that they easily grew high-value strains of oil-rich algae while simultaneously removing more than 90% of nitrates and more than 50% of phosphorous from municipal wastewater. Some were monocultures of oil-rich algal strains and others contained mixed cultures, including some with local algal strains from Houston bayous.

2015 207

Equity: More important than ever

Electric Auto Association

Look at the facts Studies show that African-Americans are 75 percent more likely than white Americans to live close enough to oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and other commercial facilities. Environmental concerns make fair EV access a must.

Auto 66

NSF announces $55M toward national research priorities; intersection of food, energy and water systems

Green Car Congress

University of Kansas Center for Research Inc. Improving Water Management, Treatment and Recovery in Oil and Gas Production. More than 20 billion barrels of water are contaminated in the United States each year as a byproduct of unconventional oil and gas production.

2016 150

API: March US Gasoline Demand and Production Set Records

Green Car Congress

Sharply higher crude oil prices are driving that, and they continue to put upward pressure on the price at the pump. Domestic crude oil production in March 2010 hit 5.5 Louisiana, North Dakota and Kansas saw the largest oil production increases in March over February. Total imports of crude oil and products fell in March compared with the same month a year ago. Crude oil imports slipped 1.2%; product imports fell 31.0%.

2010 168

DOE awarding $22 million for algal fuel and biomass feedstock supply chain projects

Green Car Congress

Based in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii Bioenergy will develop a cost-effective photosynthetic open pond system to produce algal oil. The FDC Enterprises project will work with independent growers and biofuels companies in Iowa, Kansas, Virginia and Tennessee—including POET, ADM, Clariant International and Pellet Technology USA—to develop new field equipment, biorefinery conveyor designs and improved preprocessing technologies.

2013 189

Ford to offer new 5-cylinder 3.2L diesel in Transit van in North America next year

Green Car Congress

Additionally, the engine features cast-aluminum, low-friction coated pistons with piston-cooling jets, which squirt oil on the underside of the pistons to keep the piston crowns cool under extreme operating conditions. It will be exported to Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Mo., Ford’s 5-cylinder, 3.2-liter Power Stroke diesel will be Ford’s second in North America. Click to enlarge.

US State Department to issue Final EIS on Keystone XL pipeline in August; additional meetings in affected states

Green Car Congress

During September, the State Department will also host public meetings in the capitals of each of the six states through which the proposed pipeline would pass—Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas—with an additional meeting in the Sand Hills region in Nebraska and along the Gulf Coast near Port Arthur, Texas.

2011 189

Ford to offer 3.5-Liter EcoBoost V6 in Transit Commercial Van for North America

Green Car Congress

These pistons are also oil-cooled, which reduces in-cylinder temperatures. billion in its Kansas City Assembly Plant, where the Transit will be built alongside the F-150. Ford will offer the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine in the all-new Transit commercial van debuting in North America in 2013 as a replacement for the E-Series wagon and van.

Researchers demonstrate sustainable integrated process for wastewater algae to biocrude via hydrothermal liquefaction

Green Car Congress

A team at the University of Kansas has demonstrated the feasibility of an integrated wastewater algae-to-biocrude process using hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) that can sustainably cultivate algal biomass for biofuel production. Traditional conversion technologies of algal biomass to biofuels have mainly included lipid extraction or pyrolysis for biodiesel, hydrotreated renewable diesel, or bio-oil production. Flow diagram of the solvent extraction and product recovery method used.

2013 233

UC Davis ITS researchers take a detailed look at water consumption and withdrawal requirements for ethanol

Green Car Congress

Water is required for crude oil recovery by water flooding, enhanced oil recovery via steam injection, and steam extraction of bitumen from oil sands and during refining of crude oil to produce gasoline. BW consumption intensities of gasoline from conventional crude oil and Canadian oil sands range from 0.41 A recent GAO report suggests the water intensity of gasoline from large oil shale deposits in the western United States could range from 0.29

Davis 176

USDA establishes four additional Biomass Crop Assistance Program project areas

Green Car Congress

The sponsor for this project is MFA Oil Biomass LLC and the project area surrounds the co-op’s biomass conversion facility in Paragould, Ark. The sponsor for this project is MFA Oil Biomass LLC and the project area surrounds the co-op’s biomass conversion facility in Columbia, Mo. The sponsor for this project is MFA Oil Biomass LLC and the project area surrounds the co-op’s biomass conversion facility in Aurora, Mo.

2011 168

Ford unveils next-gen F-150; up to 700 lbs lighter, new 2.7L EcoBoost with stop-start

Green Car Congress

Variable displacement oil pump reduces internal engine friction to improve fuel economy. Cooling jets beneath the pistons that spray oil on the pistons to help lower operating temperatures. Cartridge-style oil filter integrated into top of the engine for easy service. More than 800 hours of towing and unloaded-driving scenarios across the entire engine power range with gasoline-ethanol mixtures up to E20 and intentionally degraded engine oil. 2015 F-150.

2014 263

USDA and DOE award $47M in RD grants for biofuel, bioenergy and biobased product projects

Green Car Congress

This three-year project will work to build a demonstration plant using two technologies to convert low-value byproducts and wastes from paper mills into higher-value sugar, oil, and lignin products. University of Kansas Center for Research , Lawrence, Kan.,

2011 198

NREL teaming with Oorja to validate direct methanol fuel cell technology in material handling applications

Green Car Congress

Earp Distribution (Kansas City, Kan.), The fuel cell-powered lifts will use renewable bio-methanol, an organically derived fuel made from crude glycerin resulting from vegetable oil and animal fat processing.

2011 194

USDA providing $9.6M to create 9,000 acres of BCAP project areas for non-food energy crop production

Green Car Congress

This Arkansas BCAP project area is sponsored by MFA Oil Biomass LLC, in Columbia, Mo. MFA Oil Biomass and partner Aloterra Energy LLC, operating in Ohio, will continue to coordinate the crop propagations, planting and mitigation and monitoring plan. MFA Oil Biomass and Aloterra Energy are predominantly locally owned and have sponsored three additional BCAP projects in Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania, investing more than $6 million in the operation.

2012 189

USDA and DOE award $12.2M to 10 research projects to accelerate bioenergy crop production and spur economic impact

Green Car Congress

The potential benefits of this research range from decreasing oil consumption to increasing options for American farmers. The 10 projects are located in California, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia: Association Mapping of Cell Wall Synthesis Regulatory Genes and Cell Wall Quality in Switchgrass. Jianming Yu, Kansas State University, Manhattan.

2011 202