Opinion: ZDF Info & Frontal21’s Tesla Documentary Violated Journalistic Ethics.

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I believe that ZDF Info and Frontal21 violated journalist ethics. The post Opinion: ZDF Info & Frontal21’s Tesla Documentary Violated Journalistic Ethics. EV Companies Media Tesla Alex Voight Elon Musk Frontal 21 FUD media ZDF Info

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s lawyer alleges that SEC leaked info from federal investigation


The post Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s lawyer alleges that SEC leaked info from federal investigation appeared first on TESLARATI. It appears that the ongoing battle between the SEC and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is far from over.


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Tesla launches new ‘Charge Stats’ feature to give owners more access to their charging info and savings


more… The post Tesla launches new ‘Charge Stats’ feature to give owners more access to their charging info and savings appeared first on Electrek.


Panasonic Energy CEO Shares Info About Tesla's 4680 Battery Cells


Panasonic has been working on its 4680 battery cell for well over a year, and it has been a difficult process

LAPD posts $1,000 reward for info on flying Tesla Model S driver


The post LAPD posts $1,000 reward for info on flying Tesla Model S driver appeared first on TESLARATI. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that could lead to the driver’s arrest behind the flying Tesla incident over the weekend.

NHTSA Requests Info From Tesla About Recent Car Fire In Canada


A Tesla Model Y in Canada recently caught fire while driving, and the NHTSA wants answers

Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package’s shocking 0-60 mph time teased in museum info


The post Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package’s shocking 0-60 mph time teased in museum info appeared first on TESLARATI. An information panel for the next-generation Tesla Roadster at the Petersen Auto Museum has provided a shocking teaser for the vehicle’s SpaceX Package.

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Morris retro-cute electric delivery van: pricing and more info

Green Car Reports

The Morris Commercial JE is officially alive. This revived icon is set to make a splash in the commercial EV world, but don't expect to see it delivering bouquets of discount flowers; this lightweight, high-tech EV has a price tag to match. Morris first teased the revived J-Type back in October, and the production version was revealed in the flesh. Green Life

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Don't Complain About Inaccurate EV Info, Pen A Letter: It May Get Published


EV-centric author pens letter to The New Yorker about inaccuracies it shared about EVs, and the magazine published the letter


Podcast: more info on Tesla Model S Plaid, yoke steering wheel, VW ID.4 AWD, and more


more… The post Podcast: more info on Tesla Model S Plaid, yoke steering wheel, VW ID.4

Bosch info chart provides guidance on selection of gasoline or diesel

Green Car Congress

In addition, the info chart provides insights into the German car market, and shows the best-selling gasoline and diesel models. Bosch has produced a compact chart outlining the information drivers need to choose between gasoline or diesel powertrains. The advantages of the two powertrains are compared, and those who are uncertain can decide whether their individual driving profile is best suited to the diesel or gasoline variant.

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DRDO report finds serious battery defects in EVs that caught fire.

Electric Vehicles India

Electric Vehicles News battery defects in evs electric vehicles fire info EV battery ev fires ev news ev scooter fireOn a recent day, most Ev batteries and E-bikes were getting burst and Center Government took serious action towards the incident and requested DRDO to investigate.

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MG Marvel R Electric Goes On Sale In Europe, No UK Launch Info Yet


MG's flagship electric SUV comes in RWD and AWD flavors, offers up to 250 miles of range, and starts at €40K

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Rivian Updates Website With New Info Before Deliveries Start


Most of your questions can now be answered on the Rivian Experience website


Track mode with overlay Telemetry infos

Supercharged EV

TheReviewCrew Reddit user created this awsome video explaining how to import and overlay the data recorded by your Tesla in track mode. Want to make a cool video ? Follow his instructions here bellow : [link

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Things to Keep in mind while buying an Electric Car insurance.

Electric Vehicles India

Electric Cars Electric Vehicles News best electric car info electric car insurance electric car updates ev insurance

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Subaru Solterra: All You Need to Know


Info overload on the new Subaru Solterra


Neste publishes updated info about crude palm oil suppliers; feedstock for renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

Neste has published updated information about all its crude palm oil suppliers on the company’s website. The data covers the entire supply chain—i.e. all companies, mills, and estates that supplied Neste with crude palm oil in 2016. The dashboard website offers information on the suppliers, certification systems used, and certification documentation, and provides access to a map service enabling the users to see the geographical location of the mills.

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Toyota introduces new LPG hybrid taxi in Japan; trial of lane-specific congestion info from taxi data

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation has introduced a new taxi vehicle for Japan, the “JPN Taxi.” Equipped with a newly developed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) hybrid system, the new model offers 19.4 km/L (45.6 mpg US, 5.51 l/100 km) fuel economy and sharply reduced CO 2 emissions. Toyota made enhancements to safety equipment, including adding the Toyota Safety Sense C package and six SRS airbags as standard features. The new model is now available at Toyota and Toyopet dealers nationwide.

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California Puts Its Electric-Car Owner Survey Info Online

Green Car Reports

Plug-in electric cars are driving silently off showroom floors in growing numbers--but who is buying them, and why? Data on electric-car owners can provide valuable insight for policymakers, helping to show which strategies for increased adoption are more likely to work. Now, one such a resource is available to the public. The California Air

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Report: Ford F-150 Lightning Orders Will Open On October 26


according to alleged info from a Ford dealer

Mercedes Designer Shares Info On SUVs, EQS Two-Door And Maybach


The freshly unveiled EQS sedan is just the first of many purpose-built EQ-badged EVs from Mercedes

Ford E-Transit Priced From £42,000 In The UK, More Info Released


The E-Transit will make its European debut at the CV Show 2021 in Birmingham (September 7–9

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Kona Electric info, context for EPA plan, CX-5 Diesel MIA, China learns from California: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we've got an apt pupil (China) learning from the master (California), a diesel crossover that's MIA, our context to keep perspective on the EPA's announced plans to let cars emit more, and some new info on the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric. All this and more on Green Car Reports. California pioneered legislation requiring zero-emission. Today in Car News

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More Faraday Info: Chinese Billionaire Backer, Ex-Tesla Staff For Electric-Car Startup

Green Car Reports

It seems like something out of a movie: a mysterious startup company operates for a few years in total secrecy, then drops plans for a billion-dollar factory that will build electric cars. But that's the summary of the secretive Faraday Future, about which a bit more information slipped out last week. Faraday (it suggests you call it "FF") issued. China Car Sharing Tesla Motors plug-in cars Startups

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2016 Toyota Prius: Power Outputs, Dimensions, AWD Revealed As Info Trickles Out

Green Car Reports

Toyota was shy on specifics when it unveiled the redesigned 2016 Prius hybrid in Las Vegas last month. But at an event in Japan this week, the carmaker was more generous with details on the upcoming fourth-generation Prius. The company used this event to reveal information on the Prius' powertrain technology, as well as the trim levels that will. all-wheel drive

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Skoda Enyaq iV: All You Need To Know


Info overload on the Skoda Enyaq iV EV


Owning A Tesla Model S: New Book Offers Tips, Tricks, Inside Info (Book Review)

Green Car Reports

Regular readers of Tesla forums will recognize the name of Nick J. Howe, whose hundreds of astute comments recently earned him accolades for "best forum postings over time," according to a reader poll. A Florida chemical engineer and owner of a Tesla Model S P85, Howe has technical savvy, dogged curiosity, and some inside Tesla contacts. He may

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California Energy Commission launches Drive website for info on alt fuels, vehicles

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has unveiled “ Drive ”, a new website providing industry professionals, fleet managers and consumers with information about greener transportation choices for the 21 st century.

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AAA Adds Electric-Car Charging Info To Map Services

Green Car Reports

Most drivers who grew up before the era of navigation systems and online mapping will remember TripTiks, the strip maps with highlighted routes that local AAA offices would provide to travelers before they set out on driving vacations. The AAA doesn't give out nearly so many paper maps these days, and its TripTik service is now an app for mobile

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Electric VW, Secret Software, Prius Info, Car Charging Rates: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

A bit more information on the 2016 Prius has emerged, Volkswagen plans to build its own electric luxury car, and why software secrecy could impede investigation of the VW diesel scandal. All this and more today on Green Car Reports. As part of Volkswagen's electrification plans (which we covered yesterday), it will build an all-electric VW Phaeton. Today in Car News

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Report: Tesla Cybertruck Production Delayed Until Early 2023


The company has already removed info about "2022" from its website

More diesel drama, Bolt EV plant info, whiskey for fuel, Volt crossover coming? Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, our missing plug-in Mini review, some rumors on future Chevrolet Volts, a new Volvo crossover, and much more diesel drama. All this and more on Green Car Reports. We updated our article on the Bolt EV production shutdown to reflect information added by a worker at the Orion Assembly Plant where it's built. The upcoming Volvo XC40 compact. Today in Car News

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2011 Audi A2 Electric Car Concept: New Info, Images

Green Car Reports

Late last week Audi released some teaser sketches of its A2 concept car due at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, now less than a week away. Due to be positioned between the A1 minicar and upcoming Audi A3 Sedan compact car, the new A2 is spiritual successor to the original A2, an aluminum-bodied, ultra-efficient subcompact that went on sale in Europe

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Ford F-150 Lightning Pricing Announced


Build and pricing info is now online at Ford.com. Fleet ordering begins tomorrow, while retail ordering opens on January 6

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Audi Trickles Out Urban Concept Info: Now, Content-Free Video

Green Car Reports

If you're going to shoot a teaser video of a radical new concept car, maybe it's not such a good idea to do it in a gigantic plaza in the middle of a large European city. Audi has now released the official teaser video (view it at the bottom of this story) for the e-tron Urban Concept vehicle it will officially unveil next month at the 2011

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Bolt EV info, EPA head, 20 years of electric cars, EU diesel suits: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which climate-science denier has been tapped to run an agency he repeatedly sued for attempting to enforce its own rules? What does the Chevy Bolt EV owners manual have to tell us about the 238-mile electric car that goes on sale this month? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week. The Week In Reverse

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Bolt EV vs Tesla, Jaguar I-Pace drive, Kona Electric info, Model 3 production: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

How many Tesla Model 3 cars did the company make and deliver during the first quarter of this year? Why did one reader trade in his year-old Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car for a used Tesla Model S? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, April 6, 2018. Friday, we wrote. The Week In Reverse

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2014 Tesla Model X All-Electric Gullwing SUV: New Info, Photos

Green Car Reports

“We’ve got a rocketship next door, and you know as Governor Moonbeam that I like rocketships,” quipped California Governor Jerry Brown, at the introduction of the upcoming 2014 Tesla Model S, gesturing toward the big SpaceX facility next door to Tesla’s Southern California Design Center. “But I also like electric

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EV Grants slashed overnight

EV Info

The post EV Grants slashed overnight appeared first on EV Info - Electric Car News and Reviews. The UK Government just hit all potential EV and Plug In Buyers with a wet fish to the head. What are they thinking? On March 18th with no warning or discussion the EV grants used to help finance an EV or Plug in were removed, Plug-in car grant drops from £3k to £2.5k. Eligibility upper limit reduced from £50k to £35k .

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Another sign that all cars are becoming computers on wheels

EV Info

Volkswagen’s CARIAD, the Volkswagen Group’s software company, announced this week that it will source chips from Qualcomm to develop autonomous driving software, which the German carmaker has made the backbone of its future strategy. Who is CARIAD?

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Tesla Model 3 revealed as having the highest EV sales volume worldwide

EV Info

The post Tesla Model 3 revealed as having the highest EV sales volume worldwide appeared first on EV Info - Electric Car News and Reviews. Just last week our Government cut the EV grant by £500 and now excludes EVs that cost more than £35,000. A report from Uswitch has revealed tono great surprise that the Tesla Model 3 achieves the highest sales volume worldwide, a model that will now be excluded from the grant as it costs more than £35,000.

Europe’s Most Financed Luxury Car Brand

EV Info

The post Europe’s Most Financed Luxury Car Brand appeared first on EV Info - Electric Car News and Reviews. Latest research from Specialist Car Finance Experts, Forza Finance , has revealed that BMW is the most popular luxury car brand to finance in 16 of Europe’s 44 countries including the UK & Ireland based on finance rather than sales or units. With research based entirely on Google Search records this can not be deemed as highly significant, however it’s good clean fun.