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Solaris ebuses will be powered by LFP-CTP batteries from CATL

Push EVs

Now, with cheap cobalt-free battery chemistries available, such as LFP (LiFePO4) and NIB (sodium-ion battery) there’s no reason why we still allow diesel buses to pollute the air that we all breathe. More info: [link]. Nonetheless, unfortunately diesel still has a huge market share in Europe. Electric : 10,6 %. Hybrid : 10,1 %.

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Two Companies Working Towards Full-Scale Liberty Lifter X-Plane

Cars That Think

The name “Liberty Lifter” invokes the idea of Liberty ships, reflecting DARPA’s goal of an aircraft that’s relatively easy and cheap to put together. The two companies currently funded by DARPA for the design phase of the Liberty Lifter program are Aurora Flight Sciences (part of Boeing) and General Atomics.

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CATL will soon mass produce LMFP batteries

Push EVs

Adding manganese to the popular LFP formula increases the voltage and energy density of the battery cells, without a noticeable cost increase, since manganese is particularly cheap. More info: [link]. However, I’m curious to see the impact of the voltage increase on the cycle life. CATL’s LMFP goals. PushEVs.

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IACS team develops high-performing bio-inspired electrocatalyst for hydrogen generation in an aqueous medium

Green Car Congress

Dey et al, Supporting info. In addition to that, its reactivity is retained when immobilized on cheap carbon electrodes, which is of significant practical interest. The catalytic property of this catalyst in aqueous medium is investigated using RDE, RRDE coulometry, and bulk electrolysis technique. —Dey et al. Click to launch.

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Best smart helmets – keep your head safe while you ride!

Green Authority

Do keep in mind Sena products are not cheap. The helmet works for up to 8 hours on a single charge, and comes with its own smartphone app, which gathers and collects data on your rides, with info on your distance, time, average speed, max speed, cadence, elevation and more. Sena is not exactly cheap. Interested? Interested?

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The ultimate guide to buying an EV in Australia: This is everything you need to know

EV Central

There are some EV-specific plans that offer very cheap off-peak rates, sometimes below 10c per kWh, bringing that charging price down to around $5. Others offer cheap rates during the day to take advantage of excess solar energy in the grid. So an average EV with a 60kWh battery pack should cost between $9 and $24 to charge.

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The Inefficiency of Car Buying

Clean Car

They don’t care that its an end of line car with an older engine and a socket for a nokia 6310, its cheap and its better than what they are driving today. Want to find out more about CleanCar, drop us a line It means that with no effort, you are able to find a list of suitable vehicles.

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