Bright Automotive Applies for $35M in Stimulus Package Grants to Accelerate Production of PHEV

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Bright Automotive has applied for $35 million in government grants to accelerate the production of its plug-in hybrid the IDEA ( earlier post ), and to deliver battery solutions to the industry through its engineering services arm. The IDEA is a multi-purpose, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the light truck classification aimed at commercial and government fleets.

Ricardo responds to electric drive stimulus package

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The company’s CEO Dave Shemmans described the Recovery Act funding as a “welcome stimulus&# and said it should provide some much needed and far-sighted direction that other countries may wish to emulate. “If the history of previous downturns holds any lessons for us, it is that as an industry we must not lose sight of the importance of research, development and product innovation,&# he said.


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Li-ion manufacturer Ener1 files pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy

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has initiated a pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy case to implement a restructuring plan agreed on by its primary investors and lenders. million in federal grant funding under the stimulus package. Ener1 filed its Chapter 11 case in US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York, in which it is requesting that the Court confirm the pre-packaged Plan of Reorganization to implement the restructuring. Li-ion manufacturer Ener1, Inc.

California High Speed Rail Authority Votes to Include $4.5B for High-Speed Train Projects In State Federal Stimulus Funding Application

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billion in federal stimulus funding for engineering, design and construction on the state’s high-speed train system (earlier post) —generating an investment of $9.1 The Board approved a package of dozens of engineering, environmental review, design-build, train control and electrification projects among every section of the 800-mile system. The California High-Speed Rail Authority Board unanimously approved an application for more than $4.5

mPhase to Pursue Funding From Stimulus Plan’s $2B for Advanced Automotive Battery Technology

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says it will pursue funding opportunities arising from the $2 billion allocated for advanced battery technology in the new economic stimulus package. mPhase Technologies , Inc., mPhase is developing a “smart” reserve battery, the Smart NanoBattery, which is a primary battery typically designed for a special purpose such as emergency or military use.

Zero-Emission Truck (ZET) Coalition calls for government to prioritize investments benefiting ZETs

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The National Zero-Emission Truck (ZET) Coalition, including some four dozen organizations representing the US’ major heavy truck makers, innovators, suppliers and key stakeholders, sent a letter to Congressional leadership calling on any stimulus or recovery legislative package to prioritize investments that benefit U.S. Support stimulus investments that boost U.S.

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IHS Markit: better-than-expected growth in global automotive semiconductor revenue in 2020; bolstered by uptake in EVs

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Two factors are driving the recovery, notably low automotive inventory that will result in new car growth next year, combined with stimulus packages designed to benefit the ailing car sector while favoring the switch to electric and hybrid cars, which are typically more expensive than equivalent internal combustion-driven models.

2020 64

Study Finds Global CO2 Emissions Dropped 1.3% in 2009; Emissions in China and India Rose 9% and 6%

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Although the stimulus package from the Chinese government in 2008 was said to have a green focus, even construction of windmills is a relatively emission intensive activity, at least in the short run Peters said. Due to large exports, China doesn’t only benefit from its own stimulus package, but also from stimulus packages in other countries ”, said Peters. Global CO 2 emissions decreased 1.3%

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Ford Starts EV Test Drives

Revenge of the Electric Car

Local utility RheinEnergie AG will supply vehicle-charging stations for the test, which is being financed by the German government’s economic-stimulus package, Dudenhoeffer said. Ford is starting EV trials in Germany. For more details, follow the link … Ford Plans to Start Electric-Car Tests in Germany Next Month. “Ford Motor Co. will start a two-year test program of electric Focus compact cars and Transit vans in Germany on Jan. 4 as the U.S.

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Dayton RTA Adding 10 Gillig Hybrid Buses

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Dayton RTA used two-thirds of the stimulus money it received in spring, 2009, to buy buses, offsetting the cost of fleet replacement and reducing the agency’s budget deficit. RTA purchased the hybrids along with a package of several 40-foot diesel and medium-duty buses at a total cost of $13.3 The Dayton, Ohio RTA is adding 10 hybrid buses to its fleet, which also includes electric trolley buses. The hybrids, manufactured by Gillig, use the GM-Allison parallel hybrid drive system.

Greenius Is Fired Up Over Obama’s Green Economic Recovery Bill!

Creative Greenius

This bill is not only the most sweeping economic recovery package in our nation’s history, it’s also the greenest. And for those of us who believe that the future of the auto industry involves a plug and a battery - Plug In America just released their press release with the following headline: Plug In America Hails Plug-in Electric Car Aid in Stimulus Bill. President Obama Steps Up To Save The Economy & The Climate While Republicans No Longer Relevant.

2009 100

Global auto industry receives $44 billion for greener cars

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The market for alternative fuel vehicles is being strongly supported economic stimulus packages and other government programs in at least 13 markets. The global automotive industry is receiving close to US$44 billion from governments around the world to develop alternative fuel technologies, analysts at Deloitte reveal. Consumer demand for greener vehicles as well as new regulations [.].

EnerDel To Deploy AeroVironment Advanced Electric Vehicle Power Cycling and Test Systems at Indiana Facility

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Automotive lithium-ion battery maker EnerDel will be using a portion of its recent federal stimulus grant to purchase eight AeroVironment (AV) advanced electric vehicle power cycling and test systems. million grant to expand its domestic manufacturing capacity under the Advanced Battery Manufacturing Initiative (ABMI), part of the federal stimulus package enacted last February.

The Summit On Clean Tech Law & The New Energy Policy

Creative Greenius

Stimulus Package allocated for renewables? My friend, attorney Leslie Williams, of Shaub and Williams , has been busy for the past few months putting together a big Renewable Energy Law Summit at the Southwestern Law School in L.A. and it takes place next week, on Sept 18.

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Valence Considering Building Battery Plant in US or Europe

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is considering building a battery plant in the US or Europe and will look into the possibility of funding from the economic stimulus package proposed by President Barack Obama. Before moving forward with plans for a US plant, Valence officials said, they would need a better sense of how the government plans to distribute stimulus money and what strings would be attached. Lithium-ion battery company Valence Technology Inc.

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China Car Sales Likely Hit New Record in April

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Bolstered by government stimulus plans, sales of autos in China likely reached a record high of 1.15 China unveiled a support package for the auto industry early this year, cutting purchase taxes for cars with small engine capacities and providing subsidies to rural purchasers. People’s Daily. million units, according to estimates from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). Official figures for vehicle production and sales are scheduled for release next Monday.

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Smart Meters and Electric Cars

Revenge of the Electric Car

The economic stimulus package currently before Congress could include incentives for both buyers of electric vehicles and electric vehicle battery manufacturers. This is a well written story in the Pasadena Star News about how the utilities are gearing up for the coming plug-in vehicles.

2009 116

Coming Soon – The Electric City

Revenge of the Electric Car

Under last year’s stimulus package, nearly $200 million will support Nissan’s introduction of the Leaf by permitting the installation of 13,000 charging stations around cities in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Tennessee in the next year or so. Photo by Jim Wilson, New York Times. The New York Times looks at how EVs are going to shake up our cities. Cities Prepare for Life With the Electric Car.

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GM: Let's Hash Out Open Plug-In Car Standards

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Email « Daily Sprout GE Looking to Tap $2 Trillion of Stimulus Spending » Leave a reply Name (required) Email (required, will not be published) Website Notify me of follow-up comments via email. GigaOM] Atlassian’s “Stimulus Package”: Get JIRA & Confluence for $5/Year [WebWorkerDaily] Reporting for Duty: Apple’s iPod Touch [TheAppleBlog] GigaOM Jobs MOVER NEEDED URGENTLY at W TREVOUR (Virginia Beach, Virginia) job opening, apply now !

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California Goes To Hell In A Handbasket But Greenius Says AB 811 is Our Route To Green Heaven

Creative Greenius

The treasure chest was cleverly disguised in the form of Federal stimulus money from the ARRA, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. As the Greenius learned in early June, when I was at the EcoMotion Palm Desert AB 811 conference, programs like the Greenius’ favorite, AB 811, were tailor-made to score great big bagfuls of bucks from this stimulus. So is the $500 million in Green Jobs funding that’s also part of the ARRA stimulus package.

2009 109

Next-generation Lead Acid Battery Company Firefly Energy Shuts Down, Files for Chapter 7

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The US Army sought high-tech batteries to perform in desert conditions, said Ovan, adding that the company was disappointed when Firefly failed to get a share of the $2 billion distributed by the federal government - part of the stimulus package - for advanced battery research. Seven-year-old Firefly Energy Inc.,

Honda May Develop Plug-In as Obama Alters U.S. Policy (Update2) -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Tax Credits Instead, Obama backed tax credits of as much as $7,500 inthe stimulus package approved in February for buyers of plug-incars. We will have packages that will be verycompetitive at that time.”

2009 44

EnerDel Plans to Invest $237M in New Indiana Lithium-Ion Battery Plant

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million grant awarded under the federal stimulus package under a 50:50 cost-share program, of which EnerDel plans to spend $60 million in 2010. million, which comprises a state incentive package of $21.3 million and Hancock County package valued at $48.6

Cummins Westport Inc. and Cummins India Ltd. Receive Order for 460 Natural Gas Engines

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The Government of India unveiled a transport stimulus package on 3 February 2009 to provide central funding to purchase buses for urban transport systems. Cummins Westport Inc. CWI) and Cummins India Ltd. CIL) announced that CIL has received purchase orders for 460 natural gas engines to customers outside of Delhi, India. The B Gas Plus and B Gas International engines, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), are licensed by CWI and manufactured by CIL.

2010 68

California Startup Aurica Motors Trying to Keep NUMMI Plant Open for Manufacturing Electric Cars, Battery Swap System

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Under the proposed plan, the NUMMI plant in Fremont, California would be converted into the manufacturing facility for the Aurica Motors E-Car, an all-electric vehicle, as well as Aurica’s proposed PEP (Power Exchange Package) battery swap system. Aurica is trying to obtain Federal economic stimulus funding to convert NUMMI to electric car manufacturing, but is also open to private financing.

2010 71

Sandia Labs Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory undergoing $4.2M renovation to enable testing of larger batteries for EVs and PHEVs

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million overhaul, paid for with federal stimulus funds, includes updating test bays, data acquisition systems and laboratory space, and hiring additional staff members to meet the growing demand for Sandia’s battery safety expertise. million stimulus package whose goal is to advance national clean energy and technology efficiency across seven Department of Energy (DOE) national labs.

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Sandia’s Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory Awarded $4.2M

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million economic stimulus package to further develop the nation’s efforts in clean energy and efficient technologies across seven DOE national laboratories. With the recent stimulus funds, the BATLab will be able to greatly increase the number of tests it does. Sandia National Laboratories will use $4.2

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"Plug-in Arizona Educational Tour" Update -- "Spirit of DC's" Visit to Nogales High School with Nogales International Reporter, Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

After all, if the US Stimulus Package program could do "Cash for Clunkers," then why not "Cash for Conversions!". Cheers EVADC'rs, PHEV'rs, and EVnthusiasts, One & All - The "Spirit of DC" and EVJerr rolled quietly into Nogales, AZ, just before noon, this Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009. It initiated the start of the "Plug-in Arizona Educational Tour" for educating one AZ County at a time!

2009 36

Report from the REFF-Wall Street; Themes in Renewable Energy Finance

Green Car Congress

The stimulus package is designed to address the recession and in the short term people were anxiously awaiting two key components of the plan: clarification on the details behind “ grants in lieu of tax credits ” and awards of loan guarantees by the DOE from section 1705. As another panelist pointed out, “ The New York Times is well-equipped to write the article about how Stimulus Funds have been wasted ”. Post-Stimulus. by Bill Cooke.

Volvo to Introduce Proprietary Medium-Duty Engine in 2010

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In addition, Leif Johansson stated that the Volvo Group had noted a slight upturn in certain countries, such as China, India and Japan, largely due to government stimulus packages. The Volvo Group is developing its own medium-duty (MD) engine for trucks and buses. The first of these new medium-duty engines will be launched in 2010, according to Volvo CEO Leif Johansson in his presentation at Volvo’s Capital Market Day in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

2009 60

First fleet of 100 Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell electric vans covers 650,000 km in customer use; more model variants planned

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The areas of application are diverse: courier, express and package service providers (KEP, in German: Kurier-, Express- und Paketdienstleister); plant transportation in large corporations; service vehicles for plant maintenance, customer service, and assembly and internal transport within companies. The two promotional initiatives are part of the German federal government’s second economic stimulus package. Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL. Click to enlarge.

2012 80

Nissan reports significant net loss

Green Cars News

“The global economic recession and financial crisis continue, but we are beginning to see some signs of improved access to credit, the impact of government stimulus packages and a gradual return in consumer confidence,&# he said. “We remain cautious about the economic environment and fully focused on our company’s recovery efforts.&#.

ADB Study Finds Annual Economic Losses in Southeast Asia from Climate Change Could be More Than Twice the Global Average

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The report argues that Southeast Asian nations should address the dual threats of climate change and the global financial crisis by introducing green stimulus programs—as part of larger stimulus packages—that can simultaneously strengthen economies, create jobs, reduce poverty, protect vulnerable communities and lower emissions.

Germany Launches H2 Mobility Initiative to Expand Infrastructure for Refueling Hydrogen Vehicles

Green Car Congress

This will take place within the framework of the German economic stimulus package (Konjunkturpaket II) and other national and state programs to jointly address standardization and cost reduction issues.

2009 90

The Race to Plug-In Hybrids Is On

Green Cars News

The new administration’s stimulus package allots $2B for advanced batteries, $300M for federal and states fleets to buy new clean fuel vehicles and $7,500 tax rebate for PHEV, with yet more money in the Auto-Industry Re-tooling fund. A powerful roster of key industry players in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle arena will come together at Infocast’s Opportunities in Grid-Connected Mobility in San Francisco, California.

World Economic Forum Report: US$515 Billion Per Year Needed in Green Investments

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Their statement suggests using some of the money available from fiscal stimulus packages to invest in activities that can provide jobs as well as create low emission options.

2009 60

NSF Awards NCSU Team $2M For Research on Deriving Drop-in Renewable Hydrocarbon Fuels from Algae

Green Car Congress

The $2 million grant is part of the federal stimulus package and comes from NSF’s Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation program. Dunaliella. Source: Texas A&M. Click to enlarge.

2009 76

Volvo unveils medium heavy engine

Green Cars News

He also noted a slight upturn in certain countries including China, Japan and India, thanks to Government stimulus packages. Placing the focus for his company on internal efficiency, Volvo CEO Leif Johansson announced that the Group has developed its own medium heavy engine that will be used in trucks and buses from 2010.

Profile: Farmers Ethanol: Focusing on Sustainable Corn Ethanol Production and a Triple Bottom Line

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Last year people were able to get unleveraged tax equity financing to monetize the production tax credits at yields to the tax investor of 6-7%; this year tax equity investors are seeking yields ranging from 10-15% for leveraged tax equity transactions utilizing the investment tax credit that is now available under the Stimulus Bill. by Bill Cooke. Farmers’ Ethanol biorefinery process. Click to enlarge.

2009 65