Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Japan Delivery System Corporation Develop EV Charging System for Apartment Buildings in Japan

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) and Japan Delivery System Corporation (JDS) have jointly developed an electric vehicle (EV) charging system for apartment complexes. Tags: Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Japan Plug-ins Over view of the i-CHARGER system.

Mazda launching updated CX-3 in Japan with new 1.8L diesel

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Mazda Motor Corporation has begun accepting pre-orders for the updated Mazda CX-3 at dealerships throughout Japan. Diesel JapanThe redesigned model adopts parts of Mazda’s next-generation SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture. Improvements were made to the front dampers, front stabilizers and coil springs, and the G-Vectoring Control and electric power steering systems were carefully tuned to achieve even smoother changes in vehicle posture.

2018 69

Japan V2G demonstrator project using EVs as virtual power plant resource; METI funding

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC); SHIZUOKA GAS Co., Japan is promoting the adoption and expansion of renewable energy sources as a measure to reduce greenhouse gases. Electric (Battery) Japan Plug-ins V2XSeven companies—Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.

2018 90

Toyota and partners launch low-carbon hydrogen supply-chain project in Japan

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In Japan, Aichi Prefecture, Chita City, Toyota City, Chubu Electric Power, Toho Gas, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Toyota Industries have launched the Chita City and Toyota City Renewable Energy-use Low-carbon Hydrogen Project.

2018 98

Japan NEDO launches major $90M solid-state Li-ion battery project targeting EVs; 23 companies, 15 universities/research institutes

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Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) has launched the second phase of a major solid-state Li-ion battery project in a quest to achieve both high energy density and safety in batteries for electric vehicles. Partners participating in this project include: Toyota Motor Corporation; Nissan Motor Co., Honda R & D Laboratories; Panasonic Corporation; GS Yuasa Corporation; Hitachi Automotive Systems Co., Batteries Japan Solid-state

2018 76

Toyota, Nissan, Honda and 8 others form Japan H2 Mobility to accelerate deployment of hydrogen stations in Japan

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Eleven companies, including automakers Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor, and Honda Motor, have jointly formed Japan H2 Mobility, LLC (JHyM), aimed at the full-fledged development of hydrogen stations for fuel cell vehicles (FCV) in Japan. Iwatani Corporation; Tokyo Gas Co.,

2018 107

Consortium moves ahead with HESC pilot for conversion of Australian coal to LH2 for transport to Japan

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The Australian, Japanese and Victorian governments and a consortium of companies have launched the pilot of an innovative supply chain that will deliver liquefied hydrogen from the Latrobe Valley in Australia to Japan. Iwatani is Japan’s only producer and supplier of liquefied hydrogen.

2018 78

Toyota launches Corolla hybrid models in Japan

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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) launched hybrid versions of the Corolla Axio sedan and Corolla Fielder station wagon in Japan. Monthly sales target for Japan are 1,000 units of the Corolla Axio hybrid and 1,500 units of the Corolla Fielder hybrid. Hybrids Japan In addition, there will be a special Corolla Fielder Hybrid G Aerotourer·WxB grade.

Japan 96

Toyota and public and private partners in Japan to trial renewable CO2-free hydrogen supply chain

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Major corporate and public sector partners in Japan are launching an effort to test a full carbon-neutral hydrogen supply chain powered by renewable wind energy. In addition, the project will be supported by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.

2015 103

Japan Ministries propose light commercial vehicle fuel economy standards for 2022

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The new standards will require that the fuel economy of model year 2022 light and medium commercial vehicles sold in Japan average 17.9 Individual companies will have to demonstrate compliance via a corporate average fuel economy approach with harmonic averaging.

2015 99

Japan automakers form joint venture to advance electric charging infrastructure: Nippon Charge Service

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Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have jointly established a new company, Nippon Charge Service, LLC, to promote the installation of chargers for plug-in electric vehicles (PHVs, PHEVs, EVs). Development Bank of Japan Inc.

2014 122

Toyota introduces new LPG hybrid taxi in Japan; trial of lane-specific congestion info from taxi data

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Toyota Motor Corporation has introduced a new taxi vehicle for Japan, the “JPN Taxi.” This is achieved in part due to the car’s styling as well as the body’s deep indigo (koiai) tone, a traditional color that has long been a symbol of Japan. Hybrids Japan LPG

2017 78

Toyota to launch its fuel cell vehicle in Japan before April 2015, priced around $68,700; reveals exterior

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Toyota’s Mitsuhisa Kato briefs the media in Japan on the timing and pricing of the FCV, and outlines the company’s view of the role of fuel cell vehicles. In 2002, Toyota began limited sales of the FCHV in the US and Japan. million miles) in the US and Japan.

2014 130

Toyota, Nissan and Honda agree on details of H2 station support in Japan

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Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., have agreed on key details of their joint support project for the development of hydrogen station infrastructure in Japan. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Infrastructure Japanand Honda Motor Co.,

2015 96

Toyota launches fully redesigned Voxy and Noah minivans in Japan; class-first hybrid system

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In Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation launched the completely redesigned Voxy minivan through Netz dealers, and the completely redesigned Noah minivan through Toyota Corolla dealers; hybrid models are scheduled for release on 14 February. Hybrids Japan

2014 106

Mitsubishi Motors manipulated fuel economy testing on 625K mini-cars sold in Japan; other models affected

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has admitted to manipulating fuel consumption testing data for some 625,000 mini-cars it manufactured for sale in Japan by itself and partner Nissan. The affected cars are four mini-car models: the “eK Wagon” and “eK Space” manufactured by MMC; and the “Dayz” and “Dayz Roox” manufactured by MMC and supplied to Nissan Motors Corporation (NM) since June 2013. Fuel Efficiency Japan Regulations Vehicle Manufacturers

2016 76

Lithium Energy Japan to hike battery output

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The joint venture between GS Yuasa Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors, known as Lithium Energy Japan, has revealed plans to expand its production capacity by 70 per cent. Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries GS Yuasa Corporation Lithium Energy Japan Mitsubishi Corporation Mitsubishi Motors Nikkei

Japan 49

China Steel Corporation making $46M investment in LanzaTech commercial waste-gas-to-ethanol project

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Taiwan’s largest integrated steel maker, China Steel Corporation (CSC), has announced formal Board approval of a 1400-million TWD (US$46 million) capital investment in a LanzaTech commercial ethanol facility. Major export destinations are Mainland China, Japan and Southeast Asia.

2015 93

Saft opens new subsidiary in Japan

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Saft, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industry, has opened a new subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan. The new subsidiary, under the name of Saft Japan Kabushiki Kaisha (K.K.) Saft Japan K.K. has now taken responsibility for the activities in the Japanese market that were handled previously by its long-standing partner, Sumitomo Corporation. —Philippe Ulrich, Saft Japan K.K.

2016 60

Report: Toyota to invest ~$165M to triple Japan production capacity for Mirai fuel cell vehicle

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The Nikkei reports that Toyota will invest about ¥20 billion yen ($165 million) to triple production capacity in Japan for its new Mirai fuel cell vehicle ( earlier post ) to meet what it describes as strong corporate and public-sector demand.

2014 146

Toyota launches TOYOTA NEXT Open Innovation Program in Japan

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In Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation has launched the TOYOTA NEXT open innovation program. Toyota noted that Japan is currently undergoing a variety of changes, such as low birth rates and a growing aging population, as well as an increased concentration of the population in urban areas with a corresponding depopulation of rural areas.

2016 76

Nissan FY 2014 global corporate activities reduce CO2 emissions by 22.6% compared to FY 2005

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made progress in reducing CO 2 emissions and improving sustainability in its global corporate activities in fiscal year 2014 while simultaneously increasing vehicle production and plant energy efficiency. cut in CO 2 when compared to fiscal year 2005, thus achieving its goal to reduce CO 2 emissions from corporate activities by 20% during that period. Nissan is utilizing a number of proven forms of sustainable energy generation to help minimize its corporate carbon footprint.

2005 78

Panasonic to increase automotive lithium-ion battery production in Japan

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Panasonic Corporation will start production of automotive lithium-ion batteries at a factory in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, expanding domestic production amid increasing demand for such batteries. Panasonic has been building up its production capacity of automotive batteries in Japan, the United States, and China.

euglena planning commercial production of biojet and renewable diesel from algae in Japan

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Japan-based euglena Co. plans to produce and supply biojet and renewable diesel in Japan at commercial scale in the 2020s with support from the City of Yokohama, Chiyoda Corporation, Itochu Enex Co., The company will build Japan’s first demonstration plant for the production of biojet/biodiesel fuels in Yokohama, with operations planned to begin in 2018. Algae Algal Fuels Aviation Diesel Japan

2015 60

Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi to provide financial assistance for EV charging infrastructure in Japan

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Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have agreed on the details of specific financial assistance they will provide to installers of charging stations for electric vehicles (PHVs, PHEVs, and EVs). This independent scheme is intended to assist electric vehicle users and support the charging infrastructure to further develop and expand it in Japan. Infrastructure Japan Plug-ins Smart charging Vehicle Manufacturers

2013 88

Japan’s NIMS reports highly stable cycling of nanoporous, amorphous silicon anodes for all-solid-state lithium batteries

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Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) have reported that nanoporous, amorphous silicon film anodes can show excellent cycling stability with extremely high lithium storage capacity: 2962?mAh?g

2018 90

London police trialing Suzuki Burgman fuel cell scooters; first trial outside of Japan

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The MPS is the only organization outside of Japan that Suzuki has approached to undertake such a trial. The trial is being run at no cost to the Met, with the loan of the vehicles from Suzuki Motor Corporation.

2017 90

Nissan cuts CO2 emissions from global corporate activities by 2% in 2013; tracking to 20% by 2016 vs. 2005

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reported reducing CO2 emissions from global corporate activities in fiscal year 2013 while increasing vehicle production by 5.1%. Nissan is reducing the environmental impact of its corporate activities through widespread power conservation. In Japan, Nissan will increase the amount of renewable energy it buys from 5,200 MWh to four times that amount by fiscal year 2016 through the Power Producers and Suppliers (PPS) system. Nissan Motor Co.,

2005 76

A123 Systems and IHI Corporation Sign Joint Marketing Agreement to Develop Advanced Battery Technology Business in Japan

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Li-ion battery maker A123 Systems and IHI Corporation have entered into a collaborative business development agreement to serve potential customers in the Japanese transportation, industrial and marine markets. IHI is one of the largest heavy industry equipment makers in Japan with long-standing business operations in the automotive, utilities, marine and aerospace industries.

2009 68

Toyota to make “Connected Vehicles” its new standard in Japan; redesigned Crown and Corolla Sport as 1st-generation Connected Cars

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The future of just-in-time vehicle services and support has arrived in Japan in the form of two well-known Toyota vehicles—the Crown, the volume nameplate’s flagship passenger vehicle—and the Corolla Sport—the all-new hatchback version of the Corolla—launched just this year.

2018 90

DiDi partners with SoftBank in Japan for platform services for taxi industry, launches open new energy car-sharing platform

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DiDi and SoftBank also plan to set up a joint venture in Japan. DiDi and SoftBank aim to build an open and inclusive platform that will be available to all of Japan’s taxi operators. Didi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, and SoftBank Corp.

2018 90

Mazda Delivers First Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid to Iwatani Corporation

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Mazda Motor Corporation delivered the first Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid to Iwatani Corporation, an energy development company based in Japan. Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid (Iwatani Corporation version).

Toyota launches Prius in Japan; forecasts delay in deliveries of the new model

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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has launched the Prius α (Prius alpha) in Japan. Concurrent with launch, however, Toyota announced that it forecasts an unavoidable delay in delivery of the Prius α due to the ongoing effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake on production.

2011 102

Mazda to lease approx. 100 units of Demio EV (Mazda2) in Japan from October; coil-switching system in motor

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Mazda Motor Corporation will begin leasing the Demio EV in October 2012. The Demio EV is an independently developed electric vehicle based on the Mazda Demio (known outside of Japan as Mazda2). Electric (Battery) JapanDemio EV. Click to enlarge.

2012 109

Mazda begins production of Mazda CX-5 with SKYACTIV-D diesel engine; Japan and Europe first markets

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Mazda Motor Corporation has begun production of the all-new Mazda CX-5 with its new-generation SKYACTIV-D 2.2-liter diesel engine ( earlier post ) at its Ujina Plant near Mazda’s headquarters in Hiroshima. Diesel Europe JapanThe CX-5. Click to enlarge.

Mazda 88

Japan-based JNC completes bamboo-to-ethanol demonstration plant

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Japan-based JNC Corporation and its partners have completed construction of a bamboo-to-ethanol demonstration plant and have begun test runs. Bamboo is of interest as a biofuel feedstock as it does not compete with food. The bamboo raw material is procured from the city of Minamata. The demo plant at Kumamoto University saccharifies the bamboo to produce sugar, which is then fermented using genetically modified yeast developed at Sojo University. Brief

2012 96

Pre-orders start for Mazda Axela in Japan; gasoline and hybrid models first, followed by diesel

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Mazda Motor Corporation will begin taking pre-orders for the new Mazda Axela sports compact (known outside of Japan as Mazda3) on 10 October 10, 2013 at its dealers throughout Japan. The company expects to sell 3,000 units per month in Japan. This will make Mazda the first domestic automaker to offer gasoline, diesel and hybrid versions of a single model in Japan. Pricing in Japan ranges from ¥1,711,500 (US$17,628) for an entry-level SKYACTIV-G 1.5

2013 71

Mitsubishi Corporation, Weyerhaeuser to Explore Strategic Biomass-to-Energy Venture

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Mitsubishi Corporation and Weyerhaeuser Company signed a Strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore the possibilities of collaborating in the biomass-to-energy business. The MOU leverages the strengths of both companies: Weyerhaeuser’s capacity to produce renewable biomass at scale from its sustainably managed forests and Mitsubishi Corporation’s worldwide network and experience in the energy sector and bio-pellet manufacturing business.

Report: Electricity crisis in Japan driving R&D

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The Nikkei reports that corporate R&D spending in Japan is set to rise at a faster pace in fiscal 2011, and that the details of a Nikkei survey suggest that Japan’s post-Fukushima electricity crisis is sparking innovation. Planned R&D spending at 240 major companies has climbed 6.1% from last fiscal year to 10.09 trillion yen, with a notable focus on energy-related fields.

2011 87

Seven-Eleven Japan and Toyota introducing fuel cell trucks and fuel cell power generators for studies on CO2 reduction

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Seven-Eleven Japan Co., and Toyota Motor Corporation have concluded a basic agreement for studies on energy conservation and CO 2 emissions reduction in convenience store distribution and operation.

2017 85

Toyota Cumulative Hybrid Sales in Japan Top 1M; 2.68M Globally

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Annual sales of TMC hybrids in Japan and globally. Cumulative sales in Japan of its Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) hybrid vehicles have topped the 1-million mark, while more than 2.68 The Prius has been the top-seller in Japan for the last fourteen months ( earlier post ).

2010 102

NYK hybrid tugboat enters service in Japan

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Wing Maritime Service Corporation held a ceremony in Yokohama Port to mark the entry into service of the NYK Group’s hybrid tugboat “Tsubasa” (Gross Tonnage: 256 tons). The hybrid propulsion system was developed and manufactured by Niigata Power Systems. Tsubasa” is used in towing operations which help large vessels get into and out of ports, mainly at the port of Yokohama and Kawasaki.

2013 76

N.E. Chemcat Corporation licenses Brookhaven Lab electrocatalyst technology for fuel cells in electric vehicles

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Japan-based N.E. Additional funding came from the Toyota Motor Corporation.

2012 88