Ford installing GE WattStation chargers, charging network at facilities

Green Car Congress

Ford will begin installing the GE WattStation Level 2 charging stations across its North American campuses, developing a workplace charging network at nearly every Ford facility in the United States and Canada. By adding another charge opportunity during the day at the workplace, it might be possible for employees to be able to accomplish all of their workweek trips without using gasoline. It can then use actual station data to plan for additional station installations.

2014 96

Fisker Ocean EV to make global public debut at CES 2020; Electrify America charging station network partner

Green Car Congress

Overall, Fisker Ocean will serve as a model for how desirable EVs can replace gasoline vehicles as practical daily drivers. Electrify America expects to install, or have under development, approximately 800 total charging station sites with about 3,500 chargers by December 2021.

2019 78

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IHS forecasts global EV charger market to grow to more than 12.7M units in 2020

Green Car Congress

The global EV Charger (EVC) market is forecast to grow from more than 1 million units in 2014 to more than 12.7 According to the report, approximately 10% of EV charging stations by 2020 will be within the public or semi-public domain, whereas the global DC fast charging stations are expected to be relatively low and located on the outskirts of cities and highway infrastructure, rather than located in dense urban areas.

2015 113

Mercedes-Benz powering ahead with €3B strategic engine initiative; increasing electrification, 48V; diesel and gasoline; cylinder deactivation

Green Car Congress

The new six-cylinder in-line gasoline engine M 256 features a 48 V electrical system. The M 256 is the first member of a new family of premium gasoline engines that have for the first time been systematically designed for electrification from the outset.

2016 108

Navigant forecasts global 6% CAGR for biofuels to 2023

Green Car Congress

Navigant Research forecasts global biofuels production will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% between 2013 and 2023, despite slower than expected development of advanced biofuels pathways (such as cellulosic biofuels); an expected expansion in unconventional oil production in key markets such as the United States; and a decline in global investment for biofuels in recent years. of global transportation fuel production from fossil sources.

2013 80

Tenneco developing new gasoline particulate filter (GPF) technology ahead of Euro 6c emissions regulation

Green Car Congress

Tenneco is leveraging its expertise in diesel particulate filter (DPF) technology to develop gasoline particulate filters for 2017 model year light vehicles. These filters are designed for gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines to reduce particulate emissions in compliance with the Euro 6c emissions regulation (particulate number of no more than 6 x 10 11 particles/km), which takes effect on 1 September 2017.

2015 86

Jaguar shares details about new Ingenium family of efficient gasoline and diesel engines

Green Car Congress

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed some details about its new Ingenium family of efficient diesel and gasoline engines. Ingenium’s modular design enables both gasoline and diesel engines to share many common internal components and calibration strategies. Ingenium engine. Click to enlarge.

2014 99

BorgWarner expanding variable cam timing technology for I4 engines; OEM diesel and gasoline applications in 2015

Green Car Congress

Each phaser also features an integrated center bolt and spool valve for smaller package size and easier installation. The technology is planned to launch with a major global automaker on diesel and gasoline applications in 2015. New cam phaser for I4 engine. Click to enlarge.

2012 104

EPS advancing diesel engine for general aviation applications; 30-50% lower fuel consumption than gasoline

Green Car Congress

The installed wet weight of the 450 hp diesel engine package is within 45 pounds (20 kg) of alternative 350 horsepower (257 kW) air-cooled turbocharged engines currently used in aero applications.

2015 78

Frost & Sullivan forecasts Gasoline Particulate Filters to climb from 50,335 units now to 4.2-4.6 million units by 2020

Green Car Congress

Gasoline direct injection (GDI) is a strategy to improve fuel efficiency that is rapidly gaining market acceptance. However, unlike conventional gasoline engines, gasoline direct injection engines produce particulate matter, as do diesels, and emission controls will become an issue the technology must address as standards for particle mass tighten, and also as standards for particle numbers emerge. of total GPF installations by 2020.

2015 73

Toyota Motor Manufacturing France to start gasoline-engined Yaris export to North America in 2013

Green Car Congress

This investment is required to build the car to the specific requirements of the new market, including the installation of a North American specific 1.5-liter gasoline engine, automatic transmission, differences in the rear bumper, as well as other items linked to specific local regulations. Only gasoline versions of Yaris will be exported to North America.

Volvo to unveil XC60 gasoline-electric Plug-in Hybrid Concept at Detroit show; system targeted for US and China markets

Green Car Congress

At the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Volvo Car Corporation will unveil the Volvo XC60 gasoline-electric Plug-in Hybrid Concept. To make the plug-in technology viable for buyers in the US and China, Volvo notes , it needs to feature a gasoline engine.

2012 116

UK study concludes cumulative global sales of EVs could reach 30M units by 2050, or 1.5% of projected global car parc; decisive global action required

Green Car Congress

A new review of the global market prospects for electric vehicles by UK-based Trend Tracker Ltd concludes that given a steady increase in producer investment; positive legislative and fiscal influences and consumer acceptance, and subject to requisite technical advances, by 2050 the cumulative sales of electric cars could feasibly reach 30 million units—approximately 1.5% of the global car parc (2 billion units) projected for then.

2011 78

Exploring gasoline-range naphtha as a low-soot, low-NOx alternative compression ignition fuel

Green Car Congress

Gautam Kalghatgi and his colleagues at Saudi Aramco and other organization such as FEV, RWTH Aachen University, and Shell Global Solutions, have been investigating the potential use of naphtha as an alternative compression-ignition (CI) fuel that offers a number of benefits, including efficient combustion; low soot and NO x emissions resulting in a less complicated aftertreatment system to meet modern emissions standards; and a fuel that is simpler to make than current gasoline or diesel fuels.

2013 73

Toyota provides update on status of green car technology, future plans; 21 new hybrid models, new gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, EV and fuel cell stack

Green Car Congress

In the area of energy conservation, TMC has developed a new gasoline engine that achieves a maximum 38.5% Gasoline engines. An enhanced engine for use in hybrid vehicles, based on the 2.5-liter AR gasoline engine, adopts the Atkinson cycle and D-4S injection system. Starting in 2014, TMC plans to launch a vehicle with a new 2.0-liter, turbo-charged AR engine, also based on the 2.5-liter AR gasoline engine. TMC first installed the engine in the.

2012 102

IEA: carbon intensity of global energy supply has barely changed in last 20 years; “window of opportunity in transport”

Green Car Congress

In a fairly bleak assessment of global progress towards low-carbon energy, the International Energy Agency (IEA) concluded that, despite a few bright spots such as the rapid expansion of renewable technologies and the growth of hybrid and EV sales, the progress is far below that required to achieve a 2 °C pathway—i.e., The global energy supply became 6% cleaner from 1971 to 1990,in response to the oil shocks of the 1970s.

2013 89

Controlled Power Technologies and AVL Collaborate on Advanced Direct Injection Gasoline Engine Demonstrator

Green Car Congress

CPT electric VTES installed in AVL demonstrator. TFSI (200PS) gasoline engine. Getting a gasoline engine to deliver the lower CO 2 emissions of a diesel engine is something of a holy grail for the motor industry. Click to enlarge.

2009 78

Ozinga Energy and Ingevity to field adsorbed natural gas bi-fuel pickup

Green Car Congress

ANGP is working with Ingevity as its adsorbent manufacturer because of Ingevity’s global leadership in activated carbons for more than 100 years. Ingevity is the industry leader in adsorbent-based, on-board evaporative emissions control for gasoline fueled vehicles.

2020 133

BMW Dadong plant closing in on standard production of iX3 EV

Green Car Congress

We are right on schedule with our BMW iX3 pre-production vehicles and will launch standard production in late summer, using state-of-the-art technologies such as custom installation of the new high-voltage battery and artificial intelligence for monitoring parts.

2020 96

California Department of State Hospitals orders 12 electric Ford Transit 350HD vans from Lightning Systems

Green Car Congress

Lightning Systems, a global developer of zero-emission drivetrains, announced an order from the California Department of State Hospitals for 12 zero-emission, all-electric Ford Transit 350HD models.

2020 100

Letter from Copenhagen

Revenge of the Electric Car

Sure, national leaders failed to sign a meaningful agreement, even after painstaking work by so many national staffs, NGOs (like Global Observatory), and demonstrators. The important success at COP15 was this: millions of human beings were rallying around a central issue for our time: global warming and stemming the stark consequences of an industrialized Earth. It reported – even with global distractions like Tiger Woods in full swing.

2010 133

When Will EVs Hit Primetime?

Revenge of the Electric Car

gasoline-powered vehicles could be delayed. If electric cars can’t break out of niche status in the world’s two largest passenger car markets, then a transition away from gasoline-powered vehicles could be delayed. To address the “range anxiety&# of prospective electric-car consumers in the US, a number of states, namely California, Oregon, and Hawaii, as well as private companies, are working to develop and install public charging stations on a large scale.

2010 122

Nissan and Uber partner in London: 2,000 LEAFs

Green Car Congress

To meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles in the capital, Transport for London has installed more than 1,000 EV charge points in the last year alone. Nissan and Uber have signed a deal to support the introduction of 2,000 all-electric Nissan LEAFs for drivers who use the Uber app.

2020 93

Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids)

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Scientist have confirmed that unlike gasoline cars, plug-ins will get cleaner as they get older -- because our power grid is getting cleaner. gasoline this equates to 75 cents a gallon for equivalent electricity.

International automotive researchers emphasize the importance of continued development of the internal combustion engine

Green Car Congress

The editorial addresses important issues in the current politically charged discussions of global warming and climate-change alarm. … Global warming potential (GWP) in CO2 equivalent tons by sector.

2019 132

Bailouts and Beemers

Plugs and Cars

Nissan/Renault is clearly in the forefront, pursuing plug-ins globally. Portland's electric utility has already begun installing charging insfrastructure. The recent halving of gasoline prices poses a challenge. With the global economic downturn, oil may not return to $100 or more a barrel quickly. The deck of cards, some might say house of cards, that is the American economy is being shuffled.

2008 100

CalCars' PRIUS+ Plug-In Hybrid

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Our PRIUS+ Project Photos PHEV Resources Global Warming Take Action News and Events Contact Us Latest from CalCars-News: [ see all latest ] How CalCars Green-Tuned an 04 Prius into a PRIUS+ Plug-In Hybrid! About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Car-Makers Say.

2009 53

BMW launches Gen2 X5 PHEV in US: X5 xDrive45e

Green Car Congress

The X5 xDrive45e is built at Plant Spartanburg, South Carolina, BMW Group’s largest global production plant. The prodigious amount of torque also allows for a factory-installed optional trailer hitch (rated for 7,200 lbs.

2020 100

Will CARB’s New Rules Damage EV Startups?

Revenge of the Electric Car

In addition, proponents of the nascent plug-in hybrid industry say the air resources board also may snuff out a key component of what environmentalists believe will be the next generation of eco-friendly cars, thereby hampering our ability to wean ourselves from foreign oil, avoid petroleum wars in the Middle East, and slow the potentially devastating effects of global warming. When gasoline-powered vehicles are turned off, some of the fuel in the gas tank evaporates.

2009 100

Lightning Systems expands all-electric model lineup for Ford Transit with 150-mile-range version

Green Car Congress

Lightning Systems, a global developer of zero-emissions solutions for commercial fleets, announced the LightningElectric Ford Transit product line ( earlier post ) will expand to include a 150-mile range version, adding to the 50-mile and 100-mile versions.

2018 85

Landi Renzo and Leggett Platt to partner on CNG vehicles for North American Market

Green Car Congress

Landi Renzo is a global leader in alternative fuel systems design, manufacture, installation and service with more than 40% global market share. As a Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) of Ford vehicles, L&P CVP will install Landi Renzo’s CNG fuel system at its Ford ship-thru facility in Elyria, Ohio and will offer three and four tank options for installation on Ford’s E-250 and E-350 Cargo and Passenger Vans.

2011 74

Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Gasoline is burnt up and gone forever into the atmosphere and into our lungs. The small electric will be king and batteries a valuable commodity, so valuable in fact, they will have to be wielded in to prevent theft by the Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal, folks for their home installations!

CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

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Our PRIUS+ Project Photos PHEV Resources Global Warming Take Action News and Events Contact Us CalCars Frequently Asked Questions Jump to: Environmental Effects and Benefits Alternative Fuels Batteries PHEV Conversions Other Questions Note: This page is overdue for a major overhaul.

2009 44

Polk County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office running 10 patrol cars on propane

Green Car Congress

Auto Additions of Salem performed the bi-fuel vehicle conversions while Blue Star Gas installed an on-site fuel station and delivers year-round fuel supply. Not only is there a 50-cent-per-gallon federal tax credit for operating on alternative fuels like propane autogas, filling up with autogas also costs substantially less than gasoline. Alliance is the exclusive US distributor of autogas systems from Prins, a global provider of propane autogas engine technology.

Study finds behavior-influencing policies remain critical for mass market success of low-carbon vehicles

Green Car Congress

Burgeoning demands for mobility and private vehicle ownership undermine global efforts to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Transport is responsible for 25% of energy-related CO 2 emissions globally, with half of that coming from private passenger vehicles.

2018 106

MIT Battery Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Electric Cars : Gas 2.0

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Installing a dedicated circuit panel say a 200 amp model could be an alternative or supplement to public fast charging stations. Write For GO About Advertise Contact Login Explore GO Media: News & Opinion Family & Lifestyle Business & Technology Gas 2.0 Like this post?

2009 51

Jaguar Land Rover accelerates electrification; manufacturing new range of electrified vehicles in UK; electric XJ first

Green Car Congress

The new Battery Assembly Center at Hams Hall, operational in 2020, will be the most innovative and technologically advanced in the UK with an installed capacity of 150,000 units. Together with the Wolverhampton Engine Manufacturing Center (EMC), home of Jaguar Land Rover’s global EDU production, these facilities will power the next generation of Jaguar and Land Rover models.

IHS Markit: shippers, refiners scrambling to respond to IMO signals on low-sulfur fuel enforcement

Green Car Congress

In 2016, the IMO confirmed that global refiners and shippers would have to comply with these new environmental regulations five years earlier than many anticipated, which sent tidal waves through two industries that typically take many years to adapt to such significant change.

2018 85

BMW MINI E Powered by AC Propulsion?

Revenge of the Electric Car

During the past couple of years the American driving public has witnessed how dependent they are of gasoline, and vulnerable to rapidly increasing energy prices. The wallbox will be installed in the customer’s garage, enable higher amperage, and thus provide for extremely short charging times. Monthly lease installments will cover any required technical service including all necessary maintenance and the replacement of wearing parts.

2008 100

Lightning Systems battery-electric heavy-duty Ford Transit showing 61 MPGe city, 66 MPGe highway

Green Car Congress

Lightning Systems, a global developer of zero-emissions solutions for commercial fleets, is taking its new Ford Transit LightningElectric model ( earlier post ) on the road, showcasing the recently released vehicle efficiency ratings of 61 MPGe on in-town routes and 66 MPGe on highway.

2018 113

GM Says Chevrolet Volt Won't 'Pay the Rent' | Autopia from

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Newly installed CEO Fritz Henderson argues that pioneering projects like the Volt typically lose money until the technology catches on. Lutz is a man given to hyperbole — called global warming "a crock of shit" — but in this case, hes right.

2009 47

Toyota introducing new powertrain units based on TNGA; transmissions, engine, hybrid system, 4WD

Green Car Congress

Toyota intends to expand the number of models equipped with the newly announced powertrain units globally from this spring onward. Toyota has also developed a new manual transmission in response to global needs, particularly those in Europe.

2018 117

Toyota introduces new 2020 Highlander and hybrid at New York International Auto Show; TNGA-K platform

Green Car Congress

Arriving in Toyota dealerships in winter, the Highlander gasoline model will arrive in December 2019 and the Highlander Hybrid will make its way to customers in February 2020. Toyota introduced the next-generation three-row 2020 Highlander SUV at the New York International Auto Show.

2019 123