Bentley launching five new electric cars from 2025

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Bentley Motors will launch five new electric cars from 2025. Bentley also revealed a £2.5-billion (US$3.4-billion) sustainable investment to realize this strategy. From 2025, the first Bentley electric vehicle will be designed, developed and produced at its headquarters in Crewe, England. Moreover, Bentley is investigating using sustainable biofuel in fleet cars, including Bentley’s iconic Heritage Collection.

Bentley launches 3-year research study on EV powertrains: OCTOPUS

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Bentley Motors has launched a three-year research study on electric vehicle powertrains, utilizing a fully integrated, free from rare-earth magnet e-axle that supports electric vehicle architectures. —tefan Fischer, Director of Powertrain Engineering at Bentley Motors.

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Bentley commits to £2.5bn investment for updated EV factory in UK


Bentley has announced that it will build its first-ever electric vehicle manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom with a £2.5 Bentley plans to update its Crewe, England plant with the investment. ” Credit: Bentley. News Bentley Electric Vehicles Featured

Bentley CEO promises first EV will scream luxury at 1400 HP and redonkulous 1.5 sec 0-60


In a recent interview out of Europe, Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark promised some bold specs from the luxury automaker’s first battery electric vehicle. Despite describing the “brutality of acceleration” in the upcoming EV, the Bentley chief said that won’t be its main selling point.

U of Birmingham, Bentley and partners in rare-earth recycling project; RaRE

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The University of Birmingham is working with Bentley Motors and others on a three-year research project to deliver a sustainable source of rare earth magnets for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Flying Spur PHEV certified as most efficient Bentley to date

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Flying Spur PHEV is most efficient Bentley yet, as brand pushes to be fully electric by 2026

Bentley New Electric Cars, Electrified 2022 Grand Cherokee, 300 Professional Athletes Sign The Cool Down

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The post Bentley New Electric Cars, Electrified 2022 Grand Cherokee, 300 Professional Athletes Sign The Cool Down appeared first on EV Obsession.

Bentley makes impressive cuts to CO2 emissions at ‘Dream Factory’ in Crewe


British automaker Bentley has shared new data outlining its progress toward becoming carbon neutral throughout its entire global supply chain. The post Bentley makes impressive cuts to CO2 emissions at ‘Dream Factory’ in Crewe appeared first on Electrek.

Bentley unveils plug-in hybrid concept

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Luxury automaker Bentley, a member of the Volkswagen Group, unveiled its Bentley Hybrid Concept—a preview of Bentley’s first production plug-in hybrid model, which is planned to be a dedicated version of the all-new SUV available in 2017. The Bentley Hybrid Concept will be on display at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition later this month. Bentley Hybrid Concept.

Bentley secures plans for first EV in 2025, carbon-neutrality in 2030

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Bentley on Wednesday confirmed that its first electric car will roll off an assembly line at the automaker's existing factory site in 2025.

No $25,000 Tesla yet, Bentley preps for EVs, Firestone adds chargers: Today’s Car News

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Bentley is getting ready to build its first electric car. Tesla isn’t developing the $25,000 car yet, and it won’t launch any new models in 2022. And some Firestone service centers are getting ready for EVs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Bentley launches plug-in Flying Spur

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Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid gains zero emissions capability as the second PHEV from the brand

Bentley Launches Flying Spur PHEV With Lavish Odyssean Edition


Electrification gives Bentley an excuse to use more sustainable materials

Bentley’s first EV will be built in Crewe in 2025

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Bentley to make ftrst-Ever EV Will Be Made In The UK From 2025

First electric Bentley due in 2026 will say no to rare-earth magnets

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The first all-electric Bentley production model, due in 2026, could set new standards for sustainability.

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Bentley plans to go all-plug-in by 2026, all-electric by 2030

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Bentley plans to make its entire lineup plug-in hybrid or all-electric by 2026, and will switch entirely to battery-electric vehicles by 2030.

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Bentley Invests Big in UK-Made BEVs With ‘Beyond100’

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Bentley’s first-ever Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) will be available to buy in 2025. There will also be a new electric Bentley launched every year for five years from 2025. Bentley says that its first EV will be developed and built in the UK.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid heralds first step in Bentley's electrification programme

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Bentley's first electrified car, the Bentayga Hybrid SUV, is now available for purchase across Europe

Bentley's First-Ever EV Will Be Made In The UK From 2025


Bentley will invest $3.4 billion to become exclusively electric and end-to-end carbon neutral by 2030

Classic Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls EV conversions celebrate the past without the gasoline

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based Lunaz offers electric conversions of classic from Jaguar, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce. Owning a classic car doesn't have to involve tailpipe emissions, or the high repair bills that often come with vintage gasoline engines.

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Solvay, Bentley, Penso partner on lightweight architecture

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A consortium including Solvay, Bentley and Penso has been awarded a multi-million pound grant by the UK government Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) for the Flexible Lightweight Architecture for Volume Applications (FLAVA) automotive project. FLAVA will develop the composite design, material and manufacturing technologies required to implement a modular, multi-material Body-In-White structure suited for large production volume.

Bentley Bentayga plug-in hybrid rated for lower highway mpg than non-hybrid

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Be forewarned, though: For those who consider an ultra-luxury brand like Bentley, those sensibilities go (mostly) out the window.

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Bentley will be fully electrified by 2026

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Bentley isn't known for being green, but that's all about to change. The Crewe-based car maker has given details of its Beyond100 strategy and they're both ambitious, and rooted in becoming pretty much the greenest luxury car brand out there

Bentley's First EV Will Pack Up To 1,400 HP, Do 0-60 In 1.5 Seconds


If that's too brutal, customers will have the option of a slower 0-60 mph setting of 2.7 seconds

Bentley announces ‘Beyond100’ sustainability strategy, investing nearly $3.4 billion to go all-electric by 2030, five new BEVs starting in 2025


Luxury automotive manufacturer Bentley is yet another Volkswagen Group subsidiary falling in line with its parent, vowing an all-electric future for its vehicles. more… The post Bentley announces ‘Beyond100’ sustainability strategy, investing nearly $3.4

New Bentley Bentayga plug-in hybrid for 2021

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Bentley has launched the plug-in hybrid version of its new Bentayga SUV. Predominantly comprising a styling and technology overhaul both inside and out, Bentley predicts that the new Bentayga hybrid will be the biggest seller in the range

Bentley brings electric EXP 12 Speed 6e concept to Auto Shanghai

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Bentley brought its electic EXP 12 Speed 6e concept, first unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show last month ( earlier post ), to Auto Shanghai. The concept showcases the British brand’s ambition to define the electric luxury segment and will allow Bentley to gauge public opinion and customer feedback to help shape its future luxury strategy. Bentley is fully committed to China—it is a vital market for us.

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Bentley’s 1st Electric Car, Kia America 022 EV6 Pricing, GM EV Industry 4,000 New Jobs

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The post Bentley’s 1st Electric Car, Kia America 022 EV6 Pricing, GM EV Industry 4,000 New Jobs appeared first on EV Obsession.

Bentley latest concept is electric

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Never ones to shy away from the bold and the brash, Bentley has revealed a brand-new luxury concept which demonstrates its vision for the future of sustainable, luxury motoring

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid gets facelift for 2021

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The updated Bentley Bentayga Hybrid has been revealed, with the ultra-luxury SUV the first of two plug-in models to launch in 2021

VW EV lab, 2023 Lucid SUV, Bentley steers away from rare-earths: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Bentley aims to keep rare-earths out of its electric and electrified vehicles. Lucid says its SUV is on the way in 2023. And Volkswagen is putting together a U.S. lab for EV development. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

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Biden better for EVs, Bentley electrification plan, classic Mini Cooper kit: Today’s Car News

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Bentley has a bold plan for electrifying its lineup of performance and luxury cars this decade. In an election yet to be called, one of the Presidential candidates will be best for electric cars. And there’s a new way to make a classic Mini all-electric.

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Bentley Bentayga: The definitive luxury SUV to offer fresh styling and revised interior

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Bentley aim to raise the bar once again in the luxury SUV segment with their updated Bentayga

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Review: Bentley Bentayga

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Bentley was once described as the creator of the “world’s fastest lorry

Bentley Commits to Five New EVs by 2030, Adding a New Model in 2025

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The British luxury car manufacturer Bentley has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030 and planning to release their first electric vehicle in 2025. Bentley’s historic Crewe facility, which produced its first vehicle over 75 years ago, will now be used to produce electric vehicles.

Bentley Mulsanne May Be Replaced By An Electric Coupe GT


The automaker announced five new electric vehicles are coming between 2025 and 2030, this being one of them

Bentley introduces its first diesel: Bentayga Diesel with 48V system & electric supercharger

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Bentley Motors has introduced its first diesel model: the Bentayga Diesel SUV. The Bentayga Diesel, equipped with a start-stop system, has the lowest CO 2 emissions of any Bentley (210 g/km), as well as a range of more than 1,000 km (621 miles)—allowing owners to, for example, drive from London to Verbier, Bordeaux or the Scottish Highlands on a single tank. Immense power, grand touring capabilities and superb refinement – this is a true Bentley.

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Bentley eyeing up solid-state batteries

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Despite access to VW Group's expertise, Bentley isn't planning on launching its first EV until 2025. However, when it does go electric, the British brand has hinted that it might use solid-state batteries.

Tesla Roadster, Ford emissions, Bentley's electric future: Today's Car News

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A plan for more plug-in vehicles is changing form at Bentley—to what, we're not sure yet. A West Coast network could keep semis charged up. Analysts peer into the Tesla Roadster. And Ford's under federal scrutiny for emissions certifications. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation. Today in Car News

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Fuel-cell ships, Bentley plug-in hybrid, McLaren and synthetic fuels: Today’s Car News

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And Bentley isn’t making a convincing argument for plug-in hybrids. McLaren is optimistic about internal combustion—perhaps without the fossil-fuels part of the equation.

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Bentley Bentayga Speed: Range-topping SUV is world’s fastest

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The Bentley Bentayga Speed has been revealed with styling tweaks and tech upgrades that bring it in line with the updated standard Bentayga

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Bentley plant scoops environmental award

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Bentley may not be the first name you associate with environmental consideration, but the British brand has become the first car manufacturer to be awarded the triple Carbon Trust Standard for carbon, water and waste reduction at its headquarters in Cheshire. Bentley Editor Pick

Bentley goes hybrid with the Bentayga

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It doesn’t seem long since Bentley introduced its Bentayga Diesel