ASX and Spirit AeroSystems partner to develop affordable eVTOL aircraft for mass production

Green Car Congress

The path to delivering low-cost aircraft systems starts with engineering services, then parts fabrication, and finally system integration supporting the launch of ASX’s all-electric eVTOL aircraft, the MOBi-One.

2020 345

Next 10-UC Berkeley study suggests additional tax revenue or income-based rate structure to make electricity more affordable for Californians

Green Car Congress

These high prices result from uncommonly large fixed costs that are bundled into kilowatt-hour prices and passed on to customers. What Californians pay is much higher than the true marginal cost of using electricity.


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Tesla Model Y joins a new Police Force, and incentives made it an affordable purchase


While the environmentally-conscious vehicles will save taxpayer dollars in the long run thanks to EV credits, gas savings, and low maintenance costs, some have voiced concerns over the cost of buying a Tesla.

ACEA study finds cost still strong deterrent for EV uptake across Europe; calls for “realistic” targets recognizing affordability

Green Car Congress

A new study by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) finds that the affordability of electric cars remains a strong deterrent for customers across the EU, along with lack of infrastructure and lack of investment in infrastructure. ACEA cautions that the targets must be realistic, taking into account what people can actually afford to buy. A natural shift to electric vehicles will simply not happen without addressing consumer affordability.

2018 163

GKN Automotive launches new strategy to make electric propulsion more affordable

Green Car Congress

The leading supplier of all-wheel drive and electric driveline technology and systems is standardizing a range of intelligent highly integrated “3-in-1” P4 electric drive systems for pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, in a move to decrease cost and increase efficiency.

2019 195

GM’s $27B plan: 450-mile range, affordable models among 30 EVs by 2025

Green Car Reports

With ranges up to 450 miles and the potential for vehicles costing less than $35,000 in the electric vehicle mix by the middle of the decade, GM’s numbers surrounding its widely broadcast all-electric future have suddenly become better in several respects.

2020 145

MIT team proposes ARC fusion reactor: affordable, robust, compact

Green Car Congress

Advances in magnet technology have enabled researchers at MIT to propose a new design for a practical compact tokamak fusion reactor that might be realized in as little as a decade: the ARC (affordable, robust, compact) reactor. ITER, the world’s most powerful planned fusion reactor currently under construction in France, is expected to cost around $40 billion.

2015 263

California cap-and-trade spending doubles to $1.4 billion in 2018; xEV rebates, affordable housing, wildfire prevention, public transit

Green Car Congress

From rebates for electric and plug-in vehicles to energy efficiency and solar installations that are reducing home energy costs, more than 125,000 individual projects were completed in 2018. Installation of a rooftop solar photovoltaic system at The Allison, an affordable housing property in San Diego, one of the more than 70,000 projects installing energy efficiency measures across the state.

2019 249

Used Electric Vehicles – Affordable and Available

Plug N Drive

I have pretty exciting news for everyone who thought they couldn’t afford an EV… Yes, you can! When we surveyed 1,000 gas car owners in the Greater-Toronto and Hamilton Area last year, we learned that cost is the number one barrier to purchasing an EV.

More Affordable EV Charging with NeoCharge’s Smart Splitters

EV Match

Both were developed to make EV charging easier and more affordable for homeowners and renters. All said and done, it can easily cost $2,000 – $5,000 to install a Level 2 charger at a residential property when a panel upgrade is needed.

2020 79

IEA: time to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future

Green Car Congress

In a major new report on hydrogen, the International Energy Agency says that the time is right to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future. Producing hydrogen from low-carbon energy is costly at the moment, the development of hydrogen infrastructure is slow and holding back widespread adoption, and some regulations currently limit the development of a clean hydrogen industry.

2019 216

UH team develops fast, cost-efficient method to grow OER catalyst for seawater splitting

Green Car Congress

This work affords a cost-efficient surface engineering method to steer commercial Ni foam into robust OER catalysts for seawater electrolysis, which has important implications for both the hydrogen economy and environmental remediation.

Vitesco Technologies presents cost-effective dedicated hybrid transmission for PHEVs

Green Car Congress

We have identified further potential here which our DHT [Dedicated Hybrid Transmission] technology for cost-effective PHEVs is designed to leverage. The DHT for cost-effective PHEVs is designed for speeds of up to 120 km/h in all-electric mode, and up to 160 km/h in hybrid mode.

2019 238

Eaton to develop affordable home refueling station for natural gas vehicles; liquid piston technology

Green Car Congress

Eaton Corporation will develop an affordable home refueling station for natural gas vehicles, utilizing existing natural gas sources in the home and innovative compressor technology. Innovative heat exchanger technology will improve efficiency and cut cost dramatically. The goal is to develop a production prototype for refueling stations that will retail for about one-tenth of the cost of currently available systems.

Eaton 262

PNNL leads team to accelerate development of affordable carbon fiber composites

Green Car Congress

As part of the project, PNNL also analyzed the costs of long carbon fiber components versus standard steel and fiberglass composites. Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, along with experts from industry and academia, have developed predictive engineering tools for designing new, economical, and lightweight automotive composites. This approach should speed the development of more economical carbon fiber materials.

Tesla in talks with new LFP cell supplier for low-cost battery deal: report


Tesla is reportedly in talks with Chinese battery maker EVE Energy Co for a potential supply deal for low-cost batteries. EVE’s cells may then be used in more affordable variants of the Made-in-China Model Y, or perhaps even the $25,000 car that’s expected to be unveiled soon. .

VW targets 50% cut in battery costs by 2030, transition to solid-state tech

Green Car Reports

Most importantly, on the way to EV affordability and profitability, the company outlined plans to potentially halve its battery costs for its most

Advanced ADEPT 48V affordable mild hybrid on path to meet future ultra-low vehicle emissions

Green Car Congress

The consortium aims to demonstrate the advanced 48V mild hybrid powertrain architecture, capable of delivering near full hybrid-scale diesel fuel efficiency and reduced CO 2 emissions, through a highly cost-effective package, without compromising increasingly stringent European exhaust emission regulations, which currently require cars to meet Euro 6b air quality standards in terms of NO x , PM and CO.

2016 150

Buyers Guide: Budget EV Options for Clean Transportation

Clean Fleet Report

Affordable Cars that Move the Green Needle. Despite these trends, there are still affordable clean cars on the market today. Most affordable–and maybe the most fun. If you don’t need to drive long distances, though, this remarkably affordable option could be ideal.

Maverick Synfuels introduces affordable small-scale methane gas-to-liquid modular methanol plants

Green Car Congress

The plants are designed to be low-cost, highly efficient facilities optimized to generate an attractive project rate of return. Maverick Synfuels ( earlier post ) introduced a small-scale, modular methane-to-methanol production plant that can be co-located at the methane source.

2014 185

Renault-Nissan jointly developing new vehicle program for growth markets; CMF-A for affordability

Green Car Congress

The program, internally named CMF-A, covers the most affordable category of cars in the Common Module Family (CMF, earlier post ), Renault-Nissan’s modular system of vehicle architecture. They want and deserve a car that is modern, robust and stylish—at a price point that represents a cost breakthrough for such a generous vehicle.

2013 191

Researchers calculate social cost of German nuclear phase-out at $12B/year; 70% from increased mortality risk

Green Car Congress

In a working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), a team from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) calculate that the social cost of the phase out of nuclear electricity production in Germany is approximately $12 billion per year. The decision to phase-out nuclear production in many countries seems to suggest that the expected costs of nuclear power exceed the benefits.

2020 224

New catalyst could lead to affordable fuel cell cars

Green Cars News

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in the development of affordable fuel cells. One of the biggest hurdles for the use of hydrogen fuel cells in cars is the cost of the platinum used as a catalyst within the fuel cell. Increase in the demand for platinum-based catalysts could drive up the cost of platinum [.]. Fuel Cells Hydrogen cars affordable catalyst cheaper cleaner fuel cell hydrogen

Fisker opens reservations for Ocean SUV; cost starts as low as $379/month

Green Car Congress

1 e-mobility service provider on Earth, featuring the world’s most desirable and sustainable vehicles while shaking up the old automotive industry model—from the way a customer attains a vehicle, chooses affordable insurance, services a vehicle to the overall mobility experience.

2019 240

UCSB Clean Car Calculator shows that high efficiency vehicles are affordable options that save consumers money over time

Green Car Congress

Sangwon Suh, assistant professor at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California, Santa Barbara and a team of students have developed a “Clean Car Calculator” to help potential buyers of high-efficiency vehicles assess total lifetime costs for different vehicle options, and compare it with the lifetime costs of other cars. that savings from the higher fuel efficiency would not be enough to offset the higher upfront cost of the vehicle).

2012 191

Low-cost 5V dual carbon battery development for EV 

Electric Vehicles India

Low-cost 5V dual carbon battery development for EV . This battery doesn’t need any of the toxic metals that are costly and heavy. Lithium-ion batteries need toxic and costly metals such as manganese, cobalt and nickel but these are costly to be used in electric vehicles.

Electric-car battery costs: Tesla $190 per kwh for pack, GM $145 for cells

Green Car Reports

Lithium-ion cells and the battery packs that hold them are the single most costly part of modern electric cars. And how fast their costs will fall remains the defining factor in making those cars affordable for the mass market. Batteries lithium-ion GM battery pack costs Tesla Motors plug-in cars Tesla Model 3GM made waves last fall when product chief Mark Reuss said the company will pay $145 per kilowatt-hour for the cells in.

2016 98

Forecast: Indias car sales to surpass 2.6M units; more affordable small cars and new demand

Green Car Congress

million units by the end of 2010, fuelled by an increasing number of affordable small cars and demand from less penetrated segments, such as rural areas. While rising raw material costs, which have led many carmakers to hike prices, provide a downside risk to the BMI forecast, Vishnu Mathur, director general of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) notes that the number of month’ salary required to buy a car is falling.

2010 179

New all-Electric Fiat 500 Picks up Duo of Trophies

EV Obssesion

Best Electric Cars Lists Electric Car Costs / Prices Electric Cars Electric Vehicles awards New all-electric Fiat 500

Lux Research: fuel cell vehicles lag other drivetrains in terms of cost of ownership; ICE and HEV lowest cost

Green Car Congress

Based on an analysis of various cost of ownership scenarios for various drivetrains, including internal combustion engine (ICE) gasoline and diesel; hybrid (HEV); battery-electric (EV); plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV); and fuel cell vehicles, Lux Research concludes that fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) are “ solidly in a laggard position. ”. When looking at fuel cost only, EVs lead the way due to the relatively low price of electricity, followed by various types of hybrids (HEVs and PHEVs).

2014 254

Investing in an EV future today costs much less than you think

EV Box

Fortunately, the road to cleaner mobility has never been smoother — or more affordable. The world is quickly moving toward a future of sustainable transportation, and it’s getting there in an electric vehicle.

2020 69

Renault Zoe becomes most affordable EV yet

Green Cars News

As expected the Renault Zoe made its production-ready debut but with a surprise twist-it will cost from just £13,650 after a £5,000 Plug-in Car Grant is deducted-making it the most affordable and practical electric car we’ve seen yet. Designed from the ground-up as an electric car, Renault filed more than 60 patents during its development, [.]. Renault electric car Geneva Motor Show Renault Zoe

Silicon wafer batteries promise lower cost, better stability

Green Car Reports

In an effort to make longer-lasting, safer, and more affordable batteries, Washington-based XNRGI aims to build lithium batteries on plentiful, off-the shelf silicon wafers. Last week, the company announced plans to bring new batteries based on its patented technology to market in 2020, in a new stationary storage battery. Most such batteries. youtube lithium batteries

2019 95

Systematic review of EV battery pack costs suggests economies of scale may push cost toward US$200/kWh without further cell chemistry improvements

Green Car Congress

Industry-wide cost estimates for battery packs for electric vehicles have declined by approximately 14% annually between 2007 and 2014, from above US$1,000 per kWh to around US$410/kWh, according to a systematic review of more than 80 different estimates by a team from the Stockholm Environment Institute. The results further suggest that it is possible that economies of scale will continue to push cost towards US$200/kWh in the near future even without further cell chemistry improvements.

2015 274

ABI Research: implementing DSRC above cellular is more cost-effective than implementing C-V2X

Green Car Congress

New analysis of V2X (vehicle to everything) conducted by ABI Research finds that the cost of implementing DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) above cellular communications is expected to be $13.50 Up until now, the added cost of V2X—a significant parameter—was hardly compared between DSRC and C-V2X. For both approaches, integration into a TCU yields considerable cost advantages, provided that the antennas can support RF coexistence for 5.9

2018 215

Arcimoto FUVs a NASDAQ Addition

The Truth About Cars

A Eugene, Oregon manufacturer of affordable three-wheeled electric vehicles (EVs), Arcimoto looks to change the world. Arcimoto, makers of fun, utility vehicles for commuters and fleets, announced NASDAQ’s approval today.

Sitting on the Electric Fence? MG offers additional £750 Incentive for Electric Car Newcomers

EV Obssesion

Electric Car Costs / Prices Electric Vehicles EV Policy & Politics 7-Year Warranty Europe MG UK

Lower-cost Tesla Model 3: Does 260 miles, $45K before incentives split the difference?

Green Car Reports

Those who’ve waited faithfully for the more affordable $35,000 version of the Tesla Model 3 to be built could finally get what they’ve been wanting soon—especially if they live in California, don’t mind a little more battery than what they’d planned for, and are okay with a creative view on the bottom-line numbers

2018 116

SEAT to launch 6 electric and plug-in hybrid models, develop smaller version of MEB for lower-cost EVs

Green Car Congress

The goal of the new platform is to develop affordable electric vehicles, with an entry level price below €20,000. The small electric platform project is a great step towards an even more affordable electric mobility. SEAT, a member of the Volkswagen Group, presented its electric strategy which, until the beginning of 2021, includes six electric and plug-in hybrid models.

2019 186

LeMond Composites licenses ORNL low-cost carbon fiber manufacturing process; transportation, renewable energy, & infrastructure

Green Car Congress

LeMond Composites, founded by three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond, has licensed a low-cost, high-volume carbon fiber manufacturing process developed at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Invented by LeMond CEO Connie Jackson and a research team at ORNL’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility (CFTF), the process is projected to reduce production costs by more than 50% relative to the lowest-cost industrial-grade carbon fiber.

New Ricardo 48V electric motor aims to boost power and cut costs of hybrids; up to 50% increase in power density; ECOCHAMPS

Green Car Congress

As part of its contribution to a recently completed major European research initiative to achieve more efficient and cost-effective hybrid powertrains for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, Ricardo developed a new 48V e-motor offering up to a 50% increase in power density compared with current production machines.

2018 200

Final testing confirms ADEPT 48V diesel hybrid reduces fuel consumption 10-12% at low incremental cost

Green Car Congress

According to the latest updated analysis of the potential cost of production implementation of ADEPT—conducted independently by Ricardo—the system would represent an incremental cost of in the region of €60 per gram/km of CO 2 reduction. This is a result that makes the ADEPT powertrain architecture very competitive with other fuel economy solutions such as full hybridization, where costs of implementation can be significantly higher.

2016 170

Infineon and Hella develop new compact, lower-cost 24 GHz blind spot radar sensor

Green Car Congress

The module saves space and costs through the integration of multiple, formerly separate components into one transceiver and features low power consumption at improved performance. Hella’s radar system thereby becomes smaller, more affordable and it consumes less power.

2015 214