UD team devises CO2 direct air capture device powered by hydrogen for HEMFCs

Green Car Congress

University of Delaware engineers have demonstrated an effective way to capture 99% of carbon dioxide from the ambient air feed to an hydroxide exchange membrane fuel cell (HEMFC) air using a novel electrochemical system powered by hydrogen. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Fuel Cells Hydroge

CO2 358

Johnson Matthey launches HyCOgen; converting CO2 and green hydrogen into sustainable aviation fuel

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Johnson Matthey has launched HyCOgen, a technologyt designed to play a pivotal role in enabling the conversion of captured carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and green hydrogen into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). HyCOgen, Johnson Matthey’s Reverse Water Gas Shift technology, is a catalyzed process to convert green hydrogen and CO 2 into carbon monoxide (CO), which is combined with additional hydrogen to form synthesis gas (syngas), a crucial building block in the manufacture of fuels and chemicals.


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Researchers develop new stable artificial photosynthesis device to produce ethylene and hydrogen from sunlight and CO2

Green Car Congress

A research team has developed a new artificial photosynthesis device component with remarkable stability and longevity as it selectively converts sunlight and carbon dioxide into two promising sources of renewable fuels: ethylene and hydrogen. The device produced ethylene and hydrogen with unprecedented selectivity and for more than 24 hours. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Solar fuels

Project HyTime demonstrates potential for major CO2 savings from hydrogen dual fuel

Green Car Congress

More than 14 tonnes of CO 2 was saved in a two-year trial involving just 11 urban trucks and vans running on green hydrogen dual fuel. During the trial period, nearly 60,000 km were covered and 1619 kg of hydrogen used. Engines Fuels Heavy-duty Hydrogen Infrastructure

2020 357

Snam and Saipem sign MoU to work together on green hydrogen development and CO2 capture

Green Car Congress

Italy-based Snam, a leading energy infrastructure operator, and Saipem, an Italian multinational oilfield services company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start working together to define and to develop initiatives for green hydrogen production and transport, and for carbon dioxide capture, transport and reuse or storage (CCS and CCU). Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Market Background Oil Power-to-Gas

2020 261

Monash/Hokkaido team produces diesel blend fuel via CO2 hydrogenation in methanol over new catalyst

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Monash University and Hokkaido University have developed a method to produce dimethoxymethane (DMM)—a diesel blend fuel currently of great research interest—via CO 2 hydrogenation in methanol over a novel ruthenium-based catalyst.

CO2 209

VTT and Neste to build integrated Power-to-Liquids demo facility; CO2 capture, green hydrogen and e-fuels production

Green Car Congress

The technology demonstration will employ CO 2 capture from flue gas, hydrogen production by highly efficient high-temperature electrolysis and fuel synthesis based on Fischer-Tropsch technology. Power-to-Liquids technologies are on their way to commercialization in scale. E-fuels offer a way to expand the carbon-neutral transport fuel pool beyond biomass-based renewable fuels to replace fossil fuels in existing internal combustion engines.

Power 170

Shchekinoazot and Haldor Topsoe to cooperate on blue and green methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen and CO2 reduction

Green Car Congress

Topsoe and the leading Russian chemical company Shchekinoazot have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to synchronize vison and plans on developing blue and green methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen production and reducing CO 2 emissions.

RWE and ArcelorMittal intend to build and operate offshore wind farms and hydrogen facilities for low-emissions steelmaking

Green Car Congress

Energy company RWE and steel producer ArcelorMittal have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to develop, build and operate offshore wind farms and hydrogen facilities that will supply the renewable energy and green hydrogen required to produce low-emissions steel in Germany.

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Engineered E. coli could make carbohydrates, renewable fuel, from CO2

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Newcastle University in the UK have engineered Escherichia coli bacteria to capture carbon dioxide using hydrogen gas to convert it into formic acid. However, the enzyme has been observed to catalyse hydrogenation of CO 2 given the correct conditions, and so has possibilities in bio-based carbon capture and storage if it can be harnessed as a hydrogen-dependent CO 2 -reductase (HDCR). Biotech Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Hydrogen

CO2 269

Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to formic acid using an alumina-supported, iron-based compound; 80-90% selectivity

Green Car Congress

The rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere and their contribution to global warming is now common news. As researchers experiment with different ways to battle this problem, one efficient solution has emerged—converting excess atmospheric CO2 into energy-rich chemicals.

CO2 195

PNNL team develops new low-cost method to convert captured CO2 to methane

Green Car Congress

Methane derived from CO 2 and renewable H 2 sources is an attractive fuel, and it has great potential as a renewable hydrogen carrier as an environmentally responsible carbon capture and utilization approach. Under the new method, captured CO 2 can be mixed with renewable hydrogen and a catalyst in a simple chamber, then heated to half the pressure used in conventional methods to make methane. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Natural Gas

CEMEX, Sasol and ENERTRAG partner to turn CO2 from cement plant into Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Green Car Congress

Mexico-based global construction materials company CEMEX is partnering with integrated chemicals and energy company Sasol ecoFT and renewable energy company ENERTRAG to combine CO 2 with hydrogen to produce sustainable aviation fuel.

CO2 326

Surrey team developing direct-air-capture CO2 to methanol process

Green Car Congress

The International Energy Agency has identified direct air capture and storage as one of the three biggest opportunities to achieve Net Zero and methanol production using hydrogen and CO 2 as an important innovation gap. Researchers at the University of Surrey (UK) are developing a process to capture carbon dioxide directly from the air and then use dynamic catalysis to create methanol—a valuable chemical that, made this way, could be carbon-negative.

CO2 270

PSI and Empa launch $6.9M SynFuels project to produce kerosene from CO2 and hydrogen

Green Car Congress

The goal is to develop a process for producing kerosene from carbond dioxide and green hydrogen. Over the next three years, the two Swiss research institutes will jointly search for practical ways of linking carbon dioxide and hydrogen to form longer-chain molecules and thus produce synthetic fuels. Carbon dioxide and green hydrogen are the starting materials for the manufacturing process to be developed.

CO2 170

Three-part catalyst study advances conversion of CO2 to ethanol

Green Car Congress

An international collaboration of scientists has taken a significant step toward the realization of a nearly “green” zero-net-carbon technology that can efficiently convert CO 2 and hydrogen into ethanol.

PCC SE and Landsvirkjun to convert silicon metal plant CO2 emissions to methanol

Green Car Congress

The process of methanol synthesis requires the input of pure carbon dioxide and hydrogen from water electrolysis, with the only by-product being oxygen and water. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Hydrogen Production Market Background Methanol

T&E: Rising use of private jets sends CO2 emissions soaring

Green Car Congress

The upside is that the private jet market is ideally suited to help bring about aviation’s Tesla moment, making hydrogen and electric planes a reality. The good news is these short hops are prime targets for replacement by clean technologies like electric and hydrogen aircraft.

CO2 339

Novel membrane-free Mg-CO2 battery sequesters CO2 and generates electricity

Green Car Congress

The newly-developed MF Mg-CO 2 battery operates based on the indirect utilization of CO 2 with facile hydrogen generation process, which leads to electrochemical performance of 64.8

CO2 358

Toyota develops general-purpose hydrogen burner for industrial use; NOx emissions below natural gas burner levels, zero CO2

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has developed the what it says is the world’s first general-purpose hydrogen burner for industrial use in collaboration with Chugai Ro Co., In conventional hydrogen burners, hydrogen reacts rapidly with oxygen, leading to a high flame temperature and environmentally hazardous NO x emissions. On account of this, the practical use of hydrogen burners has proved challenging. Preventing hydrogen and oxygen from mixing completely.

2018 238

Hydrogen Council study: hydrogen could contribute to 20% of CO2 emissions reduction targets by 2050

Green Car Congress

In Bonn, as global leaders gathered at COP 23, the Hydrogen Council coalition ( earlier post ) released a report developed with support from McKinsey quantifying the potential for hydrogen in the energy transition. According to the study , if deployed at scale, hydrogen could account for almost one-fifth of total final energy consumed by 2050. In addition to being a key pillar in of the energy transition, the study shows that hydrogen has the potential to develop US$2.5

2017 150

Uniper to make Wilhelmshaven German hub for green hydrogen; green ammonia import terminal

Green Car Congress

Under the name “Green Wilhelmshaven,” Germany-based international energy company Uniper plans to establish a German national hub for hydrogen in Wilhelmshaven and is working on a corresponding feasibility study. The terminal will be equipped with an ammonia cracker for producing green hydrogen and will also be connected to the planned hydrogen network. The NH 3 splitting plant for producing green hydrogen would be the first scaled plant of its kind.

New system for more efficient CO2 electrolysis to hydrocarbon products

Green Car Congress

2020) “CO2 electrolysis to multicarbon products at activities greater than 1 A cm -2.” A team of researchers from Canada and the US has developed a system that quickly and efficiently converts carbon dioxide into simple chemicals via CO 2 electrolysis.

2020 335

Cambridge researchers develop standalone device that makes formic acid from sunlight, CO2 and water

Green Car Congress

The device is based on an advanced ‘photosheet’ technology and converts sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and formic acid—a storable fuel that can be either be used directly or be converted into hydrogen. Hydrogen Solar Solar fuels

2020 339

USC, NREL team develops sustainably produceable nanoparticle for thermocatalytic CO2 hydrogenation; emissions into fuels

Green Car Congress

To demonstrate the utility of this synthetic route to prepare catalytically active TMC NPs, we evaluated the thermochemical CO 2 hydrogenation performance of ?-MoC Basically we’re turning the carbon dioxide from carbon oxygen bonds to carbon hydrogen bonds.

2020 209

New electrocatalyst converts CO2 into ethanol, acetone, and n-butanol with high efficiency

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V vs. reversible hydrogen electrode (RHE), which can be maintained for at least 3?months. The electrocatalytic conversion of CO 2 using renewable energy could establish a climate-neutral, artificial carbon cycle.

Naturgy and Enagás studying production of green hydrogen from 350 MW of wind power in Asturias

Green Car Congress

Naturgy and Enagás are studying the production of green hydrogen from a 250MW floating offshore wind farm and another 100MW onshore wind farm in Asturias (Spain) for industrial consumption in this Autonomous Region. The project’s planned renewable power production is estimated to save more than 200,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year. Enagás and ACCIONA launch green hydrogen project in Mallorca.

Wind 256

Hydro exploring hydrogen opportunities for internal demand and external market

Green Car Congress

Hydro is exploring the potential for developing and operating hydrogen facilities to meet large internal demand as well as serving an external market, leveraging the company’s industrial and renewable power expertise. We see a substantial potential for industrial hydrogen consumption. Taking a developer and operator role in the hydrogen sector represents an opportunity for Hydro to reduce industrial CO 2 emissions and develop a profitable and sustainable business based on hydrogen.

Port of Los Angeles rolls out $82.5M hydrogen fuel cell electric freight demonstration; Toyota fuel cell technology

Green Car Congress

The Port of Los Angeles and its partners rolled out five new hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and introduced two hydrogen fueling stations. hydrogen fuel cell electric freight demonstration; Toyota fuel cell technology.

Oxford team directly converts CO2 to jet fuel using iron-based catalysts

Green Car Congress

The catalyst shows a carbon dioxide conversion through hydrogenation to hydrocarbons in the aviation jet fuel range of 38.2%, with a yield of 17.2%, and a selectivity of 47.8%, and with an attendant low carbon monoxide (5.6%) and methane selectivity (10.4%).

2020 400

Stanford engineers develop catalyst strategy to improve turnover frequencies for CO2 conversion to hydrocarbons by orders of magnitude

Green Car Congress

CO 2 (black and red) and hydrogen molecules (blue) react with the help of a ruthenium-based catalyst. Such polymer confinement modifies the CO 2 hydrogenation behavior of the Ru surface, significantly enhancing the C 2+ production turnover frequency.

Honeywell and ZoneFlow Reactor Technology to collaborate on more efficient SMR for hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

This technology promises to provide a step-change improvement in the efficiency and carbon intensity of steam methane reforming for the production of hydrogen. Catalysts Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

United and Oxy collaborate with syn-bio company Cemvita to produce SAF from CO2 using microbes

Green Car Congress

United has pursued strategic investments in SAF producers and technologies including carbon capture, hydrogen-electric engines, electric regional aircraft, and urban air mobility.

CO2 232

Sasol and UCT researchers collaborate on the use of commercial iron catalysts to convert hydrogen and CO2 into green jet fuel and chemicals

Green Car Congress

A team of researchers from Sasol and the Catalysis Institute at the University of Cape Town (UCT) has made advancements in the use of commercial iron catalyst, produced cheaply and at large scale at Sasol’s Secunda plant, which would enable conversion of unavoidable or biogenically-derived carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and green hydrogen directly to a variety of green chemicals and jet fuel.

New efficient, low-temperature catalyst for converting water and CO to hydrogen and CO2

Green Car Congress

Scientists in the US and China have developed a new low-temperature catalyst for producing high-purity hydrogen gas while simultaneously using up carbon monoxide (CO) via the water-gas shift (WGS) reaction. The discovery—described in a paper in the journal Science —could improve the performance of fuel cells that run on hydrogen fuel but can be poisoned by CO. This catalyst produces a purer form of hydrogen to feed into the fuel cell.

2017 174

Hydrogenics to supply 1MW electrolyzer to project converting CO2 to methanol; Power-to-Gas

Green Car Congress

Hydrogenics Corporation will supply a 1MW electrolyzer and provide engineering expertise to a consortium of companies working on the European project MefCO2 (methanol fuel from CO 2 ) in Germany. The Hydrogenics electrolyzer will produce 200 cubic meters of hydrogen per hour. The hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide will then be catalytically converted into methanol, with a daily yield of approximately one ton of methanol using approximately 1.4

2015 234

Porsche electric van, Toyota hydrogen stations, post-pandemic driving and CO2: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

A boost in driving after the pandemic could be cause for concern for CO2. And the 2021 Toyota Mirai will bring a boost to the hydrogen infrastructure. Toyota has committed to help build another 7 hydrogen stations for Southern.

2020 81

New highly efficient catalyst for photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction toward methane

Green Car Congress

It’s also especially good at channeling that electricity toward forming methane, with half of the available electrons going toward methane-producing reactions rather than toward by-products such as hydrogen or carbon monoxide.

2020 298

UC Santa Barbara team develops catalytic molten metals for direct conversion of methane to hydrogen without forming CO2

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara have developed catalytic molten metals to pyrolize methane to release hydrogen and to form solid carbon. Bi 0.73 ) achieved 95% methane conversion at 1065°C in a 1.1-meter bubble column and produced pure hydrogen without CO 2 or other by-products. Steam methane (CH 4 ) reforming (SMR) followed by the water-gas shift reaction is the most common process for large-scale hydrogen production today.

2017 183

AirCapture, OCOchem and partners win $2.93M DOE grant for direct air capture of CO2 and conversion to formic acid

Green Car Congress

Additionally, it can be used to transport green hydrogen safely and cost-effectively in an energy-dense liquid carrier form to a customer site where the hydrogen can be released for industrial use or as a transportation fuel, replacing fossil fuels.

MIT researchers propose mechanism for overcoming bottleneck in electroreduction of CO2

Green Car Congress

In these reactions, the biggest challenge has been curbing competing reactions that can take place at the same time, especially the splitting of water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen. In all of these, I think the hydrogen co-evolution becomes a bottleneck.

MIT 249

RPI researchers to develop novel porous material for air capture of CO2

Green Car Congress

In those areas, we can use this technology to capture CO2 from the air and then combine that with the hydrogen generated from solar energy in order to produce liquid fuel.

2020 251

KIT spin-off producing synthetic natural gas from green hydrogen and CO2 from sewage sludge

Green Car Congress

Chemical reactor company INERATEC , a spinoff of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and the Spanish company GAS NATURAL FENOSA have built a plant in Spain that produces synthetic natural gas from CO 2 and renewable hydrogen. The process is based on the production of hydrogen by electrolysis (renewable power-to-gas) and its reaction with CO 2 from biogenic sources—e.g.

2018 174