Renault group leader in Europe for low CO2 emissions in 2013

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Renault Group has moved into pole position in Europe in terms of low CO 2 emissions, with an average of 114.7g Meanwhile, Renault electric vehicle sales have also contributed significantly to the Group’s low average CO 2 emissions, the company said. of CO2/km per vehicle (source: AAA-DATA) based on its passenger car sales over the full year 2013.

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Peugeot 208 set for EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show premiere

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Peugeot are set to debut its sub-99g/km 208 supermini at March’s EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show. The 208 will launch this June with six sub-99g engines – five of which are diesel – with the cleanest option slashing CO2 emissions to 87g and an average fuel consumption of 76mpg. Peugeot EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show UK


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Electric NV200 wired for EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show

Green Cars News

Nissan will showcase a prototype of its fully electric NV200 van at the EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show next week. Nissan EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show NV200The event aimed at increasing interest and awareness of greener fleet vehicles amongst fleet decision makers is set to open this Wednesday [18 April] at Silverstone Race Circuit in Northamptonshire featuring some of the [.].

Recharging providers sign up for EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show

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A number of EV recharging station providers have booked space for April’s EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show. Latest news EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show recharging infrastructureABB, Ecar Connectors, ENSTO and Rolec Services will hope to push home the importance of strengthening the UK’s recharging infrastructure to fleet managers and how their own company can provide the best on-site recharging solution for electric [.].

Energy Saving Trust named as sponsor for EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show

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The Energy Saving Trust will be the main sponsor for an annual event aimed at promoting the benefits of low carbon vehicles in April. The one-day EV & Low CO2 Fleet Show – held at the world-renowned Silverstone racing circuit in Northamptonshire – will allow fleet decision makers to experience the plus-points of electric, hybrid [.]. Energy Saving Trust EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show UK

Peugeot Tops European Sales of Low CO2 Vehicles in 2008

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The Peugeot 107 was the best-selling, low CO 2 car in the sub 111 g/km category, while the Peugeot 207 was the best-selling, low CO 2 car in both the sub 121 g/km and 131 g/km sectors. Peugeot led the European market in 2008 in the sectors for sub-121 g/km and 131 g/km vehicles, with sales of 315,805 (15.5%) and 441,385 (13.7%) units respectively—more than any other marque in the lowest CO 2 categories.

2008 150

Renault becomes European low CO2 market leader

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Renault has become the European leader for low CO2 emission vehicles and the first carmaker to ducked 115g/km CO2 for average emission level for its passenger cars, based on the full year sales data for 2013. According to AAA-DATA, Renault achieved an average of 114.7g/km of CO2 per vehicle, tha[.].

Renault becomes European low CO2 leader

Green Cars News

Renault has become the European leader for the sale of low emission cars. According to Association Auxiliaire de l’Automobile (AAA-DATA), the French carmaker’s average CO2 emissions were just 115.9g/km of CO2 per vehicle sold in first half of 2013. The firm owes its success to the recent r[.]. Renault

PA Consulting launches low CO2 salary exchange scheme

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The scheme allows staff to sacrifice a proportion of their salary in order to drive a low emission car. CO2 emissions are restricted to a maximum of 160g/km, although as all the cars on [.]. Latest news CO2 emissions salaryPA Consulting, a leading IT and technology firm, is the latest company to sign up to Zenith Provecta’s salary exchange scheme.

Call for Congestion Charge rules to benefit low CO2 vans

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One company vehicle operator is speaking out against current London Congestion Charge rules which exclude vans from the Greener Vehicle Discount rules which allow cars under 100g/km CO2 to avoid paying a charge to travel through the capital. Hoist hire company, Plantire currently runs a couple of Vauxhall Corsavan 1.3 CDTi ecoFLEX vehicles fitted with [.]. Vauxhall congestion charge Corsa London van

France offers funding to low CO2 projects

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France is continuing to establish itself as one of the leading green forces in Europe and now the French environment agency ADEME has awarded €57million via its technology demonstrator to 11 low carbon vehicle projects. Tags: Green cars Latest news France low carbon vehicle projects

Luxury cars to shrink as market demands low CO2

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Small cars will no longer mean cheap cars as the car market is set for minor revolution, it is predicted. According to Network Automotive, the long established perceived link in car buyer’s mind between vehicle size and prestige is about to be blown apart. The specialist automotive consultancy firm expects that with a host of [.].

Free show to spark EV fleet sales boost?

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A free event is expected to encourage uptake of electric and low carbon vehicles within the fleet sector. With interest in hybrid and electric technology gathering pace amongst fleets, the EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show will aim to demonstrate the benefits of EVs and vehicles with diminished tailpipe output. Latest news bvrla ev EV and Low CO2 Fleet Show

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New Lotus Elise breaks CO2 barrier

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The brand new Lotus Elise has a unique claim to fame – for its performance level it has the lowest CO2 emissions of any petrol sports car in the world. That’s the statement after the new entry level 2011 Lotus Elise was certified with an emissions figure of 149g/km of CO2 – that’s a reduction of [.]. Tags: Green cars Latest news Lotus Engineering green sports cars Lotus Elise Lotus Elise S low co2 emissions new Lotus Elise sports cars

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Sunfire delivers the world’s largest high-temperature electrolyzer to Salzgitter Flachstahl; green steel in GrInHy2.0

Green Car Congress

is another step by Salzgitter AG towards low-CO 2 steel production within the framework of the innovation project SALCOS: Salzgitter Low CO 2 Steelmaking. At present, the steel industry is intensively developing new and low-CO 2 production routes.

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Diesel-Like Direct-Injection Engine Gets 50 Percent Better MPG

Green Car Reports

There are plenty of advantages to diesel engines: High fuel efficiency, low CO2 emissions, and in modern turbocharged applications, plenty of easy-to-access torque and power. However, they aren't without their faults--expense, particulate emissions and a lack of smoothness compared to the best gasoline engines and hybrids. A mix of diesel and

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Solaris delivers three 18m electric articulated buses to Bonn

Green Car Congress

We stick to our step-by-step plan of transitioning the fleet towards zero-emission transport and we keep investing in comfortable and quiet electric buses which, thanks to low CO2 emission levels, are locally neutral for the environment.

One in four air pollution deaths linked to diesel fumes

Green Cars News

Diesel vehicles have been the darling of the push for better fuel economy in recent years and have duped many people into believing them to be a ‘green choice’ thanks to their tendency to come top of low CO2 lists. But according to a leading environmental health expert at King’s College, London, d[.]. Green credentials

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Volvo V40 gains new Drive-E fuel efficient engines

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Volvo has added its new lowest emission engines to its new V40 and V40 Cross Country models; meaning CO2 emissions are now rated as low as 85g/km. Claiming that its new Drive-E powertrains deliver world-class blend of drivability and low CO2 emissions, the Swedish car brand initially released the [.]. Volvo

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Skoda Octavia GreenLine cuts CO2 emissions to new low

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Skoda has added a new low CO2 model of its Octavia hatch model called the Octavia GreenLine, with an official CO2 figure of just 85g/km. Powered by a 1.6 litre TDI CR 110PS engine, the new model also boasts official fuel economy figure of 88.3mpg, giving it the highest rating in the Octavia line-u[.]. Skoda

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Citroen reveals C4 Cactus

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With a focus on lightweight design and a radical look, the new C-segment car will boast strong fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, expected to be officially rated as delivering up t[.]. Citroen has revealed the production-ready version of its C4 Cactus which is set to arrive on the market this autumn.

Take Note as updated Nissan hits UK showrooms

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The 1.2-litre unit is supercharged and produces 98PS and 147Nm of torque, as well as providing low CO2 emissions of 99g/km. The new Nissan Note DIG-S has arrived in UK showrooms, powered by one of the Japanese manufacturer''s state-of-the-art engines. In the new Note, the engine is capable of 65.7mpg[.]. Nissan

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Ford EcoBoost engine honoured with Innovation Award

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Using now controversial turbocharging, the engine achieves a low CO2 emission rating yet also r[.]. Ford’s already highly acclaimed 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine has won another prize, this time been crowned winner of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) Automotive Innovation award 2013.

Ford’s economy Focus to spread to other models

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Using its range of EcoBoost petrol engines, TDCi diesel engines and low CO2 ECOnetic Technologies, Ford is to lead an assault on excessive CO2 with its new range of Focus, C-Max, Grand C-Max, B-Max and Transit [.]. Ford is set to introduce no less than an impressive 15 new models with class-leading efficiency levels this year.

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Mercedes-Benz unveils plans for new electric van

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Details are sketchy at best so far however the manufacturer hopes to deliver a light commercial vehicle with equally light fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions that is still tough enough to absorb the everyday abuse that comes with the [.]. Mercedes-Benz has announced plans for an electric version of its new city van, the Citan.

Toyota confirms Yaris Hybrid emissions

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Toyota has today confirmed that the forthcoming Yaris Hybrid will emit just 79g/km of CO2 when it comes to the UK this July. The ultra-low CO2 figure ensures the supermini will have some of the lowest running costs of any car; qualifying for free road tax, London congestion charge exemption, and for company car drivers, [.].

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MINI Countryman ALL4 Cooper D gets glowing report

Green Cars News

Fun, sporty, spacious, and low CO2 emissions – that will be the MINI Countryman ALL4 Cooper D then. We’ve been sent a new road test on the largest MINI on the market by Autobuddy, a leading provider in all aspects of vehicle supply, contract hire and leasing. Written by MotorMistress, Autobuddy’s resident online news reporter, [.]. MINI Autobuddy Cooper Countryman diesel

Europe’s new car emissions fall again

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Average CO2 emissions from new cars across Europe dropped to 136.1g/km in 2011, down from 140.9g/km the year before, the latest data from Jato Dynamics shows. That means that now nearly 30 per cent of all new cars sold across Europe are classed as ‘low CO2’ (101 g/km – 120 g/km), as car makers and [.]. Green credentials CO2 emissions JATO Dynamics

Villains sign Green Motion

Green Cars News

Green Motion – the low CO2 vehicle and van hire firm – has been appointed the preferred car supplier for Aston Villa Football Club. The eco-minded company was favoured by the Premier League side due to its growing number of green awards – Best Industry Supplier at Energy Saving Trust’s Fleet Hero awards and the [.]. Green Motion

Green car rentals arrive in Northampton

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The car and van rental company, which is the world’s first and only vehicle rental company dedicated to low CO2 vehicle rental, has now expanded its [.]. Want to rent a green car and live in the Northampton area? The arrival of Green Motion will assure that idea is more than a load of old cobblers. Green cars Latest news car hire green car hire green cars Green Motion Northampton

Lithium Battery Recycling is happening in 2022 | Attero in India | Redwood Materials

Plug In India

Attero says that their process is an efficient mix of mechanical and hydrometallurgical technologies that ensures low CO2 emissions. By Abhishek & Kamlesh ​ In this episode of Electric Car Watch, we will talk about how battery recycling is happening in 2022 and witnessing the genesis of the battery circular economy in action. We talk about how Redwood materials and Attero in India are pioneering Lithium-Ion battery recycling. Video: Electric Car Watch ?

Ford drops ECOnetic name from Mondeo range

Green Cars News

The US carmaker continues to use the low CO2 sub brand on its greenest Fiesta and Focus models but its lowest emitting Mondeo models will not be labelled under the ECOnetic badge. Oddly, the carmaker has however introduced a new powerful and low emitting petrol [.]. Tags: Ford CO2 diesel econetic emissions model Mondeo petrol Ford has dropped the ECOnetic brand from its Mondeo range.

Is natural gas the key to cutting vehicle emissions?

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A new paper has been published outlining the role that natural gas could play in reducing vehicle carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), it suggests that over the long term there needs to be a commitment to transition to very low CO2 gas sources including biogas or bio-synthentic gas.

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New congestion charge plan ‘misguided’

Green Cars News

The plans would mean that ultra-low CO2 emitting diesel cars would become exempt for the congestion charge for the first time alongside other vehicles which [.]. Tags: Green credentials Volvo Boris Johnson CO2 congestion charge diesel Environmental Protection london Proposed changes to the system of exemptions to the London Congestion Charge face opposition from environmentalists who argue that a new system would make air quality in the city worse.

Prince Charles visits Ford’s EcoBoost plant

Green Cars News

While Toyota welcomes Vince Cable to mark the start of Auris hybrid production today, Ford welcomes a visit from the Prince of Wales to its Bridgend plant where it produces its low CO2 1.6 litre EcoBoost petrol engines. The Prince visits as the high tech plant celebrates its 30th birthday. Prince Charles first visited [.].

Nissan introducing new Micra with supercharged 3-cylinder gasoline direct injection engine; 95 gCO2/km

Green Car Congress

As well as delivering low CO 2 emissions, the lightweight, low-friction 1,198cc three-cylinder unit produces the power expected from a conventional 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. We have been able to achieve this ultra low CO2 figure in a cost effective package and without the complication of particulate filters needed to clean up diesel engine emissions and which are not entirely compatible with a car that spends much of its life in the city. The new 1.2L

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UK Technology Strategy Board Awards More Than 12M to 22 Projects to Speed Up Development of Low-Carbon Technology for Vehicles; Includes Gas Turbine Range Extender and Li-S Battery Cells

Green Car Congress

This investment is part of our ongoing strategy to put the UK at the forefront of low carbon vehicle technology. The work will help to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions and deliver mass-market low carbon road vehicles within 5 to 15 years. John Laughlin, the Technology Strategy Board’s Low Carbon Vehicles program manager. The small size, multi-fuel capability and potential low cost of the ULRE could also help speed adoption of electric vehicles.

2010 191

Ford launches greenest Mondeo yet

Green Cars News

The vehicle, which is offered in both five-door and estate form, has a carbon dioxide (CO2) emission rating of 139g/km and furthers Ford’s commitment to creating fuel efficient models. The model includes many emission-reducing features such as low-rolling resistance tyres, an optimum gear change indicator, an aerodynamics enhancing sports suspension and air defectors and a rear spoiler.

2009 37

Ford makes emission improvements

Green Cars News

By analysing carbon dioxide (CO2) data for this year’s new car sales in the UK, it found that Ford has made more improvements than any other car manufacturer in terms of reducing its CO2 output, which is directly linked to improving fuel economy. The Ford Ka range boasts low CO2 output from 112g/km, the equivalent of 67.3mpg. Tags: Ford Green cars Latest news clean green cars co2 emissions Ford Fiesta ECOnetic Ford Ka

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The iconic Ford Transit to become cleaner and greener

Green Cars News

The target for fuel economy is 39.2mpg, while the average CO2 emissions aim to be 189 g/km. Following the launch of ECOnetic models in Ford’s Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo passenger car ranges, Ford are now looking to implement their low CO2 approach in the commercial vehicle market. Ford’s ECOnetic technology is coming to Ford’s most popular commercial vehicle, the Ford Transit.

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Toyota Prius is top choice with renewable energy firm

Green Cars News

Hoval is encouraging its drivers to focus increasingly on the environmental and tax advantages of cars that are good to drive but have low CO2 emissions ratings and fuel consumption,” says Rob Kellock, National Sales Manager of JCT 600, which runs its own Green Fleet consultancy service. A leading supplier of renewable-energy heating products is encouraging its drivers to choose Toyota Prius hybrid cars to help reflect the environmentally friendly nature of its business.

2009 47

Manufacturers sign up for scrappage scheme

Green Cars News

The incentive will apply to vehicles such as the Peugeot 207, Europe’s best selling low CO2 car in 2008. We’re just days away from the full implementation of the vehicle scrappage scheme and several providers have announced their participation in the Government backed project. MG made its participation official yesterday stating that it would match the £1,000 from the Government to give new car buyers a £2,000 reduction on a brand new MG TF.

Farming conservation charity selects Astra ecoFLEX fleet

Green Cars News

Very low CO2 emission levels combined with good fuel economy have led leading countryside conservation organisation The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) to select the Vauxhall Astra ecoFLEX 1.7 They have a very low CO2 emission level of just 119 grams per kilometre, which means less air pollution.

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