Canada and California to work together on cleaner transportation

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Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, and the Chair of the California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols, today signed a new cooperation agreement to advance cleaner vehicles and fuels. The two jurisdictions will also share technical information and best practices in regulating cleaner fuels, as California does today though its Low-Carbon Fuel Standard.

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Green payback: How long will new EVs take to be cleaner than gasoline models?

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If you buy a new electric car today, it won't take long for it to have less environmental impact than a gasoline car, but it depends on where you plug in, according to new Reuters analysis.


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Harvard buys four Proterra electric buses

Green Car Congress

As a participant in MassEVolves, Harvard supports opportunities to secure cleaner air and a stronger economy across the state. Harvard University recently purchased four Proterra battery-electric buses and electric infrastructure. The new buses will replace four, similarly sized biodiesel-powered vehicles, representing more than 30% of Harvard’s fleet.

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One of these 5 vehicles will be Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2021

Green Car Reports

Each year we start with a shortlist, and the qualifications for that have evolved as electric vehicles have become not only feasible for the mass market, but cleaner. Best Car To BuyWhat’s the best green car among those new in 2020 for the 2021 model year?

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Cleaner Cars from Cradle to Grave

Supercharged EV

Found an article on Forbes from 2015 already stating at that time that as long as people are buying and driving cars, Teslas are excellent choices regarding carbon emissions.

The Inefficiency of Car Buying

Clean Car

Buying a New Car is inefficient, its no wonder that electric vehicle sales are still pretty low. The buying experience of a new car for each of us is different, but the one similarity for all of us is its inefficiency. Each of us has a different approach to buying a new car.

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Sun Joe 24V cordless electric power cleaner blows away grime at $60, more in New Green Deals


Today, we’re going to take a look at how you can pressure wash your home with a cordless electric power cleaner instead of larger gas/oil-powered machines. It’s Monday, and we’re back from the weekend with the latest batch of New Green Deals for you to browse.

EPA awards $5M to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) for cleaner big rigs

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $5 million to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) to help Southern truckers and small businesses to buy cleaner big rigs. The money, awarded through the SmartWay Clean Diesel Finance Program, will guarantee loans used to buy retrofitted used tractor-trailers at Rush Truck Centers throughout the South.

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Alberta CCEMC providing $46M for carbon capture and storage and cleaner energy projects in oil sands region

Green Car Congress

Alberta, Canada’s Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation is providing C$46 million (US$45 million) in funding to support six new carbon capture and storage and cleaner technology projects in the Canadian oil sands region. The projects have a combined value of more than $327 million (US$321 million). The organizations receiving funding from CCEMC are: Cenovus Energy Inc.: $10

Washington governor proposes slate of measures to curb GHG emissions & transition state to cleaner energy; cap-and-trade and EV incentives

Green Car Congress

Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced a set of proposals to transition Washington to cleaner sources of energy and to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission limits adopted by the state Legislature in 2008. Cleaner transportation options for consumers. In addition, Inslee proposed to provide a toll and ferry fare credit to EV owners who buy a “Good to Go” or “Wave to Go” pass.

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All-Electric Renault Vans chosen by Kent County Council for ‘Try Before You Buy’ Electric van initiative

EV Obssesion

The post All-Electric Renault Vans chosen by Kent County Council for ‘Try Before You Buy’ Electric van initiative appeared first on EV Obsession.

Empa recommends buying diesel vehicles only if Euro 6d-TEMP or Euro 6d

Green Car Congress

These will plug the gaps in the existing legislation and will help to ensure that diesel vehicles in particular become considerably cleaner as regards their NO x emissions. Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research for Industry, Construction and Commerce, recommends buying diesel vehicles only if they have been approved in accordance with Euro 6d-TEMP or Euro 6d.

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Ipsos poll finds 64% of Canadians would consider buying or leasing fuel cell vehicle if available

Green Car Congress

Overall, two in three (64%) Canadians “agree” (17% strongly/47% somewhat) that they would “ consider buying or leasing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle if it was available in their area ”, while one in three (36%) “disagree” (9% strongly/27% somewhat) and would not consider driving such a vehicle. As cleaner technologies are developed over time, they will help to further reduce the GHG emissions of the Tucson FCEV.

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Volkswagen is buying credits from Tesla to meet China’s environmental standards: report


The country has adopted a series of aggressive environmental goals, part of which is a credit system designed to encourage automakers to develop cleaner cars. The post Volkswagen is buying credits from Tesla to meet China’s environmental standards: report appeared first on TESLARATI.

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Dyson Buys Solid-State Battery Startup Sakti3 For $90 Million

Green Car Reports

company famous for its bagless vacuum cleaners, has acquired solid-state battery company Sakti3 in a deal worth $90 million. Dyson, the U.K. The news comes just seven months after Dyson announced a $15 million investment in the company, a spin-out from the University of Michigan. Sakti3 represented one of the first investments to emerge from the. battery pack sakti3 dyson venture capital solid-state cell

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Southern California Edison to buy 261 MW of energy storage projects; largest grid-connected storage purchase in US

Green Car Congress

Preferred resources are methods of delivering electricity that are cleaner, or more environmentally sustainable, than traditional resources. CESA represents more than 85 organizations dedicated to making energy storage a mainstream resource that will enable a cleaner, more efficient and reliable electric power system.

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CA Clean-Air Initiative: Cash In A Clunker, Buy An Electric Car

Green Car Reports

It''s also had intermittent programs to encourage the trade-in of older cars that qualify as "gross emitters" for newer and cleaner vehicles. California has been a world pioneer for decades in reducing vehicle emissions, including its 20-year effort to get significant numbers of zero-emission vehicles on the roads. Now, a bill that seems set to

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Green Car Reports To Name Best Car To Buy 2013

Green Car Reports

Electric cars, hybrids, plug-ins, diesels, CNG- and gasoline-powered vehicles--they can all be green cars, and all are a part of the growing movement to cleaner emissions and better fuel efficiency. Just one of them will be Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2013. On December 10, we'll announce the winner of our third annual Best Car to Buy award

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With HVIP vouchers, California fleets can buy new electric trucks for less than new Tier 4 diesels; funding queue for next year filling fast

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board (ARB), in partnership with CALSTART, launched the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) in 2009 to accelerate the purchase of cleaner, more efficient trucks and buses in California. The T-series is the truck of choice for California drivers who have repeatedly affirmed that Orange EV trucks do the job while being cooler, smoother, quieter and cleaner than diesels.

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Toyota promises ‘cleaner cars from greener showrooms’

Green Cars News

The Japanese carmaker has issued a new 8-step environmental strategy to help save energy and reduce emissions across its retail network too, so that you can buy a green car from a green centre. [.]. Toyota is launching a new plan to ensure that its cars aren’t the only things which are as green as possible.

California Incentivizes Ditching Dirtiest Cars, Buying Cleanest Ones

Green Car Reports

Senate Bill 459, now on Governor Jerry Brown''s desk, will update the state''s Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program, which pays cash to drivers who retire older, higher-emission vehicles and replace them with cleaner new Remember "Cash for Clunkers?" California has its own program to retire older, dirtier vehicles and replace them with new ones.

The story you tell when you offer EV charging

EV Box

The decision to add EV charging stations at your location is not just about hardware — how many charging stations to buy or where to put them.

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Formula E signs on to complete battery recycling

Green Car Reports

Electric-car racing series Formula E aims not just to improve the performance of electric cars but also to inspire the world to buy cleaner, more efficient cars. They say racing improves the breed. Usually that means learning to make cars go faster or handle or stop better. Formula E announced a partnership in February with Belgian recycling

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Chevron partners with Clean Energy On Adopt-A-Port initiative to supply renewable natural gas for port trucks

Green Car Congress

on Adopt-a-Port, an initiative that provides truck operators serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with cleaner, carbon-negative renewable natural gas (RNG) to reduce emissions. Chevron’s funding will allow truck operators to subsidize the cost of buying new RNG-powered trucks. Chevron is partnering with California natural gas retailer Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

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India’s Shoonya campaign aims to boost electric last-mile deliveries

Green Car Congress

Even when electricity sector emissions are included, pollution from EVs are still less than gas-powered vehicles, and will only get cleaner as the grid decarbonizes. This brand will be earned through a verification process that consumers can trust and will allow them to be part of the evolution of the transportation sector without buying an EV.

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Dyson electric car plans revealed by U.K. government filings

Green Car Reports

Would you buy a car from a company that makes vacuum cleaners? DON'T MISS: Dyson Buys Solid-State Battery Startup Sakti3 For $90. Dyson, the U.K. company known for its bagless vacuums, could soon try to build an electric car of its own. It's developing an electric car at its headquarters in Wiltshire, England, according to government documents. Europe plug-in cars sakti3 dyson solid-state cell

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Con Edison, Lion and Posi-Plus developing all-electric bucket truck

Green Car Congress

As of last year, every new light-duty vehicle that Con Edison buys is a plug-in hybrid or all-electric. Bucket trucks are a critical tool for building and maintaining the electric grid, which is set for major investment and expansion as the country shifts toward cleaner sources of energy.

RingGo survey: only two-fifths of UK drivers likely to consider an EV for next vehicle

Green Car Congress

However, a recent survey by RingGo, the UK’s leading cashless parking provider, found that only two-fifths of UK drivers say that they are planning on buying an electric vehicle for their next car.

2020 238

BYD invests $5M in new warehouse facility in US; greater efficiencies and production capacity for battery-electric buses

Green Car Congress

We have the capacity to produce up to 1,500 battery-electric buses a year, which will go a long way toward creating a cleaner climate and a quieter, more efficient way to travel. The firm’s battery-electric buses not only meet but also exceed all current and future stated FTA “Buy America” requirements, incorporating 70%+ US content. BYD has completed its latest US investment, a new $5-million 100,000-square-foot warehouse for its Lancaster manufacturing plant.

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NY to award $18.9M to increase number of electric buses in state

Green Car Congress

million for school bus operators to acquire cleaner forms of transportation with lower emissions. million is also now available through the NYTVIP to school bus operators statewide to support the purchase of cleaner, less polluting buses. Other transit agencies, including Niagara-Frontier Transportation Authority, Suffolk County Transportation, and Westchester County Bee-Line Bus System, are in the process of buying electric transit buses.

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Toyota to debut 2 BEVs, 1 PHEV for US this year; says research shows BEVs & PHEVs have similar environmental benefits

Green Car Congress

At every price point and with multiple powertrains, we can put more people in cleaner automobiles across North America to have the greatest near-term impact on total carbon emissions. The PHEV is much less expensive to buy and own, compared to the BEV. Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) plans to debut three new electrified models—two BEVs and a PHEV—in the US market this year.

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How clean is EV battery manufacturing?

Electric Auto Association

It’s getting cleaner and prospects are improving BY TIM BENFORD: PRESIDENT OF DRIVE ELECTRIC DAYTON, PAST VICE-PRESIDENT OF ELECTRIC AUTO ASSOCIATION. Is it becoming cleaner?

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Lightning Systems all-electric medium-duty vehicles selected for State of California contract

Green Car Congress

Since 2009, the program has helped more than 1,100 California fleets buy cleaner vehicles. Lightning Systems announced that its all-electric powertrains for Ford and Chevrolet medium-duty trucks and buses are now offered on a California state contract. State agencies and city and county governments throughout California can order Class 3 to 6 shuttle buses, cargo vans, box trucks, cab-over vehicles, and stripped chassis models under the program.

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CARB launches $40M CORE incentive program for clean off-road freight and cargo handling equipment, vehicles

Green Car Congress

The program also encourages deployment of cleaner technology in disadvantaged communities by providing up to 10 percent higher incentives for zero-emission equipment that will be used in these areas. Additionally, HVIP has helped more than 1,100 California fleets buy cleaner vehicles. The California Air Resources Board launched a new $40-million program designed to accelerate the purchase and use of zero-emission off-road freight technologies.

2019 163

CARB puts HVIP on hold after receiving voucher requests for entire $142M budget

Green Car Congress

CARB, in partnership with CALSTART, launched HVIP and Low NO x Engine Incentives in 2009 to accelerate the purchase of cleaner, more-efficient trucks and buses in California. In total, the program has helped more than 1,500 California fleets buy cleaner vehicles. The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has put the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) on hold after receiving voucher requests for its entire $142-million budget.

2019 188

Mayor of London backs diesel car scrappage scheme; London ranked 9th best world city in new air quality study

Green Car Congress

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has renewed calls for scrapping the most polluting diesel cars and giving drivers cash incentives to switch to cleaner vehicles as part of the evidence he gave to the Environmental Audit Committee today. As reported in The Guardian , the Mayor told the Committee that: You could do a diesel scrappage scheme that would stimulate the market for cleaner vehicles.

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New report showcases innovative finance tools to electrify truck, bus fleets; TCE Toolkit

Green Car Congress

To ensure and accelerate the transition, we must move beyond the set of traditional mechanisms that have been used to assist one-to-one replacements of trucks and buses, such as grant programs providing basic buy-down payments.

2020 212

California Energy Commission awards nearly $2M to support alternative fuel production and vehicles

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission unanimously approved funding of $1,974,330 for the expansion and upgrade of a biodiesel production facility and buy-downs of alternative-fuel vehicles. The enzymatic process to be used in the facility is environmentally cleaner and more efficient than current methods, and also produces a higher quality biodiesel. in Stockton, for the buy-down of 19 propane gas vehicles of 8,501 to 14,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

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Study: IMO low-sulfur fuel standards will decrease childhood asthma cases, premature deaths; climate tradeoffs

Green Car Congress

Marine shipping fuels will get cleaner in 2020 when a regulation by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires a decrease in the allowable amount of sulfur in fuel oil from 3.5% Now, a new open-access study published in Nature Communications quantifies these health benefits and finds cleaner shipping fuels will result in a 3.6% Cleaner marine fuels will reduce ship-related premature mortality and morbidity by 34 and 54%, respectively, representing a ~?2.6%

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London City Commuting: Why an EV makes sense

Drive Electric

Soon enough, you’ll only be able to buy a new EV in London, or anywhere else in the country for that matter. Electric cars also contribute to better air quality in London and other city centres, making them cleaner and healthier for everyone.

It’s Official: Car Buyers Want Greener Cars, Better Gas Mileage, Lower Emissions

Green Car Reports

While certain parts of the automotive industry might not be feeling the love towards the tough new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards announced yesterday, it turns out that 93 percent of car owners are want to buy greener, cleaner cars.

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Micromobility: Shared Scooter Leader Bird Offers E-Bikes

Clean Fleet Report

It lasts longer and is likely cleaner and easier to maintain. I remember buying a brand-new bike for $40 as a kid, and more recently, a high-quality, name-brand 21-speed regular bike cost me $500. A Flight of Your Own.

CARB research seminar on new car buyers’ valuation of ZEVs

Green Car Congress

The project produced a statistically robust representation of California’s new car buying population to identify the factors that influence new-vehicle purchase decisions and the areas where additional policies, incentives, or outreach could be implemented to facilitate greater adoption rates of cleaner cars. Among new car buying households not designing ZEVs, follow-up interviews revealed a litany of questions and concerns affecting how they value ZEVs.

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