Morgan launches three-wheeled Morgan EV3 at Geneva

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The Morgan Motor Company is launching the three-wheeled Morgan EV3 , the company’s first production electric vehicle, at the Geneva Motor Show. Brass conductive cooling fins encase the batteries and an off-center tri-bar headlight adds to the overall asymmetry of the design.

Shockwave three-wheel electric roadster revealed

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Able to make the most of the instant torque of a battery drivetrain, we’ve seen a few electric roadster concepts in recent years. An electric sports car has to be the ultimate motoring thrill.

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Peugeot Shows Three-wheel Drive Hybrid Scooter Concept: the HYbrid3 Evolution

Green Car Congress

At the Milan International Cycle and Motorbike Show, Peugeot is presenting a three-wheel drive hybrid scooter concept: the HYbrid3 Evolution. The HYbrid 3 Evolution features electric motors in each of its two front wheels and a naturally aspirated engine at the rear.

Switching from 6v to 12v Batteries

Electric Cars are for Girls

I have an EZ-GO 36 volt three wheel golf car that uses six 6 volt batteries. Can I use three 12 volt batteries instead, and lighten the load?

2009 89

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles unveils 5 battery-electric and fuel cell vehicles; I.D. BUZZ CARGO

Green Car Congress

The models can be delivered with different battery sizes according to the vehicles’ intended use and budget. With the MEB it is possible—dependent on battery size and the model concerned—to achieve ranges of about 330 to more than 500 km (as per WLTP).

2018 135

Suzuki, Toshiba and Denso to form JV to produce automotive Li-ion battery packs in India

Green Car Congress

Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, and Denso Corporation have reached basic agreement on establishing a joint venture company for production of automotive lithium-ion battery packs in India, and signed the agreement. The battery pack manufacturing joint venture by the three companies will provide a stable supply of lithium-ion battery packs in India. Batteries Hybrids India Regulations

2017 69

Aptera: incredible becomes believable

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Extremely lightweight, it will be able to get decent range out of a relatively small lithium battery pack. Three-wheeled, it will not be speed limited like four-wheeled NEVs. Tags: aptera battery electric car The Aptera electric car, so futuristic looking it will appear in an upcoming Star Trek movie, is becoming more believable with each passing day. They produced a short video from inside their Southern California base station. Check it out.

2008 100

Swiss Post, Austrian Post to move to fully electric fleets by 2030

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With two out of three new cars in Europe being sold to the private sector, business commitments to electric vehicles send a clear signal of demand for EVs to automakers. Post CH has already electrified its mail delivery fleet consisting of 6,000 electric three-wheeled vehicles and now wants to switch 4,600 delivery vans (up to 3.5t) and 180 service vehicles to EVs by 2030, if market supply and operating and real estate conditions allow. Electric (Battery) Fleets

2019 94

Electric rickshaw heads into production

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A battery-powered version of a tuk-tuk (or auto rickshaw) is to go into production in Asia, featuring key parts manufactured by UK company, Sevcon. Gateshead-based Sevcon partnered with Swedish manufacturer Clean Motion to develop the Zbee, a three-wheel electric city passenger vehicle.

2013 79

The Plug In Scooter

Plug In Partners

In this dual drive-by-wire type system, a sophisticated electronic management system interprets the rider’s request for more power, and selects the level of assistance based on the current level of battery charge. There is a battery charge indicator on the respective dashboards.

2007 130

Volkswagen showcasing its micromobility offerings in Geneva with Streetmate and Cityskater electric scooters

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This visual impression is reinforced by the fact that the Streetmate’s small motor is integrated into the rear wheel hub. The concept scooter is light (143 lbs / 65 kg) and also has a particularly low center of gravity, as the lithium-ion battery is integrated into the floor structure.

2019 94

SONDORS unveils $10K, 3-wheel, 3-seat EV at the Los Angeles Auto Show; Protean in-wheel motor

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SONDORS Electric Car Company unveiled its three seat, three wheel, all electric vehicle at the 2017 LA Auto Show. The central rear wheel of the demo vehicle at the show is powered by a ProteanDRIVE PD18 in-wheel motor. Battery pack options deliver 75-, 150-, and 200-mile range. The prototype, nicknamed Model SONDORS, was funded in January of this year through equity crowdfunding and completed seven months later.

Oorja Protonics Introduces New Direct Methanol Fuel Cell On-Board Battery Charger

Green Car Congress

OorjaPac addresses low vehicle runtime and operational cost challenges facing material handling fleet managers by continuously trickle-charging the on-board battery in a material handling vehicle, regardless of whether it is operating or parked, thereby ensuring the battery never reaches a state of deep discharge. Battery charge and power are maintained at high levels and the battery is not subject to heat damage caused during recharging.

Elio Motors completes first E-Series test vehicle

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Elio Motors, the start-up vehicle manufacturer planning to launch a three-wheeled vehicle that will get up to 84 mpg (2.8 l/100km) with a targeted base price of $6,800, has completed its first E-Series testing vehicle, code-named the E1A.

2016 95

Mercane Wheels introduces Version 2.0 of 3-wheel electric kickscooter

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Mercane Wheels introduced version 2.0 With an Electric Driving Control System and a 48V 8.6Ah battery, users will experience stable acceleration, great braking performance and the ability to ride for up to 25 miles on one full charge (takes 6 hours to fully charge).

2017 78

2010 Aptera 2e First Drive and Video on Inside Line

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Featured Specs Battery-powered electric drivetrain Three wheels; 0.15 Cd 1,700 pounds 100-mile cruising range Driving the Prototype of the EV Three-Wheeler By John ODell, Senior Editor Email Date posted: 2009-03-16 21:00:00.0

Toyota and partners launching Cité lib by Ha:mo EV car sharing in Grenoble; ultracompact EVs complementing public transport

Green Car Congress

The Toyota i-ROAD is an innovative, fun-to-drive three-wheel personal mobility vehicle equipped with Active Lean technology that emulates the movements of a skier. Toyota is also providing 35 four-wheel COMS vehicles.

2014 116

Are You Plugged In?

Revenge of the Electric Car

Plug-in hybrids differ from hybrids on the road today in that they can go longer distances on battery power and can be recharged via electrical outlets. Some of the most talked-about electric vehicles are slated to debut later this year and can travel at least 100 miles on a single charge (even if some of them run on an auxiliary gasoline engine when the battery runs low). It is different from a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV, which runs on both battery power and gasoline.

2010 126

Toyota unveils i-ROAD 3-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle concept at Geneva

Green Car Congress

Toyota unveiled the new i-ROAD three-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle (PMV) concept at the Geneva motor show. The all-electric powertrain uses a lithium-ion battery to power two 2 kW motors mounted in the front wheels, giving brisk acceleration and near-silent running.

Toyota expands Concept-i series; advanced AI learns from and aims to grow with the driver

Green Car Congress

In addition to the four-wheel model Toyota Concept-i exhibited at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January this year ( earlier post ), Toyota has added a universal small mobility electric vehicle and a walking area mobility electric vehicle.

2017 82

Fujitsu and GMS partner on trial of electric tricycles in the Philippines

Green Car Congress

GMS), a venture company providing mobility services, will partner on field testing to expand the use of electric tricycles (a three-wheel taxi) in the Republic of the Philippines. Fujitsu Limited and Global Mobility Service, Inc.

Honda to show 7 electromotive concept models at Tokyo show

Green Car Congress

will display a lineup of seven next-generation electromotive concept models at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, including two-, three- and four-wheeled commuter vehicles designed for future cities; mid-to-long distance commuters; and sporty models. AC-X concept plug-in hybrid.

2011 96

University Solar Team Switches Focus From Competition to Near-Production Ready Vehicle; Changing the Solar-Powered Paradigm

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The new Sunstang is a three-wheel, fully electric, single-passenger vehicle. Rather than trying to use solar cells to provide power directly to the vehicle, the new Sunstang will use a removable battery system which will be recharged by a residential solar charging stations. One battery pack will remain on the charging station, while the other is in the car. Hence, the switch in the solar-powered model to using swappable batteries recharged by home solar stations.

2010 80

Electric cars back on track?

Plugs and Cars

An unusual entrant into the EV arena, Aptera , a three-wheeled futuristic electric car, continues to stir excitement, and would appear to be more than science fiction. Automakers once completely dismissive of battery electrics, are getting on board, at least rhetorically.

2008 130

Honda to Debut New One-Person EV Concept at Geneva Along with European Intro of EV-N

Green Car Congress

The Honda 3R-C, a new one-person battery electric vehicle concept, will make its world debut in Geneva alongside the EV-N concept, previously shown at the Tokyo Motor Show ( earlier post ), which will be displayed for the first time in Europe.

2010 93

DOE to Award Up to $2.4B for Advanced Batteries, Electric Drive Components, and Electric Drive Vehicle Demonstration/Deployment Projects

Green Car Congress

This funding has been divided between two Funding Opportunity Announcements: Recovery Act - Transportation Electrification (DE-FOA-0000026); and Recovery Act - Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative (DE-FOA-0000028). billion to produce advanced automotive batteries and their components, and up to $500 million to produce other components needed for electric vehicles, such as electric motors. Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Components.

2009 65

Renault features production version of ZOE, Twizy EV at Geneva

Green Car Congress

The cost of leasing the battery starts from €79/month (US$104/month)—the price for a 36-month contract and a distance travelled of 12,500 km/year—inclusive of comprehensive breakdown assistance (which covers flat batteries). hours, Electric (Battery Renault ZOE.

2012 96

Park24 and Toyota to trial i-Road sharing service in central Tokyo

Green Car Congress

and Toyota Motor Corporation will trial a car-sharing service in central Tokyo using the Toyota “i-Road”, an ultra-compact three-wheeled electric vehicle. Starting in April, Park24 Co.,

2015 90

Koreas CTT To Manufacture Electric Vehicles in US

Green Car Congress

will establish a North American headquarters, a research and development center and several manufacturing facilities to produce and market an entire product line of EVs and batteries. kW motor and offers either a 72V, 165Ah lead-acid battery (base option) or a 72V, 140Ah Li-polymer battery.

2009 85

Aptera Unveils Pre-Production 2e, Suppliers

Green Car Congress

In a press conference in Carlsbad, California, Aptera Motors unveiled the pre-production version of the electric three-wheel, 200+ mpg Aptera 2e along with 23 strategic suppliers , including GE; A123Systems for the Li-ion battery pack; Remy International for the drive motor ( earlier post ); and BorgWarner for the single ratio transaxle. The 2e features a 20 kWh battery pack that powers an 82 kW, 314 N·m electric motor.

Honda reveals minimalist electric vision

Green Cars News

Honda is to unveil a ‘revolutionary’ one person battery electric vehicle concept at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show. Set to debut alongside the EV-N concept, the three wheeled wonder uses an electric drivetrain mounted low in the chassis to give the vehicle a low centre of gravity and increase its stability.

Peugeot Launches New Marque Plan with Downsizing, Hybrids and Plug-ins for Two-, Three- and Four-Wheeled Vehicles; Unveils SR1 Hybrid Concept

Green Car Congress

Peugeot launched a comprehensive new Marque plan, with the objectives of moving up three places in the world car market by 2015 (it is currently in 10 th place); establishing Peugeot as a benchmark for style; and becoming the leader in mobility services.

2010 96

ABI forecasts global electric vehicle revenue to hit $58B in 2021; multi-modal smart mobility

Green Car Congress

Similarly, Tier 1 companies, such as Continental, are designing and manufacturing batteries and engines that can better accommodate small, personal electric vehicles. As newer urban electric transportation categories continue to emerge, such as the three-wheeled vehicles more commonly referred to as velomobiles, so to do opportunities for emerging markets and the elderly or disabled.

2016 60

Elektra One Aircraft at the electric avenue 10

Green Car Congress

The battery and solar-cell powered Elektra One is built of lightweight fiber composite structures. The aircraft will be presented in the series version close before the first flight (with the three wheel landing gear and cockpit interior installed).

2010 66

Bombardier Recreational Products and Government of Canada funding C$11.3M project to develop plug-in hybrid Can-Am Spyder roadster with target of 50% reduction in fuel consumption

Green Car Congress

Target features for the hybrid roadster include a 600 cc internal combustion engine and 20 kW continuous power electric motor powered by a Li-ion battery pack that delivers similar acceleration to the Spyder 990 RS roadster. Our goal is to develop completely new electric hybrid technology for a three-wheel vehicle that uses 50% less fuel and reduces CO 2 emissions by 50% while maintaining its speed, power and performance. Maquette of the Can-Am plug-in Hybrid Spyder.

2010 81

GM, Segway partner on two-wheel city vehicle | Green Tech - CNET News

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Credit: GM) General Motors and Segway plan to take a two-wheel concept vehicle for a spin around New York City on Tuesday. A PUMA runs on lithium ion batteries, can reach 35 miles per hour, and can travel up to 35 miles between charges. The Segway Personal Transporter , a two-wheel vehicle that allows people to stand and move around at slow speeds, was released with great fanfare several years ago, but it remains a niche form of transportation. Maybe three.

2009 41

DOE to award up to $184M for advanced vehicle research and development in 8 areas of interest

Green Car Congress

Applications are sought proposing fuels- and lubricant-related R&D projects in accordance with three subtopics. Off-road vehicles, motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, low-speed vehicles, medium-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and other non-conventional passenger vehicles are not desired and will be deemed nonresponsive to this announcement. AOI 4: Develop Advanced Cells and Design Technology for Electric Drive Batteries.

2010 78

Power of One Solar Car Transits Ice Road to Tuktoyaktuk

Green Car Congress

The creative force behind the project, Marcelo da Luz, drove the three-wheeled, non-heated solar car over terrain treacherous even for large semi-trucks.

2010 86

Piaggio Introduces Plug-in Hybrid Version of MP3 Scooter

Green Car Congress

The Piaggio Group has introduced the MP3 Hybrid, a plug-in hybrid version of its MP3 three-wheeled scooter. With a grid-chargeable Li-ion battery pack, the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid reduces both fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by more than 50%. The MP3 hybrid.

2009 85

USPS Swaps Out 3% of Fleet for More Fuel Efficient or Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Green Car Congress

Among its trials of advanced or alternative fuel technology, the Postal Service is: Delivering mail on a trial basis using three-wheel (T3) electric vehicles in Florida, California and Arizona. The T3 is powered by two rechargeable batteries, has zero gas emissions and costs 4 cents a mile to operate.

2009 60

Piaggio introduces electric Ape Calessino

Green Cars News

As part of its refreshed 2009 range, Piaggio has introduced an electric version of the Ape Calessino, powered by lithium-ion batteries. The three-wheel vehicle has sold more than two million units across five continents and Piaggio is hopeful that the new electric design can further its success. It is powered by the AEnerBox system from Archimede Energia, which includes a liquid-cooled, 222V, 6.88kWh lithium-ion battery pack built with 3.7V, 31Ah cells and an 18kW AC motor.

Peugeot unveils hybrid scooter concept

Green Cars News

At the Milan International Cycle and Motorbike Show, the company unveiled a three-wheel drive hybrid scooter concept known as the Hybrid3 Evolution. It is roofless and includes electric motors in each of the two front wheels as well a naturally aspirated engine at the rear. Over the last seven days we have had several news stories about Renault’s green advancements – but its fellow French manufacturer Peugeot is determined not to be left behind.

Piaggio launches plug-in hybrid scooter

Green Cars News

Though occasionally derided here in the UK, scooters retain vast appeal throughout Europe where the Piaggio Group has now introduced the MP3 Hybrid, a plug-in hybrid version of its MP3 three-wheeled scooter. The MP3 Hybrid achieves the power delivered from the petrol and electric units through a Ride-by-Wire System and when decelerating and braking, the management system recovers energy and accumulates it in the battery. A full charge takes approximately three hours.