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Tesla (TSLA) maintains PT & BUY rating from Canaccord


Canaccord Genuity analyst George Gianarikas reiterated the investment bank’s Tesla price target of $234 and maintained the company’s BUY rating. In a note released last week, Gianarikas provided some insight into Tesla’s production and delivery numbers in the first quarter. year over year.

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Stellantis says new strategy will eliminate buying emission credits from Tesla


Stellantis does not want to buy regulatory emissions credits from Tesla any longer, and a new mentality that was recently adopted by the automaker will force the company to put its money and its EV plans where its mouth is. ” “It’s not even a topic of discussion. .”

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Hertz is selling EVs, including Teslas, to buy gasoline models

Green Car Reports

Hertz on Thursday announced that it's selling about 20,000 EVs, including some Teslas, from its U.S. rental fleet to buy gasoline cars. The company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that the sales of these vehicles, which represent about one third of its global EV fleet, began in Dec.

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IDTechEx: buying an autonomous electric car will feel more like buying a laptop than a car

Green Car Congress

Source: IDTechEx What are the main concerns when buying a laptop? Tesla generated waves when it showed the Model S could run steam on its infotainment system, showing how Witcher 3 can be played when the vehicle is stationary. IDTechEx expects that purchasing a new vehicle will soon feel like shopping for a new laptop.

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Tesla stock gets another quick buy from ARK in two ETFs


Tesla stock ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) was the subject of another day of buying from the bulls at ARK Invest, marking the second time in as many weeks the firm bought the automaker’s shares in its ETFs. ARK Invest, headed by Cathie Wood, is arguably the most bullish firm on Wall Street when it comes to Tesla stock. at 11:51 a.m.

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SIXT drops Tesla, buys 250,000 rental cars from Stellantis


After dropping Tesla, global rental car giant SIXT says it will buy up to 250,000 vehicles from Stellantis for its fleets in North America and Europe.

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Hertz CEO Leaves After Buying 100,000 Teslas

The Truth About Cars

But few are notable as the debacle at Hertz, a company which most gearheads know decided to buy tens of thousands of electric vehicles only to bin them at severely subvented prices. This flood of product on the used car market surely didn’t help valuations of the things, though nor did Tesla itself during a round of its own price cuts.

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