Tesla Model S Launch

Revenge of the Electric Car

The ‘Revenge’ team was out in strength recently to film the launch of Tesla’s Model S in Los Angeles. This SlideShowPro photo gallery requires the Flash Player plugin and a web browser with JavaScript enabled. Tags: Events Tesla Model S Check out the photos below to see the Model S — and our team in action.

Plugin 100

Sweden December 2020

EV Sales

had 6.592 registrations, with the plugin split in this year sales ending at 30% for BEVs and 70% PHEVs, with pure electrics dropping 9% regarding 2019, when they had 39% share. With plugin hybrids representing over 20% of the total market, maybe now's the time to reduce incentives for PHEVs?


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Netherlands December 2020

EV Sales

December had an amazing 30,860 plugin registrations, a 34% increase over the previous all-time record, set at the same month of last year, which itself was beating a 4 year old record. VW ID.3 shines in record month (72% Share!)

Europe February 2021

EV Sales

Tesla Model 3 wins in February Despite a depressing overall market (-20% YoY in February), the European passenger plugin market continues on the rise, having registered over 115,000 units in February (+66% YoY), placing last month plugin share at 14% share (5.9%

Netherlands March 2021

EV Sales

Tesla Model 3 and VW ID.4 In March, the leader was the Tesla Model 3, scoring its first win since September, this time with 341 units, relegating the previous leader Volvo XC40 PHEV to the second spot, while in 3rd we have the VW ID.4,

2020 Sales by OEM

EV Sales

Tesla's current domination is however being threatened by the Volkswagen Group, that jumped from 6th in 2019 to the current 2nd spot, with its share jumping from 6% in 2019, to the current 13%. Will this mean that VW will beat Tesla in 2021? BMW BYD Nissan Renault SAIC Tesla Volkswage

2020 56

Global Top 20 - December 2020

EV Sales

Models: Tesla Model 3 three-peats in Record Year After a rough start of the year, the second half of 2020 has become a records fest, with 3 record months in the last 4, with December being one of them, with over half a million registrations. plugin share (1.9%

2020 78

Norway December 2020

EV Sales

Looking at the fuels breakdown, if plugins were up in December, the rest is falling quickly: HEVs had just 6% share of the market, petrol vehicles were down to just 3% share (it had 15% a year ago), while diesel had only 5%, while in the same month last year, the black fuel had 22% share.At

Germany December 2020

EV Sales

Open the Plugin Gates! The supreme irony of this, is that by forcing local OEMs to move fast into electrification in order to comply with the CO2 emission targets, EU politicians might have saved the local automotive industry from a future death at the hands of Tesla and Chinese OEMs.

Netherlands January 2021

EV Sales

Volvo XC40 PHEV wins January in reshuffled market After the usual sales rush in the last days of 2020 , one would imagine January would bring a big hangover for the local plugin market.But turns out, it hasn't, because it grew 40% YoY!

Europe January 2021

EV Sales

Last month positive result, added to a crashing overall market (-26% YoY), allowed the 2021 plugin share to start at 14% (5.6% the BMW plugin hybrid managed to pull off this good result, although one wonders for how long with BMW's model manage to keep this status.

Germany February 2021

EV Sales

Volkswagen leads the way The German plugin market scored 40,000 units, with both technologies rising fast (+124% for BEVs and +162% YoY for PHEVs) , with last month plugin share ending at 21% (9.4%

Global Top 20 - February 2021

EV Sales

The future will depend much on the development of the pandemic and the seriousness of the economic crisis, but whatever happens, expect plugins to weather the storm better than the overall market, increasing its PEV share on the way.

France December 2020

EV Sales

These disruptive numbers are also reflecting on the plugin share, as last month it reached a record 19% (11% BEV), pulling the final 2020 share to 11% (6,7% BEV), a far cry from the 3% of 2019. A future star lands in a record market (19% share!)

China February 2021

EV Sales

Last month plugin share reached 9% (7.5% BEV), and considering January and February are China's weakest months, we can now safely assume that the local plugin market will cross North of the two-digits mark this year, maybe even during the first half of the year!

China 72

Netherlands February 2021

EV Sales

Volvo XC40 siblings shine The Dutch PEV market dropped 20% in February, to 2,952 plugin registrations, but that result wasn't all that bad, considering that the overall market fell even more (-26% YoY), placing last month PEV Share at 14% (5.6% What about Tesla? -

Europe December 2020

EV Sales

While the overall automotive market is still in red (-4% YoY), in December, Europe's passenger plugin market had an historic month, having registered a record 281,000 registrations (+264% YoY!), Unless, of course, the new Tesla Model Y starts to cast its shadow over its lower riding sibling.

2020 80

France February 2021

EV Sales

Tesla Model 3 beats Renault Zoe! Regarding the plugin share, last month it reached 13% (6.3% But the Climber of the Month was the Tesla Model 3, that jumped into #6, and should jump higher next month, possibly to 4th. And Peugeot 208 EV beats both of them.)

Markets Roundup December 2020

EV Sales

Big Eight Let's see how the Big Eight EV Markets fared in 2020: China * Tesla Model 3 #1 - First foreigner to win the trophy, but the Wuling Mini EV was closing in and is the favorite for the 2021 title; * 1.3 USA * Tesla Model 3 #1 - In Tesla-land, it was another title (and last?)

2020 52

Advocating electric in the heartland

Electric Auto Association

Clyde Schwanke’s backyard in Topeka, complete with his Nissan LEAF and Ford C=max Plugin. Sure, if you have a Tesla with a 300-mile range and you’re using the highways, it’s a different story.”

China December 2020

EV Sales

Last month, plugin share reached a record 9.4% (7% BEV), pulling the 2020 share to 6.3% (5.1% Interestingly, in 2019 SGMW ended with just 5% share and Tesla with 3%. Expect these last two to increase their share in 2021, thanks to the Tesla Model Y and VW ID.4

2020 75

Germany January 2021

EV Sales

While BEVs jumped significantly (+118% YoY), PHEVs did even better (+138%), allowing plugin hybrids to continue ahead of full electrics (44% of registrations were BEV and 56% PHEV). 22% Share!

VIDEO: Driving a Tesla-powered Smart

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Subscribe Green News Events Manufacturers Region New Cars Used Cars Filed under: EV/Plug-in , SMART , Tesla Motors , USA , Daimler VIDEO: Driving a Tesla-powered Smart by Domenick Yoney on Apr 24th 2009 at 2:09PM Tesla-powered smart fortwo Click above for a hi-res gallery When Tesla launched its amazing Model S a while back, it wasnt the only Tesla-powered machine supplying rides to attendees. from the Tesla Roadster.

2009 42

OSU smart membrane could enable new category of high-energy, high-power energy storage for EVs

Green Car Congress

plugin EVs to Tesla’s 85 kWh battery pack). plugin EVs to Tesla’s 85 kWh battery pack). A team at the Ohio State University has developed a membrane that regulates bi-directional ion transport across it as a function of its redox state and that could be used as a programmable smart membrane separator in future supercapacitors and redox flow batteries.

2016 150

Wally Rippel drives the Mini E

Revenge of the Electric Car

This SlideShowPro photo gallery requires the Flash Player plugin and a web browser with JavaScript enabled. Wally worked for a while helping Tesla Motors launch their Roadster, and is now back at AC Propulsion working on the newest iteration of the AC-150. After pulling out onto the street, I gave it a punch to see how Tesla-like it was.

Mini E 126

Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Reply Neutral KilgoreTrout @ Apr 19th 2009 5:14PM True, but if I havent been mislead by the documentary I have seen, the Tesla should have an even better solution: you just plug it in any normal home outlet and it doesnt require any special plug. Highly Ranked Jakjak9210 @ Apr 19th 2009 6:37PM Tesla actually has a 240 volt charger for american homes, the 120 volt charger is much slower, and only really used if you really need a charge.

2009 59

Dodge Circuit EV First Drive: electric car makes grand promises on Earth Day

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Chrysler isnt the first to realize that building an EV off of a Lotus platform makes for an incredibly fast and fun experience (see also: Tesla Roadster ) We escaped from the dark confines of Cobo Hall onto a decently sunny day and cruised along the river and past the Ren Cen, gunning the Circuit whenever possible. Its no tesla but its still a fantastic little car. Chevys volt is exactly what a family with kids would need, as is the Tesla model S, and yea, theyre both pricey.

Chrysler unveils new electric minivan for the US Postal Service

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

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How Carmakers Are Responding to the Plug-In Hybrid Opportunity

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The turning point came when tiny Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley start-up, announced in 2006 that it would produce a speedy electric sports car powered by those same laptop batteries. 5/17/06 "Plugin hybrids have a lot of promise, especially to displace oil consumption. About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Carmakers Say.

2009 39

Tesla Model 3 & Volkswagen ID.4 Shine in the Netherlands in March


The Dutch plugin vehicle (PEV) market dropped 4% in March, to 4,834 plugin registrations, but that result wasn’t all that bad considering that the overall market fell even more (-18% YoY).

Germany Plugin Electric Share Hits 22.5% In March — 2.4× Year-On-Year Share Growth


Germany, Europe’s largest auto market, saw plugin electric vehicles reach 22.5% Provisional estimates have Volkswagen brand vehicles taking the top two full electric spots for Q1, just ahead of the Tesla Model 3.

85% Plugin Electric Share In Norway – Combustion Falls Below 10%


plugin electric vehicle market share in March 2021, the second highest month on record (from December 2020) and up from 75.2% combined plugin […]. Norway, the world’s leading nation in the clean transport transition, saw 84.9%

Sweden Hits 37% Plugin Share In March, New Policy Boost For Full Electrics


Sweden saw a plugin electric vehicle market share of 37% in March 2020, up from 27.2% Plugin hybrids gained share from a last minute pull-forward in March, ahead of a policy change from April 1st which now more strongly favours full electric vehicles, and further penalizes carbon emissions.

France Hits 16.1% Plugin Share, Tesla Model 3 At Record 4,524 Sales


France, Europe’s second largest auto market, saw plugin electric vehicle market share hit 16.1% With a surge of deliveries shipped from its Shanghai Gigafactory, Tesla registered 4,524 Model 3 sales in March, by far its highest ever monthly total in France.

China × Cleantech — February 2021


Of Chinese Vehicle Sales In January Were Plugin Vehicle Sales On the 25th of February, José Pontes reported on the sales numbers of the Chinese EV market for January 2020. Welcome to China × Cleantech — February 2021 edition.

Tesla Model 3 Tops European Market in February — EV Sales Report


Despite a still-hurting overall auto market (-20% YoY in February), the European passenger plugin vehicle market continues to rise. More than 115,000 plugin vehicles were registered on the continent in February (+66% YoY), placing last month’s plugin vehicle share at 14% (5.9%