Portland Airport Adds 42 Electric-Car Chargers, At 120 Volts; Here's Why

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Installing more charging stations is important, but it's generally thought that they need to charge a car as quickly as possible, to lessen any inconvenience to owners. DON'T MISS: Portland's. portland plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure OregonWhen it comes to electric-car charging, speed is typically as important as availability.

Electric cars and public charging: hot dog and bun, not chicken or egg?

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Sometimes it's applied to the challenge of electric-car charging stations: which comes first, sales of the cars or installation of public charging to support them? portland plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stationsIt's an old cliche used to indicate an unsolvable problem: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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Electrify America to install 2,800 charging stations at workplaces and multi-unit dwellings across US

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Electrify America LLC announced it will install more than 2,800 workplace and residential charging stations by June 2019 in 17 of the biggest metropolitan areas in the United States. These electric vehicle charging station industry leaders will work with property developers, office space facility managers and other real estate site hosts to install, operate and maintain charging stations, providing a unique benefit to workplace and residential property owners.

Siemens installing Sitras supercap-based stationary energy storage unit for TriMet light right substation

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Siemens is currently installing the first Sitras SES (stationary energy storage) Energy Storage Unit with supercapacitor technology in the US on the new TriMet Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Line. The first substations will be installed beginning in October 2013.

Notes from the road: a guest post from Portland

Revenge of the Electric Car

So you can imagine the buzz around town as we braced for the next installment. Long recognized as an EV hotbed alongside our brethren Seattle and San Francisco, Portland never disappoints when it’s time to round up and roll out.

BMW i and EVgo expanding ChargeNow DC Fast program; 500 more fast chargers in US; no-cost DC and Level 2 for BMW i3 drivers

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As part of its ongoing commitment to the growth of a robust public DC Fast charging infrastructure, BMW is supporting EVgo’s installation of an incremental 500 DC Fast Combo chargers, to benefit BMW i3 customers and all EV drivers in the US with DC Fast Combo charging capability. With BMW’s continued support, EVgo plans to install 500 additional DC Fast Combo chargers by the end of 2018, with more than 600 charging stations in operation. Portland, OR.

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BP to Install 45 Ecotality Blink DC Fast Charging Stations

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a partner in The EV Project, will install ECOtality’s Blink electric vehicle (EV) DC Fast Chargers (480 volt 3-Phase AC input)—unveiled at the Business of Plugging In 2010 conference—at 45 BP and ARCO locations. ECOtality is the project manager for The EV Project, an initiative that will include the installation of approximately 15,000 charging stations in 16 cities and major metropolitan areas in six states, and will place 8,300 EVs on the road.

DC 1

Boeing using Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint Network for workplace electric vehicle charging in four states

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Coulomb Technologies announced that The Boeing Company has installed Coulomb’s ChargePoint stations for electric vehicles (EV) on four campuses; Bellevue, Wash., Portland, Ore., The sale and installation of the stations was completed by Coulomb’s distribution partner Charge Northwest. El Segundo, Calif. and Mesa, Ariz.

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Hillsboro, Oregon to Install 16 Coulomb Charging Stations

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The charging stations will be installed in downtown Hillsboro, including at a new intermodal transit facility to be built in 2009. Hillsboro is located 15 miles outside of Portland and is the home to more than 90,000 residents. The City of Hillsboro, Oregon plans to deploy 16 Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for plug-in and electric vehicles.

What Comes First, The Car Or The Charger? Portland, Oregon Answers

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Or do more electric cars need to be produced in order for a demand for electric vehicle charging points to be large enough to justify installing them? Are electric cars being held back by a lack of convenient charging points? And should charging stations be ones offering a 240V, 30A top-off charge, or should they be fast chargers offering an 80

Maxwell supplying ultracapacitors for light rail braking energy recuperation system; 2.8% energy savings

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is supplying ultracapacitors for an energy-saving braking energy recuperation system that American Maglev Technology (AMT), is installing on light rail vehicles operated by the Portland, Oregon area’s Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District (TriMet).

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ICCT study assesses EV promotion and uptake in top 25 metropolitan areas in US

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The seven cities with the highest electric vehicle share in 2014—San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, and Riverside—had two to seven times the average US electric vehicle share.

finally connected

DIY Electric Car

I do have to hand it to Jon at Portland Manufacturing, he did a great job fabricating this connector it fit like a glove, and after assembling the motor and trans. Finally, after cajoling the machinist for a month, I finally got my connector between the motor and trans.

Obama Administration launches series of actions to accelerate EV adoption; inc. $4.5B in loan guarantees, pursuing 350 kW fast charge

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Portland General Electric. The partnership will also work to enhance workplace charging efforts at public power utilities, study the impacts of EVs in public power communities, and share insights regarding infrastructure installation and EV interaction with the modern grid.

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VW, BMW and ChargePoint partner to create SAE Combo DC fast charging corridors on the East and West Coasts

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In the initial phase, the aim is to install nearly 100 DC Fast charging ports across both coasts, with plans to expand the program to increase access to fast charging across the country.

Sandia study finds fuel cell barges may be attractive lower-cost cold-ironing solution for some types of vessels at some ports

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The reason is that to utilize shore power, any vessel needs to have specialized on-board equipment installed, and to achieve a reasonable return on investment for this additional cost, shore power would need to be frequently utilized. Finally it must be noted that of the remaining types (harbor vessels, ocean tugs, fishing trawlers, and container ships) the first three usually have shore power infrastructure installed at their home berths already. Portland, Ore.;

Jaguar Land Rover, Intel and Seeing Machines showcase driver attention-monitoring system At CES

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At the 2015 CES in Las Vegas this week, Seeing Machines is demonstrating its Driver Monitor System (DMS) in a Jaguar F-Type prototype developed jointly with Intel at Jaguar Land Rover’s new R&D facility in Portland, Oregon. To deliver the processing power required by the DMS system, Seeing Machines asked Intel to install hardware in the F-Type prototype based on its newest Intel Core i7 chips.

Anyone got a clutch?

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

The conversion process highly recommends installing a new clutch assembly, so I ordered a clutch kit from Driving Source NW in Salem, OR (part # POR055822) on December 27th.

Nissan begins deliveries of LEAF in UK

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Tony Whittaker, Sales Director at Cleaner Air Solutions in Durham, today took delivery of the first of five Nissan LEAFs the company is buying, at the Benfield Motor Group dealership on Portland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. There are programs under way to install around 1,300 charge points in the North East and 9,000 charge points across the UK by 2013. Nissan has begun deliveries of the Nissan LEAF battery-electric vehicle to customers in the UK.

Hillsboro, Oregon Goes Live with Level 2 EV Charging Stations

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The City of Hillsboro is the first in the State of Oregon to install Coulomb Technologies’ Level II ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for plug-in and electric vehicles. The thirteen Level II charging stations are now installed in downtown Hillsboro at their new green intermodal transit facility. Additionally, one Level II station has been installed at the Hillsboro Civic Center, with two more to be completed by the end of October, 2010.

Balancing the Flywheel/Clutch

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

I took the flywheel and clutch pressure plate to Portland Engine Rebuilders. Next Up: Taking a break for a few days and possibly installing the PakTrakr battery monitor Okay, since I take Fridays off, this gives me a chance to take the flywheel into a machine shop for balancing.

First $300M tranche of VW National ZEV investment targets charging infrastructure; 150kW+ fast charging on highway network

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Chicago, Portland, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Denver, Houston, Miami, and Raleigh—and several highway corridors. Installing charging infrastructure (approximately $250 million); Public Education initiatives (approximately $25 million); and.

Voith SensoTop technology nets up to 7% fuel savings for city transit buses

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Field tests were completed in Austin, TX, Lancaster, PA, Minneapolis, MN, Portland, OR, Salt Lake City, UT, and San Mateo County, CA. Based on Voith’s tests and calculations, one of the transit authorities involved in the test can expect to save over $1,700 per year per bus by installing SensoTop technology, which would translate into over $560,000 in yearly savings if the entire fleet were equipped with SensoTop transmissions.

RelayRides launches US-wide peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace; car2go car-sharing expands to new cities

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The company also recently announced an exclusive relationship that will allow millions of GM vehicle owners to leverage the OnStar system to rent out their idle cars through the RelayRides marketplace, with no additional hardware installation needed. Separately, Daimler car-sharing subsidiary car2go car2go North America, LLC, announced it will launch in two new cities: in Washington, DC beginning 24 March and in Portland, Oregon beginning 31 March.

BMW, Volkswagen and ChargePoint complete EV express charging corridors on the East and West Coasts

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Electric vehicle (EV) drivers can now travel the most heavily-trafficked corridors on the East and West Coasts of the United States with the installation of 95 new DC Fast charging stations as part of the Express Charging Corridors Initiative—a collaboration of BMW of North America, Volkswagen of America, Inc. and along Interstate 5 and Highway 101 on the West Coast, connecting metropolitan areas from Portland, Ore.,

materials and a simple fan shroud.

DIY Electric Car

As my parts have arrived in good condition, I have progressed from selecting, purchasing to installing the electronics for my conversion (phase 3). After installing them to the plastic fenders it soon became obvious that this was unacceptable, as the platform was bouncy, weak and unstable.

NREL publishes online collection of case studies in EV deployment

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Manufacturers and public officials there are working with consumers to deploy charging equipment in 900 residences and 1,150 public locations in and between the cities of Portland, Salem, Eugene and Corvallis. The case study includes Oregon’s step-by-step process for permitting, installation and inspection of home charging equipment.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car to Begin Offering Electric Vehicles in US

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San Diego; Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; Beginning November 2010, charging stations will be installed at select locations, including several of the Enterprise “hybrid branches” – nearly 100 designated locations which offer hybrids and other environmentally-friendly rental options in 30 different markets. Enterprise Rent-A-Car will begin a phased introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) at select offices throughout its neighborhood network of more than 5,000 US locations.

DOE to award $11M to 20 new Clean Cities projects for alt fuel cars and trucks

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Greater Portland. installation; and develop and conduct training programs regarding. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is [link] about $11 million to 20 new projects to help states and local governments to develop the infrastructure, training, and regional planning needed to help meet the demand for alternative fuel cars and trucks, including vehicles that run on natural gas, electricity, and propane.

Mitsubishi to begin offering customers test drives of North American spec i-MiEV in November

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North American spec i-MiEV. Click to enlarge.

Battery Boxes Have Shipped!

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

I ran out to United Welding Supply today in Portland (on NE MLK) and picked up 20 feet of 2/0 welding cable. a foot, that's the best price I've seen in the Portland area by far. If I don't do it now (before installing the battery boxes), it'll probably never happen. Electro Auto e-mailed me again today to say that the battery racks and boxes have shipped and should arrive on Tuesday! I'm curious what else is in this shipment.

A Very Dark Day with the Joule Chargers

Open Source Civic EV Kit

After installing several of the chargers, I observed the following: One failed to even start up (LEDs were flickering) Six didn't have their fan come on. EV Awareness Day here in Portland is only three weeks away and I've got to get this beast charging correctly.

ECOtality Expands to Australia

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With a match from partners, The EV Project has a total value of more than $200 million, and will support electric vehicles with home-base, commercial and public charge stations in five states: Arizona (Phoenix & Tucson metropolitan areas), Washington (Seattle area), Oregon (Portland, Salem, Corvallis and Eugene), California (San Diego) and Tennessee (Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga). Charge station installation will accompany the deployment of 4,700 Nissan LEAFs.

EnerDel Entering Utility-Scale Energy Storage Market

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EnerDel will build the batteries for five 1MW power systems that will be used by Portland General Electric (PGE) to help manage peak demand and smooth the variations in power from renewable sources. Equipment will be installed at 15 sites over the next two years, after which developers will spend two to three years testing system performance under wide variety of geographic and meteorological conditions.

Underwriters Laboratories Named Exclusive Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory for The EV Project

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The vehicles will be powered by 11,210 UL-Listed charging stations in homes, and commercial and public locations in five US states: Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson), Washington (Seattle), Oregon (Portland, Salem, Corvallis and Eugene), California (San Diego) and Tennessee (Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville). Once UL-certified, Level Two plug-in systems will be installed in homes of the electric vehicles owners for overnight charging, as well as in many publicly accessible areas.

POET Targets Water Use of 2.33 Gallons per Gallon of Ethanol in Five Years; 22% Reduction

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The reductions will come primarily through installing a proprietary process developed by POET engineers that recycles cooling water rather than discharging it. The Total Water Recovery process has recently been installed in three POET Biorefining locations - Bingham Lake (Minn.), One hundred percent of the water at POET Biorefining - Portland, Ind.

Bailouts and Beemers

Plugs and Cars

Portland's electric utility has already begun installing charging insfrastructure. The deck of cards, some might say house of cards, that is the American economy is being shuffled. A generation of deregulation has culminated with free-market ideologues and corporate chieftains begging for salvation from the federal government once-despised as mettlesome. Billions to bailout financial giants has been followed by a plea from the one-time Big Three.

RMI Launches Project Get Ready to Help Communities Prepare for Plug-ins

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Community members in Portland, Oregon; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Raleigh, North Carolina soon expanding to the Triangle region have already agreed to work with RMI’s Project Get Ready. I think this approach will lead to a faster and better arrival for plug-in vehicles and I am thrilled to have Portland, Indianapolis, and Raleigh in the conversation. Barrier: Red tape around infrastructure installation.

Volkswagen’s Electrify America supplement discusses ZEV charging investments in disadvantaged California communities

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Chicago, Portland, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Denver, Houston, Miami, and Raleigh—and several highway corridors.

Ener1 To Supply Li-ion Packs to Hyundai Heavy for Electric Buses; Complete Turnkey Solutions Agreement with Toro

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Ener1 has now publicly announced two programs in the light duty passenger vehicle market (THINK and Volvo); one light-duty fleet market (Japan Post); three heavy duty programs, including Hyundai and AC Transit; two grid stores project with SS Car in Russia and PGE in the Portland, Oregon; two military industrial contracts with the TARDEC Humvee program; and the Toro program. Ener1 has signed up two new customers for its Li-ion batteries: Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Toro.