Nissan field testing new mobility services as part of building sustainable future community in Japan

Green Car Congress

Nissan began a field test of new mobility services as part of a partnership to promote future community building in Japan.

Japan 222

ABB leads electrification and automation innovation as part of Sustainable Underground Mining future mine project

Green Car Congress

ABB electrification and automation knowledge and solutions have been employed in a pioneering mine of the future project, which has ultimate ambitions to demonstrate zero carbon dioxide emissions and productivity increases of 50%. ABB has provided electrification, connected control and operations management systems, high-visualization and mobile operator workplaces as part of a global mining partnership to visualize a once-in-a-generation technology shift and reduce climate impact.

2020 161

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CSIRO receives $1 million in funding for hydrogen refueling station as part of VH2

Green Car Congress

Construction will take place as part of the development of VH2—a new hydrogen production and storage demonstration facility, where CSIRO, Swinburne and their partners will test real world uses for hydrogen technology.

Parts 307

Fully electric Ram 1500 pickup and Dodge muscle car both due by 2024, part of $35B EV push

Green Car Reports

” Whatever the marketing distinction, a Dodge electric muscle car and battery electric Ram 1500 pickup were among the many future products teased Thursday as part of a Stellantis EV Day Dodge won’t make muscle cars.

Dodge 155

Part 3 – Future-proofing EV Charging with the Right Management Platform


Therefore, we’ve recently created a thought leadership whitepaper about the considerations for choosing and implementing the right platform to future-proof your EV charging business. We invite you to read the other two parts.

Buy 52

Nissan launches lightweight aluminum technology in Europe on new Qashqai; 2nd global model with parts from closed-loop recycling

Green Car Congress

The new Qashqai follows the new Rogue sold in North America as the second global model for Nissan to feature aluminum parts produced with the closed-loop recycling process. Nissan is considering expanding the application of this process to future models and other factories.

Parts 222

Part 2 – Future-proofing EV Charging with the Right Management Platform


Open and Future-proof – Current and future business needs may not coincide, so the EV charging management system will support both and won’t buckle when future requirements change. The six key imperatives of an EV charging management platform.

Parts 52

BMW Group spare parts logistics center piloting autonomous transport platforms

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group’s worldwide spare parts logistics center in Dingolfing has recently started piloting autonomous transport platforms. The electrically powered AutoBox helps to move incoming spare parts efficiently from the freight dock to the warehouse. The pilot deployment of autonomous transport systems and other logistics innovations will help us to optimize intralogistics processes and thus safeguard the future viability of BMW Group Aftersales logistics.

2019 203

Mercedes-Benz AG exploring sale of Hambach smart EV plant as part of global realignment

Green Car Congress

In light of future high investments, especially in electrification and digitalization, we are consistently implementing measures to increase efficiency. neutral mobility of the future also requires changes in our global production network.

2020 264

BASF investing €16M into tire pyrolysis oil company Pyrum as part of ChemCycling project

Green Car Congress

BASF will uptake most of the pyrolysis oil and process it into new chemical products by using a mass balance approach as part of its ChemCycling project.

2020 232

Tesla supplier Pegatron is building a parts plant in Texas


Recent reports have indicated that Taiwan’s Pegatron has selected a site in El Paso, Texas, for an upcoming production facility that would provide parts for American electric car maker Tesla. The post Tesla supplier Pegatron is building a parts plant in Texas appeared first on TESLARATI.

LG Chem logs another electric-car win: Faraday Future to buy batteries

Green Car Reports

Batteries parts suppliers lithium-ion plug-in cars LG Chem Faraday FutureSouth Korean firm LG Chem is one of the largest suppliers of lithium-ion battery cells for electric cars. It already counts 25 separate auto brands among its clients, and parent company LG contracted with General Motors to provide extensive development work on the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car. Now LG Chem is adding another, much new carmaker to.

2016 124

Tesla hints at Model S Plaid “Track Package” with large Zero G wheels in parts catalog


A look at Tesla’s current Parts Catalog for the Model S shows that the company has listed two new wheels, which suggest that a dedicated “Track Package” may be coming for the flagship high-performance sedan. Credit: Tesla Parts Catalog. Credit: Tesla Parts Catalog.

Parts 105

Over 90% of Tesla China’s Model 3 and Model Y parts now sourced locally: report


Tesla’s localization of its supply chain for the Made-in-China Model 3 and Model Y seems to be going well, with recent reports from local media outlets stating that over 90% of the all-electric vehicles’ parts are now being sourced from domestic companies.

Parts 114

GM to source US-based lithium for future EV batteries from CTR; closed-loop, direct-extraction process

Green Car Congress

GM announced today that a “significant portion” of GM’s future battery-grade lithium hydroxide and carbonate could come from the Hell’s Kitchen development.

Future 241

U-M, Ford open robotics complex to accelerate future of advanced, more equitable robotics and mobility

Green Car Congress

We also will broaden our learning through daily exposure to many robotics activities, such as considering how our Digit robots not only technically can master delivering packages from autonomous vehicles but also become valued parts of our neighborhoods.

Future 250

Industry & environmentalists tell EU the future of shipping fuel is green hydrogen and ammonia

Green Car Congress

The EU should promote the use of green hydrogen and ammonia by ships as part of its upcoming maritime fuel law, major shipping industry players and environmentalists have told the European Commission. Green hydrogen and ammonia offer a clean future for the shipping and fuels industry. The FuelEU Maritime initiative will require ships carrying EU trade to progressively switch to sustainable alternative fuels.

Mercedes-Benz transforming Stuttgart-Untertürkheim for “Electric First” future Drive Systems Campus

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz is transforming its Mercedes-Benz Drive Systems unit and its Stuttgart-Untertürkheim site for an “Electric First” future in the context of Ambition 2039—the company’s path toward carbon neutrality.

Future 222

Motor vehicles and component parts sector employment in US grew by 3% from 2017 to 2018

Green Car Congress

The Motor Vehicles and Component Parts sector employed 3% more people in 2018 than 2017. Motor Vehicles and Component Parts employers are defined as any firms that contribute to the manufacture, wholesale distribution, transport, and repair and maintenance of gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric, natural gas, hydrogen and fuel cell, or other vehicle technologies. Source: National Association of State Energy Officials and Energy Futures Initiative, The 2019 U.S.

2019 203

Toyota taps ZF and Mobileye to develop ADAS for future multiple vehicle platforms

Green Car Congress

As part of the agreement, ZF, one of the world’s number one producers of automotive cameras driven by Mobileye technology, will also supply its Gen21 mid-range radar and be responsible for the integration of camera and radar in Toyota vehicles.

Future 222

Western Australia to invest $22M to accelerate renewable hydrogen future

Green Car Congress

Part of the WA Recovery Plan, the accelerated targets and nine studies and projects will boost the State’s renewable hydrogen industry and position WA as a major producer, user and exporter of renewable hydrogen. The Western Australia Government of Premier Mark McGowan will bring forward the Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy targets by a decade and invest $22 million to develop hydrogen supply, meet growing demand for the clean fuel and create jobs.

BMW investing €400M in new vehicle assembly at Munich plant as part of shift to electromobility; engine production being concentrated at Steyr and Hams Hall

Green Car Congress

The future assembly and its production processes will be designed for a new cluster architecture geared towards electric drive trains. It will ramp up for the first time at our future plant in Debrecen, Hungary, before being rolled out across our global production network in stages.

2020 269

Daimler, partners building next-gen additive manufacturing process pilot production line for spare parts

Green Car Congress

Retainer of the truck diesel engine—the first spare part of the partner pilot project NextGenAM, from Daimler, Premium AEROTEC and EOS. The key for production is a scalable additive production chain, which is fully automated right through to the point where the printed parts are mechanically sawn off the build platform. A driverless transport system and robots ensure the smooth movement of the parts through every stage of the production line.

2019 195

Wärtsilä to collaborate with Anemoi Marine Technologies in future sales of Rotor Sail solutions

Green Car Congress

The technology group Wärtsilä has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) tied to a License and Cooperation agreement with UK-based Anemoi Marine Technologies for the future sales and servicing of Rotor Sail solutions to the shipping industry.

2020 222

Volkswagen Group Components supplying numerous components and parts for the production of the Volkswagen ID.3

Green Car Congress

The Brunswick plant develops and produces the battery system, further sites deliver castings and other parts. The Group Components plant in Kassel supplies electric drives and platform parts for the ID.3. All parts for the electric drive are put together at the Kassel plant, including the parts from the component plants in Salzgitter, Pozna? Production of pre-series drives has already started; in future, up to 500,000 units will leave the factory each year.

2019 175

BMW provides first look at future BMW iX electric SAV; US launch in 2022

Green Car Congress

With time still to go before expected US market launch in early 2022, and with the series development phase ongoing, BMW provided a first look ahead at the future BMW iX. The BMW iX is the first model based on a new, modular, scalable architecture on which the future of the BMW Group will be built. The batteries fitted in the BMW iX are designed as part of a long-term resource cycle and allow for a very high recycling rate.

2020 231

How a tire company is doing its part to recycle and reuse; Michelin’s TREC

Green Car Congress

Companies will attract negative attention for not doing their part to help protect the environment—potentially risking a loss in profits due to a shrinking consumer base because of their environmental decisions. million to Michelin and SDTech as part of the French government “Investing in the Future” program. The project has two parts: TREC Regeneration and TREC Alcohol. by Derek Peterson.

2015 286

Ford's electric future, Model 3 parts, VW battery buy, Accord Hybrid MPG: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which CEO actually admitted that underestimating electric cars was probably unwise? What did Ford reveal about its plans, finally, for new hybrid and plug-in electric cars? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending on Friday, March 16, 2018. Friday, we consulted with colleagues. The Week In Reverse

2018 81

British Airways challenges UK universities to develop a new generation of sustainable aviation fuel; part of $400M investment from parent

Green Car Congress

The team which wins the “BA 2119: Future of Fuels Challenge” will receive £25,000 (US$31,900) to help fund further research and a commitment from the airline to work alongside them to incubate their idea. The award is part of a commitment from IAG (International Airlines Group), British Airway’s parent group, to invest a total of $400 million in sustainable fuel development and long-term supply agreements.

2018 195

MSC sees hydrogen and biofuels as key components of shipping’s future fuel mix

Green Car Congress

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a global leader in transportation and logistics, said it is further exploring the viability of hydrogen and fuels derived from it as a possible fuel source for the future for container shipping, and is increasingly pioneering the use of biofuels within its existing fleet. The future of shipping and decarbonisation will rely on strong partnerships from both the perspective of technology collaboration and procurement.

2020 179

Hyundai Motor Group, Canoo to co-develop all-electric platform for future EVs and PBVs

Green Car Congress

As part of the collaboration, Canoo will provide engineering services to help develop a fully scalable, all-electric platform to meet Hyundai and Kia specifications.

2020 222

Subaru plug-in hybrid to use Prius Prime parts, coming in 2019

Green Car Reports

When Toyota and Mazda said last September they would form a joint venture to produce electric-car parts, that answered the question of where Mazda's future plug-in vehicles would get their electric running gear. Plug-In Hybrids Future Cars plug-in cars compliance car Prius Prime

2018 95

J.D. Power: Majority of EV owners are intent on purchasing another one in the future

Green Car Congress

Among the early adopters who own an EV, 82% say they “definitely will” consider purchasing another in the future, according to the inaugural J.D. Cost of ownership is a key driver in the purchase of an EV that typically has fewer parts to maintain, has less frequent service requirements and results in lower fuel costs than ICE vehicles. Power US Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study.

Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim plant to produce electric powertrains in the future

Green Car Congress

In the future, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Untertürkheim will manufacture and assemble parts of electric powertrains (eATS). For the works council, the long-term future viability of our site has been the focus from the very beginning.

2019 238

Jeep reveals 2022 Grand Cherokee plug-in hybrid, teases future tech for off-road brand

Green Car Reports

Jeep plans electrified versions of its entire lineup by 2025, and on Thursday the brand revealed an important part of that: a Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe.

Jeep 96

Survey of power management control technologies for HEVs and PHEVs suggests future need to consider vehicle as part of larger system

Green Car Congress

A comprehensive survey of major power management control algorithms for hybrid-electric (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) proposes that future work will need to consider the vehicle as part of a larger system which can be optimized at an even larger scale. It appears that future research studies need to be devoted to considering the vehicle as part of a larger system, which can be optimized at an even larger scale.

2014 205

Geely Auto’s flagship Bo Rui GE hybrid selected as part of China’s diplomatic fleet; 48V MHEV or PHEV

Green Car Congress

In regards to MHEV technologies, Geely has already become the global leader and will continue leading far into the future. In the future, Geely expects fuel economy improvements to increase to 50% and power to 30%. At a handover ceremony held in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, 35 new Bo Rui GE were delivered to the Service Bureau to be part of China’s diplomatic vehicle fleet.

2018 221

Xerox demonstrating analytics technology as part of Mcity

Green Car Congress

To shape the future of urban mobility across the country, Xerox has a three-year partnership with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). Several Xerox transportation solutions and analytics innovations are being demonstrated at Mcity, the University of Michigan’s new test environment for connected and automated vehicles. Earlier post.).

2015 184

Infiniti envisioned its near future around series hybrids, now says they’re cut from the lineup

Green Car Reports

Nissan’s Infiniti luxury brand confirmed earlier this week that series-hybrid technology will no longer be an important part of its lineup this decade as the brand transitions to mostly electric vehicles.

IVECO, FPT and Nikola Motor Company announce future Nikola TRE production in Ulm, Germany

Green Car Congress

This joint venture forms part of a wider partnership established with Nikola to accelerate industry transformation towards emission-neutrality of Class 8 heavy-duty trucks in North America and Europe through the adoption of fuel-cell technology.

2020 249

BMW Group plans > €30B on future-oriented technologies up to 2025; all-electric 7 Series model coming

Green Car Congress

This also expresses our confidence for the future business development. Those companies capable of developing and combining hardware and software in equal measure will shape the future of the automobile.

2020 254

MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future suggests widespread autonomous driving at least a decade away

Green Car Congress

The MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future has released a new research brief examining the future of autonomous vehicles. The brief is part of a series of subject-specific research projects by MIT faculty that will help frame national discussion and policies about work, technology, and how we can create greater shared prosperity in the country.

2020 210

A.P. Moller - Maersk to launch methanol-fueled feeder in 2023; all future newbuilds to support carbon-neutral fuels

Green Car Congress

All future Maersk owned newbuildings will have dual fuel technology installed, enabling either carbon-neutral operations or operation on standard very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO). Our customers expect us to help them decarbonize their global supply chains, and we are embracing the challenge, working on solving the practical, technical and safety challenges inherent in the carbon neutral fuels we need in the future.

Future 161