Insight into benzene formation could help development of cleaner combustion engines

Green Car Congress

That insight could also help the car industry make cleaner combustion engines. They believe that the finding could one day lead to cleaner combustion engines.

Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans deploys 6 plug-in hybrid pickups from XL Fleet

Green Car Congress

In order to advance its fleet electrification and emissions reduction goals, the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) has deployed six new XL plug-in hybrid electric Ford F-150 pickup trucks to its fleet. Fleets Hybrids Plug-ins

2020 403

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Anheuser-Busch transitioning 30% of dedicated fleet to renewable natural gas

Green Car Congress

Louis to fleets powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines. The two fleets are expected to travel more than 8.5 Biomethane / RNG Fleets Heavy-duty Natural Gas

2020 284

Building materials recycler switches fleet to Neste renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

Now, Argent has switched its fleet from petroleum diesel to Neste MY Renewable Diesel. Our environmental track record and continual efforts to help our customers build more sustainable communities played a major role in our decision to use renewable diesel in our fleet.

2020 281

New report showcases innovative finance tools to electrify truck, bus fleets; TCE Toolkit

Green Car Congress

A new generation of solutions will be needed to electrify America’s fleet and achieve a zero-emissions future by 2050. To date, traditional government grant programs have helped fleet owners replace diesel trucks with cleaner ones.

2020 208

MECA emissions inventory & air quality modeling shows potential benefits of national cleaner trucks initiative at CARB limits

Green Car Congress

Later years should show additional improvements as greater fleet turnover occurs.

2020 219

London study suggests PHEV vans a practical, accessible solution for cleaner air in European cities

Green Car Congress

During the trial, 75% of the fleet’s mileage in Central London and 49% in Greater London was completed using pure electric power. The fleet trial vans are being designed and engineered at Ford’s Dunton, UK, technical center, and at Prodrive Advanced Technology in Banbury, UK, with program support from Revolve Technologies.

2019 210

EPA launches Cleaner Trucks Initiative to update NOx standards for heavy-duty trucks

Green Car Congress

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched the Cleaner Trucks Initiative (CTI) to further decrease NO x emissions from on-highway heavy-duty trucks and engines. The CTI will include a future rulemaking that will update the existing NO x standard which was last set in 2001 while also streamlining compliance and certification requirements.

2018 209

California trucking firm switches fleet of 600+ trucks to Neste renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

Ecology, a transportation and logistics company in California, has switched its fleet of more than 600 trucks to run on Neste MY Renewable Diesel and is reporting cleaner fuel filters, fewer maintenance problems and reductions in tailpipe emissions. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is available to public and private fleets in California through authorized distributors. Bio-hydrocarbons Diesel Fleets Fuels

2018 229

San Francisco commits to all-electric bus fleet By 2035; MUNI Board approves pilot program

Green Car Congress

San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which operates MUNI (the city’s public transit), announced San Francisco’s commitment to have an all-electric bus fleet by 2035. The SFMTA Board of Directors on Tuesday approved a resolution supporting the commitment towards an all-electric bus fleet along with a pilot program to evaluate and implement battery electric vehicles. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty

50 MWh of energy delivered wirelessly to Link Transit, Wenatchee WA bus fleet by Momentum Dynamics system

Green Car Congress

Link Transit of Wenatchee, Washington has achieved 50 megawatt-hours of energy delivered wirelessly to its electric bus fleet. Maintaining battery charge during duty cycle is a key factor in allowing fleets to adopt electric vehicles.

2020 281

California adds $72.5M for cleaner diesel trucks, deployment of advanced vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

million in funding for state programs that will improve public health by helping to clean up California’s fleet of cars, trucks and buses. This program provides vouchers of up to $55,000 to help California fleets purchase cleaner, advanced technology trucks and buses. ARB’s Truck Loan Assistance Program received an additional $18 million to help small business fleet owners finance truck upgrades required under the ARB’s In-Use Truck and Bus Regulation.

2013 207

Big Blue Bus investing $18.2M to upgrade bus fleet; Cummins-Westport Near-Zero NOx engines

Green Car Congress

We are making a significant investment to modernize one quarter of our fleet with new and exciting technology that will deliver a safer, more comfortable travel experience for customers and operators. Further, reshaping our fleet with smaller, more agile 30-foot vehicles will create new opportunities for ridership growth by enabling us to safely and efficiently serve customers on narrower streets and corridors. Emissions Engines Fleets

2018 183

EPRI-NRDC report finds widespread vehicle electrification and a cleaner grid could lead to substantial cuts in GHG by 2050

Green Car Congress

Use of electric vehicles would achieve greater reductions in GHG emissions, corresponding to the rate that the electric grid becomes cleaner, through greater reliance on renewables and low- and non-emitting generation. While electric vehicles are cleaner than petroleum-fueled vehicles today, the greenhouse gas reductions can be maximized by charging vehicles from a cleaner grid.

2015 207

UPS places 50 advanced hydraulic hybrids in its fleet in time for holiday rush

Green Car Congress

The hybrid systems are converting Freightliner MT-55s with gasoline engines into cleaner and more fuel efficient delivery trucks and will reduce harmful emissions in Chicago as soon as they are deployed. Fleets Hybrids Hydraulic HybridUnited Parcel Service, Inc., the world’s largest package delivery company and a provider of supply chain management solutions, placed 50 Lightning Hybrids hydraulic hybrid delivery trucks in the Chicago metro area.

2016 209

Ford confirms five fleets in London for Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid Van pilot program

Green Car Congress

Ford announced five fleets that will participate in the Ford Transit Custom plug-in hybrid van pilot program in London, starting this fall. The pilot program is designed to explore how lower-emission plug-in hybrid electric vans could support cleaner air targets, while boosting productivity for operators in urban conditions. The five confirmed fleets: Transport for London. Fleets Hybrids Plug-ins

2017 163

TIP Trailer Services to offer Dearman zero emissions transport refrigeration system alongside regular fleet

Green Car Congress

Dearman and TIP Netherlands (NL) have entered into a partnership to deploy alongside their regular fleet of refrigerated trailers Dearman’s liquid nitrogen-powered transport refrigeration units ( earlier post ) trailers leased by TIP to leading fleet operators.

2019 160

CMU study finds SOA levels in cities like LA will remain high despite cleaner cars; nonlinear relationship between SOA and NOx

Green Car Congress

The test fleet comprised 59 on-road gasoline vehicles, spanning a wide range of model years and emission control technologies/standards. SOA is a major component of those particles, and bringing these areas into compliance—so that all Americans breathe cleaner, safer air—will likely require addressing SOA pollution.

2017 173

Ryder to fuel natural gas fleets in California with 100% biomethane from Clean Energy Fuels

Green Car Congress

The fuel at the two stations will be available in both compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to individual and public fleet vehicles. Ryder has been the pioneer in transitioning their fleets to cleaner fuels and today operates both CNG and LNG vehicles supported by 34 Clean Energy locations. Biomethane FleetsRyder System, Inc. and Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

2015 197

UPS-led SEUL consortium switches on smart-grid fleet charging solution in London; maxing out on EVs without expensive grid upgrades

Green Car Congress

A UPS-led consortium has deployed new smart-grid charging technology in London that overcomes the challenge of simultaneously recharging an entire fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) without the need for the expensive upgrade to the power supply grid. Recharging a fleet of electric vehicles can be extremely expensive as it often requires upgrades to the external power grid, an option not attractive to most businesses or operators.

2018 200

Volkswagen and Hamburg extend strategic mobility partnership; includes 1,000 EV car-sharing fleet

Green Car Congress

In concrete terms, this means that under the second phase of the partnership, WeShare is to be launched in Hamburg from spring 2020, following on from its successful premier in Berlin; the service will consist of an all-electric fleet of e-Golf and e-up!, Moreover, MOIA will be adding to its service and increasing its fleet from the current 200 vehicles to 500. The fleet will comprise more than 1,000 e-Golf and e-up!

2019 176

City of Santa Monica converting bus fleet to renewable natural gas

Green Car Congress

The City of Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus (BBB) has become one of the country’s first municipal transit authorities to convert its fleet to renewable natural gas (RNG), rated 90% cleaner than diesel. Earlier this year, BBB modified its original agreement with Clean Energy Fuels Corp to transition the supply of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for its fleet to Clean Energy’s Redeem renewable LNG, which is non-fracked methane harvested from organic waste in landfills.

2015 201

Carlsbad, CA using NEXBTL renewable diesel for city fleet

Green Car Congress

The City of Carlsbad is now fueling its city fleet with Propel Diesel HPR (High Performance Renewable). The move immediately improves local air quality and reduces the city’s fleet greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% at no additional fuel cost or modifications to their fleet. The City of Carlsbad is among the first city fleets in California to adopt low-carbon fuel renewable diesel.

2016 150

Range Resources fleet now largely fueled by CNG

Green Car Congress

Range Resources Corporation announced that its vehicle fleet is now being largely fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG). Range now has approximately 184 CNG vehicles in its corporate fleet, with 100 serving its growing southwestern Pennsylvania operations. In addition to the environmental benefits of driving vehicles with cleaner burning engines, the company estimates that the payback for the investment is approximately two years.

2013 193

Propane Autogas fueling nearly 600 Nestlé Waters’ delivery trucks; about 30% of NA fleet

Green Car Congress

The company now operates nearly 600 of these alternatively fueled trucks, which make up about 30% of its total North American fleet. —Bill Ardis, national fleet manager for the ReadyRefresh business unit of Nestlé Waters. This engine is 75% cleaner than the current Environmental Protection Agency standard and 99% cleaner than diesel vehicles built before 2007.

2017 150

FedEx Express fleet exceeds 2020 fuel improvement goal of 20%; sets new goal of 30% improvement compared to 2005

Green Car Congress

FedEx Express alternative fuel fleet deployment as of August 2012. FedEx Express has exceeded its original goal of a 20% improvement in global vehicle fleet fuel economy by 2020, as compared to 2005, with a more than 22% cumulative improvement in fuel economy for its vehicles. The unit of FedEx Corp has accordingly set a a new target of 30% improvement in fuel efficiency for its global vehicle fleet by 2020. Fleets Fuel Efficiency

2005 206

Obama climate plan calls for new fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles post-2018; cleaner fuels and investment in advanced fossil energy

Green Car Congress

In coming months, the plan notes, the Department of Transportation will work with other agencies to further explore strategies for integrating alternative fuel vessels into the US flag fleet. In terms of investment in innovation for cleaner energy, the plan calls for: Investment in advanced fossil energy projects.

2013 209

Gulf Oil adds LNG-powered trucks to its transportation fleet

Green Car Congress

Gulf’s move into the LNG marketplace is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to diversify its energy offerings and provide the marketplace with a fuel alternative that is cheaper, cleaner, and domestic. We intend to convert more of our fleet and to supply and distribute LNG to our customers. For our own fleet, we locked in a five year discount against diesel costs to guarantee a significant return on investment.

2012 194

ARB adopts changes to California’s Truck and Bus Regulation; additional time for small fleets

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board adopted amendments to its Truck and Bus Regulation that will provide new flexible compliance options to owners of aging diesel fleets and recognize fleet owners that have made investments to comply, while also protecting air quality. Of the remaining 400,000 registered in California, about half are in small fleets of three or less. For small fleets (three or fewer vehicles), 1 Jan.

2014 206

Con Edison, Lion and Posi-Plus developing all-electric bucket truck

Green Car Congress

While initially small in scope, this represents an important step in Con Edison’s journey toward fleet electrification. We are all in on electric vehicles, and that means transitioning our own fleet while making it easier for our customers to charge up their own vehicles.

Propane Council of Texas offers business fleets incentives for new or converted propane autogas vehicles

Green Car Congress

The Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT)—a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of cleaner-burning, domestically produced propane—is offering incentives to private Texas vehicle fleets that are new to propane autogas. The Propane Council of Texas defines a private fleet as a business fleet with three or more vehicles registered in Texas. The program cap is $15,000 per fleet.

2013 197

Santa Monica signs 5-year deal with Clean Energy for renewable LNG for bus fleet; deploying CWI Near-Zero NOx engine

Green Car Congress

The City of Santa Monica, California has awarded Clean Energy a multi-year liquefied natural gas (LNG) contract to fuel its Big Blue Bus (BBB) fleet of vehicles. The 5-year deal, worth an estimated $3 million per year, will enable BBB to continue using Clean Energy’s Redeem brand of renewable natural gas (RNG), rated up to 90% cleaner than diesel. NO x engine will power BBB’s entire fleet. Biomethane Emissions Engines Fleets Heavy-duty

2016 150

How to Electrify Your EV Fleet the Smart Way

EV Connect

Nothing makes a bigger splash than a brand-new electric fleet. Setting up an EV fleet charging network may be easier when you are a massive multinational or federally funded organization, but the switch to electric can be overwhelming regardless of fleet size.

11% of Boston Public Schools bus fleet to run on propane

Green Car Congress

Boston Public Schools will operate 11% of its bus fleet with Blue Bird propane autogas buses, starting with the 2015-2016 school year. The school district is purchasing 86 Blue Bird Propane Vision school buses, and hopes to convert more of their diesel fleet to propane buses in the future. The district’s autogas fleet will emit 66,000 fewer pounds of nitrogen oxide and 2,700 fewer pounds of particulate matter each year, when compared to the diesel buses they are replacing.

2015 176

US Postal Service contractor chooses propane for parcel deliveries; F-750s with ROUSH tech

Green Car Congress

V10 engine and ROUSH CleanTech propane fuel system, which is 90% cleaner than the Environmental Protection Agency’s most stringent heavy-duty emission standard. Propane fleets report savings of 30 to 50% on filters and fluids due to the clean operation of the fuel.

2020 247

U-M study: When, where, how electric delivery vehicles are charged has big impact on GHGs

Green Car Congress

Now, a study from University of Michigan researchers shows that when, where and how those fleet vehicles are charged can greatly impact their potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, charging from a cleaner energy source—such as an electrical grid with lots of renewables—is one of the most impactful ways to lower the emissions of an electric vehicle. Climate Change Controls and controllers Electric (Battery) Emissions Fleets

V-6 Engines Aren’t Just Cleaner, They’re Fast Too, Say Police

Green Car Reports

Fitted with a powerful V-8 engine, they formed the backbone of many police fleets. For years, Police forces across the U.S. drove specially built Ford Interceptors based on the humble Ford Crown Victoria. In the past year however, Ford’s Interceptor has undergone a change, replacing the aged Crown Vic for a Ford Taurus-based platform, and

2012 104

CCFA counters Paris mayor’s proposed total diesel ban with suggestion to focus on legacy fleet

Green Car Congress

The Comité des Constructeurs Français d’Automobiles (CCFA) (the French automobile manufacturers association) characterized the recent declaration by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, that she wished to eliminate diesel vehicles in the city by 2020 as lacking realism, and suggested that the best solution to improve urban air quality requires taking action on the more heavily polluting legacy fleet.

2014 207

California, 6 automakers finalize bilateral Clean Car Framework agreements

Green Car Congress

Under the framework agreements, gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks will get cleaner through 2026 at about the same rate as the former Obama-era program. The auto companies party to the voluntary agreements will stay on course to make cleaner cars consistent with their individual production plans substantially to electrify their respective fleets and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

2020 168

EPA to award up to $4M for projects to reduce diesel emissions from port fleets

Green Car Congress

EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) is soliciting proposals ( EPA-OAR-OTAQ-14-02 ) that achieve significant reductions in diesel emissions in terms of tons of pollution produced by diesel engines and diesel emissions exposure, from fleets operating at marine and inland water ports.

2014 216

Renewable-methanol fueled Geely cars in fleet testing in Iceland; 70% reduction in WTW CO2 compared to gasoline

Green Car Congress

For the last 18 months, a fleet of 6 methanol-fueled versions of the Geely Emgrand 7 cars have been in Iceland. The methanol fleet test is a collaboration between Geely, CRI and Brimborg, a local dealership and automotive service provider. In the recently concluded first phase of the fleet test, the cars were driven roughly 150,000 kilometers (93,000 miles). The version used in the fleet test has a 50-liter methanol tank as well as a 10-liter gasoline tank.

2017 163

New Study Shows Fleet Purchases of More Efficient, Lower-Carbon Vehicles Can Spur Major Decreases in Emissions and Fuel Consumption

Green Car Congress

The “greening” of corporate vehicle fleets presents an opportunity to move a substantial number of highly efficient, clean fuel vehicles onto the road in a relatively short timeframe with results that are both environmentally and economically positive, according to a new report by the Sustainable Transportation and Communities group at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), an Ann Arbor-based nonprofit research organization. Tags: Fleets Fuel Efficiency Hybrids

2009 183

Harvard buys four Proterra electric buses

Green Car Congress

The new buses will replace four, similarly sized biodiesel-powered vehicles, representing more than 30% of Harvard’s fleet. Each year, the fleet transports approximately 600,000 students across Harvard’s campus and the transition to electric is expected to lower greenhouse gas emissions by more than 220,000 pounds annually. As a participant in MassEVolves, Harvard supports opportunities to secure cleaner air and a stronger economy across the state.

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