New Honda Jazz to be sold across Europe with standard hybrid powertrain

Green Car Congress

The all-new Honda Jazz features efficient and responsive performance delivered by e:HEV hybrid technology as standard. The car will be available across Europe in summer 2020, with prices starting in Germany from €22,000 for the Jazz and €26,250 for the Crosstar variant. Europe Hybrids

2020 330

European project working to establish basis for standardization of methanol fuels in Europe

Green Car Congress

A current research project is working to establish the technical basis for standardization of methanol fuels in Europe. The partners in the “Methanol Standard” project aim to pave way for the certification and market launch of methanol fuels. Engines Europe Fuels Methanol

2020 232

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Hybrids represented 52% of all Toyota Motor Europe sales in 2019; 63% in West Europe

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Europe reported 2019 sales of 1,089,422 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, an increase of +5.2% The new RAV4 plug-in hybrid will be the flagship of Toyota’s hybrid lineup in Europe. It is also equipped as standard with the Toyota’s AWD-i intelligent electric all-wheel drive system.

2020 227

European consortium forms to standardize fuel cell modules for heavy-duty applications: StaSHH

Green Car Congress

A European consortium consisting of 25 organizations in the hydrogen sector has formed to define, develop and test the first European standard for fuel-cell modules for heavy-duty applications. The consortium—“ StaSHH ” (Standard-Sized Heavy-duty Hydrogen)—comprises 11 fuel cell module suppliers, 9 original equipment manufacturers and 5 research, test, engineering and/or knowledge institutes. Europe Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Market Background

Start of sales for the VW Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE PHEVs in Europe

Green Car Congress

A 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox DSG is responsible for gearshifts as standard. Europe Plug-insVolkswagen is electrifying the eighth generation of the Golf with two new plug-in hybrid versions: the Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE. Sales of both models are starting now.

2020 274

New Nissan Qashqai in Europe to offer 12V MHEV and upgraded e-POWER powertrains

Green Car Congress

Supporting Nissan’s goal of achieving 50% electrified sales in Europe by 2024, the new Nissan Qashqai will not only be available with a 1.3 —Marco Fioravanti, Vice President, Product Planning, Nissan Automotive Europe. POWER drive system to Europe.

Europe 222

Porsche opens Europe’s most powerful rapid-charging park in Leipzig; 7MW, all renewable energy

Green Car Congress

Porsche Leipzig currently has Europe’s most powerful rapid-charging park, which is operated entirely with electricity from renewable energy sources. After that, payment will be made using the mobility providers’ standard charging cards, according to their respective conditions.

2020 281

FLITE consortium building Europe’s first Alcohol-to-Jet plant; Lanzatech technology

Green Car Congress

This pre-commercial AtJ production plant will pave the way to implementing SAF production across Europe and around the globe, producing commercially relevant quantities of SAF to support future aviation’s climate targets, SkyNRG said. The SAF will be certified through the standards of RSB. ATJ Aviation Ethanol Europe Fuels Manufacturing

Europe 204

CATL expands partnerships with VDL and Quantron in Europe for commercial vehicle electrification

Green Car Congress

and Quantron AG to optimize local product solutions and services for commercial vehicle electrification in Europe. VDL Bus & Coach has been the market leader in the electric bus sector in Europe with a share of 22%. Batteries Bus China EuropeContemporary Amperex Technology Co.

2020 222

Vietnam’s VinFast launches 3 electric crossovers with autonomous capabilities; two headed for N.A. and Europe

Green Car Congress

VinFast VF31, a C-segment SUV, features a 150 kW permanent magnet motor with maximum torque of 320 N·m (premium version) or an 85 kW motor with maximum torque of 190 N·m (standard version). The standard version uses one 150 kW electric motor with 320 N·m.

Audi models in Europe now Euro 6d compliant; twin-dosing for diesel, GPFs for gasoline

Green Car Congress

As of the beginning of 2021, Audi has converted its European vehicle range to the level of the Euro 6d emission standard. All models included in the currently valid sales program comply with the strict limits of the Euro 6d-ISC-FCM standard. Currently, 193 models are certified according to the new level of the emission standard, the vast majority of the previous range. The Euro 6 emission standard has been in effect since the beginning of 2015 for new vehicles.

Europe 170

Ongoing market rollout for SAE hydrogen fueling standards

Green Car Congress

At the Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition (FCS&EE) today in Los Angeles (co-sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE), Toyota and Honda, among others), SAE is providing a short course on “SAE H 2 Fueling Standardization”; the course is presented by Jesse Schneider from BMW and Steve Mathison from Honda, both of whom have been deeply involved in the development of the SAE hydrogen fueling standards. The SAE J2601 standard lookup table is used to determine a 21.8

2014 295

ICCT makes recommendations for post-Euro 6 light duty vehicle emissions standards

Green Car Congress

The European Commission has begun work aimed at post-Euro 6 emission standards for on-road vehicles. The paper highlights issues and limitations of the current standards; compares them to current and future regulations in other parts of the world; and makes policy recommendations for light-duty post-Euro 6 standards. The ICCT commends the commitment of the European Commission to continue to address on-road emissions through a new phase of pollutant emission standards.

2019 210

American and European Standards organizations agree to strengthen transatlantic cooperation on standards for electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

Cooperation on eMobility standardization was the focus of discussion during a Transatlantic Roundtable organized by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which took place in Brussels on 28-29 November. developed by the ANSI Electric Vehicles Standards Panel ( EVSP ).

Jeep Renegade 4xe, Compass 4xe PHEV order books open in Europe

Green Car Congress

Jeep is taking orders in Europe for the Renegade 4xe and Compass 4xe plug-in hybrids ( earlier post )—the first electrified Jeep models in the EMEA Region. Europe Hybrids Plug-ins

2020 222

European automakers request 6-month postponement of new Euro standards due to COVID-19

Green Car Congress

Mike Manley, the CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and the current European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) president, has sent a letter to Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission, requesting a 6-month postponement of the application dates of key upcoming EU standards, including: Euro 6d TEMP for heavy vans and ambulances (currently 1 September 2020); Euro 6d ISC?FCM

2020 179

T&E study finds cruise ships emitting 10x more SOx in Europe port cities than all Europe’s 260M cars

Green Car Congress

An in-house study by environmental NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) has found that the luxury cruise brands owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC emitted in 2017 in European seas alone 10 times more SO x than all of Europe’s 260+ million passenger vehicles. Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Norway are the most exposed countries to cruise ship air pollution in Europe. Cruise ships also emit NO x equivalent to 15% of Europe’s car fleet every year.

2019 281

Audi involved in EEBUS standard for intelligent connection of EVs and buildings

Green Car Congress

The Audi e-tron’s charging system is the first on-board EV system to use the new communication standard. At the “Plugfest E-Mobility” at the Audi plant in Brussels, developers are testing cross-industry compatibility before the EEBUS standard for energy communication is introduced in February. The ultimate aim of EEBUS is to develop a standard that is universally applicable. The specifications of the communication standard will be rolled out at the beginning of February 2019.

2019 192

Ford introducing 48V mild-hybrid Fiesta and Focus in Europe

Green Car Congress

At a Ford “Go Further” experience in Amsterdam on 2 April, Ford will unveil Fiesta and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid models for Europe. The Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid will feature a mild-hybrid architecture with a belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG) replacing the standard alternator, enabling recovery and storage of energy usually lost during braking and coasting to charge a 48-volt lithium-ion air-cooled battery pack. 48V Europe Hybrids

2019 184

Volvo Trucks to offer complete range of HD electric trucks in Europe in 2021; sales of VNR Electric start in N America in December

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks will offer a complete heavy-duty range with electric drivelines starting in Europe in 2021. Volvo Trucks is now running tests of the electric heavy-duty Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX trucks, which will be used for regional transport and urban construction operations in Europe. This means that from 2021 onwards Volvo Trucks will sell a complete range of battery-electric trucks in Europe for distribution, refuse, regional transport and urban construction operations.

2020 225

Provisional agreement reached on European CO2 standards for heavy-duty trucks; 30% lower by 2030

Green Car Congress

The European Parliament and the Council have reached provisional agreement on a regulation setting, for the first time in the EU, strict CO 2 emission standards for trucks. The deal follows an agreement reached in December on new CO 2 emission standards for cars and light vans in the EU for the period after 2020. Earlier, ACEA had asserted that reaching such ambitious CO 2 standards will only be possible with a rapid and massive market uptake of zero- and low-emission trucks.

2019 233

MECA: industry could exceed relaxed US efficiency standards as it has to meet tighter standards elsewhere

Green Car Congress

year-over-year increase in fuel efficiency and reduction in GHG emissions standards, which will result in projected overall industry averages of 40.4 We believe the industry could exceed the relaxed US efficiency standards as it must meet tighter standards in Europe, China, Japan, Korea and India.

2020 161

Daimler Truck and Shell target accelerated rollout of hydrogen-based trucking in Europe; refueling infrastructure and rollout of fuel-cell vehicles

Green Car Congress

are partnering to drive the adoption of hydrogen-based fuel-cell trucks in Europe. Both Daimler Truck and Shell are founding members of the recently launched H2Accelerate consortium and consider the group a key vehicle to support the rollout of hydrogen-powered transport in Europe.

Study finds CO2 emissions trading more effective path to automotive CO2 reduction in Europe than tailpipe standards

Green Car Congress

Switching from the automotive standards to the trading scheme could save as much as €63 billion, says the study’s lead author Sergey Paltsev, deputy director at MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change and senior research scientist at the MIT Energy Initiative. They found that vehicle emission standards reduce CO 2 emissions from transportation by about 50 MtCO 2 and lower the oil expenditures by about €6 billion, but at a net added cost of €12 billion in 2020.

2016 191

Kia brings e-Soul to Europe, upgrades Niro hybrid and PHEV

Green Car Congress

Kia used the Geneva International Motor Show as the platform to introduce the battery-electric e-Soul to Europe, as well as to reveal new upgrades to the Niro Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid. Electrification is a key element of Kia’s European and global growth strategy, with one in eight Kia cars sold in Europe today featuring an electrified powertrain. —Emilio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer for Kia Motors Europe. Electric (Battery) Europe

2019 218

In Europe Polestar 2 Gets A Standard 64 kWh Battery Option


The North American versions will all have the same 78 kWh battery

Honda expanding partnership with SNAM on second-life batteries and battery recycling in Europe

Green Car Congress

Honda Motor Europe is expanding its battery recycling partnership with SNAM (Société Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux) to advance the sustainable usability of its end-of-life traction batteries. Honda and SNAM have worked together since 2013 to ensure the traceability of end-of-life batteries and dispose of them in accordance with European Union environmental standards. —Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President at Honda Motor Europe. Batteries Europe Recycling

2020 170

CEN and ETSI deliver first set of standards for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) in Europe

Green Car Congress

Standards organizations CEN and ETSI recently confirmed , at the 6 th ETSI workshop on ITS in Berlin, that the basic set of standards for Cooperative Intelligence Transport Systems (C-ITS), as requested by the European Commission in 2009, have now been adopted and issued. Having suitable standards for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems is vital for enabling European manufacturers to produce the next generation of connected cars.

2014 185

Ice core data show why air pollution is dropping more slowly in US and Western Europe despite lower sulfur emissions

Green Car Congress

The air in the United States and Western Europe is much cleaner than even a decade ago.

In Europe, Ford introduces Mondeo hybrid wagon, 2.0L EcoBlue diesel for Mondeo

Green Car Congress

At the same time we are introducing an all-new diesel powertrain with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology to meet and exceed the latest Euro 6d Temp emissions standards, with an all-new 8-speed automatic transmission available. —Roelant de Waard, vice president, Marketing, Sales & Service, Ford of Europe. Ford has sold more than 250,000 Mondeos in Europe since the fourth generation model began reaching customers in 2015. Europe Hybrids

2019 231

ISO 19880 – New technical ISO document for hydrogen fueling station standardization

Green Car Congress

The ISO WG (Working Group) 24 committee members represent hydrogen suppliers, hydrogen organizations, local and national governments as well as automakers (OEMs) from North America, Europe and Asia. ISO Technical Report (TR) 19880-1 is a first step towards standardizing hydrogen filling stations, and providing more up-to-date guidance than that developed as the earlier ISO TS 20100, published in 2008. Hydrogen Infrastructure Standards

2015 259

Volvo models across Europe to warn each other of slippery roads and hazards

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars is making its industry-first connected safety technology available across Europe as another step in its ambitions to improve traffic safety. Next week the features become available to Volvo drivers across Europe. They come as standard on all new model year 2020 Volvos and can be retrofitted on selected earlier models. Connected vehicles Europe Safety

2019 203

Audi introducing V2I Traffic Light Information service in Europe

Green Car Congress

Audi is introducing the vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) service “Traffic Light Information” in Europe. Explaining the lagged introduction of the service in Europe, Hainzlmaier said that the challenges for the serial introduction of the service there are much greater than in the USA, where urban traffic light systems were planned over a large area and uniformly.

2019 239

Volkswagen Group brands to use WLANp for V2X communication as standard equipment on new models from 2019

Green Car Congress

From 2019 onwards, the Volkswagen Group brands will use the WLANp standard (IEEE 802.11p) for communications among vehicles and between vehicles and their environment (V2X). The introduction of this technology as standard equipment on volume models ranging from compact cars to commercial vehicles will significantly improve safety on the roads of Europe, the company said. Connected vehicles Standards V2X

2018 183

BMW, Ford, Mercedes, VW Group to build electric-car fast-charging network in Europe

Green Car Reports

Europe Daimler charging infrastructure DC Rapid Charging Tesla Supercharger Combined Charging Standard (CCS With a slew of 200-mile electric cars planned for 2018 and later, the question of how their drivers will be able to make long-distance trips is coming to the fore in a big way. Silicon Valley electric-car maker Tesla Motors laid out the template with its Supercharger network, which now numbers 327 sites in the U.S. and more than 400 sites outside.

2016 127

BMW Dadong plant closing in on standard production of iX3 EV

Green Car Congress

This is the first time we have completed the entire homologation process for a fully electric model in China and Europe at the same time. The BMW Group will release the new BMW iX3 EV ( earlier post )onto the market by the end of 2020.

2020 240

Analysis: EVs will triple their market share in Europe during 2020

Green Car Reports

Pushed by stricter European Union emissions standards, electric cars are set to triple their market share in Europe this year, according to a new report from advocacy group Transport & Environment (T&E).

2020 133

New international interest group to promote harmonized electromobility data standards

Green Car Congress

Hubject GmbH , a joint venture formed by BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler, EnBW, RWE and Siemens earlier this year, and eighteen other companies have formed the “eMobility ICT Interoperability Interest Group”—an international interest group to promote harmonized electromobility data standards. The cooperation between as many service providers as possible provides the foundation needed to ensure a standardized data exchange between all players and to reduce barriers for the users.

2012 210

Honda’s Idle Stop now standard on Jazz 1.2 i-VTEC SE in Europe

Green Car Congress

i-VTEC in Europe. Idle Stop technology is already a standard feature in all Honda’s hybrid models—CR-Z, Jazz Hybrid and Insight—as well as across the new Civic range. Honda has introduced its fuel-saving Idle Stop (start-stop) technology to the Jazz 1.2 The Jazz 1.2 SE with Idle Stop delivers a combined fuel economy of 54.3 mpg UK (45.2 mpg US, 5.2 L/100km) and CO 2 emissions of 120 g/km, representing an improvement of 3 g/km.

2012 191

Eaton and Tenneco partner to produce new, integrated exhaust thermal management system to meet coming lower NOx standards

Green Car Congress

Across the globe, emission standards are tightening for vehicle manufacturers. In Europe, the next stage of emissions standards, known as Euro 7 (for light-duty vehicles) and Euro VII (for heavy-duty), are targeted for introduction in 2025.

Eaton 170

ABB to charge the largest single network of 101 electric buses in Europe using open industry standard OppCharge

Green Car Congress

of electric buses and bus charging systems in Europe. ABB has received an order for a further 12 bus charging systems from Volvo Buses to power the largest single network. The order will include installation sites in Charleroi, Belgium, providing 15 ABB charging stations in total by 2018, to power 101 Volvo electric hybrid buses in the Wallonia public transport system, operated by TEC Group.

2017 150

BMW Group enters long-term €2B supply contract with Northvolt for battery cells from Europe

Green Car Congress

The battery cells will be produced in Europe at the Northvolt gigafactory currently under construction in Skellefteå in northern Sweden (series plant Northvolt Ett) from 2024. The BMW Group will also source cells manufactured in Europe from the Chinese manufacturer CATL from the plant currently under construction in Erfurt, Germany. The BMW Group and Northvolt are pursuing their goal of a sustainable value chain for battery cells in Europe through a joint technology consortium.

2020 205

Honda bringing CR-V hybrid to Europe; reveal at the Geneva Motor Show

Green Car Congress

The company showed a CR-V hHybrid prototype for Europe at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017. The availability of the hybrid CR-V in Europe is accompanied by the disappearance of a diesel version of the new model in that market: the powertrain options for the new CR-V currently are the hybrid, and a 1.5-liter VTEC TURBO gasoline engine. Europe HybridsHonda will reveal the European production version of the all-new CR-V at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

2018 183