EEA reports sharp decrease in CO2 emissions of new cars in Europe in 2020

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The European Environment Agency (EEA) has published its provisional data about the CO 2 emissions of newly registered passenger cars and vans in Europe in 2020. For cars, the data show a 12% decrease in average cO 2 emissions, compared with 2019.

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T&E: Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands lead deployments of zero-emission buses in Europe

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Denmark leads the way when it comes to putting zero-emission urban buses on the streets in Europe, with 78% of new vehicles being electric, according to the latest data from green NGO Transport & Environment. Bus Electric (Battery) Emissions Fuel Cells Hydrogen


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EEA final data shows average car CO2 emissions in Europe kept increasing in 2019

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Average emissions from new passenger cars in Europe increased for the third consecutive year in 2019, reaching 122.3?grams Most new SUVs registered were gasoline vehicles, with average emissions of 134 g CO 2 /km, which is around 13 g CO 2 /km higher than other new gasoline cars.

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In Europe, industry and environmentalists call for binding targets for infrastructure for zero-emission trucks

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The common industry/NGO request comes ahead of the expected review of Europe’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID) this year. In their letter, ACEA and T&E urge the Commission to make AFID fit for zero-emission trucks and buses, with binding targets for infrastructure in all EU member states to ensure seamless cross-border operations. The transition to zero-emission trucks is happening and it is time for the European Commission to wake up.

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Toyota Europe establishes Fuel Cell Business Group

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To maximize the opportunities for hydrogen in Europe, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has established a Fuel Cell Business Group to oversee its hydrogen activities across the region. Europe Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

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Volkswagen introduces ID.5 electric SUV coupé in Europe

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In Europe, Volkswagen has launched a new ID. GTX will launch in Europe in early 2022. By 2030, at least 70% of Volkswagen’s unit sales in Europe are expected to come from electric-only vehicles—that is equivalent to more than one million vehicles.

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HEI study in Europe finds evidence of health effects at lower levels of air pollution

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In the report, the investigators describe the development of new exposure models for all of Europe for four pollutants: fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ), black carbon (BC), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ), and ozone (O 3 ), as well as PM 2.5 Emissions Europe Health Market Background

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JRC report assesses R&I in low-emission alternative energy for transport (ALT) in Europe; €2.3B spent from 2007-2020

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The European Commission’s Joint Research Center recently published a report analyzing research and innovation (R&I) in low-emission alternative energy for transport in Europe. This specifically involves tank-to-wheel energy and emissions (i.e.

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EEA: average CO2 emissions from new cars and new vans in Europe increased again in 2019

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2 -emissions-from-new-cars-vans-2019">According to provisional data published by the European Environment Agency (EEA), average CO 2 emissions from new passenger cars registered in the European Union (EU), Iceland, Norway and the United Kingdom (UK), increased in 2019, for the third consecutive year. The average CO 2 emissions from new vans also increased slightly. On average, the CO 2 emissions of diesel cars (127.0 Average emissions were lowest in Cyprus (131.9

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EEA: average CO2 emissions from new cars and new vans in Europe increased in 2018

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According to provisional data published by the European Environment Agency (EEA), the average CO 2 emissions from new passenger cars registered in the European Union (EU) in 2018 increased for the second consecutive year, reaching 120.4 For the first time, the average CO 2 emissions from new vans also increased. Manufacturers will have to reduce emissions of their fleet significantly to meet the upcoming 2020 and 2021 targets. Average emissions were highest in Germany (173.4

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Equinor, RWE join Europe’s biggest green hydrogen project: NortH2-project

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Equinor and RWE have joined the NortH2 project, which aims to produce green hydrogen using renewable electricity from offshore wind off the coast of Netherlands of about 4 gigawatts by 2030, and 10+ gigawatts by 2040, kickstarting the hydrogen economy in Northwest Europe.

2020 281

Toyota Motor Europe invests in EODev to expand hydrogen solutions

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Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has become a direct shareholder in EODev ( Energy Observer Developments ). EODev—along with its partners—is positioning itself as a leading European designer, assembler and distributor zero-emission energy systems on an industrial scale.

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3.8% drop in EU’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019; transport emissions rise

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Total greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union (EU) decreased by 3.8% The large decline in emissions, achieved before the COVID-19 crisis, was mainly due to reduced coal use for power generation. This decrease brought EU emissions to 24.0%

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Toyota commits to 100% zero-emission sales in Europe by 2035, because it essentially has to


During a recent media event in Brussels, Toyota Europe outlined a plan for a 100% CO2 reduction in all-new vehicle sales in the market by 2035. This “goal” will be preceded by a sales mix of at least 50% zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in Western Europe by 2030.

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Ice core data show why air pollution is dropping more slowly in US and Western Europe despite lower sulfur emissions

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The air in the United States and Western Europe is much cleaner than even a decade ago. Despite these successes, sulfate levels in the atmosphere have declined more slowly than sulfur dioxide emissions, especially in wintertime. Emissions Market Background

Anadolu Isuzu and Proterra partner on next-generation Citi VOLT battery-electric buses in Europe

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Under the collaboration, Anadolu Isuzu will incorporate Proterra’s battery technology into its new 12-meter and 18-meter zero-emission Citi VOLT electric bus models.

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Constellium planning aluminum recycling investment in Europe

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Aluminum maker Constellium SE is in the advanced planning stages of an investment to increase its recycling capacity in Europe. This project will be focused on using recycled material to provide slabs for Constellium’s automotive and packaging businesses in Europe. In automotive and transportation, aluminum helps advance greener mobility by improving fuel economy, reducing CO2 emissions, increasing electric vehicle range, and improving safety.

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Hyundai ships 10 XCIENT Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck to Europe for commercial use

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Hyundai Motor is developing a long-distance tractor unit capable of traveling 1,000 kilometers on a single charge equipped with an enhanced fuel cell system with high durability and power, aimed at global markets including North America and Europe. Europe Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen

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JATO: new car average CO2 emissions highest in Europe since 2014; slow EV uptake insufficient to counter fewer diesels and more SUVs

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In addition to the European car market recording tepid growth in 2019, CO 2 emissions have continued to increase, despite new regulation designed to curtail this, according to JATO Dynamics. The average emissions of electrified vehicles, was 63.2

2020 209

T&E: Rising use of private jets sends CO2 emissions soaring

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CO 2 emissions from private jets in Europe increased by nearly a third (31%) between 2005 and 2019, rising faster than commercial aviation emissions, according to a new report from environmental campaign group Transport & Environment (T&E).

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ACEA study finds 100-fold increase in zero-emission trucks needed in EU fleet in 10 years to meet goals

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Just some 2,300—or 0.04% of the total fleet—are zero-emission trucks. European truck makers estimate that around 200,000 zero-emission trucks will have to be in operation by 2030 in order to meet the CO 2 targets for heavy-duty trucks.

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Shell to build one of Europe’s biggest biofuels facilities for SAF and renewable diesel; 820,000 tonnes/year

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Once built, the facility will be among the largest in Europe to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel made from waste. A facility of this size could produce enough renewable diesel to avoid 2,800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions a year—the equivalent of taking more than 1 million European cars off the roads (based on the annual driving distance of a UK/EU driver, assuming a medium-sized diesel car).

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Hybrids represented 52% of all Toyota Motor Europe sales in 2019; 63% in West Europe

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Toyota Motor Europe reported 2019 sales of 1,089,422 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, an increase of +5.2% The new RAV4 plug-in hybrid will be the flagship of Toyota’s hybrid lineup in Europe. Europe Hybrids Sales Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 227

Steelmaker ArcelorMittal Europe targets 30% cut in carbon emissions by 30% by 2030

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ArcelorMittal Europe announced a roadmap to reduce CO 2 emissions by 30% by 2030. The target for ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products is in line with an ambition announced in May to be carbon neutral in Europe by 2050. Emissions Fuels Manufacturing Materials

2019 195

New industry collaboration for hydrogen trucking at mass-market scale in Europe: H2Accelerate

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Daimler Truck AG, IVECO, OMV, Shell and the Volvo Group have committed to work together to help create the conditions for the mass-market roll-out of hydrogen trucks in Europe. Hold discussions with policy makers and regulators to encourage policies which can support a sustainable and speedy activation of the zero emissions long haul trucking market. Europe-Wide Coverage. Europe-wide coverage of major corridors. Europe Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Market Background

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£71M ZEBRA funding to support introduction of 335 zero-emission buses

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The UK Government earlier this month announced that it will support five local transport authorities with funding worth nearly £71 million (US$95 million) under the Zero Emission Bus Regional Area (ZEBRA) scheme. The investment will support the introduction of up to 335 zero-emission buses. The support is to help local transport authorities outside London to introduce zero emission buses. million) is to be made available to support the introduction of to zero emission buses.

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MIT study finds real-world NOx from diesels cars in Europe greatly exceeds laboratory levels; transboundary emissions cause 70% of health impacts

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A new study by MIT researchers, published this month in Atmospheric Environment , finds that in Europe, 10 major auto manufacturers produced diesel cars, sold between 2000 and 2015, that generate up to 16 times more NO x emissions on the road than in regulatory tests—a level that exceeds European limits but does not violate any EU laws. The researchers estimate that these excess emissions will cause approximately 2,700 premature deaths per year across Europe.

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New battery-electric vehicles take 5.7% share in Europe in Q1; hybrids 18.4%, gasoline 42.2% , diesel 23.2%

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to reach 146,185 cars, with demand still benefiting from government stimuli for zero-emission vehicles. Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids Market Background Plug-ins SalesIn the first quarter of 2021, hybrid electric vehicles made up 18.4%

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ArcelorMittal Europe to produce “green steel” starting in 2020

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The strategy is centred around two main technology routes, as introduced in the first ArcelorMittal Europe climate action report published earlier this year: The use of hydrogen in DRI-EAF (Direct Reduced Iron - Electric Arc Furnace) and, also, the blast furnace.

2020 316

Volkswagen Group continues switch to low-emission logistics with order for four more LNG ships

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Volkswagen is the first automaker to transport most of its new vehicles overseas using low-emission LNG ships. On the return trip, the LNG ships will transport new vehicles destined for Europe. Only unavoidable emissions are offset by climate protection measures.

INEOS to invest more than €2B in electrolysis projects in Europe for green hydrogen production

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INEOS will invest more than €2 billion into electrolysis projects to make zero-carbon, green hydrogen across Europe. INEOS, through its subsidiary INOVYN, is already Europe’s largest existing operator of electrolysis, the technology necessary to produce green hydrogen for power generation, transportation, and industrial use. The Koln project will result in a reduction of carbon emissions of more than 120,000 tonnes per year.

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EEA: no improvements on average CO2 emissions from new cars registered in 2017 in Europe

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According to the provisional data, the average CO 2 emissions of a new car sold in the EU rose by 0.4 Since 2010, when monitoring started under current EU legislation, official emissions have decreased by 22 g CO 2 /km (16 %). According to the EEA: For 17 EU Member States the average CO 2 emissions were higher than in 2016. The mass of a vehicle is one of the key factors affecting emissions. Emissions Europe Fuel Efficiency Market Background

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INOVYN, VT Group to build Europe’s first hydrogen-powered barge for bulk liquid chemical transport

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INOVYN is partnering with Netherlands-based VT Group (Verenigde Tankrederij) to build Europe’s first bulk liquid chemical barge powered by hydrogen. This will reduce annual CO 2 emissions by an estimated 1,000 tonnes.

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Audi Hungaria starts operation of Europe’s biggest solar roof installation

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Hungaria, officially started operation of Europe’s biggest photovoltaic roof installation. In 2019 alone, Audi Hungaria saved more than 18,000 megawatt-hours of energy and avoided CO 2 emissions amounting to almost 5,750 tonnes by means of numerous efficiency measures.

2020 349

Dachser launching emission-free delivery in Freiburg city center; 26% reduction in total transport emissions

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Dachser is now making all its deliveries to the heart of the southwest Germany city Freiburg emission-free, using a combination of Fuso eCanters, StreetScooters, and cargo bikes. Taking transportation as a whole, this new service reduces CO 2 emissions per shipment by 26%.

2020 209

Start of sales for the VW Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE PHEVs in Europe

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When the battery is charged, the Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE start electrically and therefore with zero local emissions. The Golf eHybrid covers up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) fully electrically, while the Golf GTE offers a locally zero emissions range of up to 62 kilometers (38.5

2020 309

FLITE consortium building Europe’s first Alcohol-to-Jet plant; Lanzatech technology

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The project received €20 million in grant funding from the EU H2020 program and is a major milestone on the path to a net-zero emission for the aviation industry. Sustainable aviation fuel is needed to reduce emissions from the aviation sector in the coming decades. In addition, it will produce SAF which will result in a significant carbon emission reduction relative to fossil kerosene and will also reduce emissions of particulates matter and sulfur.

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Pre-sales begin for Volkswagen Tiguan PHEV SUV in Europe

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earlier post )—is now available to configure and order in Europe; the starting price in Germany is €42,413.11 (US$51,500). Volkswagen’s plug-in hybrid version of its Tiguan SUV—the Tiguan eHybrid.

2020 339

Shell starts up Europe’s largest PEM green hydrogen electrolyzer; 10MW, expansion to 100 MW

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Europe’s largest PEM hydrogen electrolyzer, has begun operations at Shell’s Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland, producing green hydrogen. Shell has a target to become a net-zero-emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society.

Shell and Uniper join forces to drive development of hydrogen economy in Europe

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and Uniper Hydrogen GmbH have signed a memorandum of understanding (“MoU”) to explore accelerating the development of a hydrogen economy in Europe. Taking a full value chain approach, Shell and Uniper will work backwards from customer demand to identify key opportunities to develop the foundation of a new hydrogen economy in Europe. Europe Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Market BackgroundShell Gas & Power Developments B.V.

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BYD secures Europe’s largest single order for electric buses to date: 259 eBuses for Keolis

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BYD has secured the largest single order to date for full battery-electric buses in Europe in a deal with Keolis Nederland BV, the Dutch subsidiary of global public transport provider, Keolis. —BYD Europe Managing Director, Isbrand Ho. Bus Electric (Battery) Europe Heavy-duty

2019 303

New Honda Jazz to be sold across Europe with standard hybrid powertrain

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The car will be available across Europe in summer 2020, with prices starting in Germany from €22,000 for the Jazz and €26,250 for the Crosstar variant. For the first time, the Jazz will be sold exclusively across Europe with an advanced hybrid powertrain. Europe Hybrids

2020 330

Toyota Motor Europe to supply fuel cell modules for train project as member of FCH2RAIL consortium

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Toyota Motor Europe (TME) Fuel Cell Business will supply and integrate fuel cell modules into a zero-emission train prototype as part of the FCH2RAIL project in Europe. Almost half of the railway lines in the European Union are electrified and enable local emission-free rail transport. Today, many railway lines are being equipped with overhead lines in Europe, a very expensive and long-term project that depends on the local geographical conditions.

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