Vattenfall, BMW and Bosch test second-life EV battery electricity storage in Hamburg for grid stabilization

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Vattenfall, BMW and Bosch are testing the use of second-life EV batteries in a 2 MW, 2,800 kWh energy storage system in Hamburg, Germany, to keep the electricity grid stable. The electricity storage facility comprises 2,600 battery modules from more than 100 electric vehicles.

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Nissan tests LEAF for electric storage

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The Nissan LEAF is much more than an electric car: with the Japanese carmaker testing a system that will turn the vehicle into an electric storage system. Latest News Green cars Electric cars Nissan

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ALTe Powertrain and Inmatech form JV for hybrid electric storage devices; Li-ion cells, supercaps, and control electronics

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ALTe Powertrain Technologies, the developer of a Range Extended Electric Powertrain used to repower light commercial vehicles up to 26,000 GVW ( earlier post ), has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to form a joint venture with Inmatech, Inc. , a spin-off from the University of Michigan and developer of advanced asymmetric supercapacitors, to produce and sell hybrid electric storage (HES) devices comprising Li-ion batteries, supercapacitors and control electronics.

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Nissan develops vehicle-to-home power system for LEAF

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Soon the electricity stored in the lithium-ion batteries of a Nissan LEAF could make its way into the home. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Nissan electricity storage Nissan energy storage Nissan LEAF vehicle to home electricityThat’s because Nissan has introduced a vehicle-to-home power system that can be installed in ordinary homes.

Researchers work on process to store renewable electricity

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Austria and Germany have combined their intellect to develop a process to store renewable electricity. They believe it is possible to store the renewable electricity as synthetic natural [.]. The process has been developed by the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemberg in co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology.

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ICL model predicts lithium-ion batteries most competitive for storage applications by 2030

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levelized cost)—as opposed to the investment cost—of 9 electricity storage technologies for 12 different applications between 2015 and 2050. Researchers at Imperial College London (ICL) developed a model to determine the lifetime costs (i.e.,

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Volvo Buses in project researching use of second-life electric bus batteries to store solar energy

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Volvo Buses is participating in a research project in which used electric bus batteries are used as solar energy storage units. Batteries from electric bus route 55 in Gothenburg, Sweden are being used for solar energy storage in a second-life application.

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Cummins acquiring Efficient Drivetrains; accelerating electrification capabilities

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EDI), which designs and produces hybrid and fully-electric power solutions for commercial markets. EDI’s hybrid-electric drivetrain systems, the EDI PowerDrive series, have traveled more than six million miles in fleet settings in the United States and China. Cummins Inc.

2018 113

GM researchers demonstrate hierarchical electrode architectures for high energy lithium-chalcogen rechargeable batteries

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lithium-sulfur (Li-S) and lithium selenium (Li-Se) systems— are promising candidates for high energy electrical storage solution. 7 mg S/cm 2 ) was also suggested for specific practical applications, such as electrical vehicle applications.

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Electrovaya Partners on Approx. $7.5M Utility Energy Storage Demonstration

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is the energy storage partner for a utility demonstration project led by CEATI International Inc., The large-scale, multi-site, multi-partner initiative will demonstrate the capabilities, versatility and economics of utility-scale electricity storage based on Electrovaya’s modular Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery technology. Investigation into repurposing electric vehicle batteries for Smart Grid application. Canada-based Li-ion maker Electrovaya Inc.

PowerCell Sweden receives first marine order for two S3 prototype stacks; on-board H2 production via solar electricity

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The ship will be supplied with a system that encompasses on-board production of hydrogen gas from solar electricity, storage of hydrogen gas and two fuel cells each one 30 kW, which amounts to 80 hp in total. PowerCell Sweden AB has received the first marine order for two PowerCell S3 prototype stacks, which Swiss Hydrogen will install on a ship powered by photovoltaics. PowerCells’ partner Swiss Hydrogen is developing energy systems for a range of fuel cell applications.

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Total to acquire battery-maker Saft in US$1.1-billion deal

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The combination of Saft and Total will enable Saft to become the Group’s spearhead in electricity storage. The acquisition of Saft is part of Total’s ambition to accelerate its development in the fields of renewable energy and electricity, initiated in 2011 with the acquisition of SunPower. It will notably allow us to complement our portfolio with electricity storage solutions, a key component of the future growth of renewable energy.

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Dodge Circuit EV First Drive: electric car makes grand promises on Earth Day

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It will be a long, long time before the thrill of driving an all-electric vehicle wears off. The car is noisy, with the hum of the electric motor omnipresent when youre not at a standstill. fully electric car. It takes 3x more electricity going the H2 route!

Japan V2G demonstrator project using EVs as virtual power plant resource; METI funding

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Seven companies—Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. Electric (Battery) Japan Plug-ins V2XTEPCO); TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc.; TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.; Hitachi Systems Power Service, Ltd.; Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC); SHIZUOKA GAS Co., and Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.—have

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Nissan and 4R Energy develop new EV charging system combining solar and Li-ion batteries

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and 4R Energy Corporation, a joint venture established by Nissan and Sumitomo Corporation in September 2010 to explore second-life applications for automotive battery packs ( earlier post ), have developed a charging system for electric vehicles that combines a solar power generation system with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. 95 kWh storage battery (AESC); Grid management unit with rated power output of 200 kW. Nissan Motor Co.,

Toyota Motor to sell electricity management system using recycled NiMH vehicle batteries to Toyota dealers in Japan

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Starting this April, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will sell an electricity management system that uses recycled nickel-metal hydride batteries from hybrid vehicles to Toyota vehicle dealers throughout Japan. The energy management system will make it possible to control the consumption, storage, and discharge of electricity, as well as increase usage efficiency.

sonnen accelerates US market efforts with solar-plus-storage technology package

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sonnen, the European market leader for smart energy storage systems, announced a partnership with SolarWorld, the largest crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer in the US and PetersenDean, the nation’s largest residential roofing company with more than a million roofs under its belt.

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DLR team integrates solar heat into solid oxide electrolyzer for highly efficient hydrogen production

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kW electrical power. 2 a steam conversion rate of 70% at 93% electrical electrolyzer efficiency was achieved. In conventional high temperature steam electrolysis the total energy demand for water splitting is supplied as electricity.

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Eos Energy Storage introduces grid-scale battery system at $160/kWh

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Eos Energy Storage announced the commercial availability of its MW-scale Aurora system for deliveries starting in 2016. With a 30-year life, Eos is can provide peak electricity at a levelized cost of $0.12-0.17

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BMW i home energy storage system integrates 2nd-life i3 vehicle batteries

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BMW i announced a home stationary energy storage system solution integrating its BMW i3 vehicle battery at EVS 29 in Montréal. The battery storage system electrified by BMW i can be equipped with new or second-life batteries. BMW i 360° Electric. Batteries Electric (Battery

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Empa, UNIGE team develop prototype solid-state sodium battery; focus on improving the solid-solid interface

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Researchers at Empa and the University of Geneva (UNIGE) have developed a prototype of a novel solid-state sodium battery with the potential to store extra energy and with improved safety.

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Graphene 3D Lab showing prototype 3D printed battery; potential for structural batteries

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Graphene 3D Labs combines graphene nanoplatelets with thermoplastics used in FFF (fused filament fabrication) 3D printing, ultimately resulting in a functionalized 3D printing filament offering electrical conductivity. Graphene 3D Lab Inc.,

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Toshiba begins demo operation of power-to-gas system; solar-to-H2

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H2One combines photovoltaic installations, storage batteries, hydrogen-producing water electrolysis equipment, hydrogen and water tanks, and fuel cells. Hydrogen tank storage capacity. Electricity storage capacity. 95% (55% for electricity and 40% for hot water).

2015 98

CEC awards Eos Energy Storage $2.1M to demo AC-integrated zinc hybrid-cathode battery technology for grid storage

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million to Eos Energy Storage, LLC to demonstrate an AC-integrated system incorporating the company’s zinc hybrid-cathode battery technology (“Zynth”) to enhance renewable energy generation and provide grid-scale, multi-hour energy storage. Znyth battery technology uses a safe aqueous electrolyte and a novel zinc-hybrid cathode to enable extremely low-cost electricity storage and long life. The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded $2.1

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Continuous test operation begins for large-format Li-ion energy storage system at power plant

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Evonik Industries, STEAG, and other project partners put a lithium electricity storage system (LESSY) into operation at STEAG’s Fenne power plant in Völklingen, Saarland, Germany. The large-format energy storage system was developed under a research initiative sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The system is designed to accommodate 4,700 lithium-ion battery cells with a storage capacity of around 700 kWh and an output of around 1 megawatt.

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U of Illinois team models capabilities of hybrid-electric propulsion systems for general aviation aircraft

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Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have utilized a series of simulations to model the performance of twin-engine hybrid-electric general-aviation propulsion systems. The researchers compared the sensitivity of range and fuel economy to the level of electrification, battery specific energy density, and electric motor power density. The same sensitivities were studied with a series hybrid-electric drivetrain.

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California Hydrogen Business Council says a robust P2G RD&D program should be a priority for the state

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The paper, —“Power-To-Gas: The Case For Hydrogen”—outlines the feasibility and economics of renewable energy storage solutions using P2G. P2G converts electrical energy to chemical energy in the form of hydrogen.

2015 99

Alberta publishes report assessing non-combustion uses for bitumen, opens $2M call for projects

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Vanadium flow batteries for electricity storage. These products offset the potential reduction in the demand growth of bitumen from factors such as increased global oil supplies, environmental concerns about fossil fuels, energy conservation, and electric vehicles. Alberta Innovates, in partnership with industry, government and other organizations, recently released the results of a study that investigates the best opportunities for “Bitumen Beyond Combustion” (BBC).

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Slow start for charge of the electric cars - Times Online

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Home Business Industry Sectors Engineering MY PROFILE SHOP JOBS PROPERTY CLASSIFIEDS From The Sunday Times April 19, 2009 Slow start for charge of the electric cars Ray Hutton Electric cars need a boost. Grants of between £2,000 and £5,000 will be available toordinary motorists to encourage them to buy electric or otherultra-low-carbon cars. Electric cars remain dependent on the development of better,affordable batteries.

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Caterpillar Marine Power Systems introduces Marine Hybrid System

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The XeroPoint Hybrid system consists of a diesel engine and an electric motor that independently or simultaneously drive a propulsion shaft. With only the diesel engine providing power, the electric motor acts as a shaft-driven generator providing power to meet the vessels hotel loads. Auxiliary generators and optional electrical storage provide power for propulsion through the electric motor during electric or diesel-electric modes of operation.

Toshiba H2One hydrogen-based autonomous energy supply system now providing power to a Kyushu Resort Hotel; hydrogen storage alloy

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One commercially available MmNi 5 alloy from Sigma-Aldrich offers hydrogen storage capacity of 1.5-1.6 25 °C—not at all sufficient for on-board vehicle storage, but not a problem for a stationary system.

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New $30M ARPA-E program to develop new solar conversion and storage technologies; targeting higher solar penetration in mix

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Schematic comparing the cost and dispatchability of PV to CSP with thermal storage. The “PV+Storage” box includes the high cost of electrical storage for PV. The FOCUS Program target zone for electricity generation is indicated. Charge and discharge time of storage.

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Lux Research: the $40,000, 200-mile-range EV is the biggest coming growth opportunity for energy storage in transportation

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Analysis by Lux Research suggests that the market space represented by the emerging lower-cost, 200-mile-range EV will be the biggest coming growth opportunity in electric storage for transportation. Batteries Electric (Battery) Forecasts

2015 121

ARPA-E issues $100M OPEN funding opportunity announcement to support early-stage energy R&D

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Areas of research responsive to this FOA include (but are not limited to) electricity generation by both conventional and renewable means; electricity transmission, storage, and distribution; energy efficiency for buildings, manufacturing and commerce, and personal use; and all aspects of transportation, including the production and distribution of both renewable and non- renewable fuels, electrification, and energy efficiency in transportation.

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STEAG investing €100M in a total of 90 MW of grid energy storage systems with LG Chem Li-ion batteries

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German utility STEAG is investing around €100 million in grid energy storage systems (ESS) totalling 90 MW, equipped with Li-ion cells from LG Chem. The storage systems are to be used to provide primary control power—a service for stabilization of the networks—for which the Transmission System Operators invite bids on a weekly basis. Storage facilities and the creation of flexibility are essential elements in the implementation of the energy transition in Germany.

2015 77

UniEnergy signs commercialization agreement for PNNL-developed vanadium redox flow battery

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First developed in the 1970s, redox flow batteries are one type of storage technology that has shown the ability to meet the challenge of integrating energy from variable and intermittent sources such as wind and solar power onto the electricity grid while maintaining grid stability. With funding from the Energy Department’s Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability, researchers at PNNL have made significant progress in improving the performance of redox flow technology.

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GE and SCE unveil first battery-gas turbine hybrid system

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GE and Southern California Edison (SCE) unveiled the first battery-gas turbine hybrid system in Norwalk, California: the LM6000 Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine (Hybrid EGT). Further, California has committed to derive 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

2017 78

Volvo Buses officially launches the all-new plug-in Electric Hybrid bus

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Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid with overhead conductive charging station and pantograph extended. As previously announced ( earlier post ), Volvo Buses will officially launch the new plug-in 7900 Electric Hybrid bus at the International IAA Commercial Vehicles show in September.

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4 companies jointly propose $8B green energy initiative for LA area; Wyoming wind, Utah storage, transmission

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Four companies—Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy, Magnum Energy, Dresser-Rand and Duke-American Transmission—have proposed a first-in-the-US, $8-billion green energy initiative that would bring large amounts of clean electricity to the Los Angeles area by 2023.

ITM Power launching enhanced Power-to-Gas range; two new reference plants in Germany

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Recognizing the market pull for ever larger electrolyzer systems for Power-to-Gas energy storage, ITM Power has brought to fruition two key technical initiatives in order to better meet the requirements of widespread uptake. The drastically reduced footprint helps alleviate siting challenges, where space is highly valued, for both energy storage and hydrogen refueling applications. The major Power-to-Gas energy storage adoption markets today are Germany and the US.

2015 75

Researchers in China investigate use of coal as source of lithium

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Worldwide annual consumption of lithium grew from 15,100 tonnes in 2003 to 37,000 tonnes by 2012, a 145% increase; demand is expected to rise even further with the move towards sustainable power and electrical storage capacity increases. Shenjun Qin of Hebei University of Engineering, in Handan, China, and colleagues point out that coal is a highly polluting energy source that is still widely used for electricity generation and other applications.

2015 70

New cathodes for low-temperature solid-oxide fuel cells

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In June 2014, ARPA-E launched its Reliable Electricity Based on ELectrochemical Systems (REBELS) program, with a focus on low-cost Intermediate-Temperature Fuel Cells (ITFCs) emphasizing three technical approaches: the production of efficient, reliable ITFCs; the integration of ITFCs and electricity storage at the device level; and the use of ITFCs to convert methane or other gaseous hydrocarbons into liquid fuels using excess energy.

2015 90

Electric vehicle batteries to be used in homes?

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The lifespan of electric vehicle batteries may be expanded beyond the vehicles themselves and into our homes. The California Centre for Sustainable Energy is leading a research study into using electric vehicle batteries as household electric storage devices after receiving a grant for $992,000 from the University of California.

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