Sun.Dec 19, 2021

NIO unveils new mid-size ET5 electric sedan; up to 1,000km with 150 kWh pack

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? At NIO Day 2021 in Suzhou, China, NIO unveiled ET5, its new mid-size smart electric sedan. Inheriting NIO’s high-performance DNA, the 360 kW ET5 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3

Gas prices are fueling interest in EVs, nudging closer to tipping point, study finds

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Electric cars may be nearing a tipping point for mass adoption in the United States, according to a new Ipsos study. Interest in EVs has tripled since 2018, with over a third of U.S. consumers now willing to consider an EV, according to the study.

2018 161

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MIT researchers develop optimized sulfidation separation process for rare earth and other key metals

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New processing methods developed by MIT researchers could help ease looming shortages of the essential metals that power everything from phones to automotive batteries by making it easier to separate these rare metals from mining ores and recycled materials.

MIT 322

Tesla Giga Texas grand opening party schedule for early 2022


Tesla Giga Texas production seems set to start early next year, making 2022 another exciting year for the company. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed that there will be a grand opening party for the Model Y and Cybertruck production facility early next year. .

Texas 114

Malaysia Airlines flies first flight in Malaysia using sustainable aviation fuel

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Malaysia Airlines, the national carrier of Malaysia, operated its inaugural flight using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in partnership with PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) and Neste.

Tesla Model 3 records IONITY charger’s death by a different kind of ICE-ing


A Tesla Model 3’s built-in cameras managed to catch a rather unusual sight. While charging at an IONITY charger, the Model 3 owner witnessed what appeared to be two drunk individuals essentially killing one of the rapid charging system’s stalls.

Bremer Straßenbahnen accepts five Mercedes-Benz eCitaro buses, orders 15 more, plus 24 Citaro G

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Mercedes-Benz delivered five eCitaro buses to Bremer Straßenbahn AG (BSAG); immediately afterward the transport company ordered another 15 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro as well as 24 Citaro G hybrid buses. BSAG received 65 Mercedes-Benz Citaro (solo and articulated buses as well as Citaro G hybrid buses) this year and the last. Now five fully electric-powered eCitaro buses are following. Using solid-state batteries, the buses have a battery capacity of 441 kWh.

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NIO ET5 Is A Tesla Model 3 Rival With 620 Miles Of Range


Keep in mind this range is calculated on the more optimistic CLTC test cycle

Miles 112

Test of Planet-Cooling Scheme Could Start in 2022

Cars That Think

The stratosphere is a dry and frigid place, where the air is thin and clouds are scarce. Up there, 10 to 50 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, ozone molecules absorb the sun’s ultraviolet light, protecting life far below. This second layer of the atmosphere is serene and mostly void of life.

Ozone 109

The Ford Mustang Mach-E Is KBB's 'EV Best Buy Of 2022'


Kelly Blue Book picked the Mach-E as its EV Best Buy for the coming year, labeling it the "Sports Car Of SUVs

SUV 109

Smart Electric Sedan ET5, Making an Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Converting Federal Fleet to Electric Vehicles

EV Obssesion

EVs NIO Day 2021 Held in Suzhou, Smart Electric Sedan ET5 Unveiled Research Selective separation could help alleviate critical metals shortage Electric Mass Transit New order for 15 eCitaro and 24 Citaro G hybrid buses Charging Charging in America – The Making of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station EV Tipping Points Are We Finally at […].

Le Mans Virtual Series: Rebellion GPX And BMW Team Redline Win Sebring


The 500 Miles of Sebring, part of the Le Mans Virtual Series, has been won by Rebellion GPX Esports in LMP thanks to Agustin Canapino, Nikodem Wisniewski and Kuba Brzezinski. The GTE category was taken once again by BMW Team Redline thanks to Rudy van Buren, Kevin Siggy, and Enzo Bonito

Miles 108

Ford F-150 Lightning Battery Specs Revealed


The Ford F-150 Lightning will be available with two battery sizes and four trim levels. Here's more. Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Vehicles electric pickup trucks electric trucks Ford ford f-150 Ford F-150 Lightning Ford F-150 Lightning price Ford F-150 Lightning trims

Nikola Delivers First Nikola Tre Battery-Electric Trucks


They will be used at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

When Future Generations Ask What We Did To Stop The Climate Crisis, Will Counterproductive Bickering Be Included In The Answer?


Senator Bernie Sanders asked an important question last week, and I answered it. Elon Musk agreed with me on this by sharing his response on Twitter. The question was simple. “When future generations ask us what we did to stop the climate crisis, how will we answer?”

Volvo, Daimler And Traton Agree On JV Charging Network For Trucks


They will install in Europe at least 1,700 charging points within 5 years

One Man Behind The White House Effort To Convert Federal Fleet To Electric Vehicles


National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) fuel and vehicle regulations expert Ted Sears has been tasked with supporting the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) in efforts to convert the federal fleet to zero-emission vehicles.

Holiday Season: Tesla Offers Free Off?Peak Supercharging


Tesla users will be able to enjoy free Supercharging along select travel routes during off-peak hours in 11 states

Tesla 87

SpinLaunch Successfully Throws A 10 Meter Dart Toward Space


It's not like we are doing any mining for exotic materials on the moon or Mars, so I suspect that this interesting intellectual capital might sit on a shelf for a few decades. Aviation Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Green Economy Investment aerospace blue origin MARS moon Space SpaceX SpinLaunch

Is The Kia EV6 Charging Port Location Flawed?


It appears to be within the dirtiest area of the car

Kia 87

Hertz Begins Installing EV Chargers For Its First Tesla Model 3 Rentals


Hertz has started installing EV chargers for some of its first Tesla Model 3 rentals, Drive Tesla Canada reports. Hertz is preparing for the rise in customers choosing an EV over an ICE vehicle and is installing EV chargers at some of their rental lots.

SEA To Convert 10,000 US School Buses To Electricity


SEA Electric has signed a contract to convert 10,000 school buses to battery power over the next 5 years. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Mass Transit / Public Transit electric buses electric conversions electric school bus conversion electric school buses Midwest Transit Equipment SEA Electric

Tesla Owner Saved By Glass Roof When Car Crushed With 2000 Pound Tree


Sam Fursey shared his story on YouTube this week about how the glass roof of his Tesla Model 3 saved his life. In a typical scenario, when a tree weighing 2,000 pounds crushes your car, you will most likely be severely injured or even killed.