Diesel and gasoline prices drop in early 2020, but diesel drops substantially less

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Although both diesel and gasoline are made from oil, the trends in their prices do not always go in parallel. While personal driving (which uses primarily gasoline) is down greatly because of various stay-at-home mandates, commercial truck transport (which uses primarily diesel) has been substantially less affected. 2 diesel and regular gasoline) came from the U.S. of 1.052), while the gasoline prices decreased by 46.7% (0.688 is 53.3%

2020 65

Sweden launches inquiry on how to ban sales of new gasoline and diesel cars and phase-out fossil fuels

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The Government of Sweden has launched a study to offer proposals on how to implement a ban on sales of new gasoline and diesel cars, and the timeline for the phase-out of fossil fuels. Diesel Emissions Engines Fuels Market Background RegulationsThe final report is to be presented by 1 February 2021. Sven Hunhammar will chair the inquiry. Hunhammar holds a Master’s degree in engineering and a doctorate in natural resource management.

2019 99

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Mercedes-Benz Vans introduces 2.0L diesel Cargo Sprinter for US

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Mercedes-Benz Vans is introducing a new 2.0-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine for the Sprinter Cargo Van. The new 2.0-liter 4-cylinder diesel Cargo Van will be arriving in dealerships late 2020. Diesel Emissions Market Background

2020 88

Mercedes-Benz bringing series of 3rd-generation plug-in hybrids to market; EQ Power, gasoline or diesel; C-, E- and S-Class

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kWh battery in the hybrid vehicles is paired with either a gasoline engine or, for the first time, a diesel engine. It is combined with the OM 654 four-cylinder diesel engine for the first time in the C-Class. Diesel Engines Hybrids Plug-ins

2018 130

SEAT launches all-new Leon; gasoline, diesel, CNG, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid; €1.1B investment

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billion in fourth generation of the Leon to bring it to market with more efficient engines, next levels of connectivity and driving assistance, dynamism and eye-catching aesthetics to the market. Gasoline. Diesel. Diesel Engines Hybrids Natural Gas Plug-ins

2020 88

4Q 2019: EU diesel demand continues to drop while gasoline gains; plug-ins up 80.5% y-o-y

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In the last quarter of 2019, EU demand for diesel cars further decreased , dropping to 29.5% Gasoline cars accounted for 57.3% of the EU market, while electrically?chargeable powered vehicles (APV) combined held a market share of 13.2%.

2020 93

Diesel market share in Europe drops below 50%; offset by increased gasoline engine sales; implications for climate targets

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Diesel’s market share in the EU-15 fell from 50.2% In absolute numbers, 152,323 fewer diesel cars were sold. This drop was offset by an increase in the sale of gasoline engined vehicles. Gasoline vehicles now account for 48.5% Diesel Europe Hybrids

2017 78

JATO: European new car CO2 emissions highest average since 2014; shift from diesel to gasoline and SUVs rise

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The analysis covered 23 markets in Europe and found a direct correlation between diesel car registrations and average CO2 emissions. The introduction of WLTP in September 2018 has been a challenge for the market, as a large number of available vehicles had not been homologated yet.

2019 105

European car market logs best year for alternative fueled vehicles, lowest diesel share since 2001

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The European car market remained stable during 2018, as 15.6 It was the best result since 2007, when the market peaked with 16.02 Globally, Europe was the world’s third-largest car market behind China and the US. market share. Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Sales

2001 96

ExxonMobil: diesel will surpass gasoline as the number one global transportation fuel by 2020

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Diesel will surpass gasoline as the number one transportation fuel worldwide by 2020 and continue to increase its share through 2040, according to ExxonMobil’s recently published Outlook For Energy: A View To 2040.

2013 158

T&E concludes that diesel cars emit more CO2 on a full lifecycle basis than gasoline cars

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A new analysis by the NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) concludes that diesel cars emit more CO 2 than equivalent cars on a full lifecycle basis—i.e., According to the T&E analysis, an average diesel car produces emits 3.65 Diesel Emissions Engines Lifecycle analysis

2017 101

Big Oil will lose grip on global vehicle market in less than 25 years: study

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Diesel Gasoline oil Study peak oilThe latest study on the future of transportation paints an increasingly dim picture for the oil industry, though it suggests that the industry is in no danger of collapse. Instead, Big Oil will lose its dominance in the transportation sector over a 25-year period as electric cars and mobility solutions (ride- and car-sharing services) become more.

2017 73

UMTRI study finds US diesel vehicles generally have lower total cost of ownership than gasoline vehicles

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TCO for selected gas and diesel vehicles over a 3 year timeframe. The study — Total Cost of Ownership: A Gas Versus Diesel Comparison —was conducted for Robert Bosch LLC; the results were released at the 2013 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Washington DC.

2013 115

Euro car market has best H1 of century; diesels down 17%; AFVs up 31% for 5.4% of total; SUVs booming

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The European car market recorded its best H1 performance of the century, with 8.6 Despite uncertainty in the UK, where the market was down 6.3% on H1 2017, the growth recorded in Germany, France and Spain allowed the overall market to keep growing. of the German market.

2018 107

IEA: global oil demand to decline in 2020 as coronavirus weighs on markets

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Global oil demand is expected to decline in 2020 as the impact of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads around the world, constricting travel and broader economic activity, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) latest oil market forecast. Market Background Oil

2020 104

Diesel new vehicle market share in Europe in February dropped to 39.5%; SUVs still driving growth

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The market share of diesel vehicles fell to 39.5% in February, as gasoline car registrations increased by 16%. compared to the same month last year, meaning SUVs accounted for 33% of the total market in February. MPVs saw market share decline by 2.1

2018 90

JATO: new car CO2 emissions rise for the first time in a decade in Europe; diesel down, gasoline up, SUVs up

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Covering 23 European markets, the study found that average CO 2 emissions increased by 0.3 g/km in 2017—far higher than the average CO 2 emissions of diesel and gasoline vehicles across all segments. g/km, compared to gasoline cars, which had an average of 123.4

2018 110

New Mo-doped Ni catalyst for SOFCs enhances use of fuels such as gasoline

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Researchers led by a team at Washington State University (WSU) have developed a unique and inexpensive nanoparticle catalyst that allows a solid-oxide fuel cell to convert logistic liquid fuels such as gasoline to electricity without stalling out during the electrochemical process.

2020 109

UMTRI study finds total cost of ownership of diesels in US often much less than gasoline counterparts

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Though there are some exceptions to these positive results for some of the diesel versions of vehicles from a total-cost-of-ownership perspective, the overall direction of the results supports the idea that diesel vehicles are competitive within the U.S. market.

2015 119

Electrification, sure, but gasoline engines will endure: supplier

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Increasingly stiff limits on carbon emission and minimum fuel economy in most of the world's car markets mean that more plug-in electric cars must be sold. Green 48-Volt mild hybrid Future Cars diesel particulate filter (DPF) gasoline engines parts suppliers start-stop systemWith battery costs steadily falling and the pricetag rising for the new technologies that make cars more efficient, some now envision a world in which all new vehicles have dispensed with.

2016 64

Aramco, KAUST team finds hybrid gasoline compression-ignition architecture can reduce GHG 26-55% vs. conventional SI

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They contrasted 4 hybrids against conventional fuels/engines and a comparable battery electric vehicle using regionally-explicit power mixes in the 3 biggest automotive markets worldwide (China, US and Europe). Four reference vehicles were equipped with: gasoline spark-ignition (SI) engine.

2020 101

Hyundai Motor America to release 8 new crossovers by 2020; gasoline, diesel, hydrogen and electricity

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Hyundai said it will showcase its latest gasoline engine, diesel engine, hydrogen fuel cell ( earlier post ) and battery electric technologies in these vehicles. Hyundai currently offers gasoline, diesel, hydrogen and battery-electric vehicles—but not a diesel—in the US.

2017 78

JATO: global vehicle sales fall by 39% in March; electrified vehicles up to 17.4% new registration market share in Europe

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With the pandemic spreading across the globe, strict lockdowns in key markets, combined with consumer panic and economic uncertainty, have all contributed to the huge decrease in sales last month. Registrations fell in all 27 markets, but with varying severity. Markets were significantly hit in Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Slovenia, Greece and Portugal, where the combined volume fell from 634,600 units in March 2019 to 161,800 units last month.

2020 88

German automotive companies launch “clean-diesel” marketing campaign in US

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Six German automotive companies—passenger car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen, and the supplier Bosch— launched their first joint campaign for diesels in the US. Under the slogan “Clean Diesel. they will argue for the advantages of modern diesel passenger car technology over gasoline engines in terms of cleanliness, consumption and performance. Diesel Engines Market Background Sales

2012 78

Vertimass receives up to $2M from DOE for conversion of ethanol into gasoline, diesel and jet blendstocks; expanding the ethanol market

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Fractional collection of the fuel product allows for the different fractions to be used as blendstock for gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel. The ability to shift product distributions in response to changing market demands. Ethanol conversion to hydrocarbons as a function of temp.

2014 109

UK market sees first decline in alternatively fueled vehicle sales in 27 months in June

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as ongoing confusion over low emission zones and diesel, the removal of key ultra low emission vehicle incentives and an overall decline in buyer confidence affected the market. of the market. The month saw growth for gasoline and battery-electric registrations, up 3.0%

2019 103

Mercedes-Benz investing ~€3B in new engine technology; new diesel family, particulate filters for gasoline engines

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billion) in engine technology to ensure further improvements in fuel consumption and emissions in gasoline and diesel engines in current as well as current vehicles, according to Prof. We decided five years ago to invest massively in the further development of diesel technology.

2016 85

Second-generation Audi A7 Sportback features standard 48V MHEV system with gasoline or diesel engines

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At market introduction the coupé will be available with either a 3.0 TFSI (gasoline) or a 3.0 TDI (diesel) engine. The three-liter gasoline unit produces a subtle and sonorous sound that never becomes intrusive even under load.

2018 98

BMW unveils Gen7 5 Series; more efficient gasoline and diesel units; plug-in hybrid 530e in 2017

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BMW has unveiled the seventh generation of the BMW 5 Series Sedan, which will go on-sale in markets around the world in February 2017. The new 5 Series features TwinPower Turbo gasoline and diesel engines from the modular BMW EfficientDynamics family of power units.

2016 108

Volkswagen Millerized 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion gasoline engine offers diesel-like fuel economy; derivatives may be applied in hybrid systems

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Volkswagen has developed and deployed a gasoline engine that offers diesel-like fuel economy but is significantly cheaper to buy. Compared with other gasoline engines, the intake valves of the 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion in global markets.

2018 113

Aral car buying trends study: German new car buyers looking to gasoline, hybrid vehicles

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Interest in gasoline engined and hybrid vehicles has jumped in Germany while interest in diesel is falling, according to the latest biennial study on automotive buying trends in that country by leading German fuel retailer Aral.

2017 78

EIA: Renewable diesel increasingly used to meet California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard; 10.1% of total diesel supplied in 2Q18

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Renewable diesel net supply to California’s fuel market has increased since the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program went into effect in 2011, reaching 100 million gallons during the second quarter of 2018, or 10.1% Bio-hydrocarbons Diesel Fuels LCFS

2018 122

Bosch info chart provides guidance on selection of gasoline or diesel

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Bosch has produced a compact chart outlining the information drivers need to choose between gasoline or diesel powertrains. A diesel-powered car consumes up to 25% less fuel, but gasoline-powered cars are often cheaper in terms of purchase price, insurance, and running costs.

2014 103

New Audi A3 sedan offers 48V MHEV, diesel powertrains

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The compact four-door model offers three powertrains at launch: two TFSI versions (one with a 48V mild-hybrid system) and one TDI diesel. Presales of the new A3 Sedan will begin at the end of April 2020 in Germany and many other European markets. 48V Diesel Europe Hybrids

2020 88

Corning hits 1-million-unit milestone with gasoline particulate filter production

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Corning Incorporated’s Environmental Technologies business reached a significant production milestone at its Kaiserslautern, Germany manufacturing facility with the production of its 1 millionth Corning DuraTrap GC gasoline particulate filter (GPF) for automotive emissions control.

2018 88

EPS advancing diesel engine for general aviation applications; 30-50% lower fuel consumption than gasoline

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Engineered Propulsion Systems ( EPS ) has developed and is advancing a 4.3-liter, 8-cylinder diesel engine for general aviation (GA) applications. hp to prevent destructive detonation and pre-ignition; turboprop engines, (single dotted black curve); and diesel engines (colored curves).

2015 78

China team optimizes catalytic hydrogenation process to convert coal tar to gasoline and diesel

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Researchers in China report the production of gasoline and diesel from coal tar via an optimized catalytic hydrogenation using two serial fixed beds, the first with a hydrofining catalyst of MoNi/?-Al of the world’s total, according to a 2011 market research report; 9.94

Coal 109

JATO: new diesel car volume in Europe in October dropped 9.9%; 41.4% market share lowest in 10 years

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Growth was driven by increased demand for gasoline, electric and hybrid vehic—and the ongoing strong performance of SUVs. Gasoline vehicle sales rose to 619,300 units, accounting for 51.5% of the market—an increase in market share of 5.1 In contrast, demand for diesel vehicles declined, with 498,500 units registered, a decline in volume of 9.9%. of the total market, the lowest market share for October in the last ten years. of the market.

2017 64

PSA Group outlines powertrain production strategy: gasoline PHEVs, EVs and next-gen diesel and gasoline engines

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As part of the energy transition process and in line with the technological offensive spelled out in its Push to Pass strategic plan ( earlier post ), PSA Group will focus on diversifying its offerings with plug-in hybrid gasoline systems and next-generation electric powertrains. At the same time, the Group will continue to develop next-generation internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel.

2016 60

EIA: fuel economy standards drive down projected gasoline use; diesel use, product exports rise

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In the US Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook 2014 (AEO2014) Reference case, more-stringent vehicle fuel economy standards contribute to a decline in motor gasoline consumption through 2040.

2014 104

Who Might Buy Diesels? Gasoline Drivers, Not Hybrid Owners

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With a raft of new diesel vehicles entering the market this year and next, the question arises: Who exactly will buy them? Based on the results of a survey to be released later this morning, Volkswagen of America suggests that some drivers of gasoline cars are likely to be open to the benefits of diesel cars--but that many hybrid drivers are not

2013 75

Bosch overview of global diesel markets; optimistic about US, China

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Bosch, a leading supplier of technology for diesel engines, recently provided an overview of trends it sees in the diesel engine marketplace globally. In addition to the ongoing strength in the European market and India (the second-largest diesel market after Europe, Bosch sees potential strength in North America and China. Because diesel vehicles already account for a high share of the European market, opportunities for growth are correspondingly moderate.

2013 86

Study explores impact of changing gasoline and diesel taxes in Europe

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Diesel is currently taxed at a lower level than gasoline in Europe; however, since 2011 the EC has been considering reversing that situation by making energy taxes systematically reflect the CO 2 performance of the energy product. As on a volumetric basis, diesel contains more carbon than gasoline, the tax on diesel fuel would increase. A scheme including a decreased gasoline tax could bring about an increase in CO 2 emissions.

2013 96