DOE awarding $6M to 11 projects to accelerate alternative fuel vehicle market growth

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $6 million to 11 projects aimed at improving potential buyers’ experiences with alternative fuel and plug-in electric vehicles, supporting training, and integrating alternative fuels into emergency planning. Five projects will enable consumers and fleets to drive alternative fuel vehicles for extended periods of time to help them better understand how these vehicles can meet their everyday needs.

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Ohio opens first LNG station deployed through the Recovery Act

Green Car Congress

The US Energy Department (DOE) announced the recent opening of the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling station in Ohio. The station will be an important stop along a new series of corridors now being equipped with LNG infrastructure that will enable trucks to ship goods across the country using this alternative fuel. The new station, which celebrated its official grand opening yesterday in Seville, Ohio, was constructed by Clean Energy Fuels.

Ohio 174

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US DOE Awards $300 Million in Clean Cities Grants to Support Alternative Fuels, Vehicles, and Infrastructure Development

Green Car Congress

These projects put more than 9,000 alternative fuel and energy-efficient light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles on the road, and establish 542 refueling locations across the country. The project will deploy 502 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles through 119 public and private fleets throughout the state. The program includes the installation of 10 alternative fuel refueling sites (two B20, one Electric Recharging, and seven CNG).

2009 200

Ohio Advanced Transportation Partnership to Invest $29M+ in Alt Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure Projects

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has cleared Clean Fuels Ohio to begin its work with the Ohio Advanced Transportation Partnership (OATP) to carry out more than $29 million in alternative fuel vehicle and infrastructure projects—the largest single investment in advanced transportation energy infrastructure and vehicle technology in the state’s history, according to Sam Spofforth, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Ohio.

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Honda To Install Natural-Gas Fueling Station Near Ohio Car Plant

Green Car Reports

If drivers are going to use an alternative fuel, they need places to fill up their tanks. Honda announced today that it will install a compressed natural-gas (CNG) fueling station near its Marysville, Ohio, assembly plant. The fully-automated station--constructed and operated by Trillium CNG--will feature three Class 8 dispensers for commercial

2014 88

DOE to award $11M to 20 new Clean Cities projects for alt fuel cars and trucks

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is [link] about $11 million to 20 new projects to help states and local governments to develop the infrastructure, training, and regional planning needed to help meet the demand for alternative fuel cars and trucks, including vehicles that run on natural gas, electricity, and propane. The California Fleets and Workplace Alternative Fuels Project is a statewide. The Southeast Regional Alternative Fuels Market Initiatives Program, which.

2012 252

DOT and DOE announce nearly $5B over 5 years for new national EV charging network; $615M in FY2022

Green Car Congress

The program will provide nearly $5 billion over five years to help states create a network of EV charging stations along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors, particularly along the Interstate Highway System. The US Departments of Transportation and Energy announced nearly $5 billion that will be made available under the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program to build out a national electric vehicle charging network.

UPS plans to build 9 additional LNG stations at cost of ~$50M

Green Car Congress

UPS plans to invest approximately $50 million to build an additional nine liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling stations, bringing the total number of stations to 13. The enhanced LNG fueling infrastructure will support the operation of approximately 1,000 UPS LNG tractors that will displace more than 24 million gallons of diesel fuel annually. UPS has used LNG vehicles for more than a decade and has benefited from lower fuel prices compared to imported petroleum.

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Cyclone Power taps OSU Center for Automotive Research for design and testing services for external combustion engine

Green Car Congress

developer of the all-fuel, external combustion Cyclone Engine, signed an agreement with The Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research (OSU CAR) to perform design analysis and testing services for the company. OSU CAR is a Columbus-based interdisciplinary research center within The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering, which is located 30 miles from the site of Cyclone’s proposed joint venture with Precision CNC to manufacture Cyclone engines.

2013 186

Landi Renzo and Leggett Platt to partner on CNG vehicles for North American Market

Green Car Congress

Landi Renzo USA (Landi Renzo) has partnered with Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products (L&P CVP) to implement alternative fuel systems using compressed natural gas (CNG). Landi Renzo is a global leader in alternative fuel systems design, manufacture, installation and service with more than 40% global market share.

2011 180

DHL Express adds 100 more propane autogas vans for pickup and delivery fleet

Green Car Congress

DHL Express has added 100 more pickup and delivery vans fueled by propane autogas to its fleet. The new Ford E-250 cargo vans, each equipped with a ROUSH CleanTech dedicated liquid propane autogas fuel system, will be on the road by late August 2012 and will support DHL Express pickup and delivery service within California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri and Texas.

2012 174

US Army and Air Force planning to develop 1GW of renewable energy on installations by 2025

Green Car Congress

Biofuels will be a behind-the-scenes game changer for the Air Force, according to Yonkers, who lauded the seminal research of alternative fuels at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The US Army and Air Force are planning to develop 1 billion watts of renewable energy on their installations by 2025.

2012 200

UDRI and Air Force researchers ramping up production of new renewable fuel formula for aviation

Green Car Congress

University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) and Air Force researchers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base have ramped up production of a new research fuel formula and a fuel derived from seed oils, and now have enough fuel to move from lab testing to testing in engines and auxiliary power systems. Conventional petroleum-derived fuel is composed of thousands of individual components that vary considerably in proportion from one lot of fuel to another.

2013 196

EcoCAR 3 competition to use Chevy Camaro as base vehicle

Green Car Congress

Ohio State University. To support the goals, students will explore a variety of advanced propulsion systems, lightweight materials, improve aerodynamics, and utilize alternative fuels. General Motors is continuing its partnership with the US Department of Energy and Argonne National Laboratory for the EcoCAR 3 collegiate advanced vehicle technology competition.

2014 196

New Argonne-developed tool helps car buyers compare electric-drive and traditional vehicles

Green Car Congress

States currently covered by the new tool are Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin. It starts with consumers’ purchase considerations—such as purchase price—and compares the monetary and environmental benefits of various passenger electric-drive vehicles and equivalent conventionally fueled models.

2018 163

13 governors send letter to automakers encouraging natural gas vehicle development

Green Car Congress

Mary Fallin to promote the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel. The states participating in the letter with Colorado and Oklahoma are: Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming. A bipartisan partnership between governors and auto manufacturers in the US makes sense and has the potential to create new options for alternative fuel vehicles and transportation fuel diversity. Colorado Gov.

2012 186

Where to locate public chargers?

Electric Auto Association

The Union of Concerned Scientists documents that an ICE vehicle in Ohio must maintain an average of 60 mpg to equal the emissions used to produce what’s needed to run an EV for the same distance. Anywhere there’s an electrical outlet! BY TIM BENFORD AND RAPP HANKINS OF DRIVE ELECTRIC DAYTON.

Auto 70

Honda opens CNG fueling station on Marysville campus; 1st public CNG fueling station located on Honda property in North America

Green Car Congress

Honda opened a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station on its property in Marysville, Ohio. The station will feature three Class 8 dispensers for over-the-road carriers and can also serve customers who drive CNG-fueled passenger cars as well. The use of CNG as an alternative fuel allows us to do that.

2015 180

Honda’s Indiana plant to boost production capacity; add Civic Hybrid

Green Car Congress

Considering current Honda Civic Natural Gas, Acura ILX Hybrid and future Civic Hybrid production, HMIN has the most diverse alternative-fuel production capability of any plant in North America. In addition to the new second shift at the Indiana plant, Honda’s plant in Marysville, Ohio resumed second-shift production on Line 1 late last year.

DOE awards $17M for vehicle technologies; batteries, PEEM, engines, materials, fuel

Green Car Congress

The newly selected projects are in five areas: energy storage; power electronics and electric motors (PEEM); advanced combustion engines; materials technologies, and fuels and lubricant technologies. Micro-Jet Enhanced Ignition for High Efficiency Lean-Burn Combustion This project will develop and test a micro-jet enhanced fuel injection and combustion system. The Ohio State University. Fuels and lubricants (Area of Interest 5). Alternative Fuel Ignition.

2014 196

Aqua America to transition portions of fleet to CNG

Green Car Congress

Chairman and CEO Nicholas DeBenedict made the announcement before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Alternative Fuel Vehicles forum held at Drexel University in Philadelphia. CNG makes sense economically because of it is less expensive than fossil fuels and environmentally because it is a clean-burning fuel and thereby reduces carbon emissions. Aqua America, Inc.,

2012 191

DOE announces $139M in funding for 55 projects to advance innovative vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

VTO research pathways focus on fuel diversification, vehicle efficiency, energy storage, lightweight materials, and new mobility technologies to improve the overall energy efficiency and affordability of the transportation system. Ducted Fuel Injection and Cooled Spray Technologies for Particulate Control in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines. Improving Network-wide Fuel Economy and Enabling Traffic Signal Optimization Using Infrastructure and Vehicle-based Sensing and Connectivity.

2020 198

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana starts production of 2012 Civic Natural Gas model

Green Car Congress

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC (HMIN) marked the start of mass production of the all-new 2012 Civic Natural Gas as it moves to increase production of the alternative-fuel Civic to support an expanding network of certified Civic Natural Gas dealers across the US. Engines for the Civic Natural Gas will continue to be supplied by Honda's engine plant in Anna, Ohio.

Honda Begins Production of Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicles at Indiana Plant

Green Car Congress

The Civic GX was formerly produced at Honda’s East Liberty, Ohio plant and has ten years of proven performance as a natural gas powered vehicle. It is the only natural gas powered passenger car available for sale in all 50 states, and is eligible for a $4,000 federal tax credit as a qualified alternative fuel vehicle. 1—to maximize performance from natural gas fuel.

2009 150

Partners Target Biomass-to-Liquids Demo Plant for Toledo

Green Car Congress

Renewable Energy Institute International (REII), Toledo’s Red Lion Bio-Energy , the University of Toledo, Midwest Terminals/Port of Toledo, SolarTurbines/Caterpillar, and other partners are working to build a biomass-to-liquids demonstration plant in South Toledo, Ohio. The small footprint mini-refinery, to be operated by Red Lion, is expected to produce 350,000 gallons per year of synthetic diesel with a high biomass to fuel energy conversion efficiency. NBC24.

2009 150

6 new corporate partners join the National Clean Fleets Partnership

Green Car Congress

The National Clean Fleets Partnership, announced by President Obama in April, is a public-private partnership that helps large companies reduce diesel and gasoline use in their fleets by incorporating electric vehicles, alternative fuels, and fuel-saving measures into their daily operations. million gallons of diesel fuel per year. The company is also in the process of testing all-electric delivery trucks in Ohio and California.

2011 196

UPS updates 125 Workhorse E-GEN series hybrid electric step vans with smaller genset engine for better fuel economy

Green Car Congress

UPS announced an update to 125 Workhorse E-GEN series hybrid electric delivery trucks that improve fuel economy as part of the company’s broader Rolling Laboratory approach. The smaller engine will improve fuel economy, however. The updated trucks, which were originally purchased in September 2015, deliver up to four times the fuel economy of a gasoline-powered vehicle, UPS said.

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DOE fuel cell market report shows continued growth, with sales surpassing $1.3B worldwide in 2013

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) released the 2013 edition of its annual Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report , detailing trends in the fuel cell and hydrogen technologies market. More than 35,000 fuel cell systems were shipped in 2013, an increase of more than 26% over 2012 and 400% more than 2008. In 2013, worldwide fuel cell industry sales surpassed $1 billion for the first time, reaching $1.3 — 2013 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report.

2014 240

Velocys Awarded Commercialization Grant for Microchannel Reactor Technology for Hydroprocessing to Upgrade Fischer-Tropsch Fuels and Heavy Petroleum Feedstock

Green Car Congress

the US subsidiary of UK-based Oxford Catalysts Group PLC, has been awarded a $5-million, 2.5-year commercialization grant to apply Velocys’ microchannel reactor technology to hydroprocessing for transportation fuels. The project focuses on hydrocracking to upgrade Fischer-Tropsch fuels and heavy petroleum feedstock for jet and diesel fuel. The grant is part of the Ohio Department of Development’s Third Frontier Project, a $1.6-billion, 10-year initiative.

2009 150

DOE to award up to $137M for SuperTruck II, Vehicle Technology Office programs

Green Car Congress

SuperTruck II builds on the successful SuperTruck I program, which has already led to more than twenty fuel saving technologies that have reached the commercial market, said Acting Assistant Secretary David Friedman. Volvo Technology of America LLC will develop and demonstrate a tractor trailer combination with lightweight cab that achieves the freight efficiency goal using alternative engine designs and a variety of system technologies. Ohio State University.

2016 150

Road Test: 2022 Acura RDX SH-AWD A-Spec Advance

Clean Fleet Report

The EPA fuel economy numbers of 21 mpg city/26 highway/23 combined are almost exactly what we got covering 301 miles driving through Southern California. In addition, we aim to offer reviews and news on advanced technology and the alternative fuel vehicle market.

Acura 67

Obama Administration launches series of actions to accelerate EV adoption; inc. $4.5B in loan guarantees, pursuing 350 kW fast charge

Green Car Congress

The DOE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center provides a comprehensive database of federal and state programs that support EVs and infrastructure. The DOT is now soliciting nominations from State and local officials to assist in making designations for alternative fuel corridors. Duke Energy Ohio. SCE will also launch its Clean Fuel Reward program in 2016 to provide incentives to residential EV owners using proceeds from California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program.

2016 238

CALSTART white paper shows nationwide tech supplier industry ready to support more efficient heavy-duty trucks and buses

Green Car Congress

These include advancements in current diesel engines including waste heat recovery and reduced accessory loads; more advanced combustion designs; more efficient transmissions and full powertrains including hybridization; low rolling resistance tires; advanced aerodynamics; efficient drivelines; light-weight materials; intelligent vehicle control systems; and alternative fuels including full electric drive. Fuel Efficiency Heavy-duty Manufacturing Regulations

2016 150

CAR report quantifies automotive’s position as a leading high-tech industry

Green Car Congress

Within Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio alone, there are more than 350 higher education institutions offering programs related to engineering, designing, producing and maintaining automobiles. With automated and connected vehicle technologies, innovative materials, new joining methods, advanced powertrains, and alternative fuels, the technological development will further improve driving experiences in the future. Percentage of Global R&D Spending by Industry, 2013.

2014 205

ARPA-E announces $36M for high-temperature materials projects

Green Car Congress

Durable and affordable higher-temperature heat exchangers could make energy conversion much more efficient, which in turn could reduce fuel consumption, system footprint, capital and operational cost, and emissions. The Ohio State University. The Ohio State University will design, manufacture, and test high-performance, compact heat exchangers for supercritical CO 2 power cycles. This would substantially reduce aviation fuel usage and carbon emissions.

2019 180

Who Pays for EV Charging Stations?

EV Connect

Some of these programs, such as AEP Ohio’s, offer to cover up to 100% of the costs. Tax Credits and Other Incentives The federal tax credit for alternative fuels is a hefty one — 30% of your EV charging station infrastructure costs, up to $30,000.

AEP Signs on as Corporate Sponsor of Pickens’ Energy Plan

Green Car Congress

The Pickens Plan calls for reducing dependence on oil, expanded use of renewable energy, a new 21st-century power grid, increased conservation and efficiency initiatives, and developing alternative fuel vehicles, such as natural gas-powered trucks and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). AEP’s headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio American Electric Power has signed on as a corporate sponsor of The Pickens Plan, proposed by oil and gas industry veteran T. Boone Pickens.

2009 150

Honda CEO: Honda Studying Battery Electric Commuter Car, But Holds Fuel Cell Vehicle as the Ultimate Eco-car

Green Car Congress

We continue to believe that a fuel cell electric vehicle is the ultimate solution to reduce CO 2 emissions. A fuel cell car is a full electric vehicle.The development cost must come down and there must be a major expansion of the hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Further, Honda is unique in making long-term investments to develop the refueling infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles.

2010 180

GM Files Voluntary Chapter 11; Agreements with US Treasury and Canada; New GM Expected in 60-90 Days

Green Car Congress

Mansfield, Ohio. Parma Components, Ohio Close: Dec 2010. Columbus, Ohio Close: 31 Dec 2009. GM also reaffirmed its commitment to improve the fuel efficiency of its vehicle fleet, meet or exceed new federal fuel economy and emissions regulations, and push ahead with advanced propulsion technology. The New GM will have a number of key vehicle launches in 2009 and 2010, including: Chevrolet Camaro, with highway fuel economy of up to 29 mpg.

2009 150

Industry Tests Show Bio-Derived Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene Performs as Well as Petroleum Jet Fuel; Aviation Partners Push for Approval for Use

Green Car Congress

Boeing and a team from across the aviation industry today released high-level elements of a study that shows that sustainable biofuels analyzed in a series of test flights performed favorably in comparison to petroleum-based fuel. The testing included several commercial airplane engine types using blends of up to 50% petroleum-based Jet A/Jet A-1 fuel and 50% sustainable biofuels. Those standards include freezing point, flash point, fuel density and viscosity, among others.

2009 150

Harmonizing Low Carbon Fuel Standards

Green Car Congress

For example, while the carbon intensities of fuels in differing LCFS programs may differ due to regional differences in the energy required for feedstock production, the feedstocks used for electricity production, and the transportation distances of feedstocks and fuels used for estimating CI, the inclusion of CIs in all LCFS programs will encourage the production of lower CI fuels, staff said. —Low Carbon Fuel Standard 2011 Program Review Report.

2011 207

GE Aviation signs 10-year supply agreement for biomass FT jet fuel for engine testing; baseline of 500,000 gallons per year

Green Car Congress

Schematic of the DG Energy facility that will produce the cellulosic synthetic jet fuel. GE Aviation, which consumes more than 10 million gallons of jet fuel annually at its engine testing centers, has signed an agreement to purchase cellulosic synthetic biofuel from The D’Arcinoff Group (DG), based in Washington, DC, to be used for production and development testing of GE jet engines, starting in 2016. The cost for the biofuel will be comparable to traditional jet fuel.

2013 174

FAA Awards Contracts for $125M to 5 Companies to Accelerate More Environmentally Friendly Aviation Technology; Renewable Fuels, Engines, Wings and Flight Management

Green Car Congress

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is awarding $125 million in five separate contracts to Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce-North America to develop and demonstrate technologies that will reduce commercial jet fuel consumption, emissions and noise. Wide ranging sustainable aviation jet fuels, including quantification of benefits; and. The new core will offer up to 16% better fuel efficiency than GE’s best engines in service today.

2010 159