UK market sees first decline in alternatively fueled vehicle sales in 27 months in June

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as ongoing confusion over low emission zones and diesel, the removal of key ultra low emission vehicle incentives and an overall decline in buyer confidence affected the market. The month saw growth for gasoline and battery-electric registrations, up 3.0%

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European car market logs best year for alternative fueled vehicles, lowest diesel share since 2001

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Diesel vehicles posted their lowest market share since 2001, as demand fell by double digits in 20 of the 27 markets included in JATO’s analysis, with the biggest drops in the UK (-30%), Scandinavia (-22%) and Benelux (-22%). Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Sales

2001 96

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More than half of transit buses in the US were powered by alternative fuels and advanced technologies in 2018

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According to the American Public Transit Association (APTA), alternative fuels and advanced hybrid drivetrains powered more than half of all transit buses in 2017 and 2018. In the ten-year period from 2008 to 2018, the share of conventional diesel buses dropped from 70% to 42%.

2019 101

DOE: 11% of motor vehicles jobs focus on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles

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million jobs supported by the motor vehicles and component parts industry for the first quarter of 2016 were related to alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. The majority of employment (82%) was related to gasoline and diesel vehicles, while 7% was classified as “other.”

2017 95

Study finds isopropanol-n-butanol-ethanol and gasoline blend viable as alternative fuel

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Researchers from the University of Illinois and colleagues in China investigating the performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a port fuel-injection SI engine fueled with isopropanol-n-butanol-ethanol (IBE)-gasoline blends have concluded that an IBE30 blend could be a good alternative to gasoline. It also has been reported that isopropanol can be used as a fuel additive for the preparation of high-octane gasoline.

2016 60

Cummins to begin electrified powertrain delivery in 2019; alternative fuels and power, digitalization

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executives outlined plans to provide a range of power technologies spanning diesel and natural gas engines to fully electric and hybrid powertrains. Longer term, Cummins’ Research and Technology Department continues to investigate the viability of alternatives such as biofuels, synthetic fuels and hydrogen. Over the past 100 years, our ability to innovate and adapt has fueled our success and we are confident we are on the right path to do it again at this critical juncture.

2017 85

Argonne LCA study finds many alternative fuels consume more water than petroleum and natural gas fuels

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Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have analyzed the water consumption for transportation fuels in the United States using an extended lifecycle system boundary that includes the water embedded in intermediate processing steps.

2016 78

UPS hits target of 1 billion alternative-fueled miles one year early

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UPS has achieved its goal of driving 1 billion miles in its alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet one year earlier than planned, and marked more than 10 years of learning from its “Rolling Laboratory” of now more than 7,200 alternative fuel vehicles. UPS’ long-term commitment to sustainability is transforming commercial transportation and logistics, spurring growth in the clean fuels market and enabling critical engineering advances.

2016 60

Massachusetts awarding $15.5M to alternative fuel vehicles and projects; $1.8M for 8 electric school buses

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In December, the Patrick Administration awarded grants and announced new investments in three programs to support alternative fuel vehicles and related infrastructure across Massachusetts, including the launch of an electric school bus pilot.

Swiss WTW study finds important role for alternative fuels as well as alt drivetrains in move to low-emissions vehicles

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WTW energy demand and GHG emissions for EV and PHEV drivetrains for various electricity sources; gasoline ICE vehicle is solid square, hybrid the hollow square. Battery-electric range for plug-in hybrids is 60 km, while electric range for full battery-electric and fuel cell vehicles is 180 km.

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Lux: China, India lead Asian alternative fuels; targets likely will not be met

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Driven by aggressive mandates, government support and cost advantages, China and India—the world’s two most populous countries—dominate Asia’s alternative fuels landscape, according to Lux Research. billion gallons per year for 2020—but as total fuel demand explodes as well, ethanol will creep up to only 4% of gasoline in 2017, placing that target in doubt, according to Lux. of its diesel fuel and 0.3%

2014 71

JATO: European new car CO2 emissions highest average since 2014; shift from diesel to gasoline and SUVs rise

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The analysis covered 23 markets in Europe and found a direct correlation between diesel car registrations and average CO2 emissions. At the same time, the sales growth of diesel cars fell from +7% to +1%. g/km, and an 8% drop in demand for diesel cars. Diesel Emissions Europe

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Jasper Alternate Fuels Adds Icom JTG Propane Engine System

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Jasper Alternate Fuels, a division of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, has signed an agreement with Icom North America to install and service Icom’s patented JTG propane liquid-injection fuel system on commercial fleet vehicles in North America. Jasper Alternate Fuels expects to sell more than 5,000 Icom JTG systems during the first three years of the Icom National Master Distributor program. It offers alternative fuel systems for vehicle fleets of any size.

JATO: new car CO2 emissions rise for the first time in a decade in Europe; diesel down, gasoline up, SUVs up

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This rise in average CO 2 emissions correlates with a decrease in demand for diesel cars across Europe—which produce lower CO 2 emissions than gasoline cars—and the rising popularity of SUVs, which emit higher average CO 2 emissions of 133.0

2018 110

Virginia Governor signs legislation and executive order beginning transition of state vehicles to natural gas, electricity or other alternative fuels

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Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has signed two pieces of legislation that promote the use of natural gas, electric or other alternative-fueled vehicles in the Commonwealth. He also signed a new executive order setting out the state alternative fuel plan required by House Bill 2282. Fourteen alternative fuel vehicles and two vehicle chargers were also on display at the signing ceremony. Establishes a plan for vehicles to use alternative fuels.

Techno-economic Study of Bio-oil to Naptha and Diesel Finds Calculated Costs Competitive with Other Kinds of Alternative Fuels

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A team from Iowa State University and ConocoPhillips, Biofuels R&D performed a techno-economic study examining the fast pyrolysis of corn stover to bio-oil with subsequent upgrading of the bio-oil to naphtha and diesel range fuels. They developed two 2,000 dry tonne per day scenarios: the first scenario separates a fraction of the bio-oil to generate hydrogen on-site for fuel upgrading, while the second scenario relies on merchant hydrogen.

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Pennsylvania DEP awards more than $4.4M in alternative fuels grants to 12 projects; bulk for natural gas

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million in Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants to 12 projects across the state. The grants, funded by a portion of the state’s annual utilities gross receipts tax, are intended to encourage new markets for alternative fuels, fleets and technologies across Pennsylvania. The project is expected to displace 250,000 gallons of diesel fuel and eliminate nearly 369 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

US DOE Awards $300 Million in Clean Cities Grants to Support Alternative Fuels, Vehicles, and Infrastructure Development

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These projects put more than 9,000 alternative fuel and energy-efficient light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles on the road, and establish 542 refueling locations across the country. The project will deploy 502 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles through 119 public and private fleets throughout the state. The program includes the installation of 10 alternative fuel refueling sites (two B20, one Electric Recharging, and seven CNG).

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UPS to spend $90 million more on natural-gas vehicles, fueling stations

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Natural gas has not proven popular for vehicles bought by individual consumers, but some fleet operators continue to find it an attractive alternative to gasoline and diesel. That's because the lack of public fueling infrastructure proves a major drawback for natural-gas passenger cars, but fleets can circumvent that by operating their own. natural gas CNG NGV fleet sales alternative fuel vehicles fleet natural gas vehicle LNG

2017 63

Maritz study finds growing but still low US consumer awareness about alternative fuel technologies; knowledge gap and confusion a sales challenge for OEMs

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Results of a survey released by Maritz Research demonstrates that while US consumer awareness about alternative fuel vehicles continues to grow, only about one in five consumers state they are “very familiar” with any alternative-fuel technologies. When asked to name an alternative fuel technology other than gasoline powered automobiles, 56% said electric vehicles while nearly a third identified gasoline-electric hybrids.

2011 76

Navigant: gasoline and diesel stop-start vehicles to represent 58% of all new vehicles sold in 2025

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In a new report analyzing the emerging global market for technologies that improve fuel economy, Navigant Research forecasts that sales of gasoline and diesel stop-start vehicles (SSVs) will reach 63 million annually by 2025, representing 58% of all vehicles sold in that year. Diesel-fueled vehicles are expected to maintain a small growth in market volume and increasingly feature stop-start capability.

2014 91

Euro car market has best H1 of century; diesels down 17%; AFVs up 31% for 5.4% of total; SUVs booming

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The diesel crisis certainly affected the speed of growth in the market, but consumers are overcoming this by turning to more attractive gasoline and AFV solutions. The diesel decline continued during the first six months of 2018, as registrations were down by 17%.

2018 107

Audi begins initial engine testing of Global Bioenergies, Fraunhofer e-gasoline

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Audi remains convinced of the potential of the fuels e-gas, “e-benzin” (e-gasoline) and e-diesel and is continuing to pursue its e-fuels strategy. galons US), the largest batch yet produced—of synthetic Audi e-gasoline for initial engine tests. Like all Audi e-fuels, the new fuel has many advantages. Audi “e-benzin” (e-gasoline) is essentially a liquid isooctane. Audi e-diesel is also part of the Audi e-fuels portfolio.

2018 73

Diesel new vehicle market share in Europe in February dropped to 39.5%; SUVs still driving growth

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The market share of diesel vehicles fell to 39.5% in February, as gasoline car registrations increased by 16%. Diesel continues to decline and its market share fell to 39.5%, with volume falling by a significant 12.8 Diesel Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids Sales

2018 90

Virginia General Assembly moving forward with replacing gasoline and diesel fuel tax with sales tax; $100 annual tax for EVs, HEVs and alt-fuel vehicles

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The Virginia General Assembly is moving forward with legislation ( HB2313 ), that, among its other elements, would abolish the state’s gasoline and diesel fuel taxes and replace them with a sales tax. Currently, both gasoline and diesel carry a $0.175/gallon fuel tax. Beginning 1 July 2013, the gasoline tax would be replaced with a 3.5%

2013 86

Primus Green Energy synthetic gasoline demo plant hits 720 hours continuous operation

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an alternative fuel company that converts natural gas and other feedstocks directly into drop-in transportation fuels, announced that its natural gas-to-gasoline demonstration plant ( earlier post ) has achieved 720 hours of continuous operation, indicating the reliability and stability of its STG+ technology. The data resulting from the initial 720-hour continuous operation of Primus’ natural gas-to-gasoline demonstration plant has exceeded initial expectations.

2013 101

UK auto industry warns anti-diesel agenda and slow uptake of EVs could mean missing 2021 CO2 targets; rising CO2 average in 2017

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The UK automotive industry warned that the current anti-diesel agenda combined with the ongoing slow take-up of electric vehicles could mean industry misses its next round of CO 2 targets in 2021, with negative consequences for the UK’s own climate change goals.

2018 98

Study finds butanol-gasoline blends effective to control soot from CI engines under Low Temperature Combustion

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(Left) Thermal efficiency and ( right ) soot from different gasoline-butanol blends at different EGR rates. A study by a team at Tianjin University found that the addition of n-butanol to gasoline for use in a compression ignition engine (CI) under Low Temperature Combustion (LTC) conditions has a significant effect on soot reduction. Their study is published in the journal Fuel. Biobutanol Diesel Emissions Engines High Octane Fuels Low Temperature Combustion

2014 74

UPS announces renewable diesel agreements with Neste, REG and Solazyme; up to 46M gallons over next 3 years

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UPS announced agreements for up to 46 million gallons of renewable diesel over the next three years, constituting a 15-fold increase over prior contracts and making UPS one of the largest users of renewable diesel in the world. Neste, Renewable Energy Group (REG) and Solazyme will supply renewable diesel to UPS to help facilitate the company’s shift to move more than 12% of its purchased ground fuel from conventional diesel and gasoline fuel to alternative fuels by the end of 2017.

2015 89

Final testing confirms ADEPT 48V diesel hybrid reduces fuel consumption 10-12% at low incremental cost

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The three-year ADEPT (advanced diesel-electric powertrain) project ( earlier post ) in the UK set the target of developing and validating a range of advanced mild hybrid technologies with 48V “intelligent electrification” utilizing an advanced lead carbon battery.

2016 88

NUS-led study: beltway to divert diesel trucks in São Paulo improved air quality and public health

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A study by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University of São Paulo revealed that a beltway constructed to divert heavy-duty diesel vehicles traffic in the Brazilian city of São Paulo improved air quality and public health in the city. The positive health outcomes of the intervention could guide the formulation of similar transport polices in other cities, where humans and diesel vehicles reside and transit in close proximity.

2018 73

JATO: new diesel car volume in Europe in October dropped 9.9%; 41.4% market share lowest in 10 years

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Growth was driven by increased demand for gasoline, electric and hybrid vehic—and the ongoing strong performance of SUVs. Gasoline vehicle sales rose to 619,300 units, accounting for 51.5% In contrast, demand for diesel vehicles declined, with 498,500 units registered, a decline in volume of 9.9%. As a result, the fuel type accounted for 41.4% This shift has boosted gasoline and AFV registrations. Diesel Europe Sales

2017 64

Survey Finds US Hybrids and Diesels Beat Gasoline Models on Full Cost of Ownership

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An survey finds that most 2009 US hybrid and clean diesel cars, trucks and SUVs deliver a lower total cost of ownership compared to gasoline versions of the same (or comparable) vehicles. Of the 51 hybrid and clean diesel models now on the market, 35 of them deliver a cost-of-ownership that is somewhat or significantly lower than gasoline versions of the same vehicle. The point we make is that it is not just about fuel.

2009 60

First investigation of HCCI combustion of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether; alternative diesel fuel

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PODE is a promising alternative fuel for diesel engines, and offers high volatility, high ignitability and high oxygen content. A paper on their work appears in the journal Fuel. Cetane number and boiling point of PODE n , gasoline and diesel.

2016 78

SwRI launches HEDGE-III; high-efficiency gasoline engine consortium targets LEV III, best efficiency of 43%

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HEDGE-III will investigate solutions to the primary barriers to high efficiency in gasoline engines. This four-year effort will expand on earlier efforts to improve gasoline engine technology for future emissions and fuel economy requirements.

2013 102

Ozinga Energy and Ingevity to field adsorbed natural gas bi-fuel pickup

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Ingevity and Ozinga Energy are partnering to begin a field demonstration of adsorbed natural gas (ANG) bi-fuel pickup trucks. Ingevity is the industry leader in adsorbent-based, on-board evaporative emissions control for gasoline fueled vehicles. Fuels Materials Natural Gas

2020 133

Mazda Motorsports announces Skyactiv-D diesel racing engine program for new GRAND-AM GX series

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Mazda Motorsports will supply racing versions of the new SKYACTIV-D diesel engines ( earlier post ) to customer teams competing in GRAND-AM ’s newly announced GX Class for advanced/clean technologies, beginning with the 2013 season. Diesel Engines MotorsportSKYACTIV-D racing engine.

2012 99

DOE awards LanzaTech $4M for low-carbon jet & diesel demo plant; 3M gpy; Audi evaluating fuel properties

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LanzaTech has been selected by the Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) to receive a $4-million award to design and plan a demonstration-scale facility using industrial off gases to produce 3 million gallons/year of low-carbon jet and diesel fuels. Both Lanzanol and cellulosic ethanol will then be converted to jet fuel via the Alcohol-to-Jet" (ATJ) process developed by LanzaTech and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

2016 68

EPA trends report sees record levels of average new vehicle fuel economy and CO2 emissions for MY 2012; role of new gasoline vehicle technologies

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EPA projects advanced transmissions (6+ speeds and CVTs), gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems, and turbocharged engines will be installed on at least 15% of all MY 2013 vehicles. MY 2012 adjusted fuel economy is 23.6 Market share of gasoline turbo vehicles.

2013 109

Volvo Car led CO2 reductions among European automakers in 2010 due partly to diesel success

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Volvo said its 2010 results derived from a concerted focus under the “DRIVe towards zero” banner; sales of fuel-efficient diesel engines from the DRIVe range have been highly successful and are one of the explanations behind the major reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

2011 106

Harris AutoTECHCAST Study Finds US Vehicle Owners Currently Would Choose Lower-cost, Higher Fuel Economy Gasoline-Engined Vehicles Over Higher-Priced Alt Fuel Engines or Electric Vehicles

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According to Harris Interactive’s 2010 AutoTECHCAST study, conducted between 6-26 April 2010, there is currently greater demand among US vehicle owners for technologies that deliver improved fuel economy of existing gasoline-driven engines at a lower initial cost, rather than for higher-priced alternative-fueled engines. Both of these systems provide an estimated 10% gain in fuel economy. Clean Diesel Engine. Flexible Fuel Vehicle. Fuel Cell.

2010 71

California Air Resources Board readopts Low Carbon Fuel Standard, adopts regulation on alternative diesel fuels

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The Air Resources Board re-adopted a Low Carbon Fuel Standard ( LCFS ), which requires a 10% reduction by 2020 in the carbon intensity of transportation fuels. The program requires that transportation fuels used in California meet a baseline target for carbon intensity which is reduced each year. The Board also adopted a regulation governing alternative diesel fuels ( ADF ). The LCFS applies to liquid and non-liquid fuels. Alternative Diesel Fuels.

2015 90

ACEA: electric buses made up 4% of new bus registrations in Europe in 2019

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tonnes) registered in the European Union were fueled by diesel; the market share of gasoline in this segment was close to zero. All alternatively-powered vehicles (APV) combined accounted for 15.0% In 2019, EU demand for diesel buses decreased by 3.1%

2020 125