Honda R&D Americas opens new advanced design studio in downtown Los Angeles

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has opened an Advanced Design Studio in downtown Los Angeles for the creation of future Honda and Acura automobile and mobility design concepts. The studio, one of three Honda maintains in the Los Angeles area, was previously located in Pasadena, Calif., Computer-aided design tools allow designers to realize their ideas rapidly in virtual and physical space. Honda R&D Americas, Inc.,

Rumor: Sixth production-bound VW ID electric car to be previewed with LA show concept

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That requires quite the ramp-up of company resources, and it’s likely the brand has many more new ideas and designs to test as concept cars. Los Angeles Auto Show MEB architecture

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BMW i3 Coupe Concept Live Shots: Los Angeles Auto Show

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BMW is committed to creating a full line of electric and advanced plug-in hybrid models—so much so that it's establishing them apart from BMW (and MINI), as an 'i' sub-brand, revolving in part around the idea that 'premium' and 'sustainable' aren't mutually exclusive.

Mitsubishi Evo rally sedan morphs into electric crossover concept

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At least that's Mitsubishi's idea with its new e-Evolution concept that debuted Wednesday at the LA Auto Show. Los Angeles Auto ShowElectric power has come to drag racers, hill-climb cars, and Formula E racers. Why not rally cars? Unlike the winged sedan that took the off-road rally racing world by storm 15 years ago, the new model is an electric SUV. READ MORE: 2018.

2018 73

BREAKING NEWS: Hermosa Beach To Become Carbon Neutral City! Acting Locally, Thinking Globally

Creative Greenius

As the Creative Greenius and organizer of the South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group that’s just unacceptable to me. This makes Hermosa Beach the first city in the South Bay of Los Angeles County, and the first city in all of Los Angeles County to declare their intent to become carbon neutral and sustainable. He encouraged us to develop our ideas into steps the City could take action on.

2010 182

Al’s Bright Idea for Hermosa, Ted’s Tough Stance Against Oil & Why I’m Worried About It Mattering

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Holly Mitchell, the Los Angeles Democrat who chairs the Legislature’s black caucus, said she was not surprised to hear that so many lawmakers had withheld their votes on Muratsuchi’s bill.

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Greenius Says The Congresswoman Gets It. Harman Calls Lack of Bold or Binding Agreement to Cap GHG Emissions in Copenhagen, “Stunning.”

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I continue to look to my district for inspiration, where Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance and Los Angeles have signed the U.S. Harman with South Bay community leaders outside the Green Idea House home site of Robert and Monica Fortunato.

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BMW reveals i3 electric coupe car

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BMW has revealed a new coupe concept car based on its forthcoming i3 electric supermini on the opening day of the Los Angeles Auto Show. The new concept should help us gain a good idea of what we should expect from the hatchback version when it launches next year.

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Greenius On The Green Scene - The South Bay Report

Creative Greenius

We only had 20 minutes to brainstorm so we didn’t work out every detail, but it seemed like an idea worth pursuing. I carpooled over with my bud, the Reverend Ron, who like the idea of both being with fellow greens and fellow drinkers.

2009 141

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Will Drive Electric Model S From LA To NY

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Would a trip from Los Angeles to New York City in an electric car perhaps refute that statement? That''s the idea discussed by CEO Elon Musk at Tuesday''s annual shareholder meeting of Tesla The problem with battery electric cars is that you can''t take them on long trips, because they take so long to recharge. Or so goes the common wisdom, anyhow.

2013 87

Meet LA’s Hybrid Trolley Truck: Part Trolley Bus, Part Big-Rig

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It’s no secret that Los Angeles has some of the worst air pollution of any city in the U.S., But a new project from German electronics company Siemens could see that change forever, thanks to a modern application of an idea that goes especially around its ports, where long lines of trucks wait idling to fill up with cargo from docking ships.

Via Motors offers solar panel cover with electric pick-up

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Electric vehicle start-up Via Motors revealed a unique idea at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week for its range-extended pick-up trucks; a solar panel bed cover option.

L.A. Times “Coverage” of Largest Climate Demonstration in So Cal History

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This wouldn’t be happening if Sam Zell had any idea of what he was doing as owner of the paper. The best reporters and news staff are gone from the Los Angeles Times now and the only people left are those who cannot get work elsewhere. The L.A.

2009 141

Ohio State takes first place in DOE/GM EcoCAR 3 competition

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Teams spent the last four years (2014-2018) harnessing those ideas into the ultimate energy-efficient, high performance vehicle.

2018 85

CicLaVia is Back This Sunday & We’ll Be Rolling Against Coal!

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In case you didn’t know, the City of Los Angeles still gets 40% of its electricity from coal-fired power plants, the dirtiest polluters and greenhouse gassers on the planet. How’d you like to enjoy 7-and-a-half miles of L.A.

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Georgia Tech team simulates risks of hacked connected vehicles; stalling 20% of cars could gridlock Manhattan

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Looking at cities without large grids like Atlanta, Boston, or Los Angeles, and we think hackers could do worse harm because a grid makes you more robust with redundancies to get to the same places down many different routes.

2019 90

Greetings from ToxicTown Torrance! Breathe Deep… That’s the Smell of Dirty Money

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My pals at Greenpeace, spearheaded by my sister from another mother, Jenny Binstock, produced the video above to warn folks like me, who live in ToxicTown Torrance, that we’re not really safe from the danger that surrounds us all over the South Bay and throughout all of Los Angeles. I’m afraid to report that their idea of sustainability applies only to their own terms in office.

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Volvo Trucks and PATH successfully demo partially automated on-highway truck platooning in California; CACC

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The idea behind CACC is not only to allow vehicles to “cooperate” by communicating with each other while in the adaptive cruise control mode. the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and Gateway Cities Council of Governments.

2017 83

Mayors of 12 major cities pledge to procure only zero-emission buses from 2025; major areas to be zero-emission by 2030

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The mayors of London, Paris, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City, Milan, Seattle, Auckland and Cape Town have pledged to procure only zero-emission buses from 2025 and ensure that a major area of their city is zero emission by 2030.

2017 83

Ford, VW Ante Up

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based minivan in Tokyo, followed by a plug-in hybrid sedan at Los Angeles. M omentum for a Plug in Future continues. First, there is this story from Volkswagon. Apparently, VW is set to unveil an Up!-based Since the goal of the Up !

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Volkswagen preps for I.D. EV production with MEB Supplier Summit; I.D. in 2019, I.D. CROZZ in 2020

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volkswagen announced it will introduce a battery-electric SUV based on the I.D.

2017 78

CicLaVia is Back This Sunday & We’ll Be Rolling Against Coal!

Creative Greenius

In case you didn’t know, the City of Los Angeles still gets 40% of its electricity from coal-fired power plants, the dirtiest polluters and greenhouse gassers on the planet. Here’s some brainstorming ideas from the Greenius and Greenpeace to get you thinking: -Build an ominous and scary cardboard coal plant with smoke stacks that you tow behind your bike. How’d you like to enjoy 7-and-a-half miles of L.A.

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Public-Private Partnership Testing Low-Speed EVs in SoCal

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The Local Use Vehicle (LUV) Project is testing low-speed, all-electric vehicles in several communities in southwest Los Angeles County. Participating drivers are asked to complete surveys regarding how the vehicles are used, how they perform, satisfaction levels and ideas for improvement.

2010 82

Nissan’s Big Plans

Revenge of the Electric Car

They invited us to come to their Los Angeles facility and participate in a wide ranging series of discussions, marketing seminars, and even a drive over to Santa Monica to see what a normal day driving an EV was like. Since their stated goal is to be the first major carmaker to mass market a fully electric car starting next year, they felt it was a good idea to ask us what it’s like to use these cars on a daily basis.

2009 126

We Are ALL Tongan

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When I first met Elizabeth I had no idea that there were so many Tongan Americans living in large communities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Dallas and other cities across the USA. The idyllic island kingdom of Tonga.

2009 191

BNSF to test liquefied natural gas in road locomotives

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The idea of using natural gas as fuel in locomotives is not new. BNSF also tested LNG switch locomotives in Los Angeles until they reached the end of their useful life a few years ago. BNSF will begin testing a small number of locomotives using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel later this year. The use of natural gas as a transportation fuel results in the emission of fewer greenhouse gases and particulates than diesel fuel.

2013 71

NREL publishes online collection of case studies in EV deployment

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The new Plug-in Electric Vehicle Deployment Case Studies section of the AFDC website offers ideas for industry leaders and public officials looking for answers on residential charger permitting procedures, tax incentives, regulatory mechanisms, technical guidelines, equipment inspection requirements and more. The other locations featured in Deployment Case Studies include Raleigh, NC; Houston, Texas; and Los Angeles, California.

Audi e-tron Pilot Program

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It bills itself as a “a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.”. including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and Washington.

2012 56

Superstars of AB 811 Rock Palm Desert @ EcoMotion Conference

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Just ask Los Angeles Lakers Basketball fans. You need more than just great ideas, policy and planning – you also have to have the motivational chops to not just talk about change, but to actually effect it.

2009 141

Environmental Charter High School Gets Solar; Greenius Goes EcoMedia

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A beaming Alison Diaz, ECHS’ Founder and Executive Director was at the center of it all on the campus that started as an idea in her head and then in a church basement in 1999.

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California makes first investments in $100M energy research & development program; also biogas and H2

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EPIC is a multi-year, research investment program focused on electricity-related innovations, finding new energy solutions and bringing clean energy ideas to the marketplace. Two of the awardees, Halotechnics and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), also received funds from the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E).

2014 91

EcoMotors launches design competition with LA and Detroit automotive design institutions

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The idea for this competition came out of internal discussions about a year ago. Results and awards are scheduled to be announced coincident with the 2012 Los Angeles International Show, in November.

2012 81

Coca-Cola Company and Ford unveil Ford Fusion Energi with PlantBottle Technology interior

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The Ford Fusion Energi research vehicle will be on display later this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The idea behind the vehicle was launched last year when Ford and Coca-Cola research teams came together to explore innovation opportunities in more sustainable products. The Coca-Cola Company and Ford Motor Company are collaborating on the first interior fabric made from the same renewable material used to produce Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle Technology packaging.

2013 86

Ford launches innovate mobility challenge series

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The worldwide challenges kicked off in Lisbon, Portugal; Los Angeles, United States; and Mumbai, India; before moving on to Delhi and the Chennai region in India; Shanghai, China; Johannesburg, South Africa; and a countrywide challenge in Argentina. Los Angeles, United States: The Parking Lots 2.0

2014 76

U-M offers open-access automated cars to advance driverless research

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Researchers and technology developers outside the auto companies with ideas for improving components or system controls have no way to assess whether they'll work in the real world. The new PolySync Open Source Car Control kit that enables complete “drive by-wire” control, introduced at Automobility LA in Los Angeles, will be installed on the Kias.

2016 71

The Cat Is Still On The Roof – And The Roof! The Roof! The Roof Is On Fire!

Creative Greenius

For the past three months I’ve been working night and day as the Chairman of the South Bay Los Angeles 350 Climate Action Group.

2009 151

Solar Powered Greenius Producing Massive South Bay Energy

Creative Greenius

Most have no idea. To put that in perspective for you, if Los Angeles County were a state, it would rank ninth in population behind the states of California, New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

2009 141

NASA rolls out new strategic vision for aeronautics research

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Bolden shared the strategic vision in a keynote speech at the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics’ Aviation 2013 conference in Los Angeles.

2013 105

2010 Aptera 2e First Drive and Video on Inside Line

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

This is an aerodynamic tour de force designed by a boat builder and a biotech engineer who were swept away by the idea of a commuter vehicle that would be both fun to drive and environmentally friendly.

Interview with Chris Paine in the Whole Life Times

Revenge of the Electric Car

For his sequel, Paine’s been gauging the mood at the now-much-gloomier GM headquarters, visiting geothermal-powered and EV-friendly Iceland, and test driving his brand new Tesla in Los Angeles. For his sequel, Paine’s been gauging the mood at the now-much-gloomier GM headquarters, visiting geothermal-powered and EV-friendly Iceland, and test driving his brand new Tesla in Los Angeles. Chris Paine in the Whole Life Times.

2009 100

Study suggests arrays of closely-spaced counter-rotating vertical-axis wind turbines could enhance power density of wind farms by up to an order of magnitude

Green Car Congress

Dabiri and his team have been conducting a field study at an experimental two-acre wind farm in the Antelope Valley of northern Los Angeles.

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The Reality of Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Newsletter LinkedIn Twitter Facebook News and ideas for a sustainable world Search 04.17.09 I like to use the example of someone driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Join Matter Now!

Chrysler/DOE Ram PHEV project exploring battery life modeling

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Battery packs in use in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Miami had the lowest estimated calendar lives, at 11.8, The RAM plug-in hybrid truck. Click to enlarge.

2011 109