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Airbus exploring hydrogen fuel cell propellor “pods” for aircraft propulsion

Green Car Congress

Airbus is conducting studies to determine how scalable a hydrogen fuel cell “pod” configuration, among others, could be to large commercial aircraft.

GM rebrands itself around EVs, launches “Generation E” ad campaign

Green Car Reports

General Motors has announced a new advertising campaign centered around an “inflection point moment” it sees in electric vehicles.

GM 171

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Why Bidirectional Charging is The Next Big Thing for EV Owners


Owning an EV gives you access to much more than just a greener lifestyle. With bidirectional EV charging, you can actually make money from your EV, among other exciting benefits.

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How Much Will Electric Cars Cost In 2025

A recently released auto industry report by the Economist publication has shown that consumers will pay far less to purchase an electric car by 2025. The report shows. The post How Much Will Electric Cars Cost In 2025 appeared first on Electric Cars

Modular SMR hydrogen producer BayoTech receives $157M investment

Green Car Congress

BayoTech, Inc., a provider of on-site hydrogen production, received an equity investment of up to $157 million from Newlight Partners LP, a growth equity investor, with participation from existing investors Cottonwood Technology Funds, Sun Mountain Capital and new investor Fortistar.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2021

Green Car Reports

The idea of applying the Mustang’s pony car heritage to Ford’s first widely available electric vehicle, the Mach-E, might seem like sacrilege to some, or the smartest product decision of the decade to others.

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How Do EVs Compare To Gas Cars?


While there’s no doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has set back the automotive industry in what was to be a crucial year for the electric vehicles (EVs) market , EVs have an important role to play in reshaping the future as many people are already lobbying for sustainable ways to rebuild the economy when the pandemic ends.

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New nanomaterial supports enhanced and stabilized hydrogen production from methanol

Green Car Congress

A team led by researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (Berkeley Lab) Molecular Foundry has designed and synthesized ultrasmall nickel nanoclusters (?1.5 nm) deposited on defect-rich BN nanosheet (Ni/BN) catalysts with excellent methanol dehydrogenation activity and selectivity.

VW explains how the ID.4 electric SUV gets smart about coasting

Green Car Reports

Unlike most other electric cars, the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 doesn't feature anything close to one-pedal driving, the aggressive use of regenerative braking that many electric-car fans are fond of. And it's for good reason, VW argues.

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Top 5 Accessories To Make Your Tesla A Mobile Workstation

You can work from the office, from home, and now, you can work from your car. And what better car to work from than a Tesla? The post Top 5 Accessories To Make Your Tesla A Mobile Workstation appeared first on

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Enabling Electric Vehicle Charging in Condominiums


80% of EV charging takes place at work or home. Naturally, people will choose to plug in their EVs in the places where they spend the most time. However, while installing a charging station at your house is fairly simple, doing so in condominiums can be more tricky.

DOE: median driving range of EVs tops 250 miles for MY2020

Green Car Congress

Since 2011, significant improvements in battery technologies and overall EV efficiency have led to an expanding number of EV models and increased driving ranges.

Miles 371

Fisker electric pickup: Super-efficient "radical" truck coming in late 2023?

Green Car Reports

Could an edgy-looking electric pickup be next for Fisker after the late-2022 rollout of the Ocean electric crossover? CEO Henrik Fisker last week suggested that the next model might be a lifestyle-oriented electric pickup truck.

Fisker 155

Ford Moving Electric Car Production to Mexico

The Ford Motor Company has sent shockwaves through the motor vehicle industry circles with a surprise decision to relocate the production of one of its latest electric. The post Ford Moving Electric Car Production to Mexico appeared first on

New electric cars due in 2021

Discover EV

There is plenty to look forward to in the world of EVs, so in order to whet your appetite, here's an A-to-Z of some of the major EV launches taking place in 2021

BNSF and Wabtec commence battery-electric locomotive pilot test in California

Green Car Congress

BNSF Railway Company and Wabtec began testing battery-electric locomotive technology in revenue service between Barstow and Stockton, California. As BNSF seeks ways to further reduce its environmental impact, the advancement of battery technology offers some possible solutions.

Lucid is considering an electric-car plant in Saudi Arabia

Green Car Reports

Lucid Motors is in talks to build an electric-car factory near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Bloomberg first reported Thursday. This would be Lucid's second factory, alongside the Arizona plant that is scheduled to start churning out Air luxury sedans this spring.

GM to Build EV Crossovers for Honda, Acura

The Truth About Cars

Two Honda battery-electric crossovers will be built by General Motors in the next four years. A Honda will be built at a GM plant in Mexico, and an Acura alongside the Cadillac Lyriq in Tennessee.

Acura 70

Top five myths about road gritting busted

Green Cars News

2020 brought many things with it

2020 65

Xpeng partners with Livox to deploy lidar in new 2021 production EV

Green Car Congress

Xpeng Inc., a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle company, has collaborated with Livox , a lidar maker, to deploy Livox automotive-grade lidar technology in Xpeng’s new production model in 2021. Livox is Xpeng’s first partner in lidar technology.

Apple partner Foxconn helps revive EV startup Byton

Green Car Reports

Foxconn—the Taiwanese firm best known for contract manufacturing Apple electronics—is helping to prop up Chinese EV startup Byton.

2020 in review

Discover EV

As years go 2020 was unprecedented – politically, societally and within the automotive industry. But amongst the challenges, the EV market has continued to flourish

2020 64

How Often Do Electric Cars Break Down

Just as with any other electric appliance, electric cars are prone to wear and tear and other hazards associated with electric devices. Electrically powered cars have. The post How Often Do Electric Cars Break Down appeared first on

Power 63

EV battery test simulation technique helps OEM overcome fast-charge challenge

Green Car Congress

Advanced engineering company D2H Advanced Technologies has delivered a project for a major vehicle manufacturer that solves a known charging issue with a production electric vehicle (EV).

Hyundai and Apple are in talks to jointly develop self-driving electric cars

Green Car Reports

Hyundai has disclosed that it’s among the companies vying for a potential tie-up with Apple that would result in jointly developed autonomous electric cars. “Apple is in negotiations with multiple global automakers. Hyundai is one of them and we are in early stages of talks.

Chinese EV brand, Xpeng, coming to Europe

Discover EV

Founded in 2015, Xpeng has found decent success in its domestic Chinese market, having sold more than 21,000 EVs since its first production model went on sale in 2018

How to receive tax credits for electric vehicles and charging equipment

Plug in America

If you purchased a new electric vehicle (EV) or charging equipment in 2020, you may be eligible to receive valuable tax credits. If you have questions regarding these tax credits, we recommend that you consult your tax advisor. The federal EV tax credit provides a credit of up to $7,500, depending on the size of the vehicle’s battery. For more information and to claim this credit, visit Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D) on the IRS website.

Actual fuel economy of cars and light trucks: 1966-2019

Green Car Congress

by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research. This is the latest of my occasional updates on long-term trends in U.S. vehicle fuel economy. Specifically, this study examines actual fuel economy of cars and light trucks (pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans) from 1966 through 2019. (My

Chinese-built Tesla Model 3 ranks high in quality survey

Green Car Reports

Tesla Model 3 electric cars built at the company's Shanghai factory scored well in a Chinese-market J.D. Power quality survey, according to a recent South China Morning Post report.

Tesla Self-Driving and Unintended Acceleration Not The Same Says NHTSA

The Truth About Cars

Tesla vehicles that drive themselves and those that continue unintentionally are not the same, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Legal 60

Netherlands December 2020

EV Sales

VW ID.3 shines in record month (72% Share!) December had an amazing 30,860 plugin registrations, a 34% increase over the previous all-time record, set at the same month of last year, which itself was beating a 4 year old record.

Researchers demonstrate efficient electrochemical reduction of CO2 to C2+ alcohols

Green Car Congress

Researchers in China led by a team from Fudan University have demonstrated the electrochemical reduction of CO 2 toward C 2+ alcohols with a faradaic efficiency of ~70% using copper (Cu) catalysts with stepped sites.

CO2 354

Like Tesla Autopilot, Fisker driver assistance tech won't initially use lidar

Green Car Reports

The Fisker Ocean electric SUV will feature a new driver-assistance system developed in partnership with automotive supplier Magna, the two companies announced Monday. Dubbed Fisker Intelligent Pilot, the system will be analogous to Tesla Autopilot.

Fisker 113

How Often Do You Have To Replace The Battery In A Nissan Leaf?

Back in 2010, Nissan introduced its battery-operated vehicle, the Nissan Leaf. Not only is the Leaf Nissan’s contribution to lowering gas emissions, but it also. The post How Often Do You Have To Replace The Battery In A Nissan Leaf? appeared first on Batteries

2010 56

Sweden December 2020

EV Sales

VW ID.3 Shines in Record month (49% Share!)

Global study shows uneven urbanization among large cities in the last two decades

Green Car Congress

The world has experienced significant urbanization in recent decades. According to the latest report from the United Nations (UN), the global population in 2018 was 7.6 billion and the urban population was 4.2 billion. By 2050, the global population is expected to soar to 9.7

Global 354

Report: Acura EV to be made in Tennessee, alongside Cadillac Lyriq

Green Car Reports

General Motors plans to make an upcoming Acura-branded electric vehicle in 2024 at the same Tennessee plant that will assemble the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq, while a more affordable Honda crossover set to be about the same size could be made by GM in Mexico beginning in 2023.