Sat.Aug 22, 2020 - Fri.Aug 28, 2020

Lightning Systems lowers prices of electric powertrains while adding and enhancing features

Green Car Congress

Commercial electric vehicle manufacturer Lightning Systems is lowering the prices of its 2021 battery and fuel cell electric vehicles by 10 to 50% for Class 3 to Class 8 vehicles.

2020 382

Study finds global tipping points for EVs: 31-minute charging, 291 miles of range, $36,000

Green Car Reports

To achieve mass adoption, the average electric car will need to offer 31-minute charging, 291 miles of range, and a base price of $36,000.

2020 166

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ChargeNet NZ installs New Zealand’s fastest Electric Vehicle Chargers


ChargeNet NZ has installed a pair of Dual 300kW Hyperchargers in Auckland, the first of its kind and the fastest publicly available chargers in New Zealand.

2020 83

Electric Car Buyer’s Guide: 7 Steps to Find The Best EV for Your Life

EV Life

There’s never been more interest in electric cars. Electric vehicles (EVs) are safer, greener, and cheaper to drive than gas vehicles. According to a recent study , the average American driver saves $1,117 per year on fuel and maintenance costs when they switch from a gas car to an electric one.

2020 82

Hyundai Heavy completes world’s first LNG-fueled very large container ship (VLCS)

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Group became the world’s first shipyard to construct an LNG-fueled very large container ship (VLCS).

2020 363

Europe is moving at two speeds on EV adoption

Green Car Reports

Electric-car sales are surging in Europe, but only in richer countries, recent analyses have shown. The coronavirus pandemic has greatly slowed sales of gasoline and diesel cars, but it hasn't had the same effect on electric cars, according to a Politico report.

2020 140

Audi e-tron Sportback joins UK line-up

Discover EV

Audi's EV, the e-tron SUV, has been on sale for well over a year now, establishing the German brand within the electric car market and paving the way for new derivatives. The first to follow in its footsteps is the Sportback SUV-coupé which brings a little extra styling dynamism to the e-tron range

2020 80

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Mahindra and REE Automotive to establish a strategic collaboration for the development of electric commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Mahindra & Mahindra and REE Automotive signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore development and manufacturing of electric commercial vehicles for global markets.

2020 355

Lucid Air will have 113-kwh battery pack, biggest frunk ever, “miniaturized” drivetrain

Green Car Reports

California-based Lucid Motors has been saying all along that it’s aiming to maximize efficiency in multiple ways. On one hand, the Air is the result of a relentless, comprehensive focus on energy efficiency, spearheaded by CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson.

2020 137

2021 Porsche Taycan gets a host of upgrades

Discover EV

Porsche's electric super saloon is getting a range of updates for 2021 with new options being made available using over-the-air connectivity

2020 65

Facelifted Hyundai Kona teased with sporty N Line model on the way

Green Cars News

Hyundai has given us a sneaky preview of a refreshed Kona SUV that is set to arrive in 2021

2020 64

Hypermiling Volkswagen ID.3 makes 531 km journey on a single charge

Green Car Congress

The new Volkswagen ID.3 has set its first range record—the electric car covered the 531 kilometers (330 miles) from Zwickau to Schaffhausen (Switzerland) on a single charge. Officially, the model has a range of up to 420 kilometers (261 miles) (WLTP).

2020 353

Report: Pandemic delays global EV growth, though $100/kwh will arrive earlier

Green Car Reports

The coronavirus pandemic will slow global EV sales growth, but electric cars will reach a significant affordability target earlier than expected, according to a new report from research firm Wood Mackenzie.

2020 135

2020 Volkswagen e-up! Review

Discover EV

With Volkswagen’s flexible all-electric MEB platform not due to support a city car until 2023, the brand has refreshed its e-up! promising more for less. We take a look at the latest incarnation

2020 61

Wireless Charging Tech to Keep EVs on the Go

Cars That Think

Momentum Dynamics' inductive energy transfer method gives city dwellers convenient charging without space-invading charging stations. transportation transportation/advanced-cars

2020 71

Cambridge researchers develop standalone device that makes formic acid from sunlight, CO2 and water

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Cambridge, with colleagues at the University of Tokyo, have developed a standalone device that converts sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into formic acid, a carbon-neutral fuel, without requiring any additional components or electricity.

2020 344

India's Mahindra announces it will use REE platform for commercial EVs

Green Car Reports

Indian automaker Mahindra plans to launch commercial electric vehicles using a platform from Israeli startup REE Automotive, the two companies announced via press release Wednesday.

2020 131

All-new Kia Sorento PHEV revealed

Discover EV

Kia has revealed its all-new Sorento SUV which now sports a plug-in hybrid powertrain

2020 52

2020 Porsche Panamera: Facelift ushers in new drivetrains and performance tweaks

Green Cars News

Say hello to the facelifted Porsche Panamera

2020 45

Sunfire delivers the world’s largest high-temperature electrolyzer to Salzgitter Flachstahl; green steel in GrInHy2.0

Green Car Congress

Sunfire has successfully delivered the world’s most powerful High-Temperature Electrolyzer (HTE) for highly energy-efficient hydrogen production to Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH. Within the GrInHy2.0

2020 332

Ahead of Battery Day, Tesla CEO Musk teases huge jump in energy density

Green Car Reports

Energy density for lithium-ion cells in electric cars has been improving at a rate of roughly 7% a year. But that rule, which has held for consumer cells for decades might be thrown to the wayside if a remark from CEO Elon Musk holds true.

2020 131

Small Japanese Town to Test First Autonomous Amphibious Bus

Cars That Think

Tiny Naganohara aims to beat the world and operate the first self-driving amphibious bus for tourists. transportation transportation/self-driving

2020 63

Review: Toyota Yaris

Green Cars News

Twenty-one years ago, the original Toyota Yaris was launched

2020 45

34 states produced a total of 1.9 billion gallons of biodiesel in 2018

Green Car Congress

A total of 1.9 billion gallons of biodiesel was produced in the United States in 2018 with production in 34 states, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

2020 330

Chevy Corvette engineers moved to EV team at GM

Green Car Reports

General Motors is moving engineers from its Chevrolet Corvette development team to its electric-vehicle program, InsideEVs reported Thursday. Specifically, GM moved the engineers from its Global Products Programs group to the Autonomous and Electric Vehicles group, according to the report.

2020 128

UK drivers missing out on savings of £382M on staycation travel by not going electric

Drive EV

As international travel restrictions continue, millions of Brits are jumping in their cars for UK-based staycations this summer – spending a collective £462million on fuel.

2020 52

High-performance Kia Stinger GT revealed

Green Cars News

The refreshed Kia Stinger has been revealed with the high-performance fastback sports saloon boasting a range of upgrades to amplify its gran turismo character

2020 41

Reaction Engines and Rolls-Royce partner on high-speed aircraft systems; hybrid-electric systems

Green Car Congress

Reaction Engines Ltd and Rolls-Royce plc announced a new strategic partnership agreement to develop high-speed aircraft propulsion systems and explore applications for Reaction Engines’ thermal management technology within civil and defence aerospace gas turbine engines and hybrid-electric systems.

2020 327

VW ID.4 electric crossover will be aimed at RAV4 and CR-V shoppers, not Tesla crowd

Green Car Reports

Volkswagen has been clear about its aims for its generation of affordable electric vehicles, denoted by names starting with "ID" and underpinned by the automaker’s flexible, modular MEB architecture: Electric cars for millions, not millionaires.

2020 123

Range record: ID.3 makes the journey from Zwickau to Switzerland on a single charge

Drive EV

The new Volkswagen ID.3 has set its first range record: The electric car covered the 531km, equal to 330 miles from Zwickau to Schaffhausen (Switzerland) on a single charge. Officially, the model has a range of up to 420km or 260 miles when calculated using the WLTP method.

2020 52

Start of sales for the VW Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE PHEVs in Europe

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen is electrifying the eighth generation of the Golf with two new plug-in hybrid versions: the Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE. Sales of both models are starting now. The Golf eHybrid is designed for maximum comfort and delivers an output of 150 kW (204 PS).

2020 314

KIST team develops membrane reactor system to produce pure H2 from ammonia with high productivity

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) have developed a steam-carrier-adopted composite membrane reactor system to produce pure H 2 (>99.99%) from ammonia with high productivity (>0.35 mol-H 2 g cat ?1

2020 310

7 California state legislators call on Energy Commission fully to allocate $20M annual for hydrogen stations

Green Car Congress

Seven California legislators that serve on the state’s Assembly and Senate Transportation Committees, including Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Jim Frazier (D-Fairfield), called on the California Energy Commission (CEC) to fully allocate the $20 million annual set aside targeted for building hydrogen fueling stations that is included in the commission’s Clean Transportation Plan.

2020 277

Porsche Digital spins off e-mobility company “&Charge” to promote electric mobility

Green Car Congress

Porsche Digital has spun off its own company in the field of e-mobility, thereby expanding its digital business portfolio. &Charge” offers a digital platform through which users can obtain credit for their online purchases for electric mobility.

2020 273

BMT introducing modular AMT for EVs; used in the Gumpert Nathalie

Green Car Congress

Global gear drive specialist BMT drive solutions is introducing a new set of multi-speed transmissions for electric vehicles. The new modular multi-speed automated manual transmissions (AMTs) will come in 2-speed and 4-speed (under development) versions. 2-speed AMT. Source: BMT.

2020 269

SCE expanded EV charging program receives state approval; 38,000 chargers over next 5 years

Green Car Congress

State officials gave Southern California Edison the green light for an expansive electric car charging infrastructure program that will add about 38,000 new chargers throughout the utility’s 50,000-square-mile service area. The program, known as Charge Ready 2, will be the nation’s largest light-duty electric vehicle charging program run by an investor-owned utility. The program is an expansion of SCE’s Charge Ready pilot, which was launched three years ago.

2020 264

DOE awards $20M for research on rare earth elements

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced $20 million for basic research aimed at ensuring a stable US supply of rare earth elements. The research will focus on improving the efficiency of both the use of the elements and their extraction from geological and recycled sources. It will also seek to reduce the reliance on rare earth elements by discovering substitute materials with similar or even enhanced properties.

2020 264