September, 2019

Actual fuel economy of cars and light trucks: 1966-2017

Green Car Congress

by Michael Sivak. This is the latest of my occasional updates on retrospective, long-term trends in U.S. vehicle fuel economy. Specifically, this study examines actual fuel economy of cars and light trucks (pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans) from 1966 through 2017. Calculated vehicle fuel economy is available going back to 1923.

2019 314

Before I Was The Greenius I Was Jawsome & Fintastic

Creative Greenius

My new favorite news source, SYFY TV published this video on Facebook on September 11, 2019. It’s now had 1.1 million views and 7,200+ shares. We knew back in the 90s that things would get really interesting when the kids who were part of Street Sharks Nation grew up and because young adults. I love having been part of America’s mainstream consumer culture during its height. Especially in light of how I’ve spent the last decade or so.

2019 163

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Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser going all-electric—with a crate “V-8”

Green Car Reports

For many decades, so-called crate engines—most often V-8s—have been the basis for adding more excitement to old cars and trucks. But what about an electric motor system that’s disguised as a V-8? Electric GT, of Chatsworth, California, is in the process of doing a “TLC build” electric conversion of a 1970 Toyota FJ40. youtube Green Life

2019 129

Military Truck Electric Conversion to Rat Rod!

Electric Cars are for Girls

I want to pull the engine, tranny, and bed off my M35A2, shorten the frame a bit, leave the 3 axle configuration, and convert this thing to a rat rod

2019 98

For our own security it’s time to ditch oil dependency

My Electric Car

It’s been obvious for a long time that our position in Australia is rather precarious when it comes to our reliance on oil. The drone attacks on the Saudi oil fields brought this point into sharp focus over the past few days.

2019 82

Beyond cars: EV technology in other sectors

Discover EV

Whilst electric cars grab the headlines and are the biggest talking point in the future of mobility, they make up only part of the wider transportation puzzle

2019 77

Researchers team up algae and bacteria to boost hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

A team from the University of Cordoba in Spain and the University of Tehran in Iran has been searching for ways to increase hydrogen production by using microorganisms, specifically microalgae and bacteria. Researchers Neda Fakhimi, Alexandra Dubini and David González Ballester report being able to increase hydrogen production by combining unicellular green alga called Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with Escherichia coli bacteria.

2019 296

More Trending

Could 20-year, million-mile battery be Tesla’s next breakthrough?

Green Car Reports

Battery research revealed earlier this month and affiliated with Tesla could suggest that the company is well on its way to bringing a million-mile battery to market. The result could last three times as long as Tesla’s current cells—6,000 cycles, across a wide temperature range—and be the electric-car brand’s “secret. Batteries

2019 126

Do I need a battery management system (BMS), or not?

Electric Cars are for Girls

My dad and I are in the process of converting his 77 VW Rabbit to electric. We're getting very close to ordering the new parts, but there's one in particular

2019 89

Education key in WM Motor’s plan to create a second-hand EV trading platform

China EV

When I read about WM Motor’s idea to launch a trading platform for second hand electric vehicles, my initial thought was that it was doomed to fail. How will WM determine residual value for those vehicles, I thought?

China 52

Has Tesla developed a million mile battery?

Discover EV

At present, the industry seems to have settled on an eight year, 100,000 mile guarantee that batteries will still retain 70 per cent of their original charge after this time period

2019 76

Dahn’s “million-mile battery” detailed in open-access paper in JES

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Dalhousie University, led by Professor Jeff Dahn, have developed an excellent moderate-energy-density lithium-ion pouch cell chemistry that they say should be able to power an electric vehicle for more than 1.6 million kilometers (1 million miles) and last at least two decades in grid energy storage. An open-access paper in the Journal of Electrochemistry JES details the new cell and the testing to which the team subjected it to create a benchmark for further research.

2019 295

Global TV Coverage Overview Sydney Finish | Plug Me In

Plug Me In

Compilation of the news coverage when I finished my journey at the Sydney Royal Botanic Garden. News Channels from over […]. The post Global TV Coverage Overview Sydney Finish | Plug Me In appeared first on Plug Me In. Videos TV Coverage

2019 52

World's largest electric ferry completes maiden voyage

Green Car Reports

Electric transportation technology is spreading beyond cars to heavy equipment, airplanes, helicopters, and now, boats. The Danish ferry boat Ellen, which made its maiden voyage earlier this month between the Danish islands of Aero and Als, claims to be the world’s largest all-electric ferry. While electric technology is still a challenge. air pollution Boats Green Life

2019 122

Parking on pavements should be BANNED, say MPs

Green Cars News

The House of Commons Transport Committee has called for a nationwide ban on pavement parking to prevent pedestrians from being put in danger

2019 50

Mercedes Unveils Its Vision EQS Electric Super Car

Cars That Think

The Vision EQS appears to have the design, luxury, and driving range to match anything in the electric space. transportation transportation/advanced-cars

2019 57

Porsche Taycan makes its global debut

Discover EV

The Porsche Taycan has made its worldwide premiere, finally allowing us to see it in its final form and understand its finer technological details and specifications

2019 73

Hyundai, Kia invest in IONITY fast-charging JV

Green Car Congress

Kia Motors Company and Hyundai Motor Company,affiliated automotive companies for Hyundai Motor Group, have invested in IONITY, a joint venture established in 2017 between BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, and Volkswagen Group with Porsche AG. The Hyundai Motor Group will obtain equal shares in IONITY as those of founding partners. Since its formation, IONITY has placed nearly 140 charging stations in Europe in operation with 50 more under construction.

2019 283

Famous cars at the Hollywood Cars Museum

Gavin Shoebridge

Batman, James Bond, Captain Phillips, Liberace, Fast and the Furious: you name it, their famous cars were on display at the Hollywood[.]. The post Famous cars at the Hollywood Cars Museum appeared first on __ batman hollywood cars liberace museum rolls royce terminator

2019 52

Gas station shuts down pumps, goes all-in on electric-vehicle charging

Green Car Reports

The owner of a 60-year-old fueling station in Maryland disconnected from the legacy of Big Oil and went all-electric, partnering with the Electric Vehicle Institute and the state energy administration to rip out the gas pumps and install chargers. Depeswar Doley of RS Automotives in Takoma Park told CNBC that he was tired of the way oil companies. charging Green Life

2019 112

Smart motorways: Not that clever after all

Green Cars News

Are smart motorways really that clever? They’ve been around since 2006 yet they seem to have been more of a hindrance than a help due to the seemingly never-ending construction work on many of the UK’s major motorways

2019 48

First Look: 2020 Porsche Taycan Electric Car

Cars That Think

The Taycan isn’t exactly a ground-breaking electric car, but with a starting price of $150,000, it seems likely to be a profitable one. transportation transportation/advanced-cars

2019 50

Game changing Volkswagen ID.3 launched

Discover EV

The Volkswagen ID.3 is a seminal car – not just for Volkswagen, but for electric vehicles in general

2019 72

Toyota installs stationary fuel cell generator based on Mirai FC system at Honsha plant

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a stationary fuel cell generator (FC generator) that makes use of the fuel cell system (FC system) equipped in the Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). The FC generator has been installed within the Honsha plant grounds in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and verification tests have now commenced. The FC generator uses two each of the FC system components equipped in the Mirai, including its FC stack, power control unit (PCU), and secondary battery.

2019 281

Climate Of Courage – Smart Women Are Making Me Think, Question My Beliefs & Change My Mind

Creative Greenius

As I mentioned in public remarks I made in January of 2015, I’ve been a member of The Lucky Sperm Club since 1957 – As I turn 62 this week it still ain’t easy dealing with the high expectations that come with being the beneficiary of undeserved while male privilege.

2019 190

VW's US electric-car pricing: “Apples to apples” vs. internal combustion

Green Car Reports

With the ID 3, Volkswagen is officially launching the first of a new wave of EVs that it’s conceived as “electric vehicles for millions, not millionaires.” ” The U.S. won’t be getting the vehicle that kicks it all off—the Golf-sized ID 3. Instead we’ll be getting a larger model (rumored to be called ID 4 or ID 4X

2019 111

Ineos Grenadier: Defender-inspired 4x4 will be built in Wales

Green Cars News

Ineos Automotive has announced that its utilitarian 4x4 will be named ‘Grenadier’, after the pub in which Ineos Group Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe conceived the project

2019 44

ICCT: aviation emissions increasing 70% faster than UN projections

Green Car Congress

A new International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) 2 -emissions-commercial-aviation-2018">report finds that aviation emissions are increasing 70% faster than UN projections that already point to a tripling of CO 2 by 2050. In other words, the climate challenge for aviation is worse than expected.

2019 273

Hyundai Motorsport begins testing with Veloster N ETCR electric racer

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motorsport has completed the first on-track running with the new Veloster N ETCR, the company’s first electric race car project. Unveiled earlier this month at IAA in Frankfurt, the Veloster N ETCR is the first electric racing car to be built by Hyundai Motorsport. The mid-mounted motor and rear-wheel-drive layout are also firsts for the Alzenau, Germany based team.

2019 273

Michigan schools select Proterra powered electric school buses and charging systems for 5y pilot

Green Car Congress

In Michigan, Ann Arbor and Roseville public schools have selected the Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley electric school bus powered by Proterra electric vehicle technology ( earlier post ) and the Proterra 60kW charging system for a five-year pilot program, in partnership with DTE Energy and Hoekstra Transportation. The pilot program, supported by VW settlement funds, will include pupil transportation and a vehicle-to-grid study.

2019 273

GAC and Toyota sign strategic cooperation framework agreement to deepen partnership in electrification and intelligent networking

Green Car Congress

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., and Toyota Motor Corporation signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement to deepen their partnership in the fields of electrification and intelligent networking. Chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group Zeng Qinghong (left) and Toyota President Akio Toyoda (right).

2019 264

Cummins invests in Loop Energy; fuel cell range extenders for medium- and heavy-duty trucks

Green Car Congress

Loop Energy, a provider of fuel cell electric range extenders for medium- and heavy-duty transport applications, announced a cash investment from Cummins Inc. Cummins has made several recent investments in the electrification powertrain side of their business, including acquisitions of Hydrogenics ( earlier post ) and Efficient Drivetrains ( earlier post ).

2019 261

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility and Hydrospider partner to promote green hydrogen ecosystem; Hyundai H2 Xcient fuel cell electric truck

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM), the joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and H2 Energy, is partnering with Hydrospider, a joint venture of H2Energy, Alpiq and Linde to promote green hydrogen ecosystem in Switzerland and European countries in the upcoming future.

2019 259

AKASOL introducing new high energy battery system

Green Car Congress

At the Battery Show North America 2019, AKASOL will present a wide portfolio of new solutions to the battery community. The company’s flagship product is the new high-energy lithium-ion battery AKASystemAKM CYC , which has entered serial development for the battery module and system. The AKAModule CYC achieves energy density of 221 Wh/kg with liquid-cooled battery modules that are scalable and can be integrated in various system designs at the pack level.

2019 256

Los Angeles-Long Beach Port trucking company replacing entire diesel truck fleet with near-zero emissions natural gas trucks, RNG

Green Car Congress

Total Transportation Services Inc. TTSI) is replacing its entire diesel trucking fleet with near-zero emission natural gas trucks, which it plans to fuel with carbon-negative renewable natural gas (RNG). The announcement was made in conjunction with the non-profit Coalition for Clean Air (CCA) to raise awareness of the importance of natural and renewable gas trucking to help improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions the Los Angeles region, especially at the LA and Long Beach ports.

Swedish bus operator orders 8 electric, 42 natural gas Solaris buses

Green Car Congress

Solaris has signed a contract for the supply of 50 zero-emission and low emission buses to bus operator Vy Buss AB: eight electric buses and 42 natural-gas-fueled units. Ultimately, the bulk of the ordered buses (48 vehicles) will be in operation in Gävle. This Swedish town located at the Gulf of Bothnia will receive 24 Solaris Urbino 12 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), 16 articulated Solaris Urbino 18 CNG and 8 Solaris Urbino 12 buses with an electric drive. Solaris Urbino 18 CNG.

2019 253

Report: Hydrogen ministerial meeting to call for 10M fuel cell vehicles in 10 years

Green Car Congress

The Nikkei reports that the second Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting—a policy platform for global utilization of hydrogen—scheduled to open in Japan on Wednesday will call for 10 million fuel cell vehicles—including trains, planes and automobiles—in 10 years. Currently, only around 10,000 vehicles around the world run on fuel cells. Japanese Industry Minister Isshu Sugawara will chair the meeting that will be attended by officials from the US, Europe and the Mideast.

2019 250