Starlink broke top 100 most downloaded iPhone apps on Wednesday


On Wednesday, the Starlink app was the 54th most downloaded iPhone app for users in the U.S. The Starlink app, which is free to download, helps customers set up and use the hardware to receive internet service.

Polestar releases downloadable performance software upgrade for Polestar 2

Green Car Congress

It has already seen enthusiastic pick-up from Polestar 2 owners—more than 400 upgrades have been downloaded in its first weeks of availability since late November. The upgrade is rolling out for customers with eligible cars in the Polestar Extras web shop as a software download that is delivered remotely to their Polestar 2 via an Over-the-Air update.

Volvo 167

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Let’s download EV super app.

EV Duniyaa

The post Let’s download EV super app. In current era, government is emphasizing more on electric vehicle to lessen down the consumption of fossil-fuel based petrol and diesel.

Elon Musk’s Starlink was Ukraine’s most downloaded app last Sunday


This past Sunday, the Starlink mobile app, which allows users to connect to Elon Musk’s satellite internet service, became the most downloaded application from the Apple App Store in Ukraine.

Tesla FSD Subscription and ‘Download Beta’ button coming soon


He shared that Tesla’s FSD download beta button could come out as early as next month or by June this year. He was hopeful that FSD’s ‘Download Beta’ button would be available as early as next month.

Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink Internet App: Massive Downloads In Ukraine


For folks wondering if Starlink is working in Ukraine, or if many in the country are even aware of it, here we have it

Former Tesla Engineer Downloads Dojo Supercomputer Data: Tesla Sues


Tesla sued a former engineer for potentially revealing confidential details, and the lawsuit stands to reveal even more

Tesla pushes new Full Self-Driving Beta update, don’t hold your breath for download button


more… The post Tesla pushes new Full Self-Driving Beta update, don’t hold your breath for download button appeared first on Electrek. Tesla has started pushing a new software update for its Full Self-Driving Beta program.


PlugShare Celebrates Over 1 Million Downloads in 2021


They've accumulated 3.8 million reviews of public charging locations

Download Keysight's New "5G & Beyond for Dummies" eBook

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Submit your information to download the 5G & Beyond for Dummies eBook today. The promise of 5G is faster and more reliable communications. 5G enables the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, wireless broadband, interruption-free video, and the fourth industrial revolution.

First open source release of Automotive Grade Linux available for download

Green Car Congress

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative open source project developing a common, Linux-based software stack for the connected car, announced that its first open source software release is available for download. AGL is building the industry’s only fully open automotive platform, allowing automakers to leverage a growing software stack based on Linux while retaining the ability to create their own branded user experience.

2014 194

GE and Rosneft to form joint venture to modernize Russia’s oil and gas infrastructure Downloads

Green Car Congress

GE and OJSC Rosneft, one of the world’s leading oil companies, signed a strategic agreement to establish a joint venture focused on developing local expertise and technology solutions for the growing oil and gas sector in the Russian Federation. The agreement, which will strengthen both GE and Rosneft manufacturing and commercial capabilities, is part of GE’s plan to invest $1 billion in the oil and gas industry in Russia by 2020.

2013 174

Electronics Assist Download resistor colour code calculator,resistance,cap acitance.

DIY Electric Car

Hello All, Found a great little download that has a bunch of great electronic tools. Electronics Assistant is a Windows program that performs electronics-related calculations. It includes a resistor colour code calculator, resistance, capacitance and power calculations and more. Details of calculations can be saved or printed. It provides all the functions found in the calculators section of this site and more in a stand-alone user friendly program. link].

2010 100

Elon Musk Says Tesla's FSD Subscription Will Be Available In May


And the beta download button in June

More On Tesla Opening Up Its Supercharger Network To Other EVs


What company wouldn’t love to get its competitors’ customers to download its app

Tesla officially starts its ‘wider release’ of Full Self-Driving Beta in the US


Tesla has officially started its “wider release” of Full Self-Driving Beta in the US, which consists of slowly allowing more owners to download based on their “safety score.”

Tesla 114

2022 BMW iX preview: Electric SUV will start at $84,195 in US, range “around 300 miles”

Green Car Reports

BMW has confirmed a price and an arrival date for its iX electric luxury SUV, as part of a deep download of details on the upcoming model released Tuesday.

Miles 130

Full-Wave EM Simulations: Electrically Large Antenna Placement and RCS Scenarios

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Download this free whitepaper now! Handling various complex simulation scenarios with a single simulation method is a rather challenging task for any software suite.

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Get the Coursera Campus Skills Report 2022

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Download the report now! Get comprehensive insights into higher education skill trends based on data from 3.8M registered learners on Coursera, and learn clear steps you can take to ensure your institution's engineering curriculum is aligned with the needs of the current and future job market.

New ghost racing mobile video game from Formula E

Discover EV

The first-of-its-kind ghost racing game, which is available to download for free on iOS

2019 40

Easily Hunt for Signal Errors and Save Hours of Test Time

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Download this free whitepaper now. In "Quickly Find and Identify Hidden Signal Errors" application note you'll learn more about this first-of-its-kind oscilloscope feature that characterizes your signal, finds errors, and identifies them. Type:whitepaper Oscilloscope Keysight

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COMSOL News Special Edition Biomedical

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Download the free whitepaper. COMSOL News Special Edition Biomedical features 12 stories of how simulation and apps have enabled design engineers, researchers, and scientists to develop biomedical designs. Type:whitepaper Simulation Modeling Comsol

Decision Maker’s Guide to Selecting an Electric Vehicle Charging Management Platform


Download the whitepaper to discover ways to future-proof your EV charging business by selecting the right EV charging management solution. Download this whitepaper to learn about the 3 phases of the selection process: Understanding the EV charging industry challenges. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Evolution of In-Vehicle Networks

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Download this free poster now! Developments in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are creating a new approach to In-Vehicle Network (IVN) architecture design.

Tesla Steam integration demo coming next month


Steam is free to download and use, but many games must be purchased. It would probably be a little weird for Tesla to charge for Steam when it is usually free to download and use. Elon Musk announced that Tesla is working on Steam integration and will probably demo it next month.

Tesla 94

The Essential Guide for O-RAN

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Download this brand-new eBook to explore O-RAN basics, interface conformance and interoperability, transport network requirements, O-RAN performance metrics, and much more. Download the whitepaper now ?. Keysight wrote the book on 5G, and now takes it one step further with Open RAN.

MG offers £750 Incentive for Electric Car Newcomers Who Test Drive a New MG EV in June

EV Obssesion

Test drive a new electric MG in June and get £750 off Month-long test drive event allows no-obligation road tests for potential EV converts Simply book a test drive and download the voucher Almost a third of new MGs sold so far in 2021 are pure electric All new MGs come with 7-Year Warranty Anybody who […].

Top 10 Sensors and Their Impact on Adjacent and Connected Markets

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Download now! With advancements in sensor technology and usage in several end-use industries, potential incremental opportunity worth $100 billion is expected to be created in the Top 10 Sensors market by 2026.

Green Car Reports App: Now Available For Apple iPhone, iPad Users

Green Car Reports

The powers that be at Apple have approved it, and it''s ready to download with a tap or a click. DOWNLOAD APP. You''ve been asking for it, and we''ve been listening. You want to read Green Car Reports on your Apple iPad, maybe even your iPhone, and you want a native app that runs seamlessly with iOS to do it with Wait no longer: Our app is now here. iPhone Apple High Gear Media Apps iPad Site News

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Electrify America introduces new pricing structure featuring kWh pricing in 23 states and DC; reduced rates for states with minute-based pricing

Green Car Congress

The simplest way to access these new competitive prices is by downloading the Electrify America mobile app which makes charging with Electrify America even easier.

2020 343

Electromagnetic Simulations in Automotive Industry

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Download this free whitepaper now!

GM BEV3 and electric trucks, Sonata Hybrid: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

GM presents some more information about its electric vehicles, ahead of a deeper download next month. And the Hyundai Sonata will get free miles from the sun. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is officially out, in U.S.

2020 90

EV Charging For All REPORT

EV Obssesion

Klock-McCook, Shenshen Li, Ross McLane, Dave Mullaney, John Schroeder DOWNLOAD THE REPORT here and the needs of lower-income individuals align with industry sustainability commitments and the economics of building and operating infrastructure.

GM and AT&T to bring 5G to GM vehicles with enhanced core network; first available in MY2024

Green Car Congress

Faster music and video downloads with higher quality. With more advanced features, robust software and faster download speeds, more data is accessible to provide a more convenient customer experience. General Motors and AT&T will bring 5G cellular connectivity to millions of GM vehicles coming off the assembly line over the next decade in the United States.

7-Eleven and Nuro launch first commercial autonomous delivery service in California

Green Car Congress

Here’s how it works: Download the 7NOW delivery app through Google Play, the Apple App Store or visit

Harris Interactive survey for Johnson Controls identifies consumer preferences for connected vehicles

Green Car Congress

Consumers want this process to be simple to use and for it to be convenient to download apps from traditional channels. When it comes to downloading smartphone apps to a vehicle via an interactive screen, vehicle owners who use downloaded apps on a weekly basis would prefer traditional channels. 62% have a preference for where they would download an app for their vehicle, and of those with a preference, 60% would prefer downloading from an existing app store (e.g.,

2013 203

Take the Lead on Satellite Design Using Digital Engineering

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Download this free whitepaper now! Win the race to design and deploy satellite technologies and systems. Learn how new digital engineering techniques can accelerate development and reduce your risk and costs.

Multivu Video Feed: With More Electric Vehicles Comes More Proof of Safety

EV Obssesion

SpaceX brings Starlink service to Martinique & Guadeloupe


SpaceX offers Starlink internet service in Martinique at download speeds of 200 Mbps and upload speeds of 100 Mbps. SpaceX recently announced that Starlink internet is available in Martinique and Guadeloupe, extending its reach even further in the Caribbean. Martinique Internet Data.

Modeling of Microwave Imaging Systems for Medical Applications

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Download this free whitepaper now. Microwave Imaging (MWI) that utilizes non ionizing radiation and affordable components has the potential to be used for detection of tumor/stroke/increased size lymph nodes inside human body parts.

All-electric BMW iX and i4 first BMWs with 5G support

Green Car Congress

For example, Remote Software Upgrades can be downloaded to the car in a fraction of the normal time required. The all-electric BMW iX and i4 are the first BMWs with available 5G support via Personal eSIM.

SpaceX rolls out “high-performance” satellite internet for residential users


Starlink’s Support Page also indicates that the high-performance dish has better download speeds in hot weather, better snow melt capability, improved water resistance, and better visibility of satellites.

Kits 114

Gallup, EC develop globally consistent, harmonized Degree of Urbanization variable

Green Car Congress

Available for free download , the geospatial layer can also be used retroactively to allow anyone to apply the Degree of Urbanization to their own data. The newly developed Degree of Urbanisation variable is available through a free download (as a.csv file) that Gallup data subscribers can integrate back into the 2016 and 2017 World Poll data sets. Migration has been a driving force behind some of the biggest changes around the world—particularly over the past two decades.

2019 200